I would have thought hitting the criminals was a better strategy

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According to the Herald Police are hitting the streets. I would have thought hitting the criminals would have been a better idea.

A major police operation in central Auckland tonight will target alcohol-fuelled violence on the streets.

More than 70 police officers will be out in force as part of Operation Relentless – triple the number on the beat on a usual Saturday night.

It comes after footage emerged of a man being punched by a stranger at an Auckland club last weekend.   

The victim, 33-year-old Fani Masaga, suffered a concussion and a broken jaw, which may be permanently damaged, he says.

Police are investigating the attack, one of a string of alcohol-related assaults in Auckland in the past few months which has spurred police to launch this weekend’s blitz.

Police youth and communities manager Inspector Mark Benefield said the operation would ensure punters heading out for a night on the town were sent a clear message by police.

“If you’re coming into the city over this period and intend to frequent the city’s many bars, restaurants and clubs, then drink responsibly and keep yourself and your mates safe.

There will be zero tolerance on breaches of the alcohol ban.

Blaming booze is ridiculous. These are scumbags looking for a fight who just happen to have been drinking.

There are many thousands of people attending the CBD who are drinking and not causing any problems at all. It is just these anti-social scumbags wrecking it for everyone.

Ultimately this action by Police will be forlorn, it will be a big push for a couple of weekends, things will quieten down for a month or so and Police will declare victory…then in 6 months time it will all be back again.

– NZHerald


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  • venator

    I think it is about time these late night / early hour nightclubs and bars should pay the cost of policing these downtown areas. Police budgets are tight enough as it is without further payroll pressure imposed by the dross that chooses to not sleep during hours of darkness.

    • shykiwibloke

      Sorry but I disagree. We pay the police to keep law and order in our towns so law abiding citizens feel safe going about their business. The police hierarchy seem to forget this and think they have an obligation to set social policy, decide which laws they will enforce and which they will ignore.p. (E.g. Electoral transgressions, stolen data, aggressive protestors – need I go on?)

  • XCIA

    My mate policed the downtown area from the wharf station. He was a fit, mean Glaswegian well schooled in the arts of Shotokan. When he was chasing offenders, he let them keep ahead in the hope that they would turn around and confront him so he could get some practice in.

  • David Kerr

    Police walking the beat, now there’s a novel idea

  • Sailor Sam

    A few years ago, in our small Waikato town we got a new cop, ex Scotland yard, ex Royal Ulster Constabulary, ex UK army SAS.
    He cleaned up the town single handedly, but was never supported by the local police hierarchy.
    He left (obviously) and his replacement was a local cop with 25 years experience in NZ Policing methods, he was utterly useless, did not know the laws surrounding police vetting for adults working with children amongst a raft of laws pertaining to his job, but when challenged on these matters he proclaimed – : “I am a policeman of 25 years experience and I now my job”.
    Arrogant useless bloke he was.
    So do you think I have confidence in NZ Cops? No.