Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift or Sexist?



I don’t know about you but someone else ordering the food for the family and cooking it seems like a lovely Mother’s day gift for a Mother who does the food ordering and cooking for the family.If a family has a father that does the food ordering and cooking for the family, then a voucher like this would make an equally appropriate Father’s day gift. Being an old fashioned feminist I obviously lack the ‘offence’ gene that so many politically correct genders ( there are multiple now ) seem to have.

There is always one isn’t there? That individual who finds offence in everything. Unfortunately on twitter there is always more than one offended person as they hunt in packs…

I have never used Food Bag but I did look into it once and thought that it was a great idea. When we lived in Wellington there was a company that delivered meat packs for a great price. You didn’t get to choose which meat you received but it was a set price and you would get a selection. We looked forward to it every fortnight and it was great value. My?Food Bag provides everything you need for a full meal. It is a great concept.

Here at Whaleoil we know what it is like to have your business attacked by people on social media. We also know what it is like to have advertisers attacked and threatened with boycotts. When Whaleoil won a Canon Media Award the sponsor Canon was threatened and boycotted for a long time by those who were unhappy that we had won.

I think that My Food Bag responded with politeness and integrity to the criticism and do not deserve the condemnation they received. I invite you all to check out their website. I have no affiliation to them at all and have nothing whatsoever to gain from promoting them, other than the satisfaction of helping out a business attacked by social justice warriors.