Thoughtful Mother’s Day gift or Sexist?



I don’t know about you but someone else ordering the food for the family and cooking it seems like a lovely Mother’s day gift for a Mother who does the food ordering and cooking for the family.If a family has a father that does the food ordering and cooking for the family, then a voucher like this would make an equally appropriate Father’s day gift. Being an old fashioned feminist I obviously lack the ‘offence’ gene that so many politically correct genders ( there are multiple now ) seem to have.

There is always one isn’t there? That individual who finds offence in everything. Unfortunately on twitter there is always more than one offended person as they hunt in packs…

I have never used Food Bag but I did look into it once and thought that it was a great idea. When we lived in Wellington there was a company that delivered meat packs for a great price. You didn’t get to choose which meat you received but it was a set price and you would get a selection. We looked forward to it every fortnight and it was great value. My¬†Food Bag provides everything you need for a full meal. It is a great concept.

Here at Whaleoil we know what it is like to have your business attacked by people on social media. We also know what it is like to have advertisers attacked and threatened with boycotts. When Whaleoil won a Canon Media Award the sponsor Canon was threatened and boycotted for a long time by those who were unhappy that we had won.

I think that My Food Bag responded with politeness and integrity to the criticism and do not deserve the condemnation they received. I invite you all to check out their website. I have no affiliation to them at all and have nothing whatsoever to gain from promoting them, other than the satisfaction of helping out a business attacked by social justice warriors.


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  • Wheninrome

    We have mothers day, fathers day etc., etc., There is one day missing “Lets be offended by all things day”, trouble is the “I will be offended by all things brigade” hijack every day.

  • KGB

    My double-income no kids son & DIL use My Food Bag. It works for them after long hours and little time, but enjoyment of cooking good fresh healthy food.
    Many families would struggle to afford the luxury of MFB, but obviously enough do. Being attacked by someone would wouldn’t use them is the least of their problems.
    Good luck to them.

  • RockinBob625

    NOT sexist, but poorly worded. It says Mum, not the female of the house. Some Mums are actually male.

    Instead of ‘a night’, should have been ‘tonight off cooking’ therefore being more specific to the Mothers Day concept.

    • XCIA

      Then you would run foul of the LGBTQI brigade who are permanently outraged about everything. You just can’t win this sort of argument.

    • oldmanNZ

      i think the wording is fine, people just make a big deal out of nothing, to seek attention ,

    • Charlie

      What the hell does it matter what it says, not worth justifying their pettiness with any explanations.

  • gerard

    A great idea for my money.

  • QuietestOne

    It’s all getting a little bit ridiculous isn’t it? You can’t say/do anything without offending someone these days. People take the most light-hearted thing completely the wrong way. Feel sorry for My Food Bag and also Farmers for theirs last week. What next?

  • Boondecker

    I’ll always remember the sister in law going off big time one year in the late ’80s when one of her better more thoughtful boyfriends gifted her a pasta making machine (they were relatively new for consumers at the time). The poor guy couldn’t cut a break as she loudly accused him of sexism for such a derogatory gift. She wasn’t a foodie (still isn’t and still can’t cook btw) and so knew no appreciation for what she’d been given.

    I was recall being incredulous at the petty sanctimonious nature of her rants and offered to take the thing off her, only to find by that stage she had already returned it and swapped it for make-up or something else inanely shallow and sexist like that. The boyfriend was gone too. Her loss. He was a good guy who could fly fish really well.

    • kereru

      Mr K was very miffed one day when I found a set of new hubcaps while rummaging under the stairs. They were to be my Christmas present, and now I’d spoilt the surprise. I can see that instead of having a laugh about it I should have gone on social media to complain. But I have to admit that romance is not one of Mr K’s many attributes.

      I also remember a classic occasion when the ‘ladies’ were asked to bring a plate, whereupon a male voice in the audience asked if his wife could bring her concrete mixer instead. Deafening silence from the stage, but much chuckling among us.

  • oldmanNZ

    so if mum does not do the cooking then who? the father , the children, the babies?

    If the father does all the cooking (and some do) then the gifter would not buy would they? So the family knows who does the cooking or most of it, and would like her to have a night off. nothing sexist about that.

    anyway, its a great idea, only a sexist would find it sexist

  • jaundiced

    Its a great idea. There are plenty of mums who, for whatever reason, shoulder the bulk of the cooking.
    For those individuals where this is not their reality, the promotion will not be relevant,
    But hey, lets instead get ‘offended’!

  • Wheninrome

    My mother (dare I use the word) says if you wish to be offended then you will be.

    • Charlie

      Your Mum is dead right. Imagine the misery of living with one of these perpetually outraged whingers!

  • JEL51

    Oh that bit of social engineering went so well we now have a generation of ‘Precious’ souls who not only offended at nearly all that helped man-kind survive 2000yrs but has allowed them to regress to the extent they will forever be dependent on restaurants & cafe`s for their very sustenance.

    • Michelle

      and they would starve if they were closed as they no doubt have nothing in the cupboards
      l would love something like that l cannot find anything offensive about their promotion
      Oh that’s right someone cooks my dinner every night, he is a good cook

    • Doug

      Sorry, but to these precious souls the phrase man-kind is offensive… That just enforces the patriarchy, whatever that is

      • JEL51

        Oh it’s terrible, in my haste to get back to the kitchen sink I neglected to add ‘Food Banks’ as a reliable source of sustenance. Silly, silly me!! When I put my feet up later I will go listen to the TED Talk on anatomical realignments as connected to gender identity issues. Like Bob Jones, I am doing my best to keep-up to speed.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    OMG I can’t believe that someone, or in this case multiple someones, can find this offensive.

    This to me is all what Mother’s Day is all about – NOT some fancy, and expensive, gift but time off/out for herself. Some of these people should just chill for a bit!

  • Oh Please

    I’m betting I know which political party these twitter twits vote for.

  • Sally

    Gosh I would love a present like that. Now if only Hire a Hubby did the say. I could get my children to give a gift voucher to their father.

    • HR

      But following the SJW argument above, Hire a Hubby would be sexist, demeaning to men, demeaning to women, demeaning to lesbians who don’t have a husband, probably racist, definitely Islamophobic, will absolutely be contributing to global warming and not at all supportive of LGBTQI and whatever other label is trendy and apparently marginalised this week.

      //Rant over//

      I thought it was a great idea for a gift, as would your idea for a Hire a Hubby voucher. It was a Mother Day gift for mums who do the cooking!!

  • waldopepper

    social justice warriors seek to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

  • sheppy

    Sounds like we should give MyFoodBag a try – what a precious little numpty

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Just been to have a look at their website and would be tempted, partly just to support them, but they don’t deliver to where I am.

  • ridsel

    Those that see offense everywhere will always be offended. Let’s say my wife and I split the cooking duties 50/50 and she gave me that voucher, it would still make perfect sense. She would be saying “tonight is not one of my nights to cook”. Let’s say we had teenagers (they actually younger) that didn’t cook dinner for the family very often, she could give it to one of them… of either gender. As a “voucher” it works in a non-sexist manner across multiple family circumstances and isn’t actually assuming anything except that the mother in any given family (that has one) cooks more than zero times per year… which is going to be the case almost all the time.

  • Somnambulist

    MFB should team up with the government and offer a budget version to beneficiaries.

    I’m sure that it would be possible within the benefit amount allocated for food to provide very nutritional meals using whatever was seasonal (and therefore well priced) at any given time.

    And with proper step by step recipes even those who haven’t yet got the requisite skills to provide dinner from anywhere other than KFC could be brought the skills which will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

  • RobT

    These find fault with anything and everything types must be lonely in life…by virtue of their constant carping who would want to live with them?

    • kereru

      Other perpetual grumblers I expect. On second thoughts not even them – they’d soon find something to grumble about each other. I just wish they’d keep their carping amongst themselves.

    • JustTinkering

      I see one respondent is self described as A Loon!

      • RobT

        Well spotted! Probably even more inwardly bitter as no one would bother to treat them similarly…or even dare to come too close them for fear of vitriol.

  • Andy111A

    I ordered My Food Bag for my wifes birthday and it was thought of as a great gift. We really enjoyed their service and the quality food provided. Just another beat up the tall poppy after they announced last week they were looking to sell the business.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Just another person looking for just another reason to get outraged

  • Huia

    What a great idea well done to the Food Bag.
    Most mums do the cooking and there is nothing sexist about it, it comes from Mothers caring about their family.
    Is this the mad feminism at its best yet again, or just more PC garbage by some fool with too much time on their hands.
    For heavens sake if that’s all they have to worry and niggle about its time they grew up.
    I wonder what this gormless twit will be offended by tomorrow.

  • earthyundertones

    My wife and I basically cook about the same – maybe I do a bit more when she is on shift. Having said that, I get peeved (not offended) with the assertion that guys can’t or wont cook. I know a lot of guys who enjoy serving up a good meal and extend themselves beyond spag-bol. Used My Food Bag for inspiration for a while but started finding quite a few basic meals so gave it away.

  • Kitschinsync

    We have been getting My food bag for 6 months, it has been excellent,saves us money, provides very nice food and they deliver to our work premises on Mondays as they do not deliver to our home location. I do most of the cooking and today received this voucher, I take no offence to it.

    The precious twitterer above needs to get over themselves and spend a little less time wasting their life stewing about how unfair life is.