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  • RG52

    Science argues neither for or against anything. Science is simply the study and recording of the natural world through observation and experiment. Science couldn’t give a dam if god exists or not. If peoples beliefs don’t fit in with the observations of the natural world, then that is their problem and not a problem for scientists to worry about.

  • Goldie

    A good example of someone with a preconceived notion, picking and choosing statistics / quotes / evidence, to suit their narrative.

  • Jman

    More god bothering clap trap. So because the odds of there being a planet which can sustain life is so tiny, it can only be explained by the existence of a magical sky fairy. By that logic, someone who wins lotto must automatically be a god. After all the odds of winning lotto are so tiny.

    Also, all those numerous factors required to support life that are cited in the video – those are the requirements to support complex life as we know it on our planet. Right here on Earth there are living organisms that can survive in the most extreme of conditions (they’re called extremophiles, Google it). So it’s entirely possible there is tons of life out there but completely different to what we see here on Earth.

  • WBC

    Science asks and seeks, arguments for or against God do not, they are for those that have given up on this and just explain it away in a manner that no longer requires effort. i.e. They are lazy.

    Physics is not philosophy. I’m a fan of both, but they address different things and have no need to overlap.

  • Sceptic59


    Research Prager U please