Todd McClay fires shot across bow

Todd McClay is muscling up against defamatory statements from Rotorua Labour and Tamati Coffey.

Legal action would be considered should the Rotorua Labour Party “again defame” Rotorua MP Todd McClay.

Mr McClay said in a statement to Steam N Mud today he was “extremely disappointed” at what he considered an unwarranted personal attack over his involvement in the global Panama Tax evasion scandal.

Todd McClay is a good MP and doesn’t want to be distracted by petty squabbles with a political wannabe.  

Later, after Steam N Mud asked Rotorua’s spokesman Tamati Coffey’s manager Haydn Marriner whether he would care to elaborate, that the inference could be taken from the post questioning Mr McClay’s integrity, the word “corruption” was removed.

I gather since they have not issued a statement and are not quoted here that they never replied. They just deleted the word, hoped the internet would forget and hid under the bed.

Mr McClay, who is also a Cabinet Minister, told Steam N Mud today: “For a party that campaigned locally on ‘Vote Positive’, Labour seems to be extremely negative on so many issues. It’s not surprising media reports they can’t pay their bills and are losing members and supporters in Rotorua.”

This sums up everything wrong, not only with Labour Rotorua but the Labour Party in general.

Of course, this problem goes beyond just Tamati Coffey and his big mouth. Questions must be asked like:

  • Who can control Labour party mouth pieces?
  • Is there a social media policy for these users?
  • Do the local branches take these pages seriously?
  • Is there training or guidelines for admin?
  • Who authorises these pages?

The last note is important because apart from “Emai [sic] us” there is no way to contact the admin of the Labour Rotorua page. Neither is there a promoter statement. They better get on to that.

Though the longer they take to realise the dangers of shooting from the hip on social media the better for National.


– Steam n Mud


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  • Keeping Stock

    Excellent response from Todd McClay; either squeeze an ungracious apology out of Coffey (which will make Coffey look even more of a loose cannon), or there’ll be the threat of a costly defamation action.

    I met McClay at a function last week, and was impressed. He knows his portfolio, and his arguments in support of the TPP and an enhanced FTA with China were hard to fault. Tim Groser was an outstanding Trade Minister and left big shoes to fill, but it seems McClay is growing into them nicely.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Based on prior contact with Mr McClay in his earlier role as Revenue Minister I would tend to agree.

  • cows4me

    Tamati takes instructions.

  • kayaker

    I was at a business breakfast in Auckland last week where Todd McClay was the speaker. He strikes me as an intelligent, straight-up, pragmatic person. I was super-impressed by his grasp of the portfolio he has recently taken over from Tim Groser and the work he is already doing hitting the ground running as Minister of Trade. The amount of positive work being done overseas by National, and much more in the pipeline, is impressive.

    He spoke about the strong profile that NZ has built up in recent years in Europe, a trade mission he will be leading to Iran later in the year – the New Zealand economy can only stand to benefit from all this. The list goes on. Our table of 10 people were unanimous in our views that National is out there doing the big stuff, while sad Andy and Labour are back here sweating the small stuff and looking more stupid by the day.

  • Crowgirl

    “global Panama Tax evasion scandal.” Panama it seems is the scandal you get when you have neither tax evasion not a global aspect to it.

    I wish the media would stop overstating this. It seems only Labour and the Greens in NZ are still pushing this “scandal”. There’s been nary a mention of it in the press here in Canada since the first couple of days of it when they went full retard on it. The media needs to stop misrepresenting this whole shemozzle.

    • biscuit barrel

      It will be all over the news tonight and tomorrow. “it can be revealed…”

      • Rightsideofthebed

        Given that Nicky Hager has been up to his neck in this for over a year I imagine he would have put something out before now. In the documents released by the group with the files there is no indication of any great scandal.
        Unless Saint Nicky has deliberately left some out of the worldwide public release by the group so he can perform another of his wondrous hit jobs……

        • Left Right Out

          The greatest irony of all of this would be the revelation of a labour member or someone from the left indicated as having a foreign trust……. I would fall off my seat reading that lol

          • Rightsideofthebed

            I’m sure Nicky would ensure that in the spirit of full and fair disclosure any left leaning political figures will be excised from the list and ‘quietly spoken to’ ensuring they stay ‘on message’.

  • biscuit barrel

    Since the rotorua facebook pages arent asking for people to vote for them , they dont need a promoter statement.
    It does seem futile as the boundary changes favour national and McClay is locally well liked.

    • Urbanviper

      Maybe not a problem now but something to get sorted by election time next year.

    • Keyser Soze

      Isn’t the purpose of all political party statements to convince people to vote for them?

  • Ross

    Oh the irony.. he can’t even accept someone being accurately referred to as “former Labour Rotorua Spokesperson” yet he’s more than happy to defame a Minister of the house.


  • Keanne Lawrence

    The MMP second vote is looking like a lolly scramble for which flavour idiot you prefer. A bitter, twisted Red one or a sour, unpalatable Green one. What is this wannabe’s listing level likely to be by the time the next election comes around? Above or below Captain YFront?

  • one for the road

    Labour and the luvvies dont get it… There is no Panama issue, it is a figment of their imagination and besire to shoot at anything with Key/National! I hope McClay takes action..

    What they should be focused on is this issue…