Labour Rotorua digs in heels

Todd McClay could be in for a long wait if he expects an apology from Labour Rotorua for the unsubstantiated slur on the Minister’s character.

Steam N Mud reports Labour Rotorua’s latest response to the furore over their comments:

“We love that you’ve covered the story, but we don’t have anything further to add to our Facebook post,” Mr Marriner said.

“As Labour Rotorua we have no comment, I have no comment and Tamati is comment free on the post. Hope that’s okay. We just don’t have more to add.”   

We read you loud and clear Mr Marriner. You throw mud then hide under the bed when it hits the fan.

Steam N Mud twice asked Labour Bay of Plenty’s prospective MP Tamati Coffey’s spokesman Hadyn Marriner for comment, which did not arrive until late yesterday.

He said Labour Rotorua would not add to its Facebook entry.

Wait, so the spokesperson has a spokesperson? Or is this a political minder to hold Tamati’s hand since he has made all these stuff ups? Or is Tamati a puppet being controlled by a puppet master and reads things handed to him as if off a teleprompter?

Mr Marriner has been around for a while and we have reported on him before. The question must then be asked, when Tamati makes an announcement who is speaking?

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem. MPs use staff all the time to make comments and use social media. But in this case following a line of such shoddy performance there are only two options; either Tamati is making the mistakes himself, or he is allowing his team to run around unchecked making mistakes for him. Once is forgivable. Twice is silly. Three times is stupid.

So is Mr Marriner the blind puppet master or is Tamati Coffey achieving these failures all by himself?


-Steam N Mud


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  • Curly1952

    Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is deliberate. I can smell a cover up here with egg scattered over the Labour “spokespersons” face.

  • Mrs_R

    I’ve heard the expression; ‘once is an incident, twice is a co-incidence, and three times is a pattern’. Regardless of who’s pulling whose strings in Labour Rotorua, I think it is safe to say they have a pattern of ‘running around unchecked making mistakes’. Generally this level of incompetence makes Labour itself look bad, and you would think this would trigger a reaction somewhere in head office.

  • shykiwibloke

    GIven the huge war chest of money Rotorua Labour has – they won’t mind frittering some of it away for legal fees – oh wait..

  • cows4me

    No comment is akin to saying Tamati is as mad as a snake and guilty as sin. If he was pure as driven snow you could be assured there would be plenty of comment.

  • Keeping Stock

    Labour Rotorua certainly might not be going to “add to its Facebook entry”, but thanks to the screen shot taken the other night we know that someone deleted from said Facebook entry an accusation that was defamatory.

    Whoever runs that Facebook page, plus the person in whose name the allegation was made could be in deep strife, as the cost of defending a defamation action will only ever make the lawyers rich.

  • Nige.

    What I’m picking up from labour is that they do t do very well with social media and no one is prepared to stand up and say who has said what and for that matter stand by what they have said.

  • Boondecker

    Hmmm. Making news and gaining attention smells of a intentional strategy to get Labour’s name in discussion and repeated in and around Rotorua’s voters. It’s a fairly obvious old and tried (and often successful) political trick to make lots of noise and get heard and then remembered in the polling booth. It doesn’t really matter what the message or subject is, right or wrong, just get people hearing of you.

    It can be combatted, of course, but suing is generally speaking not a good look politically, as the complainant appears defensive and the proponent appears potentially like they may have had something. No, there are far better, cheaper and easier ways to smack such tenuous strategy, of course. The truth, for one. Actual facts, as another. And, making much more noise back.