Tourists will have more places to poop thanks to John Key


Another pre-budget announcement

The Government has announced an extra $20 million for the tourism sector to help communities deal with infrastructure problems.

The issue hit headlines recently with small towns under pressure due to the growing number of tourists visiting our shores.

It is estimated the number of freedom campers who rely on public facilities have already reached around 60,000 this year.

Prime Minister John Key says the tourism industry is doing well and the new initiatives will help it grow.

“We recognise that some of our smaller communities need extra facilities to deal with the increase in tourist numbers, and in particular manage freedom campers,” he said.

The cash injection will be divided over four years and split into two areas.

Of the new funding, $12 million will go towards a Regional Mid-size Tourism Facilities Fund for infrastructure means.

The remaining $8 million will go to Tourism New Zealand to target key growth markets.

It’s both necessary and appropriate that a government that’s working so hard to get tourists to New Zealand assists smaller councils and certain hot spots with more infrastructure to cope.

Would be nice if the government could do the same by freeing up more land to build on for all the immigrants.


– Newshub


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  • axeman

    Look I think that is a good thing, Even NZ tourists will use these facilities at one time or another, the key thing is to keep them clean and in a hygienic fashion.

  • Wheninrome

    Of course a lot of the money will be spent on the inflationery effect of having to have a transgender toilet, given that unisex just won’t pass the test. God help us if “they” requires a special toilet so their feelings are not put upon as well.
    Perhaps this is the government being ahead of the ball game for once on infrastructural changes that will be required by the changing face of the public.

  • Aucky

    Good basic stuff JK.

    Now all we have to find is Kiwis prepared to keep them clean, ungraffitied and undamaged. Good luck with that bit.

    • XCIA

      That could be a task for inclusion in the the Justice Department periodic detention time table.

  • Disinfectant

    Good start.

    Whats now needed is a welcome to freedom campers. Too many councils acted in a knee jerk way and banned it. A classic example was the public space near French farm/Wainui on Banks Peninsula. Rather than empty the toilets more regularly, they waited until they overflowed.

    It could be argued as to why the Community Board wasn’t doing its job.

    The motto of every council should be “Infrastructure is our responsibility”. Maybe it should be on all coincil letters/emails and their websites.

  • Greg M

    Good stuff, but we will now probably see cars and fans parked up every night with freedom campers doing their laundry in the hand basins.
    Maybe a solution is just to limit freedom camping to self contained vehicles, and all others must stay in a camp ground. All these hippie vans parked up is not doing our environment any good at all.

    • Dave

      100% agree Greg – and make it a huge on the spot fine if they are caught sleeping in the vehicle overnight and its not in a proper caravan park.

      • Disinfectant

        Tricky one that.

        Recently whilst on my way up the middle of the South Island I had to pull over (tired) which resulted in me sleeping in my vehicle for the night.

        Truck drivers do it all over the country as well.

        • Steve kay

          It would be pretty clear to the officer issuing an infringement notice if it was a driver having a kip or you’re a loaded up camper. I’m sure some would slip through but you could contest it with the council in question

          • Beria

            It’s important to have safe laybys for tired drivers whether they are kiwi or foreign. With 10000000 TB infested possums running loose on the country, an occasional uncontrolled release from a human would hardly be noticed, unlike a sleepy driver taking someone out on the roads.

          • Steve kay

            Tired drivers don’t set up picnic tables and hang their washing out. I take it you don’t see as many freedom crappers where you live

    • Steve kay

      Problem is they have a loo in a box onboard in the smaller campers to get around this. The don’t actually use it, somewhat understandably, but they have the facility none the less. There are already zones created for freedom campervans with toilets but the rules are that easy to flout

  • XCIA

    People defecating here there and everywhere without properly disposing of the event is a genuine health hazard that needs to be stopped. This particularly applies to overseas visitors who could be passing alien life forms.

  • Mighty1

    Great, we need to embrace visitors and make their visit pleasant and enjoyable as friendly hosts then more of them will come and our economy will grow. Let’s all get out there and clean those facilities, wish the tourists well they benefit our country in many ways, we should not begrudge them somewhere to be comfortable.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Too much tolerance has already been building for these obscene freedom campers and this might sound grandiose but all it will do is bring more budget travellers with deep pockets and short arms. Anywhere and everywhere is a big area to spread that sort of money over.