Toxic Dotcom mansion attracts zero buyers

Dotcom locks himself out of Coatesville mansion

Dotcom locks himself out of Coatesville mansion

Whatever Dotcom touches turns to dust, and now the owners of the Dotcom mansion are stuck with a huge white elephant.

It’s the $35 million mansion no one wants. More than three weeks after tenders closed on the sprawling Coatesville mansion Kim Dotcom used to call home, not a single offer has been tabled.

The sprawling Coatesville estate at 186 Mahoenui Valley Rd – also known as the Chrisco mansion – has 12 bedrooms, is on 22.6ha with its own vineyard, lake and boathouse, and has manicured parkland and sculptures. […]

Asked if potential buyers had been put off by its chequered history, Tang said “absolutely not”.Property records list the house as being owned by Lurcher Ltd, which Companies Office records now show is called Linkicons and whose sole director is Richard Bradley of Australia.

Dotcom ran Megaupload from the mansion, which was raided in the early hours of January 20, 2012, by a big police contingent, including helicopters and members of the special tactics group.

On the first anniversary of his arrest, Dotcom held a lavish party at the mansion, complete with a re-enactment of the raid.

Feng Shui Consultants NZ director Danny Thorn said he would not be surprised if the history of the property deterred some potential buyers.

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system considered to govern spaces in relation to the flow of energy.

“The feng shui of a property is an important factor to a lot of people when they’re looking at buying a new property,” he said.

I don’t think the Feng Shui of the mansion is really the problem.  It will be all the hard wired surveillance that will give rich people second thoughts about wanting to live there.

The whole Dotcom association is a big barrier to overcome.



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  • Cadwallader

    Surely Twyford knows dozens of would-be buyers with chinky sounding names?

  • JEL51

    Wo! 2012 and he is still here……?
    My, how kind & generous we all are with our $Tax to allow our Courts to be so accommodating.

  • Aucky

    Who is going to buy it? $36 mill will buy you a great property anywhere in the world and let’s face it Coatesville isn’t exactly St Tropez or Cape Cod. At $3 mill per bedroom it isn’t going to work as a luxury lodge or a mini-convention centre either. The most likely use for the property would be to bulldoze the mansion and use the land as a low cost housing subdivision. There’s room for about 400 sections.

    • Cadwallader

      It is a pity that with a symmetry of justice Cam couldn’t come to be the owner with this site being operated from within it.

    • Headquarters for a new news organisation?

      The lair of a notorious blogger?

      • WeaselKiss

        Wouldn’t that be a hard case.
        If you do it, I’ll send up a slab of Speights, help with the housewarming do y’know.

        • JEL51

          Bring-a-plate too.

      • F T Bear

        They could always sell it to one of the dozens of drug lords with trust money hiding in this country

      • Effluent

        The combined staff of NZME/ Fairfax should fit in nicely, and if it’s already hard wired, they can move straight in. Since they have reduced themselves to peddling the inconsequential fantasies that ooze from Hagar’s deranged imagination, they could call themselves, and stop trying to pretend that they are news organisations.

    • one for the road

      Well 400 sections sounds about right, so at 400sq m each section selling for say $400k each section, that is about $160m – even if they couldonly get half that after costs, still a way better investment

      • Jax

        You are forgetting the ENORMOUS costs to get it to that point with all the corrupt fees, taxes from the council, watercare, you name it – park contributions, the roading and drainage costs, probably even have to chase some taniwha off – as ridiculous as it seems would probably struggle to break even after the cost of purchase and demolition then all that – if you were selling at 400k each.

  • The Fat Man

    It would be better if it came with the Fat Man.

  • Huia

    “The mansion owners are now stuck with a huge white elephant”
    I apologise in advance for my sick sense of humor but didn’t the owners have it rented out to a huge white elephant?
    Maybe someone could turn it into a retirement village, build more villa’s around the property and you could have something really worth while there.

  • Chris Bell

    I wouldn’t sit on a toilet where Dotcom took a dump – think about it, the man was full of [email protected]%* so forget about the damage he caused outside his mansion, spare a thought for the damage he caused to the plumbing inside his palace – yuck!!!!!!

  • Wheninrome

    Buried in the article was the inference that the property was a bit dated. Talk of white elephant, Richard Bradley was not whiter than white, he so loved the mail order thing back in the 80’s.