Trump has earned the right to be present at secret CIA meetings

As the United States presidential marathon tapers into its final sprint things are beginning to change. Donald Trump is now no longer just a presidential candidate; he has become the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee.

This means Mr Trump is so far ahead in delegates and votes that it is more than likely he will receive the party’s presidential nomination. And with this comes special responsibilities and privileges not before seen before by the New York business man.

The thing that has people shaking in their American boots is the fact that Mr Trump will now begin to receive classified CIA briefings as the Republican Party’s nominee for president.

This is something Mr Trump is reportedly quite eager to commence, along with the collaboration he will be entering into with the Republican senators on Party matters.

“I’m very much a team player, and I look forward to working with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy and everybody,” Mr Trump told The Washington Post.

This will be a great opportunity for Trump to start to changeĀ into a statesman.

American News agency MSNBC has pondered some of the possibilities that the marriage of the Mr Trump’s CIA status and his views may spawn.

Like, what if he is told his anti-Muslim stance was creating a security threat? What if he can’t keep sensitive information to himself?

Another thing to note is that the man has no history in public service; if he had he would have received intelligence briefings to some extent. But he is a businessman first and foremost.

The events to unfold will be interesting for American and beyond.

Campaign connections with pro-Putin governance have also been mentioned by political reporters.

As the road to US presidency begins to narrow, what was once hailed by some as an unfathomable joke is becoming increasingly possible as a reality. The world waits.

We will all discover if Trump is just a showman or in fact a very, very clever campaigner capable of changing the message as he progresses through to the sharp end of the race.

My money is on the latter.


– Newshub


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  • RightofSingapore

    As long as he builds the wall, eliminates ISIS, reduces the size of Govt and sorts out the economy I don’t care about the rest.

    • STAG

      He will do none of these things! Ill even give you odds if you like.

      • RightofSingapore

        What makes you so sure?

        • STAG

          Obama was going to close Guantanamo Bay, he said it and said it, an election promise in two elections and the cold hard reality of Office made it impossible. The same will apply to Trump and all his grandstanding.

          He m8ght be a circuit beaker but his not that big if a one.

          • Steve kay

            Obama had no support in either house. If they stay republican then things may just progress. How they progress is another matter

          • JLS

            Obama and Trump? Completely different leagues in my opinion- one is a talker, the other a long proven doer. He will strike obstruction but having been successful in New York which is arguably the toughest business environment in the world, I’d say he’ll achieve a great deal if he gets in, which I think he will.

  • Steve

    Almost reminds me of a Tom Clancy novel. Executive orders comes to mind

    • cod

      Interesting observation as Clancy was an ardent republican. and believed that business people were the best people to run countries in the modern world.

      • AL357

        I recall my father telling me the Henry Ford had said he could run NZ in his lunch hour. Probably true!

    • Metricman

      One of my favourite novels, I had the same thought quite some time back.
      IMHO Trump will make a great President, but the Liberal Leftie bead threaders will never agree, on principle.

  • Vlad

    Is he a showman or a very very clever campaigner? My money is on the former. He has been on the planet for 69 years. He has spent his entire life as a manipulative blowhard chancer.

    The idea that he will go into a phone booth take off his shiny suit and emerge as a statesman in waiting is comical.

    He is a symptom of a breakdown in the immune system of world media and politics.

    • Boss Hogg

      I agree with your last comment, but I suspect that Trump is also very clever. Most seriously successful 1st generation people know how to surround themselves with the best people, make good decisions quickly and manage the things that matter. Think Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Lee Kwan Yew, etc….They can also have sociopathic tendencies in some cases, but it harnesses it in a positive direction for the good of the majority.

      Lets see who he picks as his main team players.

      I would not ever under estimate Trump, it will be an exciting ride until November.

      • Vlad

        I agree with you to this extent: most developed democracies are actually run by unelected bureaucrats who put a handbrake on changes, good or bad, that their elected leaders attempt. Not that this is always a good thing.

  • bristol

    Reagan proved the pundits wrong. Trump may well do the same. I say give him a chance.

  • Nermal

    I would have preferred Cruz but as a right winger I now hope that Trump wins. I just hope most Republicans do the same rather than spit the dummy and refrain from voting