Trump will allow guns back into schools and campuses

Trump with a gun

There is a reason why gutless cowards intent on mass murder go to schools and campuses for their mayhem…stupid politicians made them gun free zones. The criminals know they will be the only ones with a gun for quite sometime.

All that would change if Donald Trump was elected president.

Donald Trump has slammed Hillary Clinton as “heartless” for backing restrictions on gun ownership that he said would leave Americans in high-crime areas unable to protect themselves.

Trump’s remarks came at the National Rifle Association convention in Louisville, Kentucky on Friday.

The gun rights organisation endorsed the presumptive Republican nominee ahead of his remarks, despite Trump’s previous support for measures like an assault weapons ban that the NRA vigorously opposes.

But the business mogul-turned-politician has taken a far less restrictive stance on guns during the Republican presidential primary.  

His call for ending “gun-free zones” across the country was enthusiastically welcomed by the NRA crowd.

Trump centered his remarks on Clinton, claiming she would seek to “abolish” the Second Amendment through the Supreme Court and release violent criminals if elected president.

He also challenged Clinton to follow his lead and release a list of potential Supreme Court nominees.

In his speech, Trump referred to her as “Heartless Hillary” – a new nickname from the branding expert for his potential Democratic opponent – for backing restrictions aimed at reducing gun deaths, saying her proposals would instead leave law-abiding citizens exposed to criminals.

“She’s putting the most vulnerable Americans in jeopardy,” Trump said. He added that women in particular would be at risk, a nod to what he’s said will be a security-focused appeal to women in the general election.


Most mass killings in recent years have been in gun free zones, where the only person with a gun was the killer.

Trump will get the NRA endorsement for sure now. Hillary Clinton will get the NRA campaign against her.


– Al Jazeera


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  • rua kenana

    That’s a tough one.
    More guns in the community is like to mean more shootings, and not necessarily shootings of the people who deserve to get shot.
    But banning guns is only likely to work against those who respect the law, who typically are not those who shoot others.

  • biscuit barrel

    Why is Trump saying this when his resorts have a no guns policy. Which is the proper way of course.

    Other point about the USA guns situation , when they looked into all those deaths/shootings only 3% were ‘self defense’ type. The rest were suicides, murder in the family or so called accidents.
    What country with any sense would allow guns in this circumstance. Australia showed how drastic restrictions on guns heavily reduced the numbers of deaths by firearms

    • Ghost

      Really? would like to see the stats on those claims, for both the US and Oz.

      • biscuit barrel

        USA For every criminal killed in self-defense, 34 innocent people die [Thats the 3%]
        But it gets worse
        For every criminal killed in self-defense there are 78 gun suicides[1.2%]

        researchers from two different Australian universities found that, in the decade after the NFA was introduced, the firearm homicide rate fell by 59% and the firearm suicide rate fell by 65% — without increases in other types of deaths.
        The trend down before took a big plunge after the Gun laws took effect. From around 500 mark to 320 mark ( and still trending down)

        • Ghost

          I had hoped you would have a bit more than that, maybe a bit dismissive, but an article from the washington post and the other from buisiness insider doesnt go deep enoufh and frankly look like puff peices for an agensa. Actually that is being dismissive but there is alot more infornation out there from many studies that show the opposite of these articles.No, find the links yourself

    • taurangaruru

      Australia’s rate of deaths by firearms had been trending downwards for the best part of 15 years prior to Howard’s law changes. At most accidental deaths may have reduced due to the law changes but in reality all that was achieved was to placate the baying mob after Port Arthur. There has been no statistical indication that Howard’s law was in any way shape or form effective in reducing gun deaths. The reality is Australia (like NZ) only has a few absolute nutcases roaming around who would use guns to commit mass murder.
      Keep in mind guns are very very easy to procure, mostly easily modified & most definitely illegally traded. Laws do nothing to change that.

  • biscuit barrel

    All that would change if Donald Trump was elected president.

    No it wouldnt, as the President can restrict guns now, nor can he or she make them more available. Plenty of US cities have restrictions on firearms within their city limits.

    If Trump was really for ending ‘gun free zones’ he would tell the Secret Service to end the gun free zone at his rallies. Let his supporters ‘carry’ if they are licensed. We all know that aint going to happen.

    • Seriously?

      Let those protesting against him carry guns as well? If he really think it makes places safer…

  • hardsell

    More guns in an area will increase number of shootings, both with intent and particularly accidental. Dumb and Dumber

    • Elihu

      The facts completely tell a different story. In the cities of America that have the strictest anti-gun laws, they also have the highest gun related crimes. OTOH, the cities that allow concealed carry and freedom to defend yourself from criminal activity with firearms have considerably less crime. These facts are indisputable and a little bit of online research will confirm. I’m sorry sir, but your last sentence applies to none other than yourself. I hope for your sake that your ignorance is not wilful, i.e. that you are not dumb on purpose.

  • XCIA

    When you consider how many rounds our “trained professionals” fired off at a wretched dog that was in close proximity to them without coming close to hitting it, I despair.

    • Uncle Bully

      I know a cop who goes to the police range for mandatory target practice, and treats it as a “tick box” exercise rather than as an opportunity to develop his marksmanship.