Twitter followers does NOT equal votes

Gareth Hughes is celebrating making it to 13,000 followers on Twitter.

Yet another politician who has yet to grasp that your number of Twitter followers does NOT equal the number of votes that you will get.

In fact a check of the records for Gareth Hughes shows that he has got more followers than votes he has ever gained in any election.  

In 2008 he stood in Ohariu and got just 2,665 votes. He came fourth behind Peter Dunne, Charles Chauvel and Katrina Shanks.

In 20011 he again stood in Ohariu and got just 2,160 votes. He again came fourth behind Peter Dunne, Charles Chauvel and Katrina Shanks.

In 2014 he didn’t even stand in an electorate, instead he was given an exemption from standing in a seat. So no votes there.

In total this muppet has received 4825 votes. He has got nearly three times the number of Twitter followers as he has managed  votes.

But what about his efforts on the party vote?

Yeah, na, not so flash there either. In 2011 the Greens got 5,453 votes in Ohariu and in 2008 they got 3,488 votes. Still fewer than his Twitter followers.

Twitter followers does not provide an indicator of support…ever. Neither does growing a hipster beard, just quietly.

It is an extremely dimwitted politician who would think that either of those things will make a difference.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 8.27.03 PM



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  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    So a bloke who gets a paltry 4800 odd votes over 3 elections gets to enjoy a $150,000 salary.
    Something seriously wrong there.

    • OT Richter

      Similar to Andrew Little, and the potential still exists for him to lose his electorate seat 3 times and still become the PM with a salary of $448,000 + perks.

      • STAG

        And you can safely bet every single dollar of it ain’t be donated as it us by the nasty horible capitalist John Key.

        • Doug

          With the assets he has, the money has to go somewhere…

  • dumbshit

    Can’t help feeling, that as much derision as we can pile on, we are the ones being derided, via a snout in the trough to the tune of a 150 grand!

    • Positan

      Becoming an MP is the apex, the pinnacle, the Everest of every Labour MP’s highest hopes of personal income. Patently, if they had any other capabilities they’d surely use them – but they don’t, and that’s why the country’s expectations of our Loyal Opposition are as low as they are.

  • OT Richter

    That beard is just plain wrong. It suits him well.

    Has he not heard of the phrase “know thy enemy”?

    • Usaywot

      He’s trying to look grown up. It doesn’t work, of course, just looks silly.

  • Isherman

    13,0000 followers?, nah, I’d say they are mainly Birdwatchers with a particular interest in Mollyhawks.

  • shykiwibloke

    So I’d reckon 2000 actual followers and the rest are media, Greenpeace supporters, confused teens who go to school with someone who has a similar name and the GCSB

  • KGB

    Dear Gareth,
    Many followers are simply politically engaged, they follow everyone. So not a fan just nosy, hoping to capture every silly thing you say.

  • Boondecker

    Occasionally, in order to ensure my political balance is spot on, I’ll head over to Martyn Martin’s place (and other such left leaning information sources and read articles there just to ensure the lefties are still unhappy and whinging like hell. I know all is well and normal when I find that. Martyn Martin gets a ‘click’ credit every time I do that (as does WO so well too, of course). Just because I do that it doesn’t mean I’m in any way shape or form going to support the left or give them a vote at election time. Anyone who thinks that converts to support simplistically is deluded.

    Social and internet media always was, and is still, very much a viewers choice thing. Looking at something out of interest or otherwise doesn’t equal liking it.

    [edit: added words for clarity]

  • AL357

    He can always check with Clint!

  • pirate vs ninja

    How does any political party justify the promotion of an individual who nearly two thirds of party supporters in his area won’t vote for?? That’s just extraordinary!

    • OneTrack

      That is MMP. Yes, I voted for it too.

  • greendogg

    A non scientific scroll thru the apparent 13K followers reveals the majority are bots, who have never tweeted. Of course you can buy followers like this if you need the feel good factor of inflated follower numbers. You can buy 10K followers for as little as $US40!

    • Boondecker

      Facebook does something very similar on its business pages. It purports to seek your ‘target market’ in potential interested customers , but in reality by far the majority if not all turnout to be (bots) located in far off places like Sri Lanka or Bangladesh who after supposedly ‘giving you a like’, subsequently never comment, contribute or communicate with your page ever. So no use from any business point of view at all, they may as well be non-existent. An utter waste of money and a complete con.

  • BigDogTalking

    Its time we stopped calling it Social Media, it clearly isn’t. It is very clearly anti-social media with all the mad ramblings of the left that make up so much of it.
    Why any one would be proud of being involved in that soup of base human behavior is beyond me and surprise surprise I am not on twitter and seem to manage in life just fine.

  • rexabus

    Ain’t the Internet great. I can play rugby alongside Dan Carter, football against Lionel Messi, become heavyweight champ of the world etc etc just by turning on an Xbox or PlayStation …and a fairly marginal lefty aspiring politician can cheer himself up with this stuff. Maybe Andrew Little should give it a go too

  • Tiger

    With all those Twitter followers, Gareth has just reached platinum – he is now a fully fledged platinum Twit.

  • zotaccore

    Yup, it’s probably never even entered his mind that the followers are there to see what such a numptie he is and to report out the quacky things he writes. The boy has always been out of his league.