Two great speeches on Brexit

Firstly from Daniel Hannan:

Then from Nigel Farage:


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  • sandalwood789

    If Britain stays in the EU its demise is guaranteed.

    If it leaves it *may* still die but at least it will have *some* chance of survival.

  • colin herbertson

    Very good speech by Daniel Hannan
    It’s a no brainer really. yet the (dodgy) polling seems to indicate that the scare tactics and propaganda being put out by the well funded “remainians” has the two sides neck and neck, I like to think the British have the fortitude no make the right choice on the day,
    I certainly hope so.

    • JKV

      Watched this with great sadness. I think they will vote to Remain. Poor old England.

      • taurangaruru

        Agree it would be an absolute tragedy, as great of a concern is the european military being assembled under the guise of border protection. The German & French are dangerous bedfellows

  • STAG

    I’d vote for Nige, that man is a wordsmith.

    The Australian line was brilliant.

  • Sponsz

    It’s quite incredible really.

    At the beginning of the Queen’s reign the UK was still (just about) a world power, with a number of colonies and had just won a world war.

    Today, their own leaders are telling them that they are such a weak, pathetic little country that they can no longer survive as an independent country, they have to join the EU super-state.

    And another thing; most of the argument is conducted on economic terms. The economy is not everything. In 1914 and again in 1939 many British people volunteered to join the armed forces because they loved their country and thought its independence was worth fighting for, today it looks as if many people will vote for ever closer integration with the EU because they have been told that it will be better for their pocket-book.