UN does not recognise genocide against Christians in the Middle East



The ACLJ has announced a seven-point plan to advance the cause of Christians persecuted by the Islamic State (ISIS.) They have urged U.N.Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon to recognize the genocide against Christians and to take decisive action and to press the relevant U.N. offices and bodies to do the same. The plan calls for…

  1. U.N. leadership to recognize the genocide against Christians;

  2. The U.N. Special Adviser on the Prevention of Genocide to fulfill its role as a catalyst;

  3. The U.N. Security Council to take the necessary steps to stop the genocide, including referrals for prosecution;

  4. International intervention to protect Christians as Iraq and Syria are failing to do so;

  5. U.S. authorities to aggressively urge the U.N. to take the above-described steps;

  6. Establishment of in-region safe zones for genocide victims; and

  7. A more effective international coalition to defeat ISIS militarily.

The ACLJ have previously run a successful campaign to get the Secretary of State John Kerry to recognise ISIS’s atrocities targeting Christians as genocide so they have now turned to the U.N. which so far, has not recognised the ongoing slaughter of Christians in the Middle East as genocide.

We laid out the case for why the U.N. must formally recognize the ongoing genocide of Christians. We summarized the gruesome evidence that the ongoing atrocities are in fact targeted at religious and ethnic minorities – especially Christians.

And we reminded the Secretary-General that numerous other international bodies have already declared that these atrocities are genocide – including the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the Holy See’s representative at the U.N. in Geneva as well as Pope Francis, the British House of Commons, the U.S. Department of State, the U.S. House of Representatives, and the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. We said:

As indicated above, a growing number of international bodies have recognised that the ongoing atrocities committed by members of the Islamic State constitute genocide against Christians and other religious and ethnic minorities. On this point, there can now be no meaningful dispute. Your Excellency, it is time for the United Nations not just to join, but also to lead the international community in confronting the ongoing genocide. To do so, however, it must first formally recognise the genocide.

Consistent with our seven-point plan, we explained in our letter that “[o]nce the United Nations recognises the genocide as such, then it may properly mobilise the international community to honour the terms of the Genocide Convention and fulfill its responsibility to protect.”


Christians are not even safe inside refugee camps and have had to flee them yet our government and others persist in taking in almost solely Muslim refugees. Even the Pope was forced by the EU to take only Muslim refugees to the Vatican.The most persecuted refugees and the ones most at risk are Christians yet our Christian countries have abandoned them as has the UN. If we remain silent and do not stand up for the Christian refugees who will? Even the Pope who  is the head of the biggest Christian organisation in the world has abandoned them.

Muslim countries and organisations have used their power money and influence to get Christian countries to to take in millions of Muslim migrants while ironically (with the exception of Turkey and Lebanon) refusing to take them in themselves. Isn’t it time that the wealthy Christian churches and organisations joined forces to save Christians?


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  • Just me

    I call this the “Great Delusion” – despite all the evidence to the contrary Muslims are embraced.
    Religion of Peace… never has the lie been so blatant.
    And never has the unwillingness to accept the reality been so destructive.

    I’ll be honest. I don’t want any more Muslims in this country.
    Our duty should be to those who assimilate, who share the same values.

    • kereru

      The Religion of Peace it is not, and never has been. I don’t think people realise how widespread their pathological hatred for the non-Muslim is. It’s impossible to track all the victims, many of whom live in isolated areas, but the RoP website daily documents attacks on non-Muslims and the list is very long. Christians are the most favoured target, but Hindus, Buddhists and others are also condemned to die. Hardly any of this ever reaches the media.


    • johnandali

      Please John Key, if you don’t believe what you’re being told, then simply hold a referendum about refugees. Ask the country who we should be taking in. Their preferences must then be adopted by the Government. And if you are concerned that this will result in our being black-listed from the Security Council and Helen missing out because we will from now on only take Christian and other minority refugees, then so be it. This is urgent, and requires your urgent attention.

      • kereru

        Totally support your view. What we need is a voice for the voiceless. The ministries for the persecuted in New Zealand have approached the Government to beg for Christians to be given preference, but have been met by a wall of silence. They have neither the power nor the money to pursue it further.

  • kereru

    Christians are the most persecuted of people in the world today, as I’ve often pointed out. Why nobody cares to give them shelter is the Big Question as there would be no problems with their integration – in fact they would be a benefit to society. As many have pointed out before, the stranglehold of the UNHCR in determining the West’s refugee intake, both numerically and ideologically, is our undoing. I quote:

    ‘New Zealand is one of over 120 countries that are signatories to the 1951 United Nations Convention and the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees. New Zealand also has protection obligations under the 1984 Convention Against Torture and 1966 Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.’

    The world has changed a great deal since this outdated Convention was drawn up in 1951. I believe NZ should seriously consider withdrawing from it until it is updated to reflect today’s realities. Until then NZ should go the way of Japan and select its own refugees who are most likely to integrate and settle happily (and gratefully) into our society. I also think it’s time we had a bit more transparency from the Government. I believe this is of public interest judging by the unease when this subject comes up.

  • Really?

    Will things get better or worse if Aunty Helengrad is running the UN?

    • kereru

      Good question. It’s hard to tell. She can’t be worse than her predecessors, that’s for sure.


    UN = United Nonsense

  • johnandali

    I’ve been writing about this for some time on WhaleOil in the hope that just one MP would read it and investigate. Christians are not welcome in UNHCR refugee camps. But the refugees we are taking all come from UNHCR camps, and are chosen by UNHCR staff about which we know absolutely nothing. We have a responsibility towards all refugees – not just Muslims, and to this end, we should be bringing Christian (and other minority) refugees into this country, where they will have a far greater likelihood of assimilating into our culture and way of life.

    • kereru

      Agreed. Why the preference for Muslims when there are so many non-Muslims who are suffering at their hands? It’s like taking in Nazi sympathisers instead of Jews. Of course, they’d not admit they were Nazi sympathisers, but they would show that they were by their subsequent attitudes towards Jews once they’d been granted citizenship. The Government should front up and inform the public what official represented the interests of NZ on the selection team for the current, and previous, intakes of refugees. All we were told is that the selection was ‘robust’ – robust in what way and by whom?

      And on the subject of citizenship, I believe that we should introduce a TPV system as Australia did, and not allow full citizenship until a period of at least 5 years. NZ citizenship is hard to gain for the productive sector of society, but is given out freely for the refugee. Refuge should be given on the condition that refugees return to their homeland once it is stable – or convince us why we should keep them in NZ permanently.

    • RealKiwi

      We must not let the UN have any part in refugee selection as they cannot be trusted.

  • JC

    One of the main reasons the impossible happened ie, the UN creation of Israel was in recognition of the world’s failure to recognise the genocide of the Jews in Nazi occupied countries and especially to not take in Jewish refugees. The state of Israel is partly a recognition of that guilt.

    Now we are doing it again with ME Christians with the added stigma of taking in the oppressors of Christians as if their hatred was some sort of badge of honour.

    I’m pretty sure those demanding a massive increase in Muslim refugee settlement know about the Christian genocide and are hiding their antipathy towards Christians behind a flood of Muslims.. something similar happened in WW2 where European refugees were preferred over Jews.