Unionist bullies colleague, gets compensation


This just in from Radio NZ:

AFFCO has been ordered to reinstate a worker the Employment Relations Authority says was unfairly treated by the company. […]

The company must reimburse three months’ pay, and pay him $7500 for humiliation and loss of dignity.

AFFCO said Mr Harris had written the word “scab” six times inside the locker of another worker and damaged the locker.

So it is alleged Mr Harris wrote “scab” on the inside of a colleague’s locker. Now we turn to HowStuffWorks.com for an explanation:

There are few people who inspire as much controversy as the labor scab — a union worker who returns to the job without permission from the union, or a nonunion employee who needs the work and is willing to put up with taunts, threats and even violence from strikers. In either case, he or she is the mortal enemy of the labor union, an organization that’s designed to protect the interests of workers from the possible tyranny of management. The only true weapon of the labor union is a strike, and scab labor renders a strike useless. For employers who want to break the unions, one of their greatest weapons is the scab.

So it is alleged Mr Harris was bullying a colleague because, essentially, the colleague didn’t tow the union line.

The Employment Relations Authority found:

AFFCO’s investigation into him was procedurally unfair, with significant defects.

AFFCO might have made procedural mistakes in dismissing Mr Harris but the question still remains.

  1. Who wrote “scab” six times on the inside of a worker’s locker?
  2. Who thought it was okay to invade their private space like this?
  3. What does the ERA say on who wrote this? (we’ll need to wait for their written judgement).
  4. What does the union think of a member harassing this worker?
  5. Is the Meat Workers Union prepared to condemn such harassment?