American Daesh fighter radicalised at university has now defected

An American Daesh fighter who was radicalised at an Ivy League university has now defected back to the US and has spilled the beans on the evil of ISIS.

An American man has said joining ISIS was the worst decision he’s ever made in his 27-year-old life, which would seem to be a no-brainer. But saying he was clueless about what he was getting himself into is even more baffling.

NBC News recently interviewed that man and it will be aired on Dateline Sunday. He is only identifying himself as “Mo” to protect his identity. Mo joined ISIS in 2014 and apparently paid no attention to countless news feeds about this band of murderous, head-severing savages carving a path of destruction across the globe.

He was groomed inside Ivy League’s Columbia University in New York City and was saving his money to buy a ticket to Turkey. According to his interview, he had become “entranced by the Islamic State and its promise of a global caliphate through online videos and articles.” It says Mo “was seduced by promises of a utopian Islamic State” but found out the hard way (by becoming a traitor to his country) that they were quite the opposite.

Life under ISIS would be nothing like the paradise that was promised to fools like this guy.

Once inside Turkey in June 2014, the indoctrination began at training camps where he learned about sharia law and received military training. It didn’t take long for Mo to see the havoc caused by his new Muslim brothers-in-arms. But it wasn’t until he crossed the border into Syria that his eyes were completely opened:

“At one point towards the end as things were getting more and more serious, I did see severed heads placed on spiked poles. Like a lot of things, I just blocked it out.”

After nearly five months as an ISIS member, Mo escaped to the U.S. consulate in Turkey, where he said he banged on the door and shouted, “Let me in!”

Now, Mo is in U.S. custody and facing charges and a potential prison sentence up to 25 years. However, he has agreed to assist authorities and is giving up information on the identities and activities of other ISIS members, according to the FBI.

“I’m helping in every sense that I can to help rid the world of the evil that I saw,” Mo said. “And it’s an arrow in my quiver every time I help.”

Mo maintains that he had no intention of becoming a terrorist and that this was all a “misunderstanding.”

“The Islamic State is not bringing Islam to the world, and people need to know that,” he said. “And I’ll say that… till the day I die.”

“I lost sight of how people could be so evil,” Mo added.

This is what an Ivy League education produces? Great job, academia.

If it is happening in US universities, then it is also happening in NZ universities.


– Truth Revolt


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  • Abdullah

    “The Islamic State is not bringing Islam to the world, and people need to know that,” he said. “And I’ll say that… till the day I die.”

    Agree 100% and spot on :-)

    According to his interview, he had become “entranced by the Islamic State and its promise of a global caliphate through online videos and articles.”

    It is unfortunate as most young one do not learn Islam as much as they should. They learn from the online videos and websites and they think they know everything. It is probably something to do with the current generation. The young ones think they can just Google everything and become an expert within 2 seconds. The same goes with those who hates Islam. Most usually have no idea what they talk about – this is reflected in majority of the replies I got here.

    Have a great day everyone.

    • Boondecker

      You make some good points regarding the “young ones” being wrongly influenced by their own decidedly offensive and inhuman misconceptions of Islam. You just make sense and I find I agree with you wholeheartedly on that.

      However, I would go a little deeper into “those who hates Islam” bit of what you say. I agree most of the people you refer to do not understand Islam nor have ever read their holy book or discovered other teachings. To be frank, I fall into that category too but should point out, up to about twenty five years ago, I had no opinion one way or the other regards Islam or its followers. What opinions those people (and I) that you refer to have likely formed is often positioned around the constant barrage of Islamist behaviour proffered up through all forms of media. The ghastly violence undertaken again and again in the name of Islam could not do anything else but have one form rather strong opinions about it.

      In addition, the distinct and obvious lack of common denunciation from those that are moderate or actual peaceful proponents of the religion of peace is the other major opinion forming factor, of course. Every society has it’s bad apples although Islam appears to have way more than its fair share – as they advertise repeatedly through the media. There is nothing else responsible for the actions of these Islamists apart from themselves, and those that defend, protect and ignore them.

    • jaundiced

      Thanks for at least engaging.

      But in all your posts so far, you have said that people should make an effort to learn more about Islam. However, you imply that the sources most commentators are using, which exposes the behaviours and teachings of Mohammed, are false. You have never directly answered questions about this. Let me give you a few you could answer with a simple yes or no.

      Did Mohammed keep slaves?
      Did Mohammed kill people?
      Did he encourage his followers to kill non believers?
      Did he marry a six year old?
      Did he have sex with a nine year old?
      Does he say the penalty for apostasy is death?

      That’s enough for now

      • spanishbride

        I would be a lot more influenced by what a Muslim had to say to me if they said yes Muhammad did all those things there is no denying it and those things are unacceptable to me in today’s modern, civilised society. Instead what I often hear is excuses.

        I am told that I cannot call it pedophillia because it was an acceptable cultural practice back then or because the actual age of Aisha was reported incorrectly. What I want to hear is an abhorrence of sex with a child. What I want to hear is that Muhammad was not a perfect man and he did some truly terrible things.I can accept that someone might follow an imperfect human being because they had some good things to say but I cannot accept Muhammad being held up as the example of a perfect man for others to emulate.

        • johnandali

          The crimes that Mohammed carried out 1400 years ago might have been acceptable in those times, but he started a stone-age belief that has gone unchanged over all the intervening years, and what he espoused is worse than primitive, and is no longer acceptable. And why otherwise intelligent Muslims haven’t challenged his writings, is a mystery, or can it be that they have been unable to criticise their religion for fear of somebody with a big sword knocking on their front doors?

    • kereru

      The same goes with those who hates IslamChristianity. Most usually have no idea what they talk about

      • Abdullah

        Yes – I am always open for discussion. Only those who are insecure about themselves will choose to avoid any discussions. Just look at my replies, I never belittle any religion or allege other religion of any wrongdoing. It is unfair to do this when you do not have input from both sides. This is not the teaching of Islam. I have said many times, Judaism flourish under the Muslim rule.

        Just look at the old Jerusalem, all 3 faiths used to be doing business side by side with one another. The Jews will look after Muslim kids and vice versa. Until now, there are Jews and Christians who will stand side by side with Muslims in Palestine.

        My invitation is there – you have my email.

        • spanishbride

          Jews flourished under Muslim rule? Aren’t you concerned that they flourished as second class citizens? Christians can flourish business wise in Islamic countries but they may not have the right to do things such as bring a bible into the country or to try to convert others.

          They are not given true religious freedom in the way Muslims are given freedom in the West. Muslim women can be educated under Muslim rule, they can be doctors for example yet they may not be allowed to drive a car like in Saudi Arabia.

          These are religious governments imposing their interpretation of Islamic law. Do you disagree with how they have interpreted the Quran? Should Jews and women have total freedom like they enjoy in the West? What is your personal view?

          • johnandali

            If Jews flourished under Muslim rule, how is it that so many Muslim countries have expelled all their Jews – 800,000 of them in the past 50 years? They were forced to leave, and to leave all their possessions and behind, and their properties were confiscated. And these are the descendants of people who were living in those countries many years prior to the birth of Mohammed. And before they were expelled, they were given the opportunity to convert to Islam or to become second-class citizens and pay extra taxes. If we in the West treated Muslims like that, the UN would be on us like a ton of bricks. But they got away with it. And don’t forget that another Muslim country by the name of Iran, has vowed to destroy Israel and America. There are Jews living in Iran, but they are very closely watched, and if they offend the regime in any way, the penalties are very final.

          • Sensiblecentre

            I don’t think what the Arab states did in expelling the Jews was right, but it was in direct response to the state of Israel stripping 750,000 Palestinians of citizenship and refusing them the right to return to their homes after the 1948-49 war.

            The Arab response was not out of place for the time period. That era saw a number of large-scale population transfers. Greeks had been expelled from Turkey, Germans were forcibly expelled from Poland, Czechoslovakia and Russia among other countries after WWII. Muslim and Hindu Indians were forced to migrate in the partition of India in 1947 amid horrific violence. What the Arab states (and Israel) did was not outside the norm.

            Now what I do fault the Arab states for is mostly not accepting the Palestinian refugees and granting them citizenship. Only Jordan did this, the other states all refusing. They rejected the reciprocal nature of a population transfer and insisted Israel both accept all the Jews of the Arab states AND take all the Palestinians back in even as their fledgling economy verged on bankruptcy.

            It was not the expulsion of the Jews itself that was the greatest crime, it was the way it was done, which involved stripping them of their wealth as well. And the even greater crime was committed against their own fellow Arabs, rendering them a stateless people for decades to come.

        • Crowgirl

          I replied using the website you directed me to but you were not able to answer me. You told me that I must be reading “lies” about the actions of mohammed, but I found at least 2 examples on the website where mohammed behaved in a way that suggested slavery was ok (he didn’t emancipate all the slaves of a man who died, and spoke harshly of the man for freeing them before his death) and he married 6 year old Aisha. Is it any wonder with these examples that some muslims and groups like daesh think slavery and child marriage are ok and permitted in islam? This is the example set for them in the scripture.

          • Abdullah

            Are you able to point these two examples for me to look at?

          • Crowgirl

            I provided the links on in my original response to you. They can be found if you search ‘slavery’ on the website and the references to Aisha being 6 when muhammad married her and 9 when he had sex with her are in the “Book of Marriage” section of the website.

            You said that I should seek the truth on that website and that scripture was not open to interpretation so I’m interested in how you personally interpret these passages because you’ve said you refute slavery in islam but clearly other muslims do not see muhammad as refuting it, nor child sex or marriage for that matter.

            I guess I’m looking for intellectual honesty here as to the type of person muhammad was and the example he set for muslims to follow.

          • Abdullah

            Hi Crowgirl – thank you so much for your reply. I think you are the only one who accept my challenge and able to have beneficial discussion. With regards to slavery – if you have read all the Hadith in that search, you will find that Prophet Muhammad pbuh encouraged people to free the slaves. None in that tradition, or in the Quran where Muslims are told to go and sell people for slavery. It was the practice of the companions, where they will save money, buy them and set them free in order to attain rewards from god. It is illegal in Islam to take a free men and sell them for slavery. With this rule, it means that NO NEW slaves can be traded after the introduction of Islam.

            As you know slavery is still rampant in United States until a few years ago, but Islam put stop to this practice. The slaves at the time is nothing like how it was in US where they are not even allowed to sit in the same bus. The prophet will eat the same food together, they take turn being on the camel when they are on a trip. If you still want to read about what are the views of Islam with regards to slavery, here is the link for you –

            With regards to the hadith you have mentioned – I am very grateful that you brought this to my attention. I learn something new today. That Hadith is basically about an old man who died, he did not have any wealth except for 6 slaves that he own. His will was to let go all of the 6 slaves after he died. It was however brought to the Prophet attention that some of the slaves may not have place to go. (You have to look after the slaves like how you look after your own wife and kids. That is the rule in Islam.) The prophet changed his will to accommodate the situation.

            The key of understanding the Quran and Hadith is to know why, when and where the revelation/incident happened. Thank you again. I love the way how you responded to me and you taught me something today :-)

            With regards to Aisha, the mother of the believer, do you know who told us that Aisha marry the prophet at young age? It was Aisha herself. Aisha at some point, she lead an army in a battle. Aisha is a strong and one of the intelligent women in Islam. Muslims regard her as one of the great scholar of Islam – she narrated so many hadith that become the basis of what we practise today. If she is unhappy with the prophet, I don’t doubt she will be more than happy to inform us.

            Here is my detailed answer, I could have not put it better:

          • jaundiced

            Your detailed answer – ‘Allah selected Aisha for him’
            Really? So its OK to do evil things if Allah tells you to. This doesn’t change my view that Islam is pure evil.

  • rexabus

    “After nearly five months as an ISIS member, Mo escaped to the U.S. consulate in Turkey, where he said he banged on the door and shouted, “Let me in!””
    That about sums it up to me. All the muslims who do the same, banging on the door of Western countries, pleading to be let in to societies that respect the rights of all individuals, allow citizens the freedom to do largely whatever they want as long as it’s not harming anyone and, unlike any Islamic country I’m aware of , doing ok economically with generally high standards of living across the board. If Islam is so great, why do they all seem to want out?

  • Tiger

    This story just goes to show you don’t need brains to go to university, even an Ivy League one. Is “Mo” short for “Mohammed “? Just asking.

    • phronesis

      Pretty sure it’s short for Moron. We knew that ISIS were bad. What this story tells us is just how bad Universities have become at teaching students to think and engage with the real world and not some idealised fantasy socialist utopia.