Vic Crone and Penny Bright both break the law

And they don’t give a toss. To be honest, why should they? Not a single political candidate has ever suffered financially, or by being disqualified after the fact, for breaking election by-laws. They know it is open season.

Ms Crone and another mayoral candidate, Penny Bright, believe the Bill of Rights overrides a bylaw which prohibits “election signs” until August 6, nine weeks out from the local body elections on October 9.

“I don’t consider our billboards any more distracting than a billboard of Dan Carter in his boxers,” Ms Crone said.

The businesswoman unveiled two billboards in the CBD and Parnell in March. They stated “Vic Crone for Auckland” and referred to her website “”– an apparent breach of the Auckland Transport Election Signs bylaw.

At the time, Auckland electoral officer Dale Ofsoske said in his view the billboards were an election sign.

Ms Crone took the signs down when the rental period expired, She has since taken legal advice on the issue.

The advice, she said, was the bylaw was unlawful and unjustifiably breached the Bill or Rights Act.

“It looks to me that the bylaw is being selectively applied to political campaigns as some kind of political censorship.

“That’s exactly the type of nonsense that Aucklanders are sick and tired of.

Not at all. It is people trying to be cute and not paying their rates or putting up signs and then pretending it is some kind of moral stance instead of what we all know it really is: attention grabbing and being a dick.  

“Ms Bright advised me [on Thursday] that she has written to the Minister inviting him to revoke the bylaw on the basis that it is in breach of certain Bill of Rights requirements.

Mr Ofsoske said the minister had the power under the Land Transport Act to revoke the bylaw.

“Please note that, absent the bylaw being revoked by the minister, set aside by a court, or amended by a special consultative procedure, it remains in force and will continue to regulate election signage throughout the election period,” Mr Ofsoske said.

In a statement, Transport Minister Simon Bridges said he had sought legal advice on the bylaw as well as his powers as minister to disallow transport-related bylaws.

“I’ve written to Auckland Transport asking them to clarify the original purpose of the bylaw and to advise how they believe the bylaw is consistent with the Land Transport Act 1998 and the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

This is what Aucklanders really care about?

I think the undercurrent is that a mayoral candidate who doesn’t respect the rules as they stand is just as likely to turn into another Len Brown.

Ratepayers are hounded by debt collection agencies for overdue book fees. They get significant fines or are towed if they are 11 minutes or more over time in their parking spot.

If it’s good enough for the council to insist on strict rules, then I don’t think much of politicians who start off breaking rules they don’t like. If you really care enough, then work towards changing the rules. In the meantime, show the voters that you can be trusted to do the right thing.


– Bernard Orsman, NZ Herald


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  • Graeme Edgeler

    You can’t be disqualified for breaking Council sign bylaws.

    • Keeping Stock

      Legally, perhaps. But what about morally disqualified Graeme?

      It would also be interesting to hear your thoughts about a possible conflict of interest for a candidate who is on one hand taking legal action against the Council she is seeking to become Mayor of, and who on the other hand has had the Courts find against her rates strike, and award costs to the Council.

      • StreuthCobber

        Oh good grief. What about the shenanigans of the left. Really. We had signs breaking bylaws in the wrong place last elections (greens), a candidate who claimed she lived in our ward when she didn’t (greens), multiple elected members with unnamed conflicts of interest of their businesses and trusts. Including trusts that have contracts with council. And now over this we suddenly seem to have found the bylaw book! While if we’re going to enforce bylaws and ethics I’m all for it. But lets be consistent.

      • Graeme Edgeler

        Does moral disqualification also apply to those who violate council bylaws setting parking time limits?

  • Oh Please

    I won’t be voting for either. Silly, pathetic women.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    At this rate Len would be the best option available if he chose to stand again!

  • Keyser Soze

    Ms Crone, if you’re listening – REDUCE MY RATES!

  • localnews

    So does this suggest that Vic Crone is getting legal advice from Penny Bright?
    A serious candidate would never say they had been talking to Ms Bright