Washed up leftie journo life boat getting rescue from unlikely quarter


Who would have expected New Zealand First to go into bat for Radio New Zealand?

NZ First’s Tracey Martin is citing a report in the New Zealand Herald which says the state broadcaster is trying to buy digital equipment without making too many cuts to its radio programmes.

Properties that could go on the block include RNZ’s central Auckland studios and land used for the masts that broadcast AM services.

RNZ chief executive Paul Thompson confirmed it was looking at the option, the report said.

Ms Martin says her party is appalled.

“Starvation funding by the National government has forced Radio NZ to consider selling public assets,” she said on Friday.

“A public broadcasting service is at the heart of democracy.”

Ms Martin says NZ First would reinvest in public broadcasting “so that the public can have greater confidence that the information they are being given has not been first run through a government spin machine”.

Music to Martin Bradbury’s ears.   I’m sure he and Winston will get on like a house on fire.  Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near him.

I wonder if Winston knows Tracy Martin is running around expressing support for Red Radio?


– NZN via Yahoo?


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  • Grizz30

    I guess if labour were the government then RNZ would be complicit in the spin machine that disseminates information to the public. Right now they function as an opposition spin machine but oh how it must miss being in control of the government.

    • BR

      RNZ represents only the entrenched bureaucracy. They are Labour friendly because Labour are bureaucracy friendly.


  • meltingpot

    “A public broadcasting service is at the heart of democracy.”
    My first thought when I read this was Nth Korea.