Watch the wombles oppose this idea

What a good idea, a register of bad tenants, especially those who leave a property poisoned with methamphetamine.

A Northland property manager has called for a public register naming tenants who contaminate rental properties with methamphetamine.

Judy Morgan, managing director of Property Management and Rentals in Northland, said there should be tighter controls around testing standards for P in properties to stop the “poisoning” of homes.

Ms Morgan said the drug had become the new “Leaky Building Catastrophe”. In a letter to Parliament, Ms Morgan expressed concern over the lack of standards for those testing houses for P contamination.

“As the custodian of investors’ properties, along with present and future retirees’ investment properties, it is my duty of care to vet and let these homes to our citizens. It is also my duty to ensure that the people who rent these properties, are living in a safe and sanitary dwelling, free of meth contamination,” Ms Morgan said.  

For that to happen a code of regulation for those doing the testing for methamphetamine was needed, with clear parameters. The Ministry of Health only offers guidelines, not standards. She said it was not fair to threaten to impose fines on owners based on guidelines that were of an advisory nature only.

“The fact there is no standardised testing regime is the greatest problem we face, because the method used by one testing agency can differ from another.”

Testing between tenants is not mandatory but should become a requirement for both rentals and properties for sale, Ms Morgan said.

“What’s occurring is an ever-increasing number of addicts are moving from property to property, all over NZ, ‘poisoning’ our homes, with absolutely no penalty for their wanton vandalism. There should be a public register naming any tenants who have vacated their rental property in a contaminated state.”

Have you wondered where the housing crisis has come from? Poisoned homes lying empty while they are decontaminated make up a lot of the empty houses that Housing NZ has.

I’ll bet those living in cars have tenancy issues, lost their bond, failed to pay rent and other general ratbag behaviour. Until they front with their names we can’t check their backgrounds. The media know this and so won’t comply because it ruins their pimped stories and anti-government bias.

Watch the wombles oppose this as discriminatory


– Northern Advocate.


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  • papagaya

    What’s staggering is that any tenant kicked out of a Housing NZ property for poisoning it with meth, can reapply for another HNZ property in ONE YEAR. This utterly pathetic penalty does not inspire confidence that the government can tackle this problem with the ruthless will required.

    • Whitey

      Unbelievable, isn’t it? They should be ineligible for state housing for several years at least if not for life. I would argue that if they’ve got money for P they clearly don’t need state housing.

    • Sailor Sam

      Blame MMP, where the government has to tread carefully at all times.
      Especially one which has the apartheid party in support.

  • Chris

    This headline in Marlborough paper today,
    This from March,
    If this is symptomatic of what is happening through the rest of the country, then those responsible for the cleanup needed should be forced, somehow, to pay for the total bill. But they just walk away and expect the Government to provide them somewhere else to live. It has got to the stage where these people need to be told, you are on your own. Then those like Janette Walker down here should put their own money where their mouths are and provide for these poor people. Oh that’s right they probably haven’t got money to do this but expect others to pay!!!

  • john Doe

    Too right the Greens and Labour will oppose this. It is ok to list people who have a Trust but it is against human rights to keep a list of toe rags that are bad tenants. Never forget landlords are evil and tenants are the hard suffering. Hipercritical so and so’s.

    • Rob

      It would be interesting to see if Green Party Kevin Hague opposes this when he owns 6 houses,5 of them must be rentals unless he is just “house banking” to capitalize on inflation..

  • shykiwibloke

    Preferably with photographs to minimise changing of names and other background information.

  • lyall

    Couldnt agree more, i tryed to help some of my partners rellies get a rental and they were sure they were being discriminated against – turned out they still owed most of their previous landlords money and were being pursued by one for $1000s in arrears and damage! The trouble is though, you can make all the lists you want and with credit reporting in this country most bad tenants are already on a list somewhere, it doesnt stop people demanding the government give them another house to destroy as part of their ‘human rights’!

  • Dave

    We already have them, each state in Aussie collects the names and identities of all bad tenants and makes it searchable for landlords and agents. pre-requisite for any rental over here.

    • phronesis

      So where do the bad tenants end up? Does the state end up housing all the worst tenants because nobody else will?

      • Anthony

        Nauru, Christmas Island or NZ?

      • Dave

        there is a private rental aftermarket but they charge a premium – hold deposits themselves, and all sorts of dodgy dealings.

  • Cadwallader

    In NZ you can do this through the records of the Tenancy Tribunal. It is a given that those who turn up to bellyache about their terrible living conditions are those who have skipped out on previous tenancies or trashed their previous house. When you buy a used car you expect a few knocks/clangs and tiredness, as with a house, but the entitled layabouts in NZ expect pristine living conditions and the complete acquiescence of the landlord to their demands and their poor attention to paying rents.Never forget this attitude is the attitude around which Labour is nurturing its constituency. The “policy” bullet-points are :

  • Codi

    I have to laugh. You provide no facts or figures to back up your assumptions. Ask any rental agency, they have a black list of known high risk tenants. Also, you can install a device in your investment property that picks up chemicals used for making drugs This enables you to stop the problem before the damage occurs, rather than testing after each tenant (insanity). Finally, there are around 33 state houses affected by this new “Leaky Building Catastrophe”. At a guess I’d say that’s just over 1%. Not a catastrophe or epidemic and I doubt this would create a housing crisis (ROFL), more a small problem. If you own an investment, protect it, seems silly to blame others (like those living in cars hahaha) in my opinion.