Watercare visits Penny Bright and investigates her meter

My sources have told me that this morning Watercare turned up at Penny Bright’s house and started investigating her unusual water reticulation methods.


As I posted on the weekend it appears that Penny Bright has breached Watercare’s bylaws

The Auckland Council Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw came into effect on 1 July 2015.

It serves as a legally binding mechanism that enables us to protect our water supply and wastewater network assets, and replaces Auckland’s eight previous water supply and wastewater bylaws, standardising regulation across the region.

The bylaw covers various matters including:

  • Avoiding illegal or inappropriate connection to or disconnection fromWatercare’s network
  • Protecting Watercare’s network from damage, misuse and interference
  • Requiring appropriate standards for infrastructure that will be vested as public assets
  • Enabling the restriction of water supply in order to maintain an adequate supply of drinking water in the event of drought or other emergency

The by-law is even more specific and the penalties aren’t cheap:

15 Offences (1)

A person who breaches clause 8, 12, 13 or 14 of this bylaw commits an offence under section 239 of the Act. Explanatory note: As at 1 July 2015 the maximum penalty for a person convicted of the offence of breaching this bylaw is a fine of $20,000 per offence.

Penny Bright was a short time ago standing on the street remonstrating with the Watercare workers.

She has also laid a complaint with OMSA about my post asking questions of her.

Readers should bear in mind that mayoral candidate Penny Bright has refused to pay her rates, claims she is a transparency and anti-corruption campaigner and it appears she has untoward water reticulation methods. There is a high public interest in drawing attention to her unusual water reticulation methods given her campaigns against Watercare, in particular, and also her non-payment of rates.

Yet again we have a left-wing hypocrite using complaints processes to attempt to silence someone telling the truth about them.




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  • Justme

    Whenever the left try to turn you in the “right” direction, just remember to check your wallet as your back will be to them.

  • iera

    I understand an NBR item, about Penny Bright, reported she does not pay water charges, as well as not paying her rates.

    Also, do the bylaws not require sufficient water flow to contribute to possible fire-fighting?
    (And, if this is true, should Watercare allow sufficient water to help protect the property that may need to sold to recoup Council rates and legal costs?)

    • Hydrants are for that purpose.

      • rantykiwi

        100+ litres per second from a decent hydrant – so even a full domestic supply flow of maybe half that much per MINUTE is going to be pretty ineffective at firefighting. Hence Watercare’s flow restriction isn’t causing any fire risk.

        • Jtbnz

          The Hydrants can be on a seperate ring in urban areas, or the break off to domestic supply is seperate from the hydrant,the small white covers near the hydrant are used to isolate the hydrant.

    • Lemuzz

      Council are required to provide water for firefighting purposes. The Fire Service are required to save life and property and are funded by the insurance companies. The Fire service make no distinction as to whether the property owner is insured or not and use water as needed.

  • Dave

    WOW, she laid a complaint with OSMA, yet as a mayoral candidate she surely knows everything she does, says or even any event she attends is up for public scrutiny. I think what she means is, how dare they publish something negative about me, when she has “tamed” most of the other media.

    Just another reason all complaints to OSMA have to pay a $50 filing fee for administration purposes, that or if they are thrown out.

    • The major flaw of the OMSA system is that it doesn’t require the complainant to attempt to settle the complaint with the publisher first, and only when not satisfied with that process, then elevate it to OMSA.

      It’s their own professional time they are wasting. But I don’t understand why they are so keen to so do.

      Our process is open. Any complaint has to be made in front of all our readers. Our response to any complaint is there for anyone to see.

      Edit to add: It also would save OMSA a lot of time and effort if they could have a record of the complaint and the initial attempts to deal with it by the publisher.

      • Dave

        I cant get over the fact, Penny must know she has been caught out good and proper, and would NOT want the issue in the media again. now by making a complaint, and in line with policy, I have no doubt you will need let us bots know of the outcome. Oh, I can’t wait for an update on the Watercare issue.

        “Bright looking dull as illegal water supply is shut down”
        “Mayoral candidate unable to shower after being rinsed by watercare”
        “Brights mayoral campaign looks like a dry affair”

        • R&BAvenger

          Let that Steisand Effect flow. Will it make ‘the news’ – don’t hold your breath.

  • R&BAvenger

    Ms Bright no doubt is feeling the burn of the sunlight as the best disinfectant flooding in from WOBH. When something stinks, let the sun shine in for all to see.

  • stephen2d

    It was quite hilarious how she went on Farrar’s blog to list her threats to sue for defamation, because “she couldn’t post her comments on Whaleoil”. This is the same woman who has slung so much mud on Banks, Key, etc – turned up in front of their houses and who now complains when the spotlight is turned on her.

    And the difference with her mud slinging is that, unlike Banks and Key and many other of her victims, this time there is something tangible and obvious to highlight: her alleged breaking of the law, as those photos (taken from the public land) suggest.

    Even though Auckland mayoralty has been turned into a circus by Len Brown and inept councillors, Auckland deserves much better than this laughable and dodgy “candidate”, who seems to be in the running purely to avoid paying her rates, by inferring some sort of “vendetta”.

  • HunuaRanger

    Just in case you’re interested in reading the latest ruling against Ms. Bright…

    Another nail in her proverbial…

    • MarcWills

      I can’t believe that the ACC legal team still can’t get their act together and submit documents to the court that comply with the law (well, actually I can believe it). Incompetent the lot of them, and should be put on a performance based pay until they get it right. They should be ashamed of themselves at such poor compliance with the rules.

      • HunuaRanger

        Because she wants it made public knowledge:

        The unique contract number.
        The name of the consultant / contractor.
        A brief description of the scope of the contract.
        The contract start and finish dates.
        The exact dollar value for every contract (including those sub-contracted).
        How the contract was awarded – by public tender or direct appointment.

        So if a public tender contract was awarded say 6 monthly and you were the contractor, your competition would know who you are and what your winning bid was. This would effectively give them an advantage in placing the next tender.
        Also would you really want your personal/business information made public in such a manner if it was you?
        Or you were a sub-contractor working for the main tender holder?

  • Toby

    ooooh, popcorn time.

    I’m totally on her side when it comes to the visibility of the rates being spent which she is protesting about.

    BUT, her approach is just terrible and isn’t winning her any friends.
    Just pay your rates and bills Penny and continue to protest, and people will have a lot more respect for you. Flouting the law and letting the burdon fall on everyone else just isn’t on and for that I hope you go down.

    It isn’t proving any points and it isn’t going to change anything, so just pay your rates.

  • Wasapilot

    I put in two complaints last weekend, one to ACC, the other to Watercare, both via their online systems.

    ACC came back to me and said it was a Watercare issue, Watercare have yet to reply. The action as reported here on WO is what I had hoped for.

    If you are reading this Penny, yes I would complain about any instance such as this, so it is not just an attack on you deary. Pay your rates, and pay your share Ms Bright.

  • Tiberius

    Here is a video of Penny “fixing” her water meter, and showing others how to do it…

    • Dave

      Clear and concise, all that should be needed for a prosecution. Now I ask why wasnt she prosecuted given she worked so hard to provide all the evidance.

      And, she claims water is a basic human right, perhaps not Penny, but that right is if you go get it yourself, not expect someone else to treat it, clean it, and deliver it to your front door, doing that stuff COSTS, and you must pay for it.

      • Tiger

        And take the waste water away. I am sure in that household there is a lot to take away.

      • Rick H

        This video was submitted to youtube way back in 2010. 6 years ago.

        I was surprised that she still actually had water, even with the clamp.
        The clamp seems to be designed to allow a small flow, i,e, enough to fill a glass with water in a minute or two; thereby providing the necessities of life, i.e water.

        I say that “Metro Water” have done exactly the right thing, to these bludgers like Penny Not-so-Bright, so they will not die of dehydration; even though they refuse to pay their rates and water delivery fees.

    • R&BAvenger

      This is a fine example of an own goal. Throw the book at her.

    • Platinum Fox

      I think you’ll find that that wasn’t her water supply – the property frontage was angled to the street in the video whereas the photo the other day and that above are of a meter on a straight frontage next to a fence.

  • InnerCityDweller

    Good to see she’s obviously still paying her power bills…

    • Rick H

      Borrowed a gen-set from a fellow “Not-so-bright” activist, maybe?

  • Legallysane

    Where a ratepayer fails or refuses to pay their water rates, they should autimatically forfeit their right to access the water hydrants for firefighting purposes with the fire service and insurance companies advised accordingly. The prospect of no insurance payout for a house totally destroyed in a fire might be enough to prompt some action.

  • Chris Fleming

    Turn off here waste water and sewage might have be a better idea.

  • Si

    The Health Act has a requirement that basically means a Water Utility cant turn off water completely, but can only restrict it (i.e. low flow and pressure). So you will get a dribble that will eventually fill a cistern, but it will make showering a pain (although maybe that’s not a problem in this case).