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  • bristol

    Just another pseudo scientific video outlining the case for Intelligent Design, and an attempt to convince us mere mortals that God exists…
    Be afraid, very afraid, they don’t give up easy, and they’ll just keep on trying.

    • CD

      Keep the faith Bristol (excuse pun). They’re losing ground steadily all the time. Over 30% of the population are agnostic or atheist and it goes up all the time. Even the USA has a solid and growing non-religious population.
      I think this rubbish is intended to shore up the doubters INSIDE the religion rather than as a recruiting type exercise i.e. it’s a sign of weakness.

  • WBC

    Hmm. Sorry but no. Fortunately I assume that most readers of this blog look at things critically enough to see fraud when it played to them on youtube.

    On all three major points this fails. Primarily because the assertions are lies.

    There is no consensus that there was a “one time” beginning to the universe, no scientist would claim that as it is presently unknowable, we can’t see past the horizon of what is currently the most plausible theory, only the lazy go “oh well, just God then I guess”, and they are not physicists. The universe is most profoundly unfriendly to life, however that very unfriendliness has driven wipe-outs which foster variety in evolution, and life has managed to evolve just well enough that (on only one single planet that we know of) it has maintained a foothold long enough for us to type comments to each other about who we might elect next. Scientists are not talking about DNA as though it had to be created, I don’t have an argument for that one, I don’t need one, it’s just plucked out of thin air. I may as well respond to a Green Party Budget.

    • CD

      Yep, utter, intentionally misleading bollocks intended for the Intelligent Design audience. I bet it’s playing in Christian youth groups across the western world right now.

  • Deane Jessep

    I quite enjoyed the beginning of that, but man it jumped the biggest shark in the universe when it started drawing conclusions.

  • Sceptic59

    God of the gaps methinks

    Tyson says it best