Why weren’t Grant and Andy drinking working men’s beer?

Andrew Little and Grant Robertson sat down to drink beer and try to look blokesy to middle New Zealand.

But they failed.

For a start Robbo seems to have some sort of magical fairy beer in his hands. Did Grant really want to present himself as the piss fairy?

On closer inspection it seems that they were drinking Tuatara craft beer, not Lion Red.

So not only did they not choose a real working man’s beer they chose some liberal elite poofy craft beer.

It shows how really out of touch they are with middle New Zealand.  

Tuatara beer costs $18.99 per 6 bottles, on special,  at Liquor King

Real men’s beers like Lion Red cost $24.99 for 15 bottles.

Or for the Southern Man, Speights at $24.99 for 15 bottles.

Or for the Waikato working man you can get Waikato Draught for $24.99 for 15 bottles.

Labour could have chose any of those working men’s beers, instead they chose Tuatara.

Now we know why Little has no assets.  He pisses it against the wall with elite food and drink.

Andrew Little and Grant Robertson would do well to learn the words:

There’s only one beer we drink around here mate,

And it’s not blue, black label, double coloured brown or green,

It’s Red mate, like a fire engine and it comes in a bottle or a can and it’s got a little Lion on it.

Lion Red used to be the Labour party, now it is Tuatara, a rare lizard on the endangered list.

If only Labour would spend more time talking to middle New Zealand instead of interviewing the piss fairy.


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  • Crowgirl

    I’m not sure which image is more ridiculous or contrived – those two with a fancy craft beer, or those two with Lion Red.

    • Vaughan

      Good point.

    • Dave

      Funny, but I see Andy as a Riesling man, more at home with a sweet drink than a real beer drinker.

      • Crowgirl

        Probably explains why he didn’t touch the beer. I believe that Robertson is a beer drinker, but it stands to reason it would be a fruity patootie one.

        I’m not a beer expert, but they had to choose a NZ beer I guess. Couldn’t they have at least gone with Mac’s Gold or something though if they don’t like the harder stuff?

      • KGB

        Or Pimms.

        • kayaker


        • jcpry

          Pimms is too classic for a trade unionist. Very much an upper crust drink.

          • Sailor Sam

            Should have been Newcastle Brown Ale, a real geordie brew.

  • Wasapilot

    The Bluff oysters must have kept out of shot.

    • STAG

      They were left in a fridge in the Kelvin Hotel.

  • Wheninrome

    In reality they just can’t stand the taste.

    edit: one of them certainly.

  • Eiselmann

    Bluff Oysters and craft beer.

    Labour leadership has moved from the factory floor and the streets of South Auckland, to the land of office sensitivity courses and Ponsonby cafes.

    And left most of its supporters behind

  • taxpayer

    I guess they are not red blooded blood brothers then.
    Dear oh dear, Andy and Robbo could not find middle NZ with a Nav Man.
    Somebody tell them the geographical center of the North Island can be easily found in the Pureora forest park west of Taupo, because that’s as close as they will ever come to middle NZ.

  • Woody

    I work, in the physical sense and none of those beers mentioned do it for me with Lion Red being the brew I dislike most and although I was a Southern man, Speights doesn’t float my boat either – probably because I had all of my share as well as a few other peoples as a young fellow.

    Your point is well mad though that as a device to seem more blokey (an epic fail from the get go) something more in line with what the target audience would find believable would have been a better idea. Just goes to show though that they have no idea who their target audience is.

    • Miss Phit

      Codies and wood stock drinkers? Or do bogans have more taste than to vote labour too?

      • Rick H

        Bogans don’t vote.
        They ARE – -the missing million – and Labour can keep them.

    • Left Right Out

      ” Speights doesn’t float my boat”…… then you were never a Southern Man Woody….LOL

      • Woody

        Never liked oysters either and I started school in Bluff.

  • Curly1952

    To sit there and only appear to have one beer, whats wrong with them. If they had done a decent days work there would have been 3 or 4 empties by the time they finished their “chat”

  • XCIA

    The bottles were probably just for show and filled with pink gin.

    • Larry


  • johcar

    Nothing wrong with Tuatara beer – I love their APA.

    But then I guess I’m not Labour’s target demographic:

    I work (self-employed), I own a house, I have no criminal convictions, I despise PC correctness and believe in personal responsibility.

  • Miss Phit

    To be honest how many lower class beer swillers wouldve even watched that crap? Most wouldnt be able to identify either clown outside of parliament (or in parliament for that matter).

    JK is hated but his face is known, these guys are clowns and no bodies, and probably always will be.

  • BR

    Because they don’t work, and they’re not men.


  • SaggyNaggy

    There’s no political expedience on earth that could make me drink Lion Red or Waikato Draught. Speights is barely palatable.

    I’ve never tried Tuatara, but I don’t blame them. There’s only so much pandering a dirty leftist can stand.

    • Left Right Out

      Speights Summit,,,, nothing else comes close!!!!

    • Old Man, Torbay.

      Definetely a Tui Moment from Labour. Should have drunk Speights Old Dark – real beer.

    • jcpry

      Tuatara despite being labelled a poofy here is a damned good beer and well worth the price. It’s pretty damn strong actually. Thank goodness we now have some damn fine beer brewed in this country. Over the years there’s been some real rubbish.

  • Left Right Out

    The entire staged after work chat was actually quite cringeworthy

    • Jeff

      Like cunners at the fish and chip shop on a Friday night

  • Wolfman Jack

    “The fairy beer” was probably a gift from the wicked witch of the west. It just appeared as the Irish would say “in a poof of smoke”

  • Wayne Peter McIndoe

    Labour have long abandoned working new zealanders, – have to remember most of their MPs have never actually had a real job so no wonder

  • WBC

    Sorry, I’m not sure about the relevance of the working man. Little is a union leader so shouldn’t be drinking the same beers as his lowly subjects, he is better then them and should avail himself of drinks that are worthy of his betterness (real word – dictionary will catch up eventually). He is simply following long held tenets of the Left.

    The rulers in the Kremlin didn’t drink lowly potato vodkas, they drank highly researched and extraordinarily expensive vodkas made from Ukrainian grains (not that it actually makes a shred of difference to the ethanol created). Little is simply doing his bit to uphold the values of failed states and terrible leadership.

  • Graeme

    As refined gentlemen discussing important national matters you would have expected the ale to have been poured in to drinking glasses before quaffing it. If they did drink from the bottle I would have expected to see them in t shirts and shorts. Now that would have been eyecatching.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Apart from an exotic choice of something called beer it is astonishing that they thought this garbage was worthy of televising as well as being available on You Tube. This could see another backlash downstream as it get rerun at opportune times.

  • Sailor Sam

    They could have asked to drink my home brew, but I would have said “NO”.
    Would not have wanted to waste good beer on these two imposters.