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  • Carl

    So true many times. (pic)

    • Usaywot

      There’s a thought. Since the msm lies and obfuscates about absolutely everything there needs to be a fly by night lamp post campaign putting people straight. Anyone who doesn’t read WO has no idea of the truth about so many topics

    • kereru

      “It’s not easy being Green” – Kermit

      I think he’s too affable to be the poster Muppet. Any other suggestions? Gonzo perhaps?

  • Misfit

    In reference to the foreign buyers stats released this afternoon. The herald is up to its usual misleading nonsense. Originally the story was posted quoting 3% of property’s were sold to overseas investors . Quickly it was re edited to claim that its 60% of all foreign investors who purchased property was Chinese. Just to carry on the Labour smear they carefully word it it to cause outrage to the ever growing uneducated following of Key haters they peddle their wares to. How blatant and dodgy can you get. What point is a press council when the Media Party answers to no one and make it up as they go along. Labour claimed 45% of Auckland Houses were brought by Chinese investors, not even close Twyford, Just like your internal polling.

  • George

    I’m now becoming accustomed to the embarrassment and shame of residing in a currupt country, ridiculed and mocked by every other country in the world. A country riddled with scumbag rich pricks and even some not supported by social welfare, but worst of all, headed by a corrupt evil ruler It has to be true, Grant Roberton said so, I quote: “But now he (John Key) and New Zealand are being singled out for supporting highly unethical or even illegal behaviour, the evidence is mounting that this industry has a rotten core and we are now donkey deep in a global scandal”.

    The single biggest factor that could pull this country down are the incessant, deliberate tactics of the left. They are unable to garner public support through positive and constructive policy so they are determined to destroy anything or anyone who can disrupt and expose their ideology for what it is – control through socialism. JK’s National Government is an opponent of considerable momentum and popularity. This presents a challenge beyond the capabilities of the current limp Labour Party and its even “limper” leadership. Probably the only area where we (Whale Oilers), and the likes of Hagar, Hans Kriek and Jane Kelsey agree. I believe this is why these extreme activists are trying to take control of the political landscape. They lobby through misinformation, disruption, and fear mongering. They deliberately sabotage this countries reputation to spread the belief that the current administration is unfit to govern.

    The MSM is spared my wrath this evening. Not because I feel generous, but quite frankly, l’ve have just really lost the will.

    • shykiwibloke

      It’s the far future where this will hurt us. What upright, honest young citizen is going to think about going into politics in the future – if they are constantly slandered and lied about when actually doing a good job?

    • JEL51

      It’s so ironic, during the GFC the one place that was seen as a safe, stable, least affected by monitory ebbs & floes, was under the governance of JK & Bill English here in NZ. People from all round the world chose to store/stash/invest some of their wealth here, as we were seen as trustworthy The stupidity of the Left is doing its best to undo all that.

    • Odd Ball

      To be fair, it’s not reported in Australia as far as I know, and most Aussies I know think highly of how NZ is governed, compared to their own country, which is presently headed for another election.

    • Simo

      Never give up, this country is worth fighting for in spite of the minor issues we face and really, they are minor.

  • Nige.

    KatB answered last night’s question with:

    “Our poor son ”

    Do you help your kids out if they are poor or do you think learning to make their own money is a hard lesson they need to learn for themselves?

    • Wasapilot

      A hand up, not a hand out. They have to, and have learned that you have to work and make good decisions if you want to be a productive part of society.

      If they were is serious trouble, or had say an accident that left them unable to care for themselves, we would definitely step in, any good parent would.

    • Carl

      I don’t have kids but my parents bought all of us 3 kids our first cars but we had to pay them back. They would not let us buy a cheap one as they thought it was a waste of money buying a rust bucket that would always break down. So as Wasa says a hand up but not a hand out is the way it was in our home.

    • Jude

      We have helped our eldest with top up for a deposit on a house. She is paying off the mortgage.
      She is a hard worker and is saving, but I am relieved that we have one on the property ladder.

      • Wasapilot

        A classic example of a hand up Jude. It would be so easy to give them say a car, TV etc, but keeping them as grounded adults is one of the greatest gifts that we can give them.

    • Isherman

      Our lad is still at school for a couple of years yet, but he understands two things already.
      1. Nothing is ever ‘free’, its either paid for or earned by somebody first.
      2. Outside the unconditional love of your family and the necessities of life, ‘you are entitled to nothing’. When you want something, refer to #1.

      • Good to hear. Add to that my rule: There is no “equal”. I love you both as much as I can, but nothing is equal, ever.

        • Isherman

          Yes, very true. Consider it added.

          • I frequently tell my son he is my favourite. And I tell the other one the same thing. They’re used to it, as it is a standing joke. I did that to desensitise them to it. But it is just SO MUCH fun watching others when they overhear.

            Apparently, I “can’t say that!”

            My MIL told her children she loved them all exactly the same. I tested that once at a gathering. “Who is MIL’s favourite child?”, I asked all of them. In unison they all gave the same answer.

            So that didn’t work, did it? So I decided to give my sons the expectation that they may perceive bias. And that’s normal. But it’s an outcome of individual need, not because I deliberately favour one over the other. One needs more attention, so he gets it. Is that loving him more? Looks like it, doesn’t it?

          • Lux

            My parents told us they loved us all the same .. but we told each other all the time, that I (that person) was the favourite ..

            In actual fact, they all knew I was the fav ..

            really ..

            yeah riiiiiiiiiight ..

          • LovetoTeach

            I blatantly say “and that’s why you’re my favourite today!” to my kids when they’ve been kind/made me laugh/whatever. They know they’re all my favourite at one stage or another. My husband and I like to say at least we’re giving them something to talk about in counselling….

          • Gaynor

            My MIL had 3 sons ..2 were known criminals (known but never imprisoned or tried) and my lovely husband .She always said she loved them all equally.)On her death bed we were the only 2 with her, in her last minutes she held up her hand with 2 fingers close together , looked at my husband and whispered …”love you this much more” . It was lovely and deserved. My husband will always have that memory.

    • dumbshit

      Signed 6 mth fixed interest rate, today, for the final 7mths of mortgage on the second of my son’s, two houses. Saw the “e-valuation” report, the bank had. Head is still spinning! Twenty years paying, December 16 2016, unencumbered.

      • STAG

        I hate you! my mortgage isn’t huge in AKL terms, Southland after all, still we pay and pay and the principle goes down by dollars only.

        I know its a long game but man… banks cream it.

        • dumbshit

          Son put deposit on first house, 1995. A real bargain price, no land agents, private sale. Second one with our guarantee, mid 96. Paid top market price, no land agents, and then the 97 downturn took the shine off. On the e-valuation today, he’s making about 300%, overall. He Is overseas at the moment, so haven’t told him the situation yet. I think he’ll be chuffed!

      • Crowgirl

        I still have 20 years to go! ?

    • pisces8284

      We helped our daughter out with the deposit for her house and lost most of it when the marriage broke up. She had to sell the house quickly, someone got a bargain

      • That’s horrible.

        I had it in reverse. I got sat down by the parents of my wife to be and told that if I married her I’d be half responsible for her debt.

        See, there’s always another side :D

    • Old Chook

      When young, all children got their pocket money – age +$5 as of right. I then docked money for insubordination!! e.g. A used toilet roll on the toilet floor cost everyone $1 each for me to pick it up. Only happened once.
      When teenagers, work was readily available on our orchard so they paid half, I paid half for their clothes and later their cars.

      Have helped in a small way with deposits for houses, all 5 own their own home and youngest also has a beach house so I must have done something right when “sprinkling my (b)witch dust” around.

      When my daughter travelled she was told that I expected her to support herself (some of her friends had open ended credit cards being paid for by parents). However she was assured the if she had to resort to prostitution or drug running she was to phone me and I would pay the fare home. Never got the call.

    • STAG

      I was “saved” as HIND delights in pointing out, while it was an easy way out I dont think it helped to set me on the road to adulthood. It wasn’t until I found out the hard way just how little the “have not’s” have that I became a man.

      Over all I would say it might have helped Ma and Pa STAG sleep but it didn’t accelerate maturity.

  • Nige.

    Cam looked great on TV

    • Chris EM

      Where was that, Nige?

      • karbonpete

        3 News, probably other stations too I imagine!

        • I doubt it. Only 3 News bothered to get the footage. There is a reason for that. Just keep reading Whaleoil and it will all come out.

          • Iva b ginn

            I see Lisa Owen shoving a mic in Cam’s face, then he shot across the road but I see she didn’t follow him. lol

          • KGB

            I watched one and recorded the other. Big difference in the length and tone of reporting.
            COTD … directed at LO :)

          • I know we all feel emotional, but please don’t do that. If I understand it, so do others, and it’s not allowed here. Don’t push the mods.

      • Wasapilot

        A 15 second piece on one news.

      • Nige.

        He was on the news for something

        • Pies?

          There are some missing. Again.

          • Chris EM

            Surely not, I thought Nige was in charge of the pies.

          • That’s how crimes start you know.

          • Chris EM

            Ah, I see, Cams taken the fall for Nige over the missing pies. Easy when you read between the lines.

          • You people are too good.

    • Karma

      How was he described? Blogger, right wing blogger, right wing attack blogger or just blogger?

      • Isherman

        It doesn’t matter. None of them would have been able to use the descriptives they would like to, so in that sense, any way they referred to him would have been less than genuine, so why worry about it.
        The work goes on, that’s the good news.

      • hookerphil

        Right wing blogger on Prime Prentice was a left wing blogger so all good there

      • Kev

        After his escape from Lisa Owen’s clutches he should now be referred to as the “jogger blogger”

    • Des

      Loved the no look dash across the road! I lol’d.

      • Nige.

        Gave them the ol slip-a-roony ay

  • Misfit

    But didn’t Twyford say the governments attempts last year to slow down foreign investment and introduce the new rules didn’t go far enough and would have no effect? yet now he claims that it clearly scared them all off and since the numbers arent what he hoped for it was all because of Nationals policy?Which one is it Phil?, he cant have it both ways but then that’s the labour way isn’t it.? Im astounded with the idiotic hypocrisy coming form his negative mouth. Its like amateur hour on a daily basis.

  • Cadwallader

    Ms Smalley struggled to be polite to Tony Alexander when he refuted Twyford’s claims. Ms Smalley is doing a great job as Labour’s publicity officer this week.

    • Nige.

      I listened to her for a but as I dropped one of my kids off. She can’t actually articulate herself. She got words mixed up and mispronounced. In day to day life this doesn’t bother me…except. ..she’s on the blinking radio! Surely being able to speak should be prerequisite to a job where your VOICE is your JOB!

      • Cadwallader

        Her articulation and erudition are truly amateur. The worst aspect is her constant “you knows” and “maybes.” These are tiny qualms beside her fundamental lack of common knowledge which manifests itself as dribbling idiocy.

        • Nige.

          See you’d have confused her with just one sentence there

    • Dave

      Whilst I suggest I have a better knowledge of economics, and currency than me Smalley, there is no way I would even ask Tony Alexander a difficult or pointed question, he would answer professionally, with a smile. He is and has been one of the best go to people on economic forecasts.

  • metalnwood

    What, investors were magically down by over 90%. What on earth could cause that kind of temporary decline? It’s not like we were having a snap election with a chance of labour winning.

  • Jonathon Stone

    I just about lost it when he stated that the information wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on – completely unlike his statistics on people with Chinese-sounding names, of course.

    • Misfit

      keep digging Phil, eventually you’ll find Cunliffe at the bottom of the hole your in :)

  • Usaywot

    TV one is skating on thin ice by naming Deborah Pead and another man as having dodgy trust. I hope they both sue. It is disgusting that these people are being dragged through the mud when, no doubt, their trusts are legitimate.

    • Catriona

      But wait – there’s more. According to Jessica Mutch, more names will come forward over the coming weeks as the IRD trawl through docs.

      • Time For Accountability

        Shows her lack of knowledge.
        The IRD would never disclose names unless they hit the courts.

      • Bluemanning

        John Key said on one of tonight’s ‘news’ bulletins, something like, it is good the list has been released as the IRD, who really do know what they are doing, will evaluate it.

    • Moonroof

      Its not just TVNZ, John Campbell ran a piece about her trust/s on RNZ while I was driving home, I think said out loud to the car that it sounded potentially libellous. They’re piling on the hit pieces, no good will come of it.

  • Cadwallader

    Can I be permitted to host a contest here tonight with the only intention of lightening things up? Every now and then the Oxford Dictionary editors announce new words to be included in upcoming editions. I’d like to start with a new noun and ask for a range of meanings for the word. The word is “hager.”

    • Adj. Being otherwise perfectly healthy, but being both deeply miserable and looking like you’re an animated corpse

    • Des

      Verb.As in to hager, meaning to accuse others of crimes unproven, while actively engaged in criminal behaviour.

    • MarcWills

      Adj. Hager: Lifelike after embalming.

      • Alfred12

        Is it just me but does anyone else see a strong resemblance to Minto aka the screaming skull! Might be just the permanent scowl & miserable demeanour perhaps?

        • Effluent

          It’ll be the relentless diet of mung beans, tofu, broccoli, organic yoghourt and recycled faeces that gives one that look.

    • Lux


    • Chris EM

      Noun. To have an over inflated opinion of one’s self, but in reality being looked down upon by the populace.

    • Nige.

      To futilely case something fictitious.

      • Cadwallader

        To lead the media on a path of deceptive behaviour to their deserved detriment.

    • wilson

      Hager. Similar words, backfire, holier than thou, skinny git, vegan
      Use in sentence. “I did a Hager”. Meaning had stolen information, but backfired on me again.
      “Look a Hager”. Meaning when in Vegas and you see a fat elvis.
      “You look hager” meaning when you have lost to weight.

    • idbkiwi

      Nicky Hager; definition?

      Compulsive Computer Fiddler…fiddling with other people’s computers for years. From the Neazor Report to the Prime Minister 31/3/2005 regarding allegations of SIS infiltration of the Maori Party: “Mr Hager interviewed representatives of one of the iwi…The reporters were interested because the iwi had a Treaty claim…and so their computer could be seen as a source of information”, “working through Mr Hager, the newspaper had a computer expert look at the computer of the iwi”.

      Duplicitous..”the reporters had intended to interview representatives of the second iwi as well, but did not do so because they thought that such an enquiry would spark an instant reaction into what they were inquiring into”.

      Wrecker…”The iwi had been substantially damaged by publication in two ways: People to whom they provided assistance and services believed that their information would not be safe, and there was a sense of avoidance of them by others as the finger had been pointed to them as radicals.”

      Fantasist…”the story, apart from some base facts about dealings with one iwi, was a work of fiction”

    • D.Dave

      Noun:- A less than savoury item one might encounter in public. It might cause one to exclaim “damn, I stood in a hager, I’ll have to clean my shoe”

    • Bluemanning

      Hagar noun. Definition; An implement used to suck lemons through one’s nose.

    • Effluent

      Hager N, colloq. – sensation experienced during a colonoscopy undertaken without the benefit of anaesthetic

      • sonovaMin

        I’ve had one of those. Ouch!

    • JEL51

      Verb:manipulate malleable young minds to believe in undermining secure, democratically elected governance as the only choice to salvation.

    • understater

      The New Testament of the Bible was written in Greek, and the word that is translated as “sin”in our English translations is “harmartia”, which is actually an archery term. It literally means to take your best shot and “fall short of the mark”. So if Harmartia is to fall short, then I submit Hager as a verb:

      Hager (verb) of a sniper, to commit harmartia.

      • Cadwallader

        Thanks. This is likely to be the only blog in NZ where someone would contribute such a reasoned idea. Contrast this with the msm given it is geared to inanities and glossiness to attract those who don’t question/think. Leighton Smith is not averse to the notion that the msm is a participant in a process of deliberately dumbing-down the population.

  • Effluent

    I haven’t had time to catch up on all of today’s excitement, but I get the distinct impression that this is an accurate representation of the overalll impression made by Hager’s efforts –

  • Left Right Out

    True words these

    night all

  • Jude

    Hager is getting quite a bit of stick , finally over this! refresh for pic
    From Young Nats facebook:)

  • Old Dig


    • Effluent

      Very, very good. Now, who’s the man on the right?

      • Old Dig

        One of them is a reanimated corpse or ‘Zombie’ and the other one is an actor in ‘The Day of the Dead’

    • twittertit

      In all honest curiosity, is the redness around his eyes real or photoshopped?

      And if real, what the hell is wrong?????

      • Old Dig

        I think it is real. Looks like he spent too much time in a sunbed stuck in reverse.

  • Vutekno

    The highlight of question time for me was the startled look on Mojo Mathers face when the PM remarked that Mojo had a Foreign Trust!

    I have never seen her so animated in the house since her maiden speech! To her credit though she made a personal statement to explain that she was a beneficery of a family trust in the UK. That’s fine but then she went onto say it was not a Foreign Trust!!!!

    Apart from my surprise to see that Mojo was not in fact asleep it was a very real example of a reason why people are involved in trusts set up in other countries for honest purposes!

    Question Time IMO offers, on occasions some of the best comedy to be seen on TV in NZ today.

    As usual Lil Angry came across as the best “Village Idiot ” comedian of the House.
    Edit sp

    • Bryan

      john Key was in fine action today in question time and his quip back to little about being “the only impersonator in the house trying to impersonate being leader of the opposition” Classic i’m still chuckling

  • Ahhh, time to relax. (pic)

  • rangitoto

    I notice Matt Hooten has got lprent foaming at the mouth. Pretty funny. I guess the lefties are upset that Hager’s big hit was such a damp squib.

    • Dave

      That’s not too hard, just about any rational slight right leaning person gets Lprent foaming mad.

    • Isherman

      Very funny all right. In among it all Phil Q landed an absolute beauty on Twyford too.

      • Wasapilot

        To be fare now Ish, anyone could land a hit on twyford. The man is a fool, and has good company within the labour caucus.

  • Malcolm

    Poverty in New Zealand

    The Labour Party and various groups make much talk about poverty, child poverty and the increasing gap between rich and poor, yet fail to say what is rich and what is poor.

    It is hard to have any intelligent or meaningful discussion about these topics as too many allow emotions and/or political posturing to disguise or cloud the real causes.

    It appears to me that the real cause of poverty in New Zealand is an unmentionable topic that is never properly discussed as to do so attracts claims of despotic dictatorship etc. i.e. almost all poverty in this country is bred and only a small percentage as a result of Government policies and other factors.

    I remember President Kennedy saying something along the lines of “do not ask what your Country can do for you but what you can do for your Country”, wise words and something we all need to aspire to if New Zealand is to survive and prosper.

    We appear to have ever increasing numbers of those doing nothing for their Country and expect the rest of us to fund them not to do it!

    There was an article in our local newspaper about a Pacific Island couple who both worked for the Wellington City Council as cleaners working six days a week through necessity(?) and found it extremely hard to live on their wages with the article suggesting they were low paid like many others doing similar work. I believe they were getting more than the minimum wage as the Council is prone to do.

    It wasn’t until the end of the article that we learned that the couple had eight (8)! children, sent money home to the islands and made regular (large?) donations to the church. It would appear that they are not necessarily poor or in this situation because of the supposedly low hourly rate or wages but as a direct result of their life style choice.

    These people, and many others in similar situations are obviously living way beyond their means and the days are gone when you could have as many children as you desired or your cultural or religious beliefs dictated. You cannot expect other hard working taxpayers to support your chosen life style.

    From listening to the Labour Party and other groups it would appear that their solution is to tax, rate, levy anyone they deem to be rich to subsidise the life style of those who for whatever reason have decided to live beyond their means and/or not work by choice.

    Presumably these couples were not living in poverty when the formed a relationship and acquired a flat/house etc. and had incomes that could support this and only moved towards “poverty” as they developed a “lifestyle” that was beyond their income i.e. started a family, as mentioned above this is not an unalienable right in this day and age.

    I do not like to use the term parasite but in the animal world when the parasitic burden becomes too great for the host the host quite often dies along with the parasites.

    • Chris

      We have a guy working in one of our businesses who is on over $100,000 per year, at an hourly rate. But he had to go to the manager last week to get an advance on his holiday pay of $2000 to pay an unexpected bill on a house. I was surprised and said so to the manager, who pointed out that with 2 people smoking, drinking and other stuff their costs were $1300 per week before paying for food power and rent. Are they in poverty? No personal choices which show they really haven’t thought it out properly.
      There is no hope for some people.

      • MaryLou

        Yes, we have one as well – he doesn’t smoke, but “looking the part” and having the right address is very important. The lack of foresight is astounding.

  • Dave

    I’m thinking of John Key tonight, along with a few of his ministers. The attacks from Hager and his useful idiots in the media relentlessly trying to throw mud at JK and the government over the last few days. I hope you manage to relax and enjoy a chinese takeaway in celebration of Labour’s “chinky Names, and a glass of Vino or perhaps given Hagers non-performance, a Tui might be appropriate. Thanks Mr Key.

  • It is.

    In the beginning, 11+ years ago, he didn’t blog under his own name.

    • Old Dig

      Oh, whale oil beef hooked.

  • It has been pointed out that we don’t have any videos tonight. This is not an oversight. I simply got distracted. Back to normal programming tomorrow.

    • EveryWhichWayButLeft

      Anyone would think something interesting happened… :P

      But seriously, well done Pete, Cam, Nige, SB and the rest of the Whale Oil team. You deserve some chill time now, it’s been a heck of a day and promises to be even more interesting going forward.

    • Spiker

      I would have thought people would cut you some slack over a slightly different schedule considering the goings on of today. Youtube is only a mouse click away if a video is required.

      • Well, to be honest, they were concerned rather than upset. :)

        • Spiker

          Concerned for your well being? well that’s different. I suppose when you have a reputation for being a multitasker extraordinaire it can be a tough act to keep up at times. ;)

          • If people could see what I have done today, they would probably question my sanity. Such as it is. Yet I must say I thrive on it. Bit of fire fighting always fun as long as you can keep things under control.

    • Dave

      Who needs another cat video Pete, when we have Hager acting like a little kitten, jumping at non existent shadows.

      • Time For Accountability

        With the free time normally taken up by the 6.30 and later posts I watched question time.

        Labour and greens performance reminded me what a flop the big reveal was.
        Deathly green silence to Greenpeace and Mojo revalations.
        Key not as good as the Cambell slapping but still good.

  • Gaynor

    Totally off all topics but what to do with a retired husband who cooks weird dinners????? I guess he goes in the freezer after I have left and grabs the first thing he sees. Tonight’s dinner was my lovely ( saved for a dinner party) Italian rice balls ..stuffed with a basil leaf and mozzarella cheese ,served with potatoes , carrots and lots and lots of cabbage,,,, I must keep smiling I must.

    • I’m Pete, and I represent your husband in this matter.

      1) Was the frozen food clearly labelled?

      • Gaynor


        • Damn. The Defence rests.

          • Gaynor

            Ha..I want my dinner cooked (in fact I love my dinner cooked) but ..I want food that goes together lol

          • I was really hoping my client did a hail-mary defrost. I’ve done that when I think I have pasta sauce and then discover it is a stew. Makes for interesting spaghetti, but there you are.

          • Lux

            A friend came over to one afternoon, and said her husband was at home cooking dinner…

            anyway she got home to roast leg of corned beef ..

            it was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            edit to add… no leg was found ..

          • sonovaMin

            Actually roast corned beef is very tasty.

          • Open your mouth, put it all in, there it goes together.

          • Grizz30

            I will never forget Parakura Horomia, the gourmand. Now there was a one pot chef!

        • So let me get this straight. Your husband actually cooks a meal and you complain? You can’t be made happy. If I was him I’d never cook again to save the endless moaning.

          • Gaynor

            Oh I don’t complain I eat it…washed down with a wine,,,but ……not cabbage with my flash Arancini di Riso (note the posh name)

    • Lux

      One time when my mother was away overseas, I moved back home to make sure he was looking himself while mum was away. I would go straight home after work, and get there about 5pm at the latest.

      Everyday my dinner was waiting for me, and had been cooked several hours earlier, there was tough old steak, bullet peas, and cold steamed potatoes..

      You have to love him ..

      • Wasapilot

        So your culinary skills were inherited from your fathers side of the family then Lux.

        At least he tried ?

        • Lux

          Actually in his younger years, he was a wonderful cook, both him and mum…
          Dad at one stage reckoned we should have our main meal for breakfast, and used to get up at dawn to put on a roast/veggies etc, for us to have at breakfast.. that lasted about a month..

          • Wasapilot

            I am sitting here with tears rolling down my cheeks Lux, my sides are hurting now, and SWMBO thinks I have lost it ??

          • Lux

            Did I tell you about the time we went without hot water for about two years, after dad tried to fix something .. man he was hilarious..

          • Wasapilot

            Please don’t, I am still laughing out loud at the mental picture of having a full on roast at 7am

          • Nige.

            Waiting for the book….

    • JEL51

      This is an example of the pitfalls of Social Engineering. The man is clearly out of his depth venturing into that theatre of creativity. Suggest you place ingredients in an obvious place with opened Edmond’s recipe book close by. Keep smiling, it may well improve.

      • Dave

        I have a lot to be thankful for, I probably cooked a bit like Gaynor’s hubbie, but nothing burnt. My lovely wife has taught me how to be more coordinated in the kitchen, now no need to boil and bleach cabbage for four hours.

    • spanishbride

      Full marks for initiative ( I feel your pain )

    • twittertit

      As a single young male who works far too much, this sounds like the opposite of a problem…. :P

    • Dumrse

      Caution, never poke a stick in a Tigers cage.

  • Clutch Cargo

    Ok, today has seen personal admissions, epic fails, hacking scandals, innocent collateral damage and some of the dirtiest players in the game square off……….but wheres the Daily Roundup…….not happy……..I can see a strongly worded email coming on here………

    • If you are serious I’ll have to ban you for life.

      • Clutch Cargo

        Define serious?????

        • OK. You asked for it. that serious.

  • Greg M

    Good evening customers, what’ll it be, the money or the bag?
    Have a wonderful picture of little Mercury whizzing past the Sun today, next visible in this part of the world on November 13, 2032. (pic)

    • Isherman

      I think that well before Nov 2032, we will see that Icarus was not the only one who flew too close to the sun:)

    • Geez Greg. We’ve gone to hell and back and you’ve been star gazing? Focus man…

      • Greg M

        I’m there every step of the way mate. It’s a relaxing picture to settle all the shattered nerves. :-)

        • Isherman

          Heh, relaxing in that ‘giant mother of all burning nuclear reactors’ kind of way?,

          • Greg M

            Would rather be sitting on a deckchair on Mercury than having to deal what our friends here have had thrown at them.

          • It’s been enjoyable hard work today. It’s good to be responding again instead of just taking it in the solar plexus and looking like we’re enjoying it.

        • Very relaxed here mate…it feels good dropping bombs.

          • Lux

            Enjoy it .. you have earned it ..

  • If you had an account over there and you said that you would be banned for life.

  • Christie

    Whale Oil be Slater.

  • XCIA

    Just got home from a day of meetings and I can report that speaking with diverse groups of people I found no one that liked or supported Hager and everyone was sick of the Panama blagging.

  • Misfit

    so now we know why the greens have been so quiet today on The panama paper non event, a major donor for the green party has been named in the trusts, oh dear, what a face palm…