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  • Old Kiwi

    Warriors’ management have advised that extra security will be in place for the Warriors game against the Dragons at Mt Smart later this afternoon.
    Apparently fans in Melbourne last weekend attempted to break though the security fence surrounding the ground. The local Aussie security managed to catch them all. They were taken back to their seats and made to watch the second half.
    Coach Macfaden said similar unruly fan behaviour this side of the ditch would receive a similar response

    • Raibert

      Are there still enough “Warrior Fans” to cause a security problem or is this just hype to increase attendance?

    • Frank N Further

      To prove that the Warriors are still the most popular ‘sports brand’ I did an unofficial, non-scientific survey around the Viaduct Basin bars late one night last week. I can report that there were more Warriors jerseys, hats, etc on display then there were Super Rugby, All Blacks, Phoenix, etc. Unfortunately most of those Warriors jerseys were being worn by Warriors players.

  • George

    Yesterday’s General Debate raised some interesting comments about language. I was particularly taken by those associated with MSM exaggerations and their “go to” terminologies. The one that really agitates me is whenever there is some drama associated with the ocean it is a result of a “freak wave”. “Man swept from rocks by freak wave”, boat capsized by “freak wave” and so on. I would have thought the wave that destroyed everything in its path after the The 2011 magnitude 9.0 earthquake off the Pacific coast of Tohoku in Japan would definitely qualify as a “freak wave”. But it appears I’m wrong.

    Those who do not take the appropriate precautions when near, or on the water, can claim a “freak wave” exposed their stupidity. And even if a wave did catch them unprepared, I would imagine it was just a bigger wave than the rest. Then again, it could be an “act of God” that the “freak wave” appeared. At least according to the MSM. Best we blame God as well, it sure beats having to do some constructive research and report some facts.

    • Usaywot

      Here are some of my current annoyances. “tight knit community” for every small town where an incident occurs; “battle with cancer” um, no, they died because they were ill; “perception” being used more and more by lefties to sow dishonest seeds. I have others.

      • Cadwallader

        …and “bracing” for an impending storm or an influx of bikies.

    • Aucky

      Along similar lines, ‘storm of the century’ drives me equally nuts.

      • Davo42

        Hehe, my personal favourite MSM term for a bit of rain is the “Weather Bomb”.

    • Cadwallader

      A freak wave to me would be one of the msm waving in a congratulatory manner towards JK.
      Seriously the msm’s mindless use of “legend” and “icon” drive me nuts. (eg Hillary Barry was an icon of news-reading in NZ.) JIm Hickey was once the “star” of the weather reports and John Campbell was “staunch” in his pursuit of fairness for the hard done by. The best way to respond to this drivel is to avoid it.

    • Carl

      ” live in the affluent suburb of” So you are calling them rich.

      • Sally

        Don’t forget the tree lined streets in the affluent streets = super rich.

        • Carl

          Add in seaside to that, wow you must all have overseas trusts.

          • Aucky

            ……and if one of their kids has been involved in something dodgy “Melissa is a pupil at prestigious private school, Saint ……” .

      • leafy.

    • Another thing that bugs me is that young people that died were always so nice and promising. I mean, ok, it’s not a good thing they died, but you never see

      Jack Smith, 16, died when the car he was driving crashed into the tree. But that’s OK, because nobody really liked him, and everyone expected him to end up in prison anyway.

      • hookerphil

        Yes, a really good kid who had a smile for everyone and was very popular at school – the crash was at 4.00 a.m. after losing control while speeding without lights away from the Police – the school will perform a haka for him at the funeral that will be covered on TV

      • Left Right Out

        I have a bugbear when some person is up for murder or something similar and they are described as a quiet church going person…. I’m sorry, they are a murderer… nothing to do with church

    • Caprice

      Heartbreaking, agonizing, crashed…What? I hear you say, has a plane crashed? Has a hospital been hit by friendly fire?
      No. Your favourite sports heroes just got Thrashed, Trounced or just plain Capitulated. Again.

    • Richard

      Just as with “climate change”, the natural occurrence formerly known as weather, I think we can safely remove the superfluous adjective “freak” and call these what they really are, aka waves.

    • Just read another

      “a horror weekend on the roads”

    • Nermal

      “The town of ….. is in mourning…”

    • Platinum Fox

      I tune out whenever I see or hear someone described as an “expert”. Most are not subject experts and offer opinions based on limited observation rather than expertise based on knowledge built up through education and study.

  • Sailor Sam

    Sir Mark Solomon – “Maori are sometimes their own worst enemy”.
    So right, but then you see the Country Calendar story about the maori family beekeeping business in Northland and you realise how maori can be if they want to.
    No TOW handouts for that family, just good hard workand business know-how.

  • Without looking it up (like I had to), who knows what this is?

    “antecubital space, the cubital fossa or the chelidon”

    • Well…there goes my theory on Latin being a dead language shot to bits.

      No idea!

      • Isherman

        I’m drawing on a completely different body of knowledge, and probably a long bow as well, but in ancient Egypt a ‘cubit’ was used as a unit of measurement, being the distance from the elbow to the fingertips, so perhaps something to do with the arm? It sounds either like a medical term or one used in anatomy though.

        • Very good. You’re close.

          So if the cubit(al) is that, what would the anti-cubic(al) be?

          • Isherman

            Yet still none the wiser….some clever soul here will know though, but it was the only term there that meant anything to me. If its along those lines though I’m picking Wendy would have a better idea?

          • sonovaMin

            From the shoulder to the elbow?

          • Isherman

            ‘Ante’ being ‘before’, before the forearm, which could be either upper arm or elbow?

          • closer. what is literally in front of your elbow?

            I know you can’t give me an easy answer, because that’s what started the whole google search in the first place. There isn’t a common English word of it, except for one kind-a-colloquial one.

          • Richard

            I don’t know the correct term…will the Junkie’s Bulls eye suffice?

          • That’s the one.

            And that’s the point. It doesn’t have a really common English name.

            Some call it the elbow pit. Very few, I suspect.

          • Richard

            That’s me for the next half hour, double screening a quick human anatomy session, brushing up on obscure names.

          • pisces8284


          • kereru

            Our preschool son had a way with words and used to call an elbow an ‘armbow’, so it could well be an armbow pit. Seriously, I’m surprised it has a name at all. Does the back of the knee?

          • Isherman

            Well done, see…learn something everyday here.

          • sonovaMin


          • Other side. The sad hollow :)

        • Richard

          yeah, but that dwarf builder was always mucking up the plans, getting in the bad books with the Architects wasn’t he!

          • Isherman

            Yep, they got around that by adopting the ‘royal cubit’, which was the same measurement but taken from the Pharaoh or King, and thus using the royal cubit you had a standard and consistent measurement adopted by the builders.

          • Richard

            But what if he was a dwarf? lots of scale model buildings everywhere.

    • Isherman

      At a guess it sounds like it refers to something anatomical…not sure beyond that.

    • Caprice

      Some kind of punctuation mark?

    • Left Right Out

      No idea Pete….. but if I was you I would see a doctor and get a cream for it

      • Effluent

        Sounds more like something that would require suppositories..?

    • Sticktotheknitting

      Snail shell?

  • Korau

    Social networks and irresponsible youth can be a deadly mix, and land both the SN and the IY in deep trouble.

    Christal McGee wanted to see how fast she could drive and share the speed on Snapchat. She allegedly pulled out her phone and opened a Snapchat filter that records speed and overlays it on a picture you take.

    Uber driver Wentworth Maynard’s car was struck by McGee’s car, which was traveling at 107 mph, according to the suit. Maynard’s lawyers said he suffered serious brain damage and spent five weeks in intensive care. He needs assistance to walk and is unable to work.

    Maynard’s lawyers are suing McGee for negligence, and also suing Snapchat.

    The lawsuit alleges that Snapchat knew that people were using its filter while driving. In one case, said the lawyers, someone drove at 142 mph and posted the results.

    Maynard’s lawyers want McGee and Snapchat to pay their client’s medical bills and the lifelong care that he now requires.

    A moments stupidity abetted with an idiotic app will lead to years of pain for all concerned. Our ACC keeps most of these lawsuits at bay in NZ, but I wonder if it should.

    • hookerphil

      Well take that further in New Zealand. Maynard would be on ACC at a “liveable rate” along with all the associated costs at the ACC payers expense – McGee would express remorse for her actions and been given a sentence of 100 hours Community Work plus a $900 fine that would be remitted later on at her next Court appearance.

  • KGB

    HDPA is off in search of the monster that is a Trump supporter. A journalistic mission to understand the concept in hope of ensuring such a man could never rise in the political realm of NZ.
    To get to the bottom of the sucess of Trump one must first study the Obama effect and the current alternatives. America is no longer the greatest nation in the world in its citizens eyes. It is from these ashes a man like Trump can rise.
    Understanding Americans is an impossible task for one who is yet to understand the kiwis she lives amongst every day. One who sees JK as a right-wing politican.
    Americans are better armed than the average Kiwi, but in reality if Obama had been in power here for the last 8 years, we are the same western thinking people.
    If Hillary Clinton was the only viable alternative, as a woman, I too would vote Trump. I may have to hold my nose, and I would probably join the club of Len Brown supporters in denying ever doing so. But sometimes a girls got to do what a girls got to do.
    NZ has never suffered a real left wing Government. Helen’s 9 years is the closest we’ve come. Imagine 8 years of our current left?
    Save yourself the long-haul flight Heather. Surrender your phone, and sanctimony, and just sit and listen to why Americans have had enough. Nobody wants to be a 2nd class citizen in their own land. Nobody wants to work hard and be shamed for sucess. The rights of minorities should never exclude the rights of the majority.
    Americans have always believed in their ‘land of the free.’ They had Christmas trees, Confederate Flags, 2 gender toilets, Clark Kent, and pride in their armed forces. They now have Holiday trees, Catlin loos, and Lionardo De Cabrio. They have watched that freedom erode and Trump is their line in the sand.
    We will see more and more Trumps embraced by nations who have focused on the rights of those who have not earned their place at the table, but demand the best seat.

    • kiwisnab

      I read the article and thought that HDPA had inadvertently half stumbled on to the truth. To quote her, this quote is lifted for the article -“I don’t want to break their spirits, but there’s little a single journalist can do to counter the damage being done by one small-handed man with architecturally constructed hair.” The truth being that journalists are not there to change anything, but are there to factually report what is happening. I would to know what the facts are to prove her (HDPA) claim that Trump is damaging.

      • Hard1

        Heather has architecturally constructed hair and small hands. Why are these mouthpieces so focused on objectification?. What a person looks like has nothing to do with anything, unless you dwell at and emulate that level of generic low-function stupidness.

  • oldmanNZ

    just a thought.
    everyone going on about increasing minumin wage, how about decrease, now we could import labour from India?
    would houses get built cheaper,
    product get cheaper, cheaper service,
    and they (indian labour) can tell the left what real poverty is.

    and those already on min wage, suudenly get a wage increase!

    isn’t that what the left want?

  • sandalwood789

    A really good post over at CW about the new “Koran at a glance” site –

    Quote –

    ” A new online version of the Koran is available, with some unique and useful features:

    * It is in chronological order.

    * It gives a visual impression of how Mohammed’s message changed over time.

    * Verses relating to different themes (Allah, Believers, Unbelievers, Jihad) are color-coded and highlighted.

    * All abrogated verses are highlighted with popups of their abrogating verses. “

  • Isherman

    Fairfax headline fail files.

  • XCIA

    The wretched souls on the Island of St Kilda have to put up with some dreadful weather, but I wonder if the global warming people have taken the time to explain to them why it is still snowing at the end of April.