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  • Korau

    I’m outraged. Outraged, I tell you. This is an attack on my human rights (and probably John Keys fault as well).

    Fitbit’s Aria internet-connected smart scales have critical security flaws. This means “if exploited these could allow attacker-supplied code to gain unrestricted access and potentially go undetected by the customer.”

    So my scales could be telling me I’m fatter (or thinner) than is the case, or be misreporting my body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) to Fitbit’s cloud. The data is then synched with my online FitBit profile. So I may be being forced, compelled even, to exercise more than I need.

    I think it’s time to lodge a sueball at somebody over this unwarranted potential invasion of my personal space (sob).

    • Dan

      No. It means that some anonymous person can look over your shoulder and read how much you weigh.

      Potentially they could leak the results to social media and if lucky you will “trend”

      I know that will play on every woman’s mind now!

      • kereru

        I’m worried sick, quite honestly. My weight weighs on my mind all the time../sarc

    • Dave

      I suggest you tell mr Nicky Hager, Nicky can get one of his mates on to it to investigate and hack all fit bits scales of politicians to find all their fat juicy secrets. Nicky would be salivating as he considers his next book, “Dirty fat Politicians”, especially as this so called Author hasn’t published anything in a while, let alone have any real news come from his “working news room”

      • sheppy

        He’ll be working on his next anti government work of fiction in time for the next election. Like all lefties he won’t let failure get in the way of doing the same thing again and expecting different results. He also won’t give any money out of the profits to whatever desperate bleeding heart cause he includes in his next book / scandal / serialised newspaper hit piece

    • Mark

      It will matter when WO gets his FBT in place you’ll be paying thru the nose!

  • Brian Smaller

    I see the latest Porirua siege house has been burned down. What is it with these superstitious ferals who insist on torching houses in cases like this? If it was their own house – sure. No problems.

    • Dave

      It is of course Arson, and I hope the offender is caught and prosecuted and forced to repay the taxpayers for their loss.

      • Brian Smaller

        They wont be. This sort of arson is almost ‘officially’ endorsed as a form of community healing. It happens all the time.

    • KGB

      By the photos is looks like those horrible HNZ two story blocks of flats.
      So the arsonist endangered the lives of all the families living attached.

    • Hill16

      The drop in available state house numbers in the area will be JK’s fault too ……. Lucky the next door neighbours got out safely.

  • Dan

    Hi team. I am off to Nukualofa today on Business.. Any tips on good eating places there?

    • KGB

      Pack a lunch :)

    • Aucky

      Take a look on Trip Advisor.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        I’ve found some really great places to eat on there. Make sure you are reading recent posts though as we all know how quickly things can change in the food business.

  • Ginny

    Hilary Barry, did she jump or was she pushed?

    • dumbshit

      The proof of the pudding will be in the “bounce”. The last “news reader” they poached, walked away with a bulging back pocket!

    • Crowgirl

      Pushed into jumping. I think they made her position untenable by making it obvious there is an editorial change of direction ie they’re slowly sacking all her mates.

    • oldmanNZ

      the NZH top reporting journalist, David fisher, write ” Barry “Shocked” departure”.

      not sure why its shocking when the writing been on the wall for some time. He call it the AXE factor, and list a number of people who are gone.

      hence, we will see many more “shocking” departure.

      • Sailor Sam

        But it was an exclusive reveal, by a “trusted’ associate of the autocue reader.
        She left TV3 because all others left?
        Hardly earthshattering and hardly worthy of an article.
        But then a newspaper is no longer a newspaper is it?
        I think John Key’s “letter” of yesterday is closer to the mark.
        With Judy Bailey having arrived at TV3, Hilary Barry was no longer the alpha female there, so she resigned.

  • Cadwallader

    Thanks to regular visits to WO I am always alert to BS when things are referred to in the msm. I heard on three occasions this morning that the new Fonterra Plant proposed (NB Not planned!) near Ashburton will “use more water than the city of Jakarta!” How would anyone in NZ, least of all the dipsticks in the msm know the levels of water consumption in the Indonesian capital city? This sounds like yet another Greenie claim which will not survive sober evaluation.

    • Aucky

      That is outrageous BS if ever I heard it. Jakarta has a population of 10.2 million people. The average daily consumption is 78 liters per person which is very low as there is a water shortage. So the Fonterra plant in Ashburton is going to use 782 million liters a water a day? Make up your own minds.

      Memo to the MSM: That info took me ten minutes to gather.

      • Cadwallader

        The same gaggle of Greenies are objecting to sales of bottled water from Ashburton. The volumes being processed are tiny and I suspect this is a part of the Greenies war against profit/enterprise.

        • kereru

          I think the Greens are aptly named, not for protecting the environment, but the other meaning.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      “This sounds like yet another Greenie claim which will not survive sober evaluation.”
      The trouble is it won’t get the ‘sober evaluation’ or if it does the MSM won’t publish a word of it which leaves those bereft of thinking power believing it.

    • Chris

      This proposed facility is only a TRANSFER station where milk is taken from smaller tankers onto larger ones. So the only water used will be to wash the empty tankers. There would be no way they could use this amount of water.
      Link below

      • Cadwallader

        OK, but the msm isn’t reporting it as anything other than a further processing plant. Given that the Clandeboye and Darfield factories are proximate to Ashburton an additional processing plant would seem unnecessary. I suppose an assertion of a new factory gives the anti-dairy farming lobby cause to whine.(Another cause to whine.)

    • stephen2d

      Having been in Jakarta just before last Christmas, I can tell you that there are many areas without good quality water – so I’m sure a comparison is as grandiose as saying “uses as much water a day than Sahara gets rain in a month”.

    • AL357

      I have done some checking and there no plant planned or proposed for Ashburton so no chance of using as much water as Jakarta

      • Cadwallader

        A transfer station is proposed. That’s all, but you wouldn’t have known it from relying on the msm.

  • Dave

    For those trying to contact a Queensland based business today, you are out of luck, most are closed, it’s Labor Day in QLD. We are now out of step with the rest of Australia having changed Labor Day from October to the first Monday in May.

    • Cadwallader

      Close to May Day, you’ll have a politburo soon! Do you find Queensland a place full of lefties? I spend much of my life in WA and find the prevalence of chardonnay lefties almost unbearable.

      • Dave

        Absolutely, it still has a hopeless lefty Labor state Government who have no idea, full of unionists, no hopers and professional troughers it really is bad.

        • Cadwallader

          I’d go further at least for WA. They’re populated with lazy pricks and those with high senses of entitlement. There are a few utterly hopeless Kiwis there too who I suspect are a portion of Labour’s missing million and are welcome to remain there.

    • LabTested

      The First day of May is international Labour day. Welcome Comrade. However here in Europe we have not yet Monday-ised it

      Which brings me to a story. When I first came to eastern Europe – if there was a public holiday on (say) a Wednesday then everyone would have to go to work the next Saturday to make up for their day off

  • kereru

    Further to yesterday’s post on antisemitism, here’s a report on unbalanced reporting in today’s media which takes a fair view of the reasons why journalists report as they do. Pity the MSM can’t take the trouble to be so even handed themselves.

  • Wheninrome

    My Beef today. When MSM make mistakes, in this case the Herald reporting, why is the correction in small print buried in the paper.
    The Headline referred to the secrecy of Trusts and referred to Todd McLay as having visited or been involved 3 times. The correction states there was only 1 involvement, (lucky to see it)
    If the Media had to use the same Font or position in the News as the original article maybe, just maybe, they might do more research and we would have correct reporting in the first place.
    Of course that would not suit, the incorrect headline is the important thing to spread their views. A correction is but a minor thing in their scheme.

    • Sally

      That annoys me too. They need to own their mistakes and make all their readers aware just like they did with the original article.

  • Seriously?

    US election odds update… now a two horse race?

    Trump has firmed strongly as the Republican nominee as the last ditch efforts seem to have failed. The punters think he is just about in, now at the shortest odds he has had.

    As a odds for the next president stakes are now essentially a two horse race, they are giving us a clearer insight into how Trump’s head to head with Clinton is shaping up. The punters basically think that if that race was run 4 times, Trump could be expected to win one of them – to give you a reference point the Lions are playing 4.30 to win their series here against the ABs in 2017.

    Republican nomination:
    Trump: 1.16 (on 26/4 was 1.43)
    Cruz: 10.00 (on 26/4 was 4.80)

    Democrat nomination:
    Clinton: 1.05 (on 26/4 was 1.05)
    Sanders: 32.00 (on 26/4 was 21.00)

    Next president:
    Clinton: 1.38 (on 26/4 was 1.36)
    Trump: 4.80 (on 26/4 was 6.40)
    Cruz: 44.00 (on 26/4 was 24.00)
    Sanders: 70.00 (on 26/4 was 38.00)

  • Isherman

    It’s no revelation that the Herald are purveyors of lazy repeating from other news outlets, and today affords another example of just how silly it can get. Headline in the World section. “ISIS Attacks Initiate Odd Alliance”. The operative phrase here is “alliance”. They have copied and pasted a Washington Post article doing the rounds that suggests Egypt, Israel and Hamas have formed an “alliance” to combat the growing threat in the Sinai of ISIS affiliates. They have done no such thing, and there is no “alliance” in the proper sense of the word. It’s true that to the three parties have a commonality of interest to a point, and its also true that Egypt have a relationship of sorts with Hamas, based largely on Egypt’s acknowledgement of facts on the ground with regards to Hamas in both the Gaza strip, and the Gaza- Sinai border. But to suggest there is any formal arrangement between Israel and Hamas specifically is laughable…you don’t make strategic alliance with groups that both deny your existence and exist for the purpose of destroying your state. Egypt and Israel do indeed co-ordinate on security matters and the Sinai is critically important to both, but Hamas are operating purely in their own interests which are twofold – to protect the smuggling ability into Gaza via the Sinai, and to prevent ISIS elements gaining any stronger foothold in their back yard…nothing more, but to simply repeat a clearly misleading headline and suggestion of an “alliance” is proof of just how poor the rag has become. Better stick with social media generated clickbait nothing stories, serious and critically thought out journalism does not become you anymore.

  • XCIA

    I wonder if the government is underwriting the interest free loans the Salvation Army is dishing out to beneficiaries?

    • MaryLou

      I’d say it’s quite likely, I remember hearing talk about it maybe even year ago, because of the prevalence of loan sharks and other high-interest charging finance companies. Some I agree are sharks and cause real problems, but not quite convinced that some people don’t deserve what they get. If someone wants to borrow money, and they’ve already defaulted to banks etc and have precisely zero intention of paying it back – at what interest rate would you, as a lender, be prepared to loan to them? Most people would say stuff off, and that’s exactly what the main Lenders do. Then there are other Lenders, who say ok, second chance BUT we’ll lend at 18%, or 21%, or 26%. Because, Risk. Keeping in mind for a car, the average Bank loan (when no specials are on) is around 15%.

      At what point does it become unfair? I don’t know myself, but sure as eggs is eggs, if the government is backing this, it’ll be the taxpayer who foots a whopping great chunk of the loans.

    • Sailor Sam

      The Salvation Army is no longer a religious organisation, it is a business.
      Did Jesus not kick the moneylenders out of the temple?

      • kereru

        Agreed, but they were the money changers who Jesus kicked out.

        ‘In the period of the Second Temple vast numbers of Jews streamed to Palestine and Jerusalem “out of every nation under heaven” (Acts 2:5), taking with them considerable sums of money in foreign currencies. People coming from distant countries would bring their money in large denominations rather than in cumbersome small coins

        The shulḥanim (exchange bankers) in Jerusalem used to set up their “tables” in the outer court of the Temple for the convenience of the numerous worshipers, especially those from foreign countries (Matt. 21:12–13). ‘

  • Greg M

    Too funny not to share.
    “Muslim man approached a Chinese girl at a party and kept asking her to dance. After she turned him down several times, he hauled off and smacked her hard in the face. BIG MISTAKE. Watch what happens next.”