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  • Uncle Bully

    Did Labour declare a crisis in the horticulture industry? You’d think so based on the lastest news….


    • Ruahine

      Yes. Thank God we have those pesky immigrants and tourists to help with the harvesting.

    • JEL51

      You ain’t seen nothing yet, wait ’til Global Warming starts to crank-up…

      • biscuit barrel

        Theres now a reverse crisis thingy.

        Whaleoil previously declared no crisis at Mediaworks, this morning CEO walks the plank

        • JEL51

          Actually when I heard that on zb a few minutes ago, I felt let-down. I really hoped Weldon could be counted on to keep up the fight against the incestuous ‘super-powers’ of the media party. Silly me, thinking that one man alone could stand-up to the pack-like nature of that lot.
          As to the above reference to Global Warming, tongue was firmly placed in cheek. We growers are never that lucky.

          • biscuit barrel

            More rain in summer and less frosts in winter isnt a good thing ?

          • JEL51

            I find that too hard to believe. Now if the ‘Alarmists’ just explain how/why the seasons have dropped back as they have for the last three years then I may take the time to listen. Until then…

  • Dan

    I passed through auckland yesterday when I saw the cover of what looked i thought was a bad tabloid paper. Then I noticed a styalised gothic ‘h’ in the top corner.

    Now it’s been a while but when I last saw a herald it was full sized and 4 times thicker. (OK shows when I last saw a herald.

    My how things change! A mighty media outlet reduced to just that, tabloid trash. Fold in half and you get perfect bird cage rray liner.

    • JEL51

      I thought I missed the paper form until this week. We have two of the three kids back home for evening meals this week. The quiet which followed the meal found each sharing news from assorted electrified devices, no impatient arguments over ..the Sports section…the Front Page section….the Classified section but blissful meanderings into laptops,iphones & ipads. Harmony.

  • Monty’smate

    I have written to John Key today to say NO to any notion of increasing the NZ refugee until it can be demostrated that refugees as a whole assimilate into NZ culture and are not a longterm financial burden upon the taxpayer. Sadly I think his mind is made up and he is caving in to the demands of the progressives.

    • Crowgirl

      He’s a fool if he does because I saw almost zero support for this notion last night on social media.

      • Isherman

        Without being a supporter of the notion as such, my view over the last couple of years is that there is an air of inevetability to an adjustment in the annual refugee intake. This, as per the PM’s statements yesterday, is predicated on what we can realistically take with the whole infrastructure that we currently have, along with the immediate and ongoing costs of an increase, whilst allowing sufficient room to conduct emergency intakes, so I reckon it will be a modest adjustment, certainly not the doubling Andrew Little is suddenly committed to, which when you do the numbers probably isn’t as straight forward or easy as Little would have you believe.
        With regards the integration & assimilation aspect, I tend to look at those issues not just with respect to refugees specifically, but also within the wider immigration debate, because some of the issues there are common to both categories of arrivals, so with respect to those concerns I think we are best not to narrow the arguments to refugees only.

    • R&BAvenger

      “…until it can be demostrated that refugees as a whole assimilate into NZ culture and are not a longterm financial burden upon the taxpayer”
      I’d say that based on the long term experience, you would have to say yes – those who emigrated post WW2 for example. even in the present day, the majority probably do assimilate and are not a longterm burden.
      I agree that there are concerns over some from ME countries and they need the microscope applying.

  • LabTested

    I was in Czechia for the last few days. Where you ask? well exactly!

    The Russian Federation is called simply – Russia
    The French Republic is called simply – France
    so from now on the Czech Republic wants to be called simply – Czechia


    It was a lot of fun. On the motorbike Cris-crossing borders in mountain passes. Changing countries 3 or 4 times a day.

    We stopped in one 4 star mountain lodge in the south of Poland. The most expensive hotel in the whole trip. The photo is from my bedroom window (pic)

    • biscuit barrel

      Much better to use the word in their own language.
      Cheeky of course

  • Isherman

    A nice thick layer of fog in Sth. Auckland this morning.
    As Eddard Stark would say…Winter is coming.

    • Quinton Hogg

      And in epsom too.
      I had to visit Christchurch last friday. we did circles over the city waiting for fog to clear before we could land.

      • Isherman

        I quite like a foggy morning, though I hail originally from Matamata where you can have fog linger beneath the Kaimai’s and across the plains until lunchtime, so it always reminds me of ‘home’ a little.

        • Quinton Hogg

          Me too.
          I spent 18 months in Hamilton when i entered the work force. winter = fog there.

        • jcpry

          Me to!. And the worst days were when we got a frost and fog.The stories of farmers leaving cows in the paddock because it was so foggy are very true.
          Mind you a beautiful clear morning in Franklin – fog what fog?

          • biscuit barrel

            Dont skite. just got txted the same news from a mate

      • rantykiwi

        I spent 40 minutes commuting in that Chch fog on Friday morning to make a trip that should have been 15 minutes.

        • Quinton Hogg

          We were 5 minutes off returning to Auckland when we got clearance to land.
          Even then i couldn’t see the ground until after we had landed.
          Some wellington chch flights returned to wellington and came back down when the fog cleared.

  • KGB

    With my limited resources and even more limited skills, I have found the current NZ penalties for ‘Degrees of Murder’ 1996.

    Murder 1 – Culpaple homicide that is intended and commuted in a particularly sadistic, heinous, or in humane manner. (Rest of natural life)

    Murder 2 – As defined in pre-existing law. (Life with possible parole & at least 10 years non-parole)

    Murder 3 – Culpaple homicide committed under provocation or the influence of drugs or alcohol. (10 years)

    Manslaughter – is defined as Culpaple Homicide not amounting to murder in the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree.
    Manslaughter generally refers to accidental homicide arising from an unlawful act or failure to act, where death could not reasonably be expected. In the case of manslaughter a Judge has the discretion to impose any penalty up to and including life imprisonment. (10 years)

    We are all shocked by the death of Moko Sayviah Rangitoheriri.
    We are angered by the plea bargain his sadistic killers have received because clearly Moko’s death is legally defined as Murder. The term ‘Culpaple’ (blameworthy) does not even appear in the legal description of manslaughter.
    I will set aside ‘outrage’ until after sentencing next month. If my so-called research is correct Tania Shailer & David Haerewa will receive 10 years for beating this poor wee boy to death.
    If my prediction is correct we must lobby for changes. My fear is that yet another child’s name is burned in our memories without change. My greatest fear is that after a week of outrage, everyone calms down, and a child is still murdered every 5 weeks.

    I am hopeful that Moko’s legacy will be the inspiration for that change.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      “My greatest fear is that after a week of outrage, everyone calms down, and a child is still murdered every 5 weeks.”
      Unfortunately there are too many instances of exactly this happening until the next time.
      I didn’t realise it was that many (1 every 5 weeks!!!). Obviously living under a rock somewhere but then again don’t read the papers that much.
      Do the MSN must save the ‘best’ (i.e. most horiffic) to publish almost as click-bait and the rest get swept under the carpet?

      • KGB

        That shocked me too. I am quoting the internet “between 2002 and 2014 statistics revel a child was killed in NZ every 5 weeks” so hope it’s correct.

        • biscuit barrel

          Around 13 a year , so is about right , sorry to say.

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          Sometimes living in ignorance is certainly bliss is all I can say.
          Now I admit children can annoy the bejeezes out of me but to think that so many are killed, not to mention those that perhaps die through neglect or just plain poor parenting skills, has certainly put a downer on me.
          Still I can wring my hands and wail but have no real answers to how to fix this either.

    • Wheninrome

      We all lived and hoped that James Whakaruru’s sad death back in 2000 would have changed the situation.
      Nothing will change until these violent crimes leading to the death of a child are called out for what they are, and who is doing it – or who the majority of perpetrators are.
      A political party with any “…..” would be in a win win situation. I don’t like the thought of politicising something of this nature (the courts should be dealing with it properly) but I believe it will be the only way forward when all political parties show the will and join in dealing with it, not just paying lip service. Our Judges must use the tools available to them to the full intent.

      • KGB

        Isn’t it interesting that James’s killer Ben Haerewa is (according to claims on SST Facebook page) said to be David Haerewa’s nephew. Son of David’s brother John, who is also in jail for murder.
        Says it all really.

        I have been thinking about how we could change laws to either better protect children or ensure their killers are forever jailed.
        We allow a seperate law for assault against a women based on the assumption she is less able to defend herself against a man. It comes with harsher penalties.
        A seperate law for killing a child can and should be passed into law. A child has no hope of ever defending itself against an adult.

        Culpaple Child Murder – life with a mandatory 20 year non-parole seems about right.

  • Hard1

    Try before you buy. That’s for used cars, cars, right? Except now it’s woman, and on TV “Jordan Mauger has eliminated Erin from The Bachelor NZ after she refused to spend the night with him during the show’s notorious sleepover episode.”
    So this guy gets to treat women like a used car on national television, and this is front page news? What a thinly disguised sex show this is. Couldn’t Mauger be at least described as a sex pest?.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Thought the same when I read the headline. Think it’s actually quite demeaning to have to spend the night together, that said the whole show is pretty degrading to all parties involved really.
      Mind you if that’s enough reason to flick her she’s well rid of him I’d say.

      • Hard1

        “A Bachelorette dumped after refusing a sleepover says she’s shocked by how many girls Jordan Mauger has “made out” with on the show.”

        Maybe the show is just a front?. Where are all the feminists? How about one girl and 20 guys? Is this a true reflection of where we are as a society, or is this just what proles want? The proles that click on ads, that is. The all important voyeuristic pinheads that lap up this defect of human production excess.

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          I believe in the States there is a show ‘The Bacherlorette’ so don’t be surprised if it graces our shores anytime soon.

  • rantykiwi

    It’s not often I agree with Greenpeace, but I’m quite liking their actions over the Ruataniwha Dam.

    • nudgy

      Actions speak louder than words.

    • Mark

      I thought it was a least clever,a bit like the Greenpeace of waaaay back who earned grudging respect.

    • biscuit barrel

      The action wing of the Greenparty ! Sinn Fein had the same arrangement withe Provos

    • johnandali

      We used to have an offence in our books called something like “casting offensive matter in a public space”. Placing containers of cattle excrement in front of the ACC office is an offensive act, and I hope that the Police will have a look through their manuals and find a suitable charge for the Greenpeace activists. Mind you, any penalty would be meaningless – two days home detention or something just as silly. So why would the Police bother?

  • Mick Ie

    Last evening I watched Story because I wanted to see how they would cover the politicians property portfolios v capital gains tax. It was nothing but a witch hunt against 2 National female MPs. I don’t know who Duncan Garner’s co host was, but in summary to the this item, she just came across as a very bitter, angry, petulant young woman whose parents are just ‘working class’ and don’t have any spare money to help with her deposit ‘unlike rich parents who help their kids’.
    News flash Love: my grandparents became sickness beneficiaries mid life – my parents were ‘working class’. They were never in a position to be able to financially help us either.
    My partner and I have made many sacrifices and took intelligent calculated risks to now be relatively comfortable and we always looking for other opportunities to better ourselves and improve on our lifestyle.
    If we are ever in a financial position to be able to help our kids in the future, I sure as hell will not be apologising for it.

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      Her name is Kim Vernell. I thought HDA was bad, but this one is far worse.

  • edenman

    watched documentary on Sky News UK this morning ‘Secrets of the IS Files’
    Has now been put up on youtube

    edit title

  • Sally

    Max Weldon has resigned from Mediaworks. He says the personal cost is too high to continue. Bully employees have got their way.
    There is lots of celebration on social media.

    • biscuit barrel

      You mean the new Chairman roasted his arse during the board meeting yesterday.

      • Muffin

        The one where they confirmed they supported him fully and all their performance targets where being met. Id say Sally is right, he can’t be arsed with the sjw hate.

        • biscuit barrel

          Oh pleeese.

          They say ‘total support’ always always means the opposite.
          have you never heard “Ill get back to you” when they dont’, business world is full of such meaningless phrases.

          Its just jargon so he cant sue them for constructive dismissal.

          • Muffin

            Or he doesn’t want to do it anymore…. Just as likely.

        • Crowgirl

          It’s definitely a bit weird to leave now after getting the thumbs up yesterday.

          • biscuit barrel

            Two new directors appointed last month, one is a new Chairman. This would have been first board meeting of month.
            Doesnt sound like they were impressed and Weldon is smart enough to read the signs.
            Doesnt make sense to take a very high profile job to start with and then say its too much personal publicity.
            Its not just the luvvies in Auckland that are leaving, stories say its the backroom people as well, in finance and sales, from around the country.

            Live by the reality sword, die by the reality sword.

    • Muffin

      Media works coming apart at the seams, he will be sought after elsewhere, why put up with the grief.

  • kereru

    John Gascoigne: Immigration – what worked for US will fail in NZ

    ‘Accordingly, the absurdity of invoking the American experience in support of our present immigration policies must be self-evident. New Zealand is not America, or Argentina for that matter. However, there are disconcerting parallels between New Zealand and the Argentine experience.’


  • JohnO

    with only 1% of the votes counted in the Indiana republican primary it looks like another huge win to the Donald. Trump 61%, Cruz 24%, Kasic 12%. This primary is crucial to the “stop trump” faction. If Trump takes Indiana there is no way to stop him being republican presidential candidate. I believe he will easily beat Clinton in a race for president.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      I so hope so. Not necessarily because I am a fan of Trump but more that I detest Hillary. Also believe a ‘non-career politician’ could, hopefully, be a breath of fresh air. Although if those ‘on the hill’ allow him to do anything is also a question.

      • biscuit barrel

        The GOP has had a majority on the Hill, since the middle of Clintons time ( just a few brief times the demos rule)
        They will sow what they have reaped.

      • JohnO

        Ted Cruz has now withdrawn from the republican primary race and Donald Trump strolls through to an uncontested convention

  • Wheninrome

    The Herald reports a young NZ born Chinese ethnicity student is harassed because of the housing issue, they refer frequently to “she”, etc., and then print the actual letter which talks about a “youth”.
    I know there is a huge amount of transgender talk these days, but is it over to the Herald to make someone a “she” if they are in fact a “he”, or vice versa.
    They didn’t go so far as to make them a “they”.
    You and I know, of course, that it is in fact just a continuation of bad reporting and journalism by the newspaper.

  • Bluemanning
    • Crowgirl

      From the headline it sounds like it, from the rest of the story it doesn’t at all. Time will tell I guess.

      • Bluemanning

        A baited headline not confirmed by the article content; one would think ethics should play a part here :-) sarc.

        • MaryLou

          Not sure if they’ve edited it, but definitely the article now confirms the headline. A bit of a shame, I thought there was the possibility he might be on the right track. Wonder who’ll replace him. Maybe a promotion in the offing for Campbell??


          • Bluemanning

            Yep different article I must have caught said article in the transition phase :-) It seems a shame now they may revert to the status quo.

    • Rokopa

      looking at some of the comments coming through i would say Mark Weldon was right to get rid of some of these people. A lot of the comments are extremely unprofessional.

  • Karma

    Yesterday’s Otago Uni Critic magazine had two articles that may be of interest to others Oilers. The first was an eye opening feature about the writer’s honest account of being home schooled under the Accelerated Christian Education programme in NZ (on reading. (It seems that the programme has a fair amount of ideology as outdated as Islam), and the other article was an eye closing interview with Andrew Little.



  • Isherman

    Sounds like Cruz has pulled the pin on his campaign for the nomination as Trump picks up Indiana, meaning Hillary is most probably the President Elect at this point.

    • Seriously?

      With Cruz pulling out, it must be time for a US election odds update…

      According to the punters, the nomination race is basically all over rover.

      Republican nomination:
      Trump: 1.05 (on 2/5 was 1.16)
      Kasich: 65.00 (on 2/5 was 90.00)

      Democrat nomination:
      Clinton: 1.04 (on 2/5 was 1.05)
      Sanders: 28.00 (on 2/5 was 32.00)

      Next president:
      Clinton: 1.39 (on 2/5 was 1.38)
      Trump: 3.75 (on 2/5 was 4.80)

      • Isherman

        The Kasich team seem to be of the opinion that they will soldier on to a contested convention, which has always been the strategy, but with only 200 or so delegates required for Trump to clinch it outright, I wonder how realistic that actually is? Some Cruz voters in remaining primaries may go Kasich’s way in the hope of snuffing an outright win, but it seems an extremely long shot from here?

        • Seriously?

          I think Kasich’s only hopes are that something happens which makes Trump withdraw, or that the Republican establishment change the rules to effectively force a contested convention – both seem a bit far fetched.

          One strange thing in the odds. Biden is paying 40.00 as the Democratic nominee, and 120.00 as next president. He is not running. Maybe that is based on something happening over the email server issues that forces Hillary to withdraw and they have to find someone other than Sanders.

          • Isherman

            Biden not running…parachute trick perhaps? It’s all very intriguing, but just quietly if I were Trump at this stage, I think I would avoid standing on subway platforms or beside busy roads.