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  • Uncle Bully

    If, as some suggest, John Key has thrown his lawyer under a bus, then he would do well to let him go. Otherwise, he’ll be dragged under too, and end up hugging a corpse.


    I see that WOBH has a Ken Whitney archive set up despite only one article in it. Does this mean we’re expecting more to come?

  • SAM51

    What was it with the Andrew Little love fest by Henry this morning – going on about what great couple of weeks he’s had visiting the troups and pushing for more refugees – More FM here I come

    • Phooey

      Its important for interviewers to let the interviewee have a win here and there otherwise they won’t come back. I think Paul was humoring him. He gave Little a bollocking last time I was listening.

  • R&BAvenger

    Peter Dunne voting against the government again, this time over Spittle’s home insulation that is not required? For goodness sake National stand someone decent against this guy and rinse him next year.

    • Uncle Bully

      David Farrar has written some good commentary around Nick Smith’s response to Labour’s Healthy Homes Bill.


      • sheppy

        It just goes to highlight the ineptness of our Media championing a bill that currently provides less than is already planned by the current government.
        But isn’t that the point – total ineptness at the expense of competence, as long as team red get back in power

      • Sailor Sam

        A little party leader wants to set minimum temperatures that must exist in houses.
        Who is going to measure that and will it be the same temperature in Invercargill and Kaitaia?
        What a load of catswallop this bill introduces and to see the one man band and the apartheid party supporting it is pathetic.

  • Cadwallader

    Yesterday somebody mentioned Labour’s policy (need/desire) to seek campaign funding from the state. I am opposed to this. Why should taxpayers fund parties they’re not, or ever, going to vote into office? If MMP has delivered the result that small parties have a disproportionate influence in politics, then surely filling their bank accounts will empower them further? If a party can’t be enterprising enough to raise its own funds, which may require innovative thinking, then how can they claim to be capable of running the country? As WO has shown, Labour has managed to trash its donor-base but now aims to make us all donors to their pointless cause. Who would benefit from the Labour policy? Not the present National party.

    • Nige.

      Labour openly showing signs of communism.

      • Cadwallader

        I suppose it is further indicative of Labour widening the beneficiary base by including itself as a beneficiary. The Party would be required to show up at WINZ to record it is unfit for work therefore being entitled to a benefit, its caucus would be subject to random dope tests, it would have to prove it is not co-habiting with another party, and most importantly show it does aim to get back into the work-force at some future date.

    • Wheninrome

      Of course if that idea is progressed what is to stop each and every NZer from forming a political party to their ideals and standing, funded by the state, a Monty Cleese moment, we could all vote for ourselves, although in the case of Andy he might vote for someonelse and they might get in as the majority vote winner, still the rest of us could form a coalition.
      Parliament would be the winner on the day. Silly stuff but as reasonable as the taxpayer funding these individuals who make a personal choice to put forward their ideas on how the rest of us should be governed.

  • Wheninrome

    The Headline “Australian criminals linking up in New Zealand” read on my friends you know that the Herald just teases.

    Yes, “Criminals deported from Australia have been linking up once in New Zealand, sparking concerns they will commit crimes together.

    And police estimate the costs of crimes committed by deportees will top $120 million within six years. etc etc.,”
    So the herald would have us believe they are deporting Australian criminals, yeah right, although of course England started the practice of deporting (exporting) their criminals back in the day so maybe they have cottoned on.

    • Ruahine

      This can’t be right. Criminals? We were told they were Kelvin’s friends. Oh Dear.

  • Monty’smate

    What is it with the Ministry of Education under a National government that it is hell bent on introducing ‘socialism in action’ into primary schools with what it terms either the Modern learning Environment or Collaborative teaching- which to the rest of us is just the reinvention of the failed open plan classroom. 100 children in a large noisy room whose learning is ‘facilitated’ by 3 or 4 teacher/ facilitators. Or in some cases a mix of year levels, Yrs 3,4 and 5 or 6, 7 and 8 all bunged in the same classroom and taught by one teacher. This is all being done without any public consultation and with the blessing of Hekia Parata. It’s madness!!! If it’s such a great idea for primary kids then why not at secondary and tertiary levels as well? Or perhaps the plans are already afoot.

  • Sally

    What is a girl going to do?
    Forsake her family, withdraw her resignation and help out her fellow comrades who have been released from their shackles.
    Too right, if the money is right.

    • Mighty1

      Shameless gloating won’t help.

  • I only found out this morning that Cruz has withdrawn from the race (I’m a bit out of touch at the moment). I missed most of Hoskin too this morning but I imagine his US correspondent Richard Arnold could be heard grinding his teeth and his voice quivering in rage and frustration as Trump continues his march.

    Jack Tame will be in a similar state, writhing in agony and making no attempt to hide his despair and fear of a potential non PC lefty president.

    Meanwhile Hillery although once more defeated by a communist in Indiana continues her lying thieving backsliding run ably supported by the man haters the hilarity continues.
    I haven’t had this much fun in years.

    No matter who wins they have brought this on themselves!

    • Hillary has to be worried, I suspect what Cruz got from Trump will pale to insignificance compared to what Hillary is going to get, going to be good to watch.

  • Hard1

    This is where reality meets human rights. Do you let a prisoner, imprisoned for violent crimes, and with a long history of self-harm incidents in several prisons, smash himself headfirst into the concrete wall because restraining him would breach his human rights?

    “Human rights lawyer Michael Bott said the details surrounding the use of the tie-down bed were concerning and likely a breach of the Bill of Rights ”
    “”You would think in the new millenium we’re in now…we should be treating people with dignity.”
    “People had the right to be free from torture and cruel, degrading punishment and this would appear to have breached that right, he said”

    In that case, Police use of handcuffs can be called into question. Authorities must have the right to restrain dangerous people who are a danger to themselves.


    • Mikex

      Preventing him doing it is breaching our human rights….

  • Jp

    Check out this here, from John Key chatting with the Dom Post

    Asked what his most cringe worthy moment was –
    Gave his answer and said “Explaining is losing”
    (1 minute 5)

    • Usaywot

      I watched the whole thing and was very impressed by Key. The interviewer found it hard to swallow the dead rat of having to do the interview though…first couple of frames she looked irritated and angry and at the end had a very curt thank you.for him.

  • Gaynor

    Here is the way to stop a suicide bomber …Must be very instant poison.

    Female suicide bomber is shot dead with a POISONED ARROW by amateur militia in Cameroon – just moments before she was set to detonate


  • Sally

    Little think he has had good couple of weeks and feels the polls are bouncing back. His confidence is high.

    Excuse me. What has happened in these 2 weeks – a trip to Iraq and a refugee camp. Obviously feeling the love from his invite by Browning. His Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill passed its first reading courtesy of Dunne who doesn’t know which side his bread is buttered on.

    What he would like us all to forget his defamatory comments about the Hagamans he made in a couple of weeks ago.

    • Oh Please

      Yeah, I saw that and wondered what he had to crow about. Then I realised he has very low expectations – so only dropping a few points in the polls is probably seen as a victory.

  • MaryLou

    John Key – if you’re still secretly reading WhaleOil, whether in the bathroom or anywhere else, take a look at how Spains economy is flying past anyone elses in Europe – without a government. Says something, huh.