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  • LabTested

    I was out on the motor bike for 6 hours today and had a bird strike. I was cruising along at about 100kmph when a bird flew into my path and hit me on the arm. Luckily it was a small bird, but it freaked me out.

    They say things come in 3’s & mother nature was definitely out to get me today. The bird was number 3.

    First up I had a deer jump out in front of me while I was going through a narrow forest road. Then not long after in the middle of no where a feral cat (complete with rodent in mouth) ran out from a hay field directly in front of me. Luckily I managed to avoid 1 & 2, as they would have done serious damage.

    I haven’t had many encounters with wildlife before, apart from 2 years ago I startled a wild boar. He however just took off straight down the road in front of me. They can apparently reach 55kmph & this guy was breaking that with a noisy motorbike up his backside. It took him a good 100m to realise he had forest on either side to dart off into.

    ..any way..Youtube clip of some random person on a bike hitting a deer

    • hookerphil

      Quick recovery by the bike rider. Impossible to avoid any animal who suddenly runs out in front. I always worked on the theory never swerve for a possum or rabbit as too many people have lost control and crashed through doing that.

      • rantykiwi

        That’s exactly what I taught RantyJr when he was learning to drive. There again he grew up with the idea that “the only good possum/bunny is a dead one” so it wasn’t really a foreign concept to him.

    • johcar

      I had a close call with a deer crossing the road a couple of years ago while I was heading out to South Head to play golf. Thank goodness for ABS!!

      Ended up with the deer looking over my fender at us in the CRV I was driving. I could have opened my drivers window and touched its back…

    • KatB

      When I was a kid I ended up in hospital after being hit by a car. There was another kid in there, he’d come off his pushbike after a bird flew through his spokes. He was in way worse condition than me.

  • hookerphil

    Week 11

    Great score by Hurricane Jude of 42 and a clear lead with 444 even though her beloved Huricanes lost in South Africa. Isherman had a poor week by his exalting standards with 34 and is now second with 436. Stuckonarock remains 3rd at 428, Sally is far to excited about her impending trip and crashed with 28 but remains 4th on 416. Moolooamaze also missed the opportunity to make ground with a 26 and remains at 5th on 413.

    Again I lament the fact of not being able to correctly pick the winning margins, despite taking both the Highlanders and the Sharks to beat the Hurricanes, only Bugsy2k3 and I both did this.

    Next weeks battle between the new table toppers Crusaders and Highlanders is going to be a classic. How lucky for us that arrangements and tickets were arranged for this match 6 weeks ago. So once again I will be sitting at Forsyth in my Crusaders jersey and W/O cap, last season this combination resulted in a loss to the Crusaders.

  • Korau

    When it’s time to develop a new business or product, where best to go for ideas?

    Apparently “The Simpsons” are a great source of ideas. See some of the ideas they presaged in this video, and pay particular attention to No 10 (which had passed me by).

    Great ideas are all around us.

    • Dave

      When people talk of inventions, a lot think of the computer, the car and other major items. I think of simpler things that have lasted the test of time and are used over and over world wide. Matches, the lighter, the biro and so on, things we use every day without a thought as they have always been available for us.

      • kereru

        I remember not being allowed to use a biro at school. It was messy scratchy dipping pens and then fountain pens. The reason was that there was no flexibility with a biro and, in the days when handwriting was an almost an art form, that was considered important. I still enjoy a pen that’s responsive to pressure, but a ballpoint pen is more practical. Interesting to read how the biro came to be.


        I would add to the list Sellotape, which replaced gummed brown paper. I also remember the invention of boxed tissues and the welcome replacement of harsh sheets of toilet paper with the soft kind still in use today. And no, I’m nowhere near as old as you might think! ;-)

        • KatB

          Oh we had the brown squares of toilet paper when I was at primary school. One side rough, the other side shiny that didn’t absorb anything. Forgot about that. What about dipping the girls ponytails in the ink wells? Bit before my time, but mum and dad talk about that.

          • johcar

            Experienced the same type of toilet paper in youth hostels in the UK in the early/mid eighties. At the time I wondered what the point was (to tell the truth, I still do…)

          • kereru

            That was well after the rolls were in common use. Those useless sheets were probably cheaper, or else they bought a job lot in the 1950s and were still getting through them.

          • kereru

            Ah yes, that happened as well – and in case you think boys were the main culprits, I went to a girls’ school! The other fun thing to do was dip blotting paper in the ink well and make an ink-soaked ball to fling at someone when the teacher was facing the blackboard.

  • George

    There was was “shock horror” within the MSM that John Key was the only individual politician targeted by an anonymous leaker in a statement about the motives behind the Panama leaks. This was in referrence to the Cook Island involvement. Apparently this was the smoking gun that had the MSM, Labour and the Greens wetting themselves. For JK to be singled out was all but proof that he is donkey deep in this scandle.

    But wait there’s more!

    A quote from our friend Nicky Hagar:
    “I got into all this 18 months ago when I was helping organise an investigative journalism conference in Kiev. Midway through the conference a man from a Washington journalist organisation, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, asked if we could have an early breakfast meeting the next day. He explained cautiously that he had received a huge leak of financial information and was looking for help to use it properly. We ended up talking for much of the morning. When I was home in New Zealand again, a copy of a hard drive arrived by courier and I began diving down into the secret world of tax havens.”

    I think I have solved the mystery why JK was the only politician mentioned in this “world exclusive”. Hagar has a long memory and he is determined to destroy JK and his Government. There’s no scorn likeca loosers scorn! Why are the MSM so slow at joining the dots? I think we all know why.

    • Chris EM

      I didn’t realise Hager had his poo covered fingers so deeply in this, George. For goodness sake, he’s still covered in the excrement blown back on him from his last attempt to bring down John Key, and here he is having another go. Will he ever learn that NZers can see through his silly little stories?

    • Iva b ginn

      Yes it’s got Hager’s sticky fingers all over it, as for the International consortium of investigative Journalists. It should be fictionists. with the theme of ” innuendo and Deluionisum” would be more appropriate.

    • MarcWills

      Seriously suggests KDC and his henchmen are the ‘secret’ Washington man’s leak source too. Plenty of motive there.

    • kiwisnab

      I have not really be bothered with this stuff, but to quote from the Nicky Hager quote above – ” He explained cautiously that he had received a huge leak of financial information and was looking for help to use it properly.” I would have though to “use it properly” would mean hand the information to the police. If there is any criminal wrong doing the police can prosecute.

      Of course the other meaning to “use it properly” would be to use the information in such a manner to forward their own agenda.

  • Nige.

    This “smearing” of our prime minister (who had the support of nearly half the country at the last election I might remind you) has me wondering about the mentality of those who are behind it.

    Has the swaying of public opinion actually worked anywhere in the world?

    Has this even happened anywhere else?

    Are they actually trying to change public opinion or are they more or less just bullying John Key?

    These are questions that lead to one obvious conclusion and that is that those who do this sort of thing are of deeply political and are of a particular persuasion.

    Those who believe what they are being spun will either vote for someone else or won’t vote at all.

    Those who are skeptical or just don’t care will either vote for the incumbent or won’t vote at all.

    Those who dont know what the hell everyone is talking about will feel that they don’t understand enough to warrant voting and won’t vote.

    See where I’m going? The more that the socialists do, the more they damage themselves. For decades they flew under the radar not making waves…. Sitting waiting, biding their time, agreeing with whoever it took until election day when they were voted in because they kept their mouths shut.

    The more the leftist socialists try, the worse they make it for themselves.

    • Cadwallader

      Yes, you’d have to wonder about the “mentaiity” of those who hunger to smear/destroy our very popular Prime Minister. Perhaps what is going on here is deeper than their conscious desire to do this? Is the term KDS actually a condition with which this disparate bunch is afflicted? All politicians can be expected to receive a bashing from time to time: Little Angry gets one here most days. What is being tossed at JK is obsessional amongst the Hager camp*. I have not known a PM and his family to be such constant targets of conspiracies and outright vitriol. Back in the 1970s Rob Muldoon attracted heaps of angry abuse but this is a whole new level. (There was actually a book published titled “The Day They Shot Rob Muldoon” to which Rob responded “let them have a go!”) Muldoon used to take on his detractors by voluntarily holding live TV debates where he generated fear throughout the TV crew and their hangers-on. I wonder whether JK ought respond to Hager & co more belligerently? There has been a “let’s get him” campaign for 8 years now, after Mike Williams visited MEL to try to dig up dirt, this of course failed miserably. My elderly mother claims that the opposition to JK is essentially founded on jealousy, in that JK achieved everything in NZ which the Labour Party claim you can’t do without being a parasite on the State. The campaign won’t stop anytime soon.
      * The Hager camp includes Labour, Greens, Winston,and the vast majority of the Media Party. Interestingly enough I do not believe Helen Clark qualifies to be a member.

  • would you like cabin biscuits and gruel to be your last meal ever?

    • Curly1952

      Looks like the format of some of the old rugby programs I have in my possession. This may well be the pommy team from 1912.

    • LabTested

      Notice the order of meals Breakfast – Dinner- Tea – Supper. (no lunch). Now there is often confusion what is Dinner. Is it Lunch or is it the evening meal.

      Apparently Dinner was always the main meal of the day & traditionally this was in the middle of the day. A hundred or so years ago it became fashionable in upper English society to have Dinner later & later – so much so that they had to invent a new meal to fill the gap – Lunch.

      So if you call the mid day meal Dinner, then you are traditional working class. However if you have lunch, then a later dinner then you are from an upper class background.,

      Just saying…

      • Growing up I remember some people having their main meal in the middle of the day.

        I’m led to believe Switzerland still hold to that as well.

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          I haven’t lived there since ’92 but at that time a lot of firms still had a 2 hour lunch time so the people (men mainly!) could go home for their lunch, cooked by their ever loving wife!
          That was changing a bit so not sure how far the ‘revolution’ went.

          Actually their school system also made it difficult for women to work as the different ages had different ½ days off and such. Don’t know exactly as don’t have children but that’s what I remember hearing.
          That said their was huge penalties for children not attending and there was non of this taking them out of school to go on holiday outside of the school holidays.

        • Woody

          I was brought up having dinner as the midday meal with tea in the evening. The midday dinner was an important meal on the farm as by 12 o’clock anywhere between 6 and 8 hours of work (the real physical stuff) had been done since breakfast. Tea was a slightly lighter meal around 5 to 5:30 before heading out for up to 4 more hours of work.

          I didn’t know what lunch was until I went to boarding school.

      • dumbshit

        Roast on the table, midday Sunday. That was when the oldman was home, otherwise it was scones, bread or a can of “bully beef” stirred into a pot of mashed spuds!

    • Gourmet

      Mothers Day menu……..??? I don’t think i would be the most popular person if i cooked that today. But saying that that menu would look good framed in our kitchen.

    • KGB

      Rice soup!

  • Sally

    SB MIA. No happy face, grumpy face, sad face, dour face, cheeky face, furtive face today!

    • You can be part of the problem, or part of the solution. :P (pic)

    • spanishbride

      No internet all evening unfortunately finally fixed it this morning. I warned Cam who is away hunting via snapchat.

      • Sally

        Another first world problem. Mine was I went to cook dinner for the family last night and discovered the oven not working. Result of power cut on Friday.

        • spanishbride

          So true. When I have a holiday it doesn’t feel like a true holiday unless I have no internet or use it hardly at all. Internet equals work so no internet equals quality time :)

          • Freak

            Internet = Oxygen

          • spanishbride

            okay okay I admit I am actually addicted and need it to be physically unavailable in order to be able to relax.

  • Jude

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the Whaleoil mothers! I hope you all have a lovely day?

  • I dunno what Pete was up to…..but refresh sorted it :-)

    • rantykiwi

      Pete was writing buggy HTML

    • Nige.

      I dunno what YOURE up to drawing attention to mistakes like that….. :)

  • rantykiwi

    Hey Peeni. Being Northland Maori and all where most of the answers would tend to be “No” can you answer a few questions before you kick off about this again?

    1. Was you wife driving within the conditions of her drivers licence?
    2. Was her vehicle registered and warranted?
    3. Was her vehicle still in a warrantable condition?
    4. And as an aside, are you insured?

    The stink you’re kicking up smells a lot like trying to distract attention from your wife.


  • KGB

    I see Moko’s mother has entered the discussion on her son’s horrific murder. She thanks us all for fighting for justice for him and through her lawyer shares her grief.
    My heart of course goes out to anyone who has lost a child, so my thoughts are instinctively with her.
    An inquest will be held on the circumstances surrounding Moko’s death and in a year or 2 we will better understand the facts. Perhaps in the interest of protecting the next child Moko’s mother could tell us her story now.
    Why were Moko and his sister left with his killers? Why Taupo, was there no family or support network in Auckland? What went so horribly wrong?
    Further details have been released about Moko’s sisters abuse. She not only witnessed, but was forced to participate in his sustained torture. Was she at school in Taupo? At 7 should the education system have noticed her missing from enrolment?
    Where is this child? She will need years of help is she getting it now, today, immediately?
    Witness stories have now appeared so someone knew they were in danger. Did they act? If not, why not?
    In writing this post I have tried to avoid judgement. It is very difficult when one sees the same disfunctional behaviour over and over again. But if the usual pattern unfolds we wait about 2 years for the truth and another 20 children will die.
    My message to Moko’s mother is to help save some of these lives by way of explanation. The truth will likely reveal mistakes, but the truth may also save lives.
    Once were Warriors is the closest I’ve come to understanding these people. How can we as a society ever fix something we don’t understand? There is an entire network of grandparents, brothers, sisters, aunties, friends, neighbours and visitors who somehow knew nothing???
    I will be disappointed if her appearance is the road to compensation and not the road for change.

    • MaryLou

      She was in hospital with another child apparently

      • KGB

        If her other child required over two months of hospitalisation, is he okay now? He must have been seriously ill during that time.
        Her Facebook photos show an older male child with a bandaged foot.
        Do we need better support networks around families who have serious health issues? Help to keep them close to home and attending their usual school?
        Obviously no family & friends in Auckland were able to help her care for her other children during this time.

    • Wheninrome

      If she wishes to stop this sort of abuse happening again she would be better advised to have no more children.

    • taxpayer

      Yes Moko’s 7Yo sister was attending school in Taupo, a short walk from the Marshall Ave home they were staying in, she has since stated she dreaded going to school as she could not help Moko while away and feared he may be dead upon her return.
      Marylou is correct that the mother was with another child at starship hospital.
      Family members are now claiming that Tania Shailer contacted CYF 11 days before Moko’s death and told them he was being abused, but not who was doing it.
      Call me cynical but I see this as nothing more than an attempt to deflect some blame on to CYF and away from where it really lies, with the child murdering pigs, I doubt it even happened and I would not believe a word that fat child beating pig Shailer has to say.
      Once again for Whailoilers here is the link to Justice for Moko’s give a liitle page set up to fund legal fee’s and push for justice and law change on this issue.
      Here is a link to the justice for moko facebook page that has been set up as well

    • Union Jack

      Personally I am totally over this nonsense as we have been here so many times before that I am at the point I just don’t care anymore.
      I know that sounds heartless but all of these deaths have the same familiar pattern and I personally have zero hope this will ever change.
      The families involved in this stuff are so dysfunctional they are barely human and this is so endemic they are beyond help.
      We keep getting told this is a problem for the community and society to deal with but sorry I don’t feel any responsibility at all as Maori society don’t seem too bothered so why should I be if it’s their kids who are the main victims of this.
      You mark my words, we will be having this same conversation in a couple of months time.
      No wait the CYPS overhaul is going to fix all this just like the anti smacking did right?.

      • taxpayer

        It’s easy to feel fatigued about this, as you say we have been here so many times before.
        But we need to care, if we don’t who will.
        Yes the so called Maori leaders, in fact all the countries leaders, are so busy lining their pockets, bitching about the TPPA, whingeing that a new marine reserve might cut in to their gravy and so on, that not a word has been spoken by them in defense of the defenseless Moko.
        But that just means they are dead set useless money grubbing, vain scumbags.
        We all feel helpless in the face of this and it’s true that the abusers are barely human, but we need to keep caring and making noise until something is done.
        How about 25 years minimum for any adult who lives in a household where a child is murdered.
        And some stiff penalties for wider family members who fail to report abuse.
        Get rid of soft touch Judges and make it clear enough is enough.
        It may be a long shot but we have to try.

        The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

        • Union Jack

          Taxpayer I agree with a lot of what you have said but the bit I differ in is my belief things can ever change.
          I say this because to truly fix these kinds of problems you need more than harsher punishments and the like.
          It is going to take a total rewrite of New Zealand society ranging from the complete dismantling of the welfare system and starting again through to the obsession NZ has with peoples human rights being put to one side in favour of children rights to safety being paramount.
          Honestly is this ever going to be done, no it’s not because this culture is so ingrained in the country no government would dare ever do this as it would be terrified of a revolution.
          Hence the default position is to just tinker around the edges and keep deaths at a “manageable” level because to do anything more radical will cause social upheaval in the country.

          • taxpayer

            All true UJ, no argument here from everything you said.
            But we must never be apathetic or indifferent to such a heinous crime.
            I can’t do much about it, but I can advocate that manslaughter pleas are not acceptable if we ever want to cure this national disgrace.
            Posting a link to Moko’s give a little page on WO is one small thing I can do.

  • Nige.

    Watching q and a thus morning….. I have to wonder…..

    Why is corrin dann talking to a. little as though he is giving him a scalding?

    Why is Bryce Edwards name dropping “We might have a publication from Nikki Haggar”.

    Why is their panel made up of lefties?

    Why is it still being called a scandle when they freely admit that nothing illegal has taken place?

    • Catriona

      When Edwards suggests ‘we might have a publication from Niki Hagar’ means that we will. So if there’s no scandal, then there’s nothing to write about, surely?

      • Nige.

        Well we have seen how Haggah can join dots to come to any conclusions that he likes so whether or not you or I think there is a scandel is irrelevant. We saw how the public lost interest so quickly in cams stolen emails which were being charged at around $50 in hardback form at the time of release down to $5 in the bargain bin in the space of a couple of months.