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  • Korau

    “APN News & Media, which abandoned plans for an initial public offering of its NZME division in February, had its shares halted on the ASX pending an announcement about a potential material transaction involving the New Zealand assets.

    The trading halt will remain in place until the start of trading on May 11, the date of its annual meeting unless APN requests it to be lifted sooner, the company said. The Australian newspaper has reported that APN could spin off NZME as a separately listed company through a distribution of NZME shares to its shareholders.”

    Wonder what is happening. Could be some worried journos at the Herald this morning.

    Source : http://www.sharechat.co.nz/article/bc07c2f0/apn-shares-halted-for-potential-material-announcement-on-nzme.html

    • dumbshit

      Wonder how many people would be happy to rinse the sink, after the last dregs gurgle down?

    • XCIA

      One word – paywall.

      • Korau

        Doesn’t sound or feel right! Sounds more like they have found some hapless outfit to buy some (or all) of the assets. Maybe the same outfit that helped Dick Smith to oblivion?

        • XCIA

          “Roger Colman, a media analyst with Sydney broker CCZ Statton Equities, said it would be “dumb” for APN and Fairfax to spin-off their New Zealand businesses without merging them.
          “These two groups should merge; there are a lot of savings.” There would be “significant efficiencies in journalism”, for example in their respective press galleries, and in advertising, Colman said.
          “Critically, merging the two groups would enable paywalls to be built around the newspapers. At the moment Stuff remains paywall-free and The New Zealand Herald can’t put a paywall in while Stuff is not doing it,” he said.
          A paywall was the only way for the New Zealand media groups to get out of their “continuous”

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            A paywall was the only way for the New Zealand media groups to get out of their “continuous profit decline”, he said”.

            Urm, perhaps just write what is happening (i.e. the news) instead of inventing news, tellings us what they think or even making stories if not up at the very least embellishing them.

            When I want news I go to news agencies, well pretty much WO I admit. When I want fiction I go elsewhere.

  • Curly1952

    I see the Panama Papers have been released and shock horror there are 238 entities with word “Key” in the title. No wonder Little, Robertson and the media were beside themselves with glee – “Key”, 238 times, we have got him this time!!!
    Further, when you go into the list there is a huge disclaimer – what a waste of time and drivel. Once again stolen material being used – don’t these idiots see the irony of their doing – committing or abetting an illegal act to catch people who may be committing illegal acts. Drongoes the lot of them!!

    • sheppy

      Surely you don’t mean there is more than one person with the surname “Key” I’m shocked!!!
      The stupid is incredibly strong in leftests with KDS

      • Nige.

        I wonder how many time these the word nige is mentioned. Ooooh NOOOOO!

        This is getting farcical.

        • Isherman

          Exactly, getting a half decent pie is probably the most exciting thing that happens to anyone in Blenheim right….[runs away].

          • Nige.

            Go have a Mrs Macs.

          • Richard

            Ever tried one of those Ponsonby Pies?

          • Nige.

            No. There should be some kind of nation wide pie exchange program.

        • KatB

          The key thing is Nige, that nige may not be a key word. There would be many key words but nige may not be one of them and that is the key to it all. All the same, keyp your eye on things as they develop, nige could become a key word or a key player.

        • Justme

          It also depends on how the search engine is run. Are they looking for full words of “Nige”, or with with words with “Nige” in them. Eg. Niger, Nigeria, Nigella, Omnigenous, etc.

      • Usaywot

        Or even phrases such as ” this is a key point”.

    • Curly1952

      Need to add that if the police stole things to try and incriminate people the media would be on to them like lightening and there would be inquiries all aver the place.
      Wouldn’t it be good if a few sovereign states got together and took this ICIJ group o the cleaners?

    • niggly

      So basically this so called ICIJ, Hager, the 7 TVNZ/RNZ journos etc …. have spent all this time and effort but not found one single example of corrupt practice involving overseas people or companies using NZ to hide stolen or laundered money?

      Instead Hager, the MSM, even Labour/Greens aligned so called “independent tax experts” continue to smear NZ companies involved with the Panamanian parent company (as if they are doing something illegal simply by association) and also talk up overseas people/companies using NZ’s stability and good governance as being put at risk because someone could be laundering their money here, but again cannot provide just even one example? Despite “61,000” documents mentioning NZ?

      This is a pathetic beat-up and is not serving the public understanding of the issue very well when the MSM join in a deliberate misinformation campaign simply to try and hit the Govt. Don’t they realise they come across as pathetic and for the majority of people outside of the Wellington beltway, they smply don’t care about the issue anyway?

    • kereru

      Oh but….it’s okay to steal when it’s in the ‘public interest’. They see themselves as today’s Robin Hoods. Pity they didn’t heed Sir Walter Scott’s quote, ‘O what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’.

  • Spiker

    Not being a Facebook user this doesn’t affect how & see news but none the less its a concern peoples views are being shaped in all sorts of subtle ways.


  • ploughboy007

    im beging to think this is a hager hit on labour.get them all excited, angry goes off as per usual,then get the greens to act reasonable.then hoover up left votes

    • sheppy

      That’ll work right until the next stupid statement from the Greens. They won’t have the discipline to pretend they have become sensible for long

    • XCIA

      Auntie H would not have got excited over this nonsense. “Nothing to see here, move on”.

  • Caprice

    It concerns me that the state broadcaster is wading around through stolen emails like a UK tabloid. That is one slippery slope.
    Dress it up all you like, but the smell of unethical behavior seems to be coming from the media, more than the emails themselves.

    • Bryan

      yes i was sitting here thinking this morning and I found myself reflecting on two of the ten commandments and thought they just about sum Hagar’s activity.
      Thou shalt not steal
      Thou shalt not bear False witness

      • Deja Voodoo

        And although he wouldn’t like to admit it: Thou shalt not covet

        • Bryan

          good one yep that applies also

    • Davo42

      What do you expect when Andrea Vance is now part of one news – she was salivating at the chance to smear Key as TVNZ’s assassin – lets hope she keeps burning her bridges and finds herself on the outside and off our screens.

  • Cadwallader

    A topic in my household last night concerned where Greenpeace deposits its funds between its acts of aggression. When I heard the sanctimonious mumbling from the Green Party leader this morning I thought what a superb own goal it would be if their sisters in arms were stowing $$$ through the Panamanian law firm.

    • Isherman

      Funny you should say…they come up in the database, so should we assume that there is something dodgy going on, like the left would suggest there is if you appear?

      • Cadwallader

        They operate globally so they must have fluid arrangements to move their funds from one of their acts of stupidity to the next. Now, this would be a “smoking-gun” aimed at the feet of the Greens, Mr Hager and the msm.

        • Quinton Hogg

          I looked the local greenpeace accounts which are available online in the charities/clubs and societies register ( i forget which).
          Greenpeace NZ as i recall is a local franchise for greenpeace worldwide and pays a franchise or licence fee to head office in excess of $1mil pa. So a big chunk of donations raised by those nice volunteers gos off shore.

          • Cadwallader

            If they receive a $1mill from tiny NZ they must be gouging big-time elsewhere too. Those $$$ won’t be sitting idly. Do you know whether they are a non-taxable entity throughout the world? I would doubt they are, hence they have at least two reasons to keep their funds in trusts:
            1 Reducing taxation
            2 Ease of movement about the world without attracting too much attention. (I imagine the various accounts would only be identified by the names of their trustees.)

      • Aucky

        I would suggest that many large offshore trade unions are possibly involved as they have massive asset reserves. They may not be too pleased with their New Zealand comrade.

  • leftrightout 2.0

    Can’t wait to hear from Robbo

    • OT Richter

      It will be nice for him to have something to focus on instead of “which cardy shall I wear today?”.

      • kayaker

        While he’s at it, he could change his Twitter photo. Creepy.

    • Aucky

      He’s been very quiet and I can’t help but wonder whether he will have some dirt to throw at QT today that he’s not game enough to say outside the House.

  • Nige.

    I’m thinking that this Panama thing is getting to be a bit like that time not long ago where Cunners and old whatshisname from the greens made the mighty river power shares dive.

    How dumb are labour alienating anyone with money to invest.

    • Usaywot

      I bought Mighty River shares and am extremely pleased with how well they are doing. The nasties who stood on their high horses and refused to buy them have missed out big time. Lefties are idiots who just dont have a clue but get jealous of people who use their nouse.

      • R&BAvenger

        I am in the same boat with Mighty Power shares too. It’s part of a wide range of investment decisions that I made over the past 4 years, with no regrets.

      • Quinton Hogg

        So did I.
        I am very happy with the way things are going too.

      • axeman

        This was simply an attempt to educate New Zealander’s that there are other ways of making money other than investing in property. Investing in business’s actually helps the whole economy, and is often a much better return than the what the banks offer.

    • GoingRight

      Yes our surplus would have come in much earlier had they not destroyed the sale of the power companies to 49%. We bought some of those shares and are very pleased with the result.

    • sheppy

      That’s the biggest problem in NZ for anyone with money to invest, shares can be manipulated by moronic politicians, bank deposits aren’t guaranteed and have low interest rates, employing staff to expand a business is risky. No wonder people put their money in property!

    • Huia

      That’s because they are not business people, they are muppets who have no idea of the damage they can do to the economy or Country.
      Just as long as they have their snouts in that trough is all that matters as we have seen time and time again.
      They try and whip up a frenzy in the effort to take John Key down and don’t care that the country and its trade connections may be hurt through their efforts.
      Complete fools who certainly need to rethink their party. Instead of that they seem to have given their MP’s a IQ test then appointed those who failed the test.
      Personally I would be shutting the door on the labour party, making a clean sweep and beginning again from scratch.

  • metalnwood

    I am out of the loop. Did the big reveal happen and it’s so small no one is talking about it on any news outlet? Was it just the searchable database or is the main event coming?

    Otherwise, that was it and I will muse over angry’s question he submitted for question time that will be much fizz..

    • Tom

      Try looking at international news, hardly a mention.

  • Bryan

    i could not help laughing I opened the latest panama listing and punched in NZ and the second entry of the 16 is “UNION NEW ZEALAND LIMITED” linked to a company based in Hongkong!!! IVAN TANG AND CO and the another one ANZ Bank twice

  • Sailor Sam

    To change the subject, but still concerning “journalists”:
    Sreenshot from a newspaper “Huge gost ship washes ashore in Liberia”
    That tiny oil little tanker, 63 metres long is not huge.
    The other oil tanker, 330 metres long is huge.

    • Platinum Fox

      At 63m, the “huge” ghost ship is smaller than the Awanuia which provides bunkering services to vessels berthed at Auckland. Awanuia looks tiny alongside all of the large cruise ships which call here.

    • Quinton Hogg

      I have a sore head from banging it on my desk when I see idiot headlines such as this.
      Some people have absolutely no idea.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        The trouble is nor do most of their readership hence they get away with it.

    • Huia

      May have been wandering the seas since the Japanese Tsunami, there were several that appeared in Canadian waters from that event.

    • Caprice

      I went for a sail on my Huge yacht the other day. And I managed it singlehanded!

    • STAG

      There is steady business in piracy, especially of tankers, not good news for the crews as they are often deep sixed and the cargo stolen. You can then try to change the identity of the vessel and put your own people aboard to steal another cargo, or dump it…

      World wide hundreds of seafarers are killed or “missing” each year.

  • wilson

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if the left wing here, trying to get a hit on John key. Little “we are a tax haven”. Hager “we are a tax haven”. Msm “we are a tax haven”. Greens etc. Actually affects Helen Clark nomination for sec gen.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      See there’s always a silver lining! One can live in hope. Mind you then she’d come back here to do …???
      Perhaps ‘be careful of what you wish for’ might also be apt?

  • Richard

    This morning from The Bible I have cherry picked two phrases from many hundreds that link to the surname Little.

    “For whoever has despised the day of small things shall rejoice”

    “One who is faithful in a very little is also dishonest in much”

    In light of these startling revelations, I request a full, independent inquiry into the goings on of the Labour party, and demand Andrew Little stand down as party leader.

  • Wheninrome

    The big Reveal is no improvement on the last “big reveal”. How many times are they going to try this rubbish. All they are doing is smearing NZ that is where the true cost will be.
    It is a bit like saying someone lives next door to a P House therefore they must be involved, they have the same street address, we could go on.

  • jaundiced

    Can someone please explain to me what the fuss is over Mike Hosking’s comments on the proposal for Maori Wards on local councils?
    Miriama Kamo managed to link this viewpoint to the fact that she was once fired for correcting her employer’s pronunciation of her name.
    To express an opinion on unelected Maori Wards isn’t ‘racist’, let alone worthy of ‘official complaints’. Is the objective of those lodging the complaints to stop broadcasters voicing views that they don’t like?

    • metalnwood

      It seems like most news outlets that the news is whatever is happening at the competition.

      Of course you are right, it’s not news, there is nothing wrong. It’s an opinion piece. Stop reading opinion pieces if you get offended.

      It seems a lot of the news is niggly papers and tv stations getting a dig in at a competitor.

    • axeman

      Of course it doesn’t fit the left wing agenda so therefore it is wrong and so it must be racist and must be stopped at all cost.
      Hosking is 100% right, all Maori have to do is participate, but if it requires a degree of work and effort unfortunately some can just not be bothered. It is Maori apathy that is the problem, not the system. There are many motivated Maori leaders out there in business’s or involved in politics. They just have to decide to get involved. An old adage is “you are either part of the problem or part of the solution, you choose”

    • Crowgirl

      Apparently Maori can themselves elected to government but shouldn’t have to bother with local councils.

    • Huia

      When somebody states a fact and quotes the figures or information to back their statement, the easily offended immediately start hurling around the racist accusations.
      Sometimes the truth stings a bit, so for heavens sake harden up.
      There was nothing racist in Mike Hosking’s comments at all. Fact is fact, well usually, until Hagar gets hold of it then the cross over to fiction begins.

    • lyall

      it beats me how someone can be called racist for not agreeing that apartheid policies should be implemented into local government, who are the racists really?
      And i am sure a lot of non-Maori people have had negative experiences with Maori people before as well, so dragging some old anecdote out as if it proves beyond doubt that racism only goes one way sounds like race baiting to me.

      • jaundiced

        We’re the only country in the world where calling for equal treatment under the law is considered ‘racist’ (Don Brash)

      • roxo

        This is how far we have come as a nation. When someone advocates 1 man 1 vote, equality for all – it is espoused as racist.
        The media have an entrenched view that for some reason Maori MUST get special treatment. Hosking is right – middle NZ is so over this!

        Ed, spelling

    • Woody

      I heard a news item on the radio at 9 this morning which definitely falls in to the “racist” category. A pre budget announcement that a sum (I thing it was 12 million) is going into maori housing. Another one of those instances where there is no special treatment for Maori [sarc]

  • Wayne Hodge

    The level of ill informed cant and rubbish around the Panama Papers is astonishing and that is merely the wild statements from the so called journalists and their assorted fellow travellers. There is far too much talk of perceptions. Yet a major issue is that the media are creating perceptions and building an image that anybody with a trust is a crook, that businesses are rorts and that protecting assets is evil.In the longer term this is the true evil being perpetrated on society by the Seven Ronin of the media.

    • R&BAvenger

      So there are a large part of the NZ voting public then, that are crooks too? Nice way to garner more votes for Labour/Greens – not.

  • Reminders:

    2pm Question Time

    4pm Whaleoil Media Statement

    • KGB

      And here I was planning on cleaning the fridge…saved by WO once again.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Rats and I was sooooo looking forward to doing the vacuuming and ironing!

      • Mark

        Clean the fridge? How did the beer bottles get dirty in the first place?

  • hookerphil

    Stuff now appear to be predicting news with a “Breaking News” that a car was stolen with a baby in the back on Tuesday Night – not unless of course they are 6 and a half days late.

    • Huia

      They wasted no time reporting that hookerphil.
      You really have to wonder at the media circus that is now happening around the world. Its not just here but all over the place.

    • johnandali

      Interestingly, this morning, Leighton referred to the Bay of Plenty car theft with the toddler, together with the reports that said the “caregiver” had left the kiddie in the car while they visited a house, and the car was driven away with the kid still in the car. Leighton’s emphasis was on the very odd word – caregiver. My question is quite different. What was a person doing, leaving a toddler in a car while visiting somebody’s house? And were the keys left in the ignition? I’m not going to ask whether the child was in an approved restraint. The so-called caregiver needs to be charged with neglect at the very least. And it would be very interesting to find out about the circumstances of the parent/s. The fact that it happened in the Bay of Plenty probably answers all the questions.

      • STAG

        It doesn’t take that long to phone ahead and pop in to pick up a tinny, and its only polite to stay for a quick chat. The kid should have been fine in the car.

  • JustanObserver

    So I’m wondering if deliberate and mischievous sabotage of NZ’s global image, NZ’s global reputation, using scrabble-headlines and innuendo stories would meet the threshold for Treason Charges ?
    And how in hell is Hagar the Horrible still not been charged with Receiving Stolen Goods ?

  • Sailor Sam

    A newspaper’s “Breaking news”.
    Things are are getting serious now, won’t be long before it reports that John Key was once seen in the audience of one of his shows.

    • R&BAvenger

      I burst out laughing when I saw this. I’m at work, so was kind of embarrassing but I shared it with others around me and they had a good chuckle too.
      Back to the coalface now.

      • Isherman

        Consider yourself lucky my friend, the bulk of my colleagues are still discussing the Bachelor. I almost wish they were talking Panama Papers, or something political at least. Thank goodness for my happy place that is WO.

        • R&BAvenger

          No-one is talking about the Panama Papers here either, until shared the reason I was laughing.

    • Catriona

      Yes, I just love this. What the hell were the Herald thinking? That we’re all a bunch of idiots of something?

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        “What the hell were the Herald thinking? That we’re all a bunch of idiots of something?”

  • no bullswool

    Most New Zealanders don’t follow politics.I am married to one who does his duty every 3 years and wants to hear about it as little as possible.What the last few days has taught me is that my mild mannered husband becomes furious if the name Hagar is mentioned.It is not the dirty politics that angers him, it is the attack on our country.We are both patriotic proud kiwis whose fathers’, uncles’ and grandfathers fought for this country and paid a heavy toll.It is the dirty little innuendo and smear on our country’s reputation that offends the most.

    • R&BAvenger

      I share your husband’s sentiment.

  • Beria

    The interview between Espiner and Little on RNZ isworth a listen and not only for the farting sound 4 minutes into the track (Andy doing his puffer fish impressions). Espiner nails him firmly as not having a clue why trusts can be legitimate. Little brands all NZ people working in the industry as grubby, cannot provide a single example, and claims they are the cause of inequality.

    • Isherman

      See, Andy’s gone and confused me about his position….again. So when he talks about employers being parasites (and thus enabling inequality) is he talking about all employers or just the ‘grubby’ ones in this industry now?

      • Catriona

        Well, thanks Andy. I’m an employer so I guess I’ll amend my status to “Parasite” then shall I. I’m so pleased to be able to hire and pay staff and put the bread and butter on their tables. So, Andy, if you’ve never employed anyone in your entire life, then that makes you a leech then – sucking the lifeblood out of some organisation. Hey Andy – nobody owes you or I a living. I just happen to have created mine.

        • JLS

          Ironic really, I’ve always considered non productive public servants (like Andy Cloth Cap Little) and beneficiaries to be the financial parasites. Seem to fit the definition:
          an organism which lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.

          • Catriona

            Correct. Angry Andy puts his foot in it again. How could any employer in NZ ever trust him if he ever became PM? We’d be shutdown by his communist thinking I fear.

  • johnandali

    And don’t forget that all of our largest banks are owned – off-shore. Even the Bank of New Zealand is owned by an Aussie bank – the National Australia Bank. And where do the profits go? Off-shore. Will Labour ban all foreign-owned banking institutions?

  • Nige.

    Rules of Climate change: Repeat, repeat, repeat, alienate deniers until it becomes fact. Then say the science is settled.

    Panama papers: (see the rules of climate change.)

    • Huia

      We are about to get a drop of rain so I guess that is climate change striking again and not just winter any more.

      • shykiwibloke

        Flight just got cancelled out of Wellington becuase of windy weather. that’s got to be climate change right there becuase the airport was working earlier today!

  • Left Right Out

    love the unionist bully line… “no no, now listen very carefully” code for don’t destroy my argument please… Was about 4m 50s

  • Sally

    Breaking news. Got frisked search by a lady with a hijab in security. Took all of 1 minute.
    Direct flight to Dubai pretty good. It did help not being a full flight.

  • niggly

    That’s from a parody account/commentator (hence the upticks he received)!

    • Melissa

      Oh, thanks! Duh!