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  • Brian Smaller

    Upon reading the latest frothings from Andrew Little on the Panama papers caper I couldn’t help but think that isn’t it great that having solved all New Zealand’s problems he is so worried about possible tax evasion in Guatemala, Mexico and other such countries. What a guy.

    • sheppy

      And apparently Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame has a trust for privacy reasons, guess it’s a bit pointless now!
      A few days in and the real scandal is out there, what a pointless waste of oxygen the media are

    • KGB

      Yep another child has had its face chewed off, and another child will be murdered in about 3 weeks.
      It’s good to see Andy’s onto some drug lord in South America for not paying his fair share of taxes to some corrupt government who enjoy better child abuse statistics than ours.

      • Catriona

        My thoughts exactly. The poor, poverty stricken kids in NZ have been all but forgotten this week.

  • amerikiwi

    So Mojo’s explanation of her UK “trust” on FB and Twitter suggests that she is using the benefits of the trust to avoid paying accommodation VAT (tax) in the UK. What’s the deal with that? Can’t have it both ways with the trust debate Mojo.

    • Woody

      But we the loony left have our own rules which must not be confused with the standards we demand that you everyday people (ie not lefties) adhere to.

      • Kiwiracer

        It’s been one of the best own goals for a while

    • Nige.

      Check out the well reasoned response from her fellow party members on Twitter…..


      It’s as though they have their fingers in their ears. Well that might be a little tasteless considering the person’s disability…. But however.

    • wilson

      According to little, her name should be nogo, because she is deaf. Still waiting for the greens to explain why one of their donors is in there. What would shaw be saying if they had found a national donor in the Panama papers.

      Edit last sentence

    • Catriona

      Oh, so she’s a ‘tax avoider’ now is she? Mojo needs to learn which way’s up me thinks. Boy, has she opened herself up to ridicule now.

  • Korau

    The 4.7 quake out of Masterton felt here in Lower Hutt. From the looks of http://www.geonet.org.nz/quakes/region/newzealand/2016p356222 shook the Wairarapa quite well

    • pisces8284

      We definitely felt it coming

      • Korau

        Just got hit with a much mire substantial shake.

        All John Keys fault!

        • OT Richter

          Nice pun. Of course it’s his fault – he supports fracking in Taranaki!

    • Nige.

      It’s bloody windy here. Didn’t know if the house moving was the wind or a shake.

    • pisces8284

      and another one… 5.1 west of Masterton

    • HR

      That one was a lot bigger…..

  • Isherman

    Andrew Little has commented on the PM being ejected from the house yesterday, as well he might, but he has unfortunately chosen to describe the PM’s behaviour as “Shameful” and the PM himself as “out of control”. Really.
    No Andrew, patronising a deaf member from another party for your own ends – is shameful.
    Targeting all people, from NZ and elsewhere, who may happen to be wealthy, as being a problem – is shameful.
    Allowing your housing spokesman to play dog whistle politics with peoples surnames – is shameful.
    As for being “out of control”, have you ever watched the way you yourself carry on?, ever wondered how you acquired your nickname?
    This from a guy who even only made the party list after special votes were counted, and could only be given the leadership via the disproportionate power of the Unions in the leadership selection process, yet here you are arrogantly pretending that your mantle of leader of the opposition has any legitimacy. That Andy, is shameful.
    Have a nice day.

    • Sailor Sam

      It seems to me that the PM was very frustrated, letting off steam because of the ineptitude of James Shaw, who comes across as totally stupid.
      I liked it that John Key called him out, as parliamentary as possible of course.

      • kayaker

        Shaw looks like Pinnochio – credit to a WO commenter who said such in an earlier blog.

      • roxo

        IF . . . and it is a big IF – we had a fair and unbiased media they would in fact ask Mr Serious Green Man Shaw ” What is the difference between YOU naming an Auckland lady or a deceased South Canterbury financier – and Greenpeace or your own MP being named?” What a muppet.

  • Rosco

    Great to hear that the media merger will mean less journalists – hopefully the parliamentary gallery will get a good hair cut.

    • kehua

      I guess the next Election will see untold number of exJournos lining up for positions as leftwing candidates, God help us!

  • spanishbride

    For sponsoring a day’s broadcast of Michigan Public Radio, Lisa Lis was told she was entitled to have a message broadcast on the air. She chose a four-word sentence, “Happy 68th birthday, Israel.” The station rejected that line as too radioactive, saying, “this message would compromise the station’s commitment to impartiality and that it crosses over into advocacy, or could imply advocacy,” reports Deadline Detroit.

    Rabbi Jason Miller weighed in at the Huffington Post, asking, When did wishing Israel a happy birthday become so controversial?

    “My hope for Israel as it celebrates 68 years of statehood is that the public will cease to treat any mention of Israel as a controversial topic. A non-political offering of congratulations to Israel on its anniversary of independence should be taken at face value and not made into a controversy.”

  • intelligentes candida diva

    I have just discovered WOBH now has a delete button, thank you for adding that. I was forever doing edits on my spelling so this is a great addition for me:-)
    Sometimes in life its the detail that counts :-)

    • STAG

      Testing my delete.

      Arrrrrrrr! There is no button!

      • oldmanNZ

        it somewhere

  • pisces8284

    OK, these shakes are starting get annoying….

    • MaryLou


      Hope that’s the worst of it for you!?!

  • Soleman

    Looks like someone in the Herald needs a geography lesson. Murupara obviously has two locations in New Zealand. Gets worse doesn’t it.

    • kayaker

      Earlier this year, a 20yo in the office I used to work in (Auckland) asked: where’s the Bay of Plenty? She had never heard of it.

    • SteveWrathall

      Declaring everywhere to be Murupara would be a great way to improve housing affordability

    • Soleman

      Looks as though they have twigged, illustration has been changed. I’m going to believe it is because they keep an eye on WhaleOil, not through their own initiative.

    • Ross

      Inspired by Sacha Baron Cohen?

  • Catriona

    I’m loving the interpretation of the PM’s shameful behaviour in the house yesterday. I prefer to believe his version of events and not the version of the enemy.

  • axeman

    Andrew Little threatened with Defamation by owners of local Hotel Chain, I wonder who that might be and why?? Good Job I say

    • Aucky

      Now confirmed by the Herald that Earl Hagaman has given Little a week to apologise or its off to court for defamation.

      • axeman

        Blimin good on them. I wish a few more people would do the same over the Panama Papers and include the media who have lapped these stories up.

  • MaryLou

    How interesting – I didn’t realise Unions supported each other as a bloc – I thought they worried about there own sphere. But here’s the Tertiary Education Union, emailing it’s database, about…. Talleys. http://us4.campaign-archive2.com/?u=fb04aaec9ab34fde94735fa91&id=ac4aebec41

  • Isherman

    I understand and accept peoples right to protest, I really do. Protesting is essentially about communicating a message – clearly, so that observers get your point. Looking at the video of this protest in Dunedin where elderly people are wilfully obstructed, I want these protesters to tell me exactly what message they think an observer takes from this action. Does the casual observer concentrate on their message?, do they believe gain any respect from those they would seek to influence? I’ll leave it at that…best not to say much more methinks.


    • Karma

      Pathetic, selfish little snots. They couldn’t even get out of the way for an elderly lady with a walking stalk. Don’t these morons have grandparents??? Rest assured they’re getting it in the neck on their Facebook page, and rightly so.

      • Isherman

        Good job is about all I can say to that.

    • taxpayer

      The only message I got was, here is bunch of morons with nothing better to do on a week day than demonstrate what total morons they are.
      While the rest of the nation tries to get on with the working day.

      Here is a rally that really is worth attending, I would doubt any of those people protesting there will bother to come, 9 am is a bit early for them probably.