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  • Korau

    Bonus Word of the day

    The bonus for today is…

    Triskaidekaphobia (noun) – An abnormal fear of the number 13.

    Etymology : “Fear of the number 13,” 1908, also triskaidecaphobia, from Greek treiskaideka, triskaideka “thirteen” (from treis “three” + deka “ten”) + -phobia “fear.”

    • Define abnormal.

      The fact there isn’t a word for “healthy fear of the number 13” speaks for itself.

      The whole language is Triskaidekaist.

  • Korau

    “Labour leader Andrew Little is taking legal advice about a defamation threat, but he’s indicated he won’t back away from his comments about a donation to the National Party.

    He considers he was calling the government to account.”

    No Andrew, this was slagging off somebody who thinks your opposition are more worthy of support than your rabble. This has absolutely nothing to do with “holding the government to account”, it’s an attempt to bully and we look forward to your carefully crafted whimper of explanation (apology).

    And a bonus word for AA.

    Liticaphobia – Fear of lawsuits.

    • Aucky

      The public apology will be perfectly timed to be too late to meet the 6pm News deadline, buried by a compliant media on page five in Saturday’s dailies and ‘forgotten’ by Monday.

      • Wheninrome

        Surely we can keep it alive to ensure that it gets to the right audience with big print.

    • Isherman

      Holding the Govt to account?…sure, and he can do that by asking the right questions, but if that’s his best defence against making baseless slurs and using insinuation instead of evidence, he might want to proceed carefully. Besides, it shows, along with the fact he did it all outside the House that he is simply not all that bright to put it as kindly as I can.

      • OneTrack

        Asking the right question – “Does the Prime Minister stand by his statements”? Nah, tried that, never worked. But they still persist with it. Like socialism, it will work “one day”.

    • Asian_driver

      I don’t think he will be able to mumble his way out.

      Hagamans are pretty clear about what they want

      “unless the position can be properly retrieved”.

      Lani Hagaman said their lawyers had confirmed their view that Mr Little’s allegations were “false and defamatory”.

      “We are asking for a full retraction and apology because no one should be verbally attacked and denigrated because they believe in democracy and the right to make their own unsolicited political choice on who they want to give a donation to,” Lani Hagaman said.
      If he does a halfarsed attempt they should just proceed with their action

    • Curly1952

      Forgive me if i’m wrong and this may be semantics but isn’t the donation to the National Party NOT the government. After all it is a government led by National, not a national government. If so, why is Little calling the government to account?

    • Beria

      By claiming that the defamation was necessary to hold the government to account, Andrew must either be sure that the Auditor General will uphold his complaint, or else he is digging an even deeper hole that he will have to worm his way out of. The demand for retraction and restoration is not an invitation to carry on defaming the Hagarmans for a further week.

  • Random outburst: Why is it that I somehow always order things off Trademe on a Friday and the only shipping option is “overnight” courier. Grrr.

    • Seriously?

      Enough monkey business. It sounds like you have a chimp on your shoulder, going ape about it like this.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      Or those who want more for NZ Post to deliver to a rural address.

    • JustanObserver

      I can get items shipped from Alie****ss.com in China in 4 days, yet it takes 5 days to get baking sent from Mum in the South Island !!

  • sheppy

    Morning all, it seems the Panama papers have disappeared from the news feeds as our badly researched media slowly realise that NZ is about the worst place in the world to dodge tax. Yet again another fail for the tinfoil hat wearing department and their dealer in stolen information, Saint Nicky. I guess he will have to go back to working on his next anti government election book having made New Zealand look just a little more stupid on the international stage, and wasted much parliamentary time.
    In other news It’s hard to find anything bad about the creation of the Ferald from 2 similar failing news agencies given the incredible blinkered views of our small minded media, after all does it need 2 organisations to write that it’s all John Keys fault and woe is us, especially when back in the real world New Zealand is in pretty good albeit not perfect shape.

    • Korau

      There is a story this morning with a photo of a very unprepossessing bunch who have been pushing this particular barrow.

      I don’t intend to give a link, but you can do a Google search by copying and pasting this search term (with quotes).

      “Panamania” nz

      Not a crowd to inspire, I feel!

      • Tony

        A poor News of the World New Zealand

  • Chris Bell

    I have totally had enough of news outlets in this country – all they seem to care about and want to report on is the pathetic Bachelor – have we reached a point in our existence that we take for granted all of the issues facing NZ and the world and instead are more interested in who slept with who and why she didn’t really like him etc etc

    • Aucky

      Wait, there’s more. We ain’t seen nothing yet by way of trivia. The merger of Fairfax into NZME in NZ will guarantee a regular mix of trivia and left wing propaganda 24/7.

      Since when is it a good thing to have our major source of domestic news reported by the Aussie media on a monopolistic basis?

    • Nige.

      Welcome home.

  • pisces8284

    Just heard the new name for the amalgamated Fairfax/NZME/Herald/et al. Stuff Me

    • Left Right Out

      With the amount of times they all now include ” were you there, if so contact us on….” perhaps they will change their name to Fax Me Stuff

      • Wheninrome

        You Hack Send MeStuff, there would be lots of appropriate versions

  • Changes to OneDrive

    We want to let you know about some upcoming changes to OneDrive. On July 13, 2016, the amount of storage that comes with OneDrive will change from 15 GB to 5 GB. We are also discontinuing the 15 GB camera roll bonus.

    Microsoft and I parted ways over a decade ago.

    As disk space is getting cheaper, everyone is getting more free space. But not at Microsoft.

    Of course, they can’t compete with Google. Google has a different business model that allows them to hand more free space away and still make money.

    • KGB

      For the technically backward does this mean no more photos? Or smaller photos?
      Or door no.3 nothing to do with photos :)

      • The way I read it, you have 5 GB total, for documents and photos. So if you were using the camera roll, you’ll go from 30G free space to 5G free space.

        It’s a bait and switch. First they get you to put all your stuff on there “free”. Then when you are using it, they cut off the free supply.

        Some people will find it easier to just pay for the storage (US$3 month) rather than look for a new location and copy it all.

        It’s not a very honourable way to do business, and it parallels giving away free drugs until the user is hooked, and then they need to pay.

        EDIT to add: I’ve always been weary of “24 months free space” offers. I only ever use the space I’ll be allowed once the offer runs out. Dropbox did it to me too. Only Google has given me more and never taken it back.*

        *The Chromebook 100G offer is only for 24 months.

        • KGB

          Umm ‘technically backward’ was a clue.
          Sorry Pete I thought you were talking about changes to WO, and our ability to post photos.
          Nothing to see here I will move along in my training to post photos the acceptable size and right way up. ?

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            So did I so I thank you for asking the question that I wouldn’t have and hence making it clear for another ‘technically backward’ fellow traveller.

          • KGB

            I’m happy to look stupid at times. I just hate it being assumed.
            Refresh for pic (it will be the story of my life if it’s the right way up:)

          • KGB

            OMG ?

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            See you’re more technically savey than you give yourself credit for!

          • KGB

            Maybe it’s the edit?
            If so…Jude try it. (A sister sideways poster)

          • Jude

            If I try and post off my phone it will be guaranteed to be sideways lol!
            Nice cap by the way:)

          • Jude

            See? It flips sideways on my phone. I can’t see where to edit to correct

          • Jude

            Last try

          • KGB


          • Jude

            I down loaded an app that allows me to send my sideways photos via email and the recipient gets them the right way around!
            Stupid of Apple to not have sorted this on their phones?
            For posting to Whale I will just have to remember to photograph with phone sideways

          • Jude

            The App is rotate mailer from the Apple Store. It lets you pick photos to email as I describe below.

          • KGB

            Thanks Jude.

          • KGB

            Mine are always sideways when uploading directly from my phone. I usually post pics from desktop due to this problem.
            Today I edited then posted pic from my phone to show how it ALWAYS ends up sideways, but it didn’t!
            So try editing in some way 1st. Nothing else makes sense to me.

          • Jude

            I have been googling! The only way to post photos from iPhone without them turning sideways is to take the photo with the phone on its side . Ie the button to take the photo has to be on the right as in landscape not at the bottom line portrait ?
            The trick now is to break the old habits of taking pics with phone in normal position.

  • Richard

    Rachel Smalley has written an article on The Bachelor.

    The opening sentence in the article is this,

    “Can I just say that I don’t watch The Bachelor. I may be one of
    the few who doesn’t, it seems. But I don’t. I’m usually busy at that
    time of night and it’s just not my kind of thing, really”

    There she goes again, commenting on something she knows absolutely zero about and is not even prepared to do any investigation on.

    • Isherman

      Heard her on ZB yesterday arvo,(yeah, I know…don’t say it) and you are completely right. That said I have to admit, I didn’t entirely disagree with her summation of the shows concept overall, which I think can be fairly done to a point without having watched it. Also, Mr Wrongson has also done exactly the same thing, and likewise, it’s not something that’s all that unusual for him either.

    • JustanObserver

      Never saw it …
      But apparently it was a show about a guy who dates 23 women at the same time, watched mostly by women who hate men dating multiple women at the same time.
      The 23 women (mostly) were all wanting to be the one who was picked last after the guy had kissed & groped all the others, believing that true love is a fairy-tale that comes true.
      The audience (mostly) hated all of the 23 women, wishing that they were the one that got picked by the lying, twenty three-timing, sleazy Prince Charming.
      So he gets down to the last 2, sleeps with one, then tosses her away and goes for the other one.
      All portrayed as ‘Reality’ by TV and vacuumed up by the masses of enthralled fans . . .
      Who said Walt Disney was dead.

      • oldmanNZ

        Thats a nice way to put it.

        We all know they not actually after the guy. They after the fame to be the chosen one.

        The guy is like the judge they have to sleep with to win.

  • old school

    Whether this is indicative of how bad Auckland trains usually run, or this newspaper has no idea what news actually is , the headline in newspaper this morning read ‘Trains on southern line running on time’.

    • Platinum Fox

      An earlier headline said that there were delays on the Southern Line this morning. It does appear to be an issue that occurs at frequent intervals.

  • axeman

    Can anyone tell me ‘what is Shane Jones (ex Labour MP) up to”

    • JustanObserver

      Laughing all the way to his next Margarita … ?

  • JohnO

    More on climate wars.

    “Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection, says the German economist and IPCC official Ottmar Edenhofer. The next world climate summit in Cancun is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.” – Ottmar Edenhofer
    For those who may not know, Ottmar Edenhofer is the co-chair of the IPCC Working Group III.

    Their proposition is that the wealthy countries must pay poorer countries (Africa) billions and Africans are not allowed to dig up coal to power their industrialisation in return.

  • Seriously?

    Apparently Prince Charles uses homeopathic treatment on the cattle at his organic farm.

    Can we revisit the flag thing?


  • XCIA

    These people do a great job and need a hand……ARAN Animal Rescue NZ need to find a foster home or permanent homes for these two kelpie X rescue pups, Bear and Noah. The lady fostering had her landlord’s permission, but he’s changed his mind and they’ve gotta be gone Asap. Currently located in Hibiscus Coast, Auckland. They are 9 weeks old ?

  • Chris Bell

    I have a dliemma – do I watch 3 news with Lisa Owen the skinny binny who sensationalises a cheese sandwich, or Andrea Vance, who just simply causes me to retch and reach for the mute?