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  • The QI Elves @qikipedia

    In an average lifetime, the human heart pumps enough blood to fill a football stadium.

    • Ginny

      How deep is a football stadium?

      • Nige.

        See, now that’s the kind of critical thinking we like here.

      • Damon Mudgway

        Average sized.

    • Curly1952

      Thanks Pete. I don’t need to know anything else now. I hope you thoroughly investigated that fact and didn’t just hear or see it mentioned on twitter or FB and therefore believing it to be true? Couldn’t have you operating like you know who!

      • QI are a very respectable source.

        • Curly1952

          Ta. Never heard of them – will have a scout around their web site later

        • Damon Mudgway

          So were my Nana’s bunions.

    • Eiselmann

      Which size stadium… a small one like Eden Park or one like the Nou Camp?

    • Dan

      At the risk of bursting bubbles: About 378,000 m3 is pumped per lifetime. The volume inside Westpac Stadium in wellington (a suitable tank for holding all that liquid – not just to store cakes) is 1,248,000m3. Therefore it would take 4 people to fill that small stadium.

      Or they must have tiny stadiums in QI land.

      Here is a futher interesting fact: Your blood vessels laid end to end is about 64,000km. with is about 1.5 times around the Earth.

      Poor heart!

  • George

    It must be cold for those hunkered down in the bunker like stoats in a protected wildlife reserve. Their only entertainment for the last week being a fat Elvis impersonator. A bunker may shield you from bombs and mortar but not from the truth. If ever there was an example of all that stinks within New Zealand journalism they provided it in spades. Never mind researching a story and delivering your findings. Let’s deliver the story and then see if we were close. A bunker! Why? Dramatic effect? Did they really think they needed protection? What’s wrong with an office? Did It fit perfectly within your fantasy world of a drama without script or plot.

    What next? Hacking hospital medical files to see how many right wing NZs had an abortion? Or whether any had been treated for sexually transmitted decreases? The world’s your oyster Hagar, fill your boots. After all you are the best in the world when it comes to violating individuals privacy. In the meantime, one more time from our fat Elvis impersonator, “Are you Lonesome Tonight”.

    • Time For Accountability

      It showed the true colours of the TV1 breakfast team.
      Nadine Chalmers in particular just cannot help herself adding personal KDS to much of what she comments on.

      Rawdon has become very smug.

      Their opinion pieces are shallow and cringeworthy.

      Barely watch it recently.

      Bring back Pippa who was an excellent role model for a natural unbiased host.

      • Missy_Mink

        Sorry but what does KDS stand for please? Keyboard display station didn’t seem to fit the context…

        • Sailor Sam

          Key Derangement Syndrome.

          • Missy_Mink

            Ahhh, of course – thanks! (Don’t watch morning tv, early starter as one of the 04:31 club)

        • Time For Accountability

          Key derangement syndrome.
          Or similar words.

      • pisces8284

        I have weaned myself off it this week, listening to radio instead. I don’t mind Nadine but Rawdon has become insufferable. Couldn’t even be bothered with Paul Henry

    • Sailor Sam

      There is another oft quoted saying about Elvis –
      “Elvis has left the building”, or in this case the “bunker”.
      But just in case people think that it is only the NZ deadwood media that is useless, just read this from the forbes.com website, where they have moved Mt Ruapehu to a mythical island north of NZ.
      And yesterday the Sun newspaper in the UK reported on Mt Doom as well.
      At least they did not move it out of its actual location.
      In both cases however, the mistake about Mt Doom being Ruapehu is perpetuated.
      Mt Doom was Ngaruhoe.
      And I recall that earlier this week anothe UK paper reported the same thing.
      So journalists overseas are just as prone to clickbait and lack of research as here.

      • Effluent

        Honestly, what do you expect from The Sun? It’s not the first port of call for anyone seeking to be informed on current events or world geography. More usually consulted by students of the female form, if I remember…

    • Woody

      Don’t forget that in their Enid Blyton fantasy world (Secret 7) they unearthed the earth shattering revelations that
      1. Lawyers do law work.
      2. Accountants do accountancy work
      3. Trusts exist
      4. Some trusts in NZ are foreign based trusts, for instance Mojo Mathers
      5. There are people and organisations named in the Panama Papers
      6. Some people are criminals.
      7. Some organisations are exempt from scrutiny because… well just because they are lefty friendly.
      8. New Zealand is a safe country for folks to hold funds.
      9. John Key is smarter than all that seven put together.
      10. All this bad stuff needs trumpeting around the world.

      • Odd Ball

        There is some ‘doubt’ about item 4.
        Mojo Mathers stood up in parliament to advise us that a trust in the UK isn’t a foreign trust…

        • Frank N Further

          Yes, but after 5 years in parliament she had no idea on the process of making a personal statement. Its about the most patient that I have seen Speaker David Carter as he coached her through it. We are paying her in excess of $150000, plus expenses, for what? Tokenism?

        • Woody

          No doubt in most thinking people’s minds, Trust based somewhere not in New Zealand = foreign based trust, despite Mojo’s assertion otherwise.

    • Kiwiracer

      But. . But. . .but. . . It’s in the “public interest”
      Funnily enough none of the public I have met are the least bit interested.
      Just confirms that I am moving in the right circles.

  • So this is Fairfax’s way to report news. Change the headline around, different image, and then publish. (pic)

    • rantykiwi

      Journalists, trained and skilled. ‘Nuff said really.

  • Macca

    That the Hagamans gave Little warning of impending charges were an apology not received just goes to show what genuine and real people they are. For Little to then be smirking in front of reporters and yet again trying to use the whole sordid affair to try and ‘hit’ John Key again just proves yet again what we all know. For him to then turn around and say he is seeking legal advice (probably from a lawyer with a trust), – words fail me. Smarmy naughty word springs to mind!

    Little should be thanking his lucky stars. Had I been the Earl Hagaman, the only warning of an impending law suit he would have received would have been the loud knock on the door from the bailiff!

  • I just want to take a moment to say how proud I am of all of you this week. Your collective reaction to people coming to Whaleoil to criticise it has been respectful, reasoned and outstanding. Those of you who remained quiet, but had to sit on your hands to do so – you have my gratitude.

    We’ve even hosted our most determined critics like Tiso and Ng and they and you had open and frank exchanges of views. There was no baiting, no trolling, no name calling, no telling people they don’t belong on this blog…. it was just about perfect.


    • Dan

      I took the safe option – I just shut up and read the comments. The discussions involving Tiso and Ng were very interesting and unexpected. I was impressed actually that they used real names and did not hide behind a pseudo so credit to them.

      There have been a few commentors recently that share differing viewpoints and this has added to the healthy richness of the blog.

      Not forgetting you who make it happen that way.

      • Spiker

        The regulars that offer differing view points are like nuggets of gold. I always take the time to see what they have to say. Even if it re enforces my own opinions. Sometimes my opinion is even altered because of their input.

    • Nebman

      It takes some of us a little longer to learn the lessons Pete.

      As a recent visitor to commenting purgatory, I appreciate the rules a little more – the result is a much better experience for everyone.

  • Mac50

    Perhaps we should shut down all banks. After all, I hear criminals use banks.

  • Nige.

    Has anyone purchased a bambillo mattress?

    • Wasapilot

      Consumer reviewed the pollows they were advertising, not flattering at all.

    • Les couilles de chien.

      No but I have an ‘ordinary’ single and a double mattress if you want them amongst the rest of the shipping container load of stuff now covering my previously tidy garage floor. Need speakers, old school stereo gear, two stringed chinese violin thingy, karate suit? the list is long and varied, my future holds numerous trips to charity shops, dump and online with tradme!

      • Spiker

        Do you have an amp in that stereo gear? I’m on the look out for a cheap/free old school amp or amp/tuner that pushes out around 100 watts.

        • Les couilles de chien.

          any good?

          • Spiker

            Maybe. The pic’s are not of good enough quality to be able to determine what I’m looking at. Individual component model numbers so I can look up specs would be helpful. Whereabouts are you as that may have a bearing on whether delivery or pick up is economical. And of course an asking price. Cheers.

          • Les couilles de chien.

            Blenheim – Renwick area. Rather than use the blog, which will no doubt upset the mods, how can I send you better pics?

          • Spiker
          • Les couilles de chien.

            will do on the ‘morrow.

      • Nige.

        I’ll take anything stringed please.

    • Melissa

      No, but I bought the pillows and they hurt my neck. Gave them to my daughter, same story.

      • Dan

        I got my “bambillo” pillows from a certain chinese online site. $11.50 USD delivered. They take a while to adapt to but for me it was worth the wait.

      • spanishbride

        I recently purchased two down pillows. I have never had them before and they are fantastic, I highly recommend them. You sink into them and they surround your head.

        • Dan

          I hate “surrounding” pillows. Too suffocating IMO. Therein lies the problem though. Some love the encompassing feeling while others like the open spaces. Same with mattresses. Some love soft and fluffy, while others (me) like firm.

          A down duvet on the other hand….yes yes yes!

          • KiwiLliz

            With you on the down duvet Dan. Heavenly. Well worth the bit extra you usually need to pay ♥

        • Disinfectant

          Recently I bought a combo pillow of both down and feathers.

          It took me an hour to make up my mind.

          For me it has been the right decision.

    • Dan

      No. I thought about it (via Alxxxxxx.com) but then a mattress is a personal thing like fords and holdens. I would rather test drive one in a store.

      Imagine too if you get a money back guarantee. Try posting back a blinkin mattress!

  • rantykiwi

    Our dud judges never cease to amaze me. This week we have a dumb bint in court having run a couple of people down whilst almost 3 times over the drink drive limit. The article is a bit thin on her past history, but the statements “Arrow accepted the details in the summary of facts and the list of her previous convictions……Arrow also admitted a new charge of driving in breach of a zero-alcohol licence she had been granted on January 20” pretty much show her to be a recidivist drink driver.

    What beggars belief is the attitude of the judge “Judge Farish granted bail but warned that it was not an indication of the final outcome. “I’ll leave the gate open for a non-custodial sentence to be considered,” she said.”

    I fail to see how anything other than a custodial sentence could be appropriate, along with a lifetime ban from holding a drivers licence. Unfortunately I have no expectation that either will happen.


    • johnandali

      The only problem is that not holding a drivers licence wouldn’t stop any feral from driving. In Australia it’s very common to be stopped at a road-block, and you’re given a breath test and your licence is checked. In one small town in South Australia, we were checked twice in one day. We have been back from Aussie for five years now, and we do a lot of travelling around the country. We have been stopped once only – in Hunterville of all places, where the cop simply checked our registration, WOF and that we were wearing seat belts. I must concede that he probably did some profiling, and might have carried our more checks on some drivers. But once in five years? The almost total lack of roadside checks in New Zealand is astounding.

      • kereru

        Funny that, Mr K and I were also stopped at Hunterville. Must be a fave spot.

        • johnandali

          Yes. Early March. He was standing on a traffic island in the middle of the road, stopping people travelling north. Almost no traffic on the road. I was hoping that we might see others doing the same around the country, but no. There are some very irresponsible drivers in this country, and if the Police would simply do more patrolling of the highways and streets, they would make a big difference. But they don’t. And that’s why we need to separate the police from being traffic cops, and re-institute the Ministry of Transport.

  • Korau

    A certain newspaper (shortly to be “amalgamated” out of existence?) breathlessly headlined “Magnitude 3 earthquake rocks Ohakune”

    A magnitude 3 earthquake rocked Ohakune early this morning.
    It struck at 2.32am at a depth of 13km just north east of Ohakune.
    GeoNet said it was “likely felt”.

    Rocked? Likely felt? A check on geonet.org.nz shows that this apparently rocking quake was felt by a total of 4 people. Talk about making mountains out of little earth twitches. At 3.1 magnitude it’s right at the barely detectable range.

    Does anybody believe what the press reports?

    • KatB

      They seem to report all the time now about earthquakes of such magnitude that are hardly felt or not felt at all. If you go on the Geonet website you can see many of these smaller earthquakes happen in a day. It’s amusing to see the media pick up on the odd one and make an issue of it.

    • Dan

      A mag 3.1 earthquake very close to a volcano that has a warming crater lake is hardly news. It is probably magma slopping around. I would be more worried if there was zero earthquakes in this region as itusually means the tensions are rising.

      You are correct about barely detectable. Anything between 3 and 4 is at the low end of being felt, and less than 3 are not felt.

  • MaryLou
    • HR

      168 grain microchips?

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Oh come on. You must be joking!
      It would invade their human rights, privacy, they might get hurty feelings of not being trusted or whatever else those that protect the criminals would come up.
      /sarc just in case it isn’t obvious

  • Nige.

    Seems though theres something missing from the nation this morning…. though i did see a couple who are choosing to live in their flash non-standard hsv holden rather than a house…..

  • Jude

    Congratulations to our National Party:) refresh for pic

    • Nige.

      In contrast to the labour party who’s previous leaders would not be embarrassed by the policies of the latest ones.

    • Curly1952

      Labours list of leaders who never became Prime Minister would be longer than this one.

  • EpochNZ

    Tracey Watkins piece on Stuff this morning “Why National applauded Helen Clark” almost sounded like a measured article instead of the usual KDS. Another journalist looking to quickly change direction before the impending merger?

  • Mags

    I was sitting around the table with my two university student sons. Both have student debt and not entitled to student allowance ( student allowance for living expenses does not need to be repaid but student debt does. Student allowance is parent income tested .)
    The eldest is in his last year of a 5 year double degree. He has always had a job because his weekly rent was greater than he could borrow per week. I think he has done a useful degree and is proven a reliable worker so should do well. (Mum hopes anyway.)
    Both said they see people doing useless degrees but don’t entirely blame the student as they feel that that is where most of them have been encouraged from Parents and teachers and the university system.
    One said he really didn’t know what he was getting into at the time or the value of the money. ( I think he goes now as we have rarely helped him and he has only once asked for money. )
    I read a few weeks ago that 80,000 students where getting student allowance. I haven’t been able to verify that figure. (Not sure where to look.) it seems an incredibly high number and maybe we are the mugs not hiding/lying about our income. (But I do like to sleep well at night.)
    This morning in conversation with a neighbour I learn that there are accounting firms helping overseas students file for bankruptcy. The cost being $500 to wipe off student debt and interest of nearly 90k. The consequence being that the person will not be able to return for 3 years. Is this really happening?

    • Tom

      I think any student looking to a good career or ever wanting to borrow for a home would be well advised to avoid bankruptcy. Bankruptcy isnt just for Christmas, its for life.

      • Mags

        Yes. Certainly would work with the careers my kids hope to do. Hopefully they wouldn’t consider it as an option.

      • Miss Phit

        I though there was a special one time free deal going at the moment?

        Less questions aked sort of thing, or was that just a short term thing?

        • Mags

          I think that related to the interest component not the core debt.

    • Miss Phit

      I recall a potential myth some years back of a group of med school grad with hundreds of thousands of $ of debt. They supposedly bought a small struggling business, ran it into the ground over a short period amassing more debt and then had it closed down by a supplier. They then filed for bancrupcy, got it and walked away debt free and free to leave NZ for greener pastures.

      Not sure of the validity but Im sure it has been done if not attempted.

  • Cadae

    Site performance problem:

    I access whaleoil via Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser. I noticed that my whaleoil pages seemed to be slowing down an awful lot over the last few days and that the whaleoil page was consuming a huge amount of memory and growing. I turned on developer tools in Edge and notice hundreds of ad connections being continuously established. A bit more analysis and I discovered that it was ads.stickyadstv.com that was causing the problem, so I disabled connections to ads.stickyadstv.com and all was well again.

    Disabling ads.stickyadstv.com:
    If you are running Windows, you can disable ads.stickyadstv.com connections by adding the following line to the end of your C:WindowsSystem32drivershosts file: ads.stickyadstv.com
    You will need administrator permissions to make that change – you can do that by right-clicking on the ‘notepad’ icon and selecting ‘Run as Administrator’. Then select open and where it says “Text Documents (*.txt)”, change that to “All Files (*.*)” . Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32drivers and you should see a file called hosts. Open it and add a new line to the end: ads.stickyadstv.com

    Save it – note that you have to ensure that it isn’t saved as “hosts.txt”, so you may need to select ‘Save as’ and type the file name hosts followed by a single dot (.) .
    Close notepad, restart your web browser and all should be well.

    • Curly1952

      Yes, I have been having problems too when I am trying to watch or look at other sites when I have WO open at the same time. This has only happened recently. I wouldn’t know where to start though.

      • MaryLou

        Whenever that happens to me, it coincides with “Shockwave has crashed” signs coming up. Neither seem to be happening today though. And no idea what that means!!!

        • Curly1952

          Yea, Mary Lou I get the same message but don’t know where to start either so I just carry on

    • [MOD] Clearly I’m very nervous about anything that is going to stop people from seeing ads. They are what are paying for my work. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in fixing things that are broken. I would have been nicer to tell site staff first and give us a chance to look into it instead of telling readers how to dodge the very stuff that pays for the site.

      • Cadae

        Hi Pete.
        The ad storm appears to be caused by disqus – so hopefully disabling the storm won’t impact whaleoil revenue. These storms and ads are not visible to users, and were destroying my ability to see my favourite site. The number of connections and rate of connections were having an impact on my machine and network. There are a total of 4 ad sites that contributed to the storm – I’m happy to send this info to you in any way that will assist.

        • I don’t actually do the ad stuff, but any assistance you can give us, please email me at [email protected]… and I’ll put you in contact with the man.

    • [MOD] To other readers, please wait before making any changes as suggested above.

      Thanks to Cadae we are on the job and likely to solve the problem. The person we need to assist us is having family time (what?) so give us 24 hours.

      • Cadae

        It’s all looking good now – I’ve unblocked the ads on my machine and the ad storms have gone away. Good job.