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  • George

    Technology and I have never been close. When God created Heaven and Earth in seven days I’m sure he sat back and thought, my job is done. I know the feeling, though I must confess my achievments were not quite as impressive. I remember when you needed a separate room to house your computer which produced so much less than the ones you can now strap on your wrist. But it is all too late for me. I still use a pen to write down things and I hold it properly. Yesterday, however my relationship grew a little warmer towards technology.

    I have this screen nestled in the dashboard of my car which plays my radio and tells me the time. I also knew, if I could be bothered, it could navigate me between two points on the compass. Having lived in Auckland for forty years I believe I know my way around this city and usually my beloved is with me giving instuctions which I ignore most of the time. Yesterday we decided we would visit Huia on the West Coast but we were a little concerned as to the best route to take due to all the roadworks around the Western motorway. My dear son was shocked to learn I didn’t know how to work the navigational device in my car so promptly arrived to give me a lesson.

    I must say how impressed I was that this unknown soul, ever so politely and accurately guided us to our destination and predicted our arrival time to within a minute. How, I don’t need to know, but next time I go to the supermarket I will let her instruct me. I can see a warm relationship developing. By the way, Huia was beautiful. What a glorious part of the country.

    • oldmanNZ

      when my beloved give me instructions, usually i follow, i have no idea what to do with a woman..
      Anyway, I m lost without my GPS map on my phone.
      Wellington even worse with it one way streets.

    • EpochNZ

      My wife got quite annoyed in the car whenever the lovely cultured english female voice from the GPS told me “At the next intersection, turn left” and I would reply “Yes Dear”…

    • Goldie

      Wonderful technology, which you even get on a reasonable smart phone these days. But perhaps don’t get too reliant on it George. There has been the odd case where they can, quite literally, ‘lead you up the garden path’ :)

    • Eiselmann

      Huia’s fantastic isn’t it. The little store as you get to the bay is fill of awesome food , a little pricey but so good. Theres fantastic walks for those with a bit of energy and its so secluded you’d never imagine that there is a city 15 minutes away….Love that part of Auckland.

      • George

        Had lunch there. Best burger I’ve had! Went on several of those walks, beautiful. What facinated me was watching the tide come in at Huia Bay. It was like watching a micro tsunami as you could visibly see the water cascading up the bay.

  • MaryLou

    So – IRD now says the Panama Papers are a big fizzer in terms of NZ. Honestly – this has to go down as the worst hit job in history. A shame our state funded broadcasters felt this was a worthy use of tax payers money. Clearly they receive too much.


    • F T Bear

      Tvnz were looking for horse to back because they didn’t want to get left behind if tv3 actually got a hit on key. They are just left looking silly. It’s a bit like backing the Warriors you know they might win but just let you down.

    • Bryan

      i have had quite a look at the papers and the one thing that is striking me is how many of these trusts are no longer active or dead so makes me wonder if the way they got all those files was a dump of old files, and most of the now active stuff is not part of these downloads, so as you say it a complete waste of time looking.

      • MaryLou

        Now that would be funny. Would mean that if a current crop ever did make it into their possession, no one would even listen after this debacle!

  • Oiseau53

    Wow, how coincidental is this..NZ Herald are reporting a fire at St Margaret’s Church in Christchurch and Newshub also reporting a fire at St Margaret’s Church in Auckland….both started at 5.44am…http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11639259 and http://www.newshub.co.nz/nznews/fire-at-st-margarets-church-2016051506#axzz48IzBJ01L

    • sarahmw

      Lol. Yes and a report that planes had been cancelled Friday evening due to the bad weather but it was only Thursday.

      • WeaselKiss

        Double lol.
        Stuff article yesterday about a NZ lady who passed away in Aussie – ‘interstate’.
        (Should have been ‘intestate)

        • OT Richter

          Did she die on the motorway?

        • Wheninrome

          And, was it a begging letter to get her home to her whanau?

        • Dumrse

          She may have died with the bottom half lying in one state with her upper torso in the adjacent state. She could then be said to be interstate mmmm maybe ?

    • A coordinated attack on St Margaret churches.

  • localnews

    I wonder if the prime minster should have waited before committing all those IRD resources.
    What a waste of money.
    Again we see mr Key jumping when the meda say jump.
    If he had a chat to some of the people who voted him in they might suggest he focuses more on their interests. They might wonder if some of this wastage is responsible for the promised tax cuts dsappearing
    Was meant to be a reply to MaryLou!

    • MaryLou

      Yep – it’s incredibly annoying, but you can see why he did it. The media were busy calling out real people with real jobs (Shewan, the accountant) and it wouldn’t have surprised me if they started chasing after other unfortunates who just happened to have their name on the list. Likewise the many hours wasted in parliament answering stupid questions with no other purpose than to bring the PM down a peg or two. Such a waste of time and money, but he had to shut it down, really.

      • localnews

        Perhaps today he could announce that next week in parliament he wouldn’t answer any stupid questions.
        That would get him on the news and he could spend the week making New Zealand a better place for all of us instead of standing by his statements.

        • Huia

          That time wasting “Does he stand by his statement” stuff really does my head in.
          If you were on a board of directors that would be given a short sharp nudge off the agenda.
          Blatant use of time wasting and getting to hear your own voice so it looks as though you are working on behalf of the people.
          Utter Rubbish.

    • kayaker

      From what I understand, it was already in JK’s/National’s plans for the IRD to investigate. I do not consider he jumped becadue of the MSM, etc. it may look like that, but highly likely not the case. He’s too pragmatic.

      • Dumrse

        Mmmmm, I’m not sure I agree entirely. He did, after all, give the lefties another choice of flag by adding the red peak flag to the list of options.

        • kayaker

          That was clever. He knew it would never make the cut, but it shut the noise down.

    • Time For Accountability

      Every trust tax return that is filed has a tick for a complying and non complying trust and a section for relevant foreign bits. The Ird have been building their database for years.

      The missing bit was foreign trusts that simply did not file a return.

      That was largely tidied up with anti money laundering banking procedures some time ago and secondly by requiring any trust to have an IRD no to purchase or sell any property.

      About the only trusts that will not be OK are where a foreign trust has no income taxed at source such as rent and are badly advised to return that only in their country of residence and was established before the anti money laundering legislation was enacted.

  • (pic) The herald is just a real estate tabloid.

    3 most popular articles on the Herald’s site are: selling Auckland property, redeveloping Auckland property, buying Auckland property

    • (pic) (oops))

      • The Herald is not a newspaper and hasn’t been one for some time. Now all it is is a gossip column and add on to the property press.

  • GoingRight

    It concerns me that Matt McCarten whom we rarely see these days but apparently is stepping up further in his power of the Labour Party (or so I read), flowing the recent press secretary’s resignation. This man is dangerous in my view, and very nasty along with it. It appears that the whole of Labour who are vocal have bought into this vicious attitude towards anyone who doesn’t hold the same extreme left views. I can’t wait to go back to a political environment where the opposition were clever, hard working and competent and played the ball not the man. If I were the moderates in the party I would refuse to serve under Little or Matt. I wonder who will have the courage to sack McCarten.

  • Kiwiracer

    I have noticed an increasing trend in the MSM lately, when an article is on a piece of government legislation, such as tax or liquor laws as two examples, they go to a professional/expert for comment, normally that comment is critical of the current law, upon a little investigation quite often the professional/expert is a former or intending Labour/Green political candidate, which is often never declared.
    Or am I just being a conspiracy theorist. . . . .

    • Skydog

      It would be interesting to know, how many experts they have to ask, before they find that expert who will tell them what they want to hear.

    • Whenever I see “expert” or “study”, I now google the person or organisation to see who it is. Invariably it’s not news, but someone pushing their point of view.

      EDIT to add: Also be weary of anything official sounding like, “Peace and Freedom Watchmen of Iraq” that then turn out to be fervent supporters of peace after all the other people have been ethnically cleansed.

      • Kiwiracer

        And at the end of the day there is nothing wrong with that, it is just unfortunate we are only hearing one side of the view, a bit more balance is needed.

        • But they don’t disclose the agenda of the expert, study or thinktank. That’s the problem.

          • EpochNZ

            One thing I am grateful for WO teaching me…always look at anything and question the agenda behind it.

          • Disinfectant

            Maybe the interviewer should adopt the habit of asking.

          • Carl

            The interviewer does not need to ask because they already know as it is the agenda they are trying to push.

          • MaryLou

            Once upon a time I’m pretty sure they used to.

    • Sailor Sam

      No you are not.
      Even the very conservative, right wing commentator Mike Hosking on newstalkZB got involved friday morning.
      He interviewed the Massey University tax expert Deborah Russell on no income tax cuts before the election.
      She was happy about that, but also suggested that although reducing debt was possibly a good thing, she would be happy to increase debt to provide services etc, so that future generations would help pay for these extra services etc that they would/could bebefit from. That of course is straight from the socialist handbook and look at the mess Auckland Council is in because of that type of thinking.
      Hoskings did not mention that she was/is a labour party activist.
      And as NewstalkZB is now owned by NZME, it is possible that editorial control is being exercised upon the programme hosts by the same backroom boys that control a left wing newspaper.

  • “This has been a golden season. Too golden, for some. We report today
    that funeral directors and casket-builders are bemoaning how this mild
    summer and autumn have caused a drop-off in mortality – and a
    corresponding decline for their businesses.” — SST Editor

    heh. Interesting to note that there are people in our country that can’t wait for the weather to turn so that the infirm and the lazy occupants of killer houses can push profits back up to where they should be.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      More proof, if needed, that Labour is truly anti-business, what with trying to improve the ‘health’ of houses n all.

    • JEL51

      Yes, our small town Funeral Director that had cared for our neighbourhood for generations, was unavailable for our mother’s internment in July of that year.
      My family all looked shocked when “How can he be in Fiji at peak season, us farmers can’t get away with that?” just flew from my mouth.

  • Dan

    Yesterday’ Backchat had a comment about the depths of journalism when it was reported that the oldest person in the wiorld had died. Well fear not it just got worse.

    A Siamese cat recently cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest living cat did not live to enjoy the title.


    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      If you made this stuff up no-one would believe you.

  • KGB

    Perhaps it’s time for a bit of investigative journalism.
    It must be in the publics interest to know exactly how much Hager has received by way of taxpayer funding over the last say 20 years.
    I would imagine the information would be readily available for those who know where to look and who to ask.
    The Panama Papers further cement his lack of credibility. He is no longer seen as credible by many of his past supporters. Dirty Politics confirmed his biased agenda to influence and damage a general election.
    By his own words he ‘protected’ (hid) the other side of his ‘investigation’ because they were on his team on deserved another chance to “change their behavour.”
    We know Hager is a trust baby, but we also know he won’t be spending his own money the left never do.
    There would never be a better time for sunlight over Hager’s public funding.
    As he claims…it’s about PERCEPTION.

    • OT Richter

      An OIA request might shed some light. But I believe trying to expose NH would come across as petty, and is not really required as he does enough damage to his own reputation.

      • KGB

        I would have agreed until the PP’s for 3 reasons.
        1. Public opinion of him has changed.
        2. Fellow journalists have been prepared to criticise him.
        3. I strongly believe that $$$ figure will cause outrage.

    • JEL51

      I have grave doubts of finding a journalist with enough credibility for the job.
      Perhaps an Open-file, a bit like the Tip-Line,where as we each here on WO find info on such, dump it altogether. Have Lux edit into readable form, bound it in a book and sell it for the fighting fund. We could call it…..
      DIRT – How to Undermine Democracy by NH the marxist .

    • XCIA

      If the public funding that is available to such bare faced troughers as Kelsey is readily available to this weasel, then he could easily have blagged in excess of $1000K without breaking a sweat.

  • MaryLou

    Now I really have seen it all. Paw-ternity leave? Not of days, but of weeks??:


    • Wheninrome

      When you have 4 paws it takes more out of you this parenting thing.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Yeah but I can shout at them and get all gnarly and not have to worry about therapist bills down the track. :))

        • Wheninrome

          At least the animal knows which and how to toilet itself.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Yikes much as I love my pets, really? Take is as holiday if you must but ‘pawrental leave’. What with transgender toilets for 6 year olds and this I really am beginning to feel past mu use by date.

      That said I remember when a cat of mine got run over and I was just a total mess. Rang work to say couldn’t come in because I was just not capable of doing anything much. Well the next day my boss said he had checked with Personnel and I couldn’t take a ‘bereavement day’ for a pet. He never did get it that I was just too upset to be of much use for anything.

      Mind you he was so work oriented that he once said to me that I should be thinking about work even when I was making love to my partner. The sad thing is it took the death of one of his sons before he finally realised there was more to life than work.

      • ex-JAFA

        He might’ve checked with Personnel, but did he check with Pawsonnel?

        • Miss McGerkinshaw

          Good point, they would probably have given me a month off!

    • XCIA

      There are some who consider “family” the curse of the world and prefer to be single with a four legged companion as their family. When you consider the myriad of leave opportunities available to married people with children and other two legged family members, I think this evens things out just a little bit.

  • Max Rennie

    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the people of the world, especially the dairy farmers, for creating all the CO2 that’s apparently buggering up the climate. My wife and I moved from the icy South Island several years ago to warm our advancing-age bones in the north. We settled in Napier and are currently enjoying temperatures in the mid twenties – in the middle of May. I”m still going to work in shorts and T-shirt (I’d wear jandals if I was allowed to).
    The economy’s good, the climate’s good, life is good.
    Global warming? — BRING IT ON.

    • Bryan

      well we had 26 here in Christchurch last week so you could have stayed in fact we have had a very warm last month even the plants in the garden think its spring already yea great eh

  • sandalwood789

    A very good radio interview here with a guy called Roger Stone. He has published a book on Hillary Clinton. The interview really shows what a truly nasty piece of work she is –

    I was dumbstruck by the bit (about a minute from the end) where Stone mentions a woman connected to the Muslim Brotherhood who stays with Clinton. Apparently the State Department says that this is because of a “health condition” that Hillary has – yeah, right!
    As Stone says, if she has a health condition then as a presidential candidate it is only right that the public should *know* about it.
    I wouldn’t trust Hillary Clinton to run a bath for me, let alone run a country.

    ( Edit – added last sentence )

    • Dan

      Interesting. Imagine if the woman just so happened to be good at playing around with computers. Now that would really put the cat amongst the proverbial.

  • sandalwood789

    From the “tell me something I didn’t know” files – the EU naval mission to save “migrants’ has been branded a failure which has helped the *people-smugglers* –

    Quote – “Instead, British peers said there is merit to growing concerns that Operation Sophia is acting as a “magnet to migrants and easing the task of smugglers”.

    Because EU ships are patrolling international waters far out into the Mediterranean smugglers only need to get their rickety rafts part way across the sea, rather than having to make the entire journey. ”

    ( Edit – added quote )