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  • Korau

    Even Yahoo has been infected by MSMM (Main stream media mania).

    Here is the total headline and body text of a potenially interesting story.

    Police: Controlled explosion at Old Trafford was on ‘incredibly lifelike explosive device’

    LONDON (AP) — Police: Controlled explosion at Old Trafford was on ‘incredibly lifelike explosive device’

    Now I’m sure there is more to this than revealed by this award winning piece of journalism, but I fear getting your stories from twitter means they are somewhat brief. It’s like a Chinese meal, satisfying at the time but shortly after you are craving for more. Anything.

    I hanker for the good old days when you could spread the paper across the kitchen table, get poor quality printers ink on your hands, and delve properly in to a story (albeit already 24 hours past it’s use by date).

    Now you can read what’s happening in real time in your electronic iThingy (as long as the battery doesn’t clap out) but there are legions of specially trained idiots to filter all the “newiness” out so all that is left are the Kardashians.

    Couldn’t we have old time reporting on our iThings (or Android in my case)? What’s so hard about that?

    Won’t somebody please think of the children?

    • JEL51

      Leighton read out not long ago that the ‘incredibly lifelike explosive’ was actually “The” ‘incredibly lifelike explosive’ package left behind by the same people when training how to remove an ‘incredibly lifelike explosive’.
      Oh dear,dear,me.

  • GoingRight

    I turned 65 last year and having worked in my early 20’s training as a nurse in London I had to apply to the UK Pension dept to see if I was eligible for some of my super to be paid by the UK. Amazingly even though I really didn’t ever earn too much and only worked for around Five years a princely sum of around 32 pounds arrives into an account the NZ super dept has opened up for me which I can’t access but they can. I receive the usual super direct from here so it is part paid from England. A few weeks after that was established my husband who is 4’years older than me was also asked to apply to the UK. He is a kiwi, born and bred, is not entitled to a British passport and has never lived or worked in the UK, but sure enough he now gets around 18 pounds paid also into the account which the NZ super take towards his super payments. The final surprise for me was that as I hadn’t applied to the UK for my pension aged 60 as women got paid from 60, So I was eligible for payment from 60-65. I am about to receive around 7,500 pounds in one sum very soon less a small reduction (about two weeks super equivalent) . I am absolutely gob smacked and will make good use of it, but I was totally unaware of all this paper shuffling. Surely there is a more efficient way to deal with these payments not to mention the waste of paper and numbers of people involved when no doubt the same system occurs when kiwis end up in UK.

    • pisces8284

      I also received super from the UK, then NZ Super realised that they had overpaid me and deducted money each fortnight for a year

      • GoingRight

        All payments from uk to me go into NZ govt account opened in my name but with no access from me, so goes straight into NZ superannuation

    • Old Kiwi

      Apart from the paper war, the approach seems equatible to me on the proviso that if you spent the lions share of working life in UK and their pension was worth more than the NZ one, that you then get the “excess” in a greater F/Nightly payment

      • GoingRight

        I have been here for 42 years! so most of taxes paid here. i don’t get any extra as the government get that but i do get the one off five year payment which is so lovely but unexpected

        • Mags

          A older couple I know decided to do an OE when he was made redundant and could not find alternate employment. The wife was born in England and had worked for a very short time in UK before coming to NZ 40 years ago.
          He found a job in UK but she did not. She was over 60 and was able to get the pension. I think that it was also backdated. She was pretty shocked too.
          What are the rules in NZ? I hope it’s not reciprocated.

    • kayaker

      Thanks for that GoingRight. I also worked in the UK in my early 20s and reach that magic milestone age in 2017. I had no idea that we girls were eligible from age 60. Mr K is a UK-born NZ citizen (from childhood) and also worked in the UK at the same time. He is subject to that paper go-round – there must be an easier way to handle it. Either way, it all comes out in the wash.

  • Uncle Bully

    I heard yesterday that Pfizer will stop its drugs being used in US death penalty executions. Utah, however, has opted to bring back the firing squad. Most Americans support the death penalty, so there’s still hope they’ll reintroduce hanging too.


  • shykiwibloke

    Saw Horrid’s headline in a bakery this morning along the lines of “Call to ban Tot screen use”.
    The thought that immediately ran through my mind was “Call to ban Silly Headlines” and “Call to ban Political Claims without evidence”. I am sure the are other more worthy stories than this manufactured news.

    • oldmanNZ

      online version is now “to minit screen use”,
      this been going on since TV was mass produced….

    • Korau

      The headlines are now probably being generated by a site like this. http://www.contentforest.com/copywriting-tools/clickbait-headline-generator

      To become a MSM churnalist use the above generator for your headline then find someone elses story, paste it into an article rewriter and Roberts your fathers brother! You are now a “journalist” and set for a rewarding career in one of our leading publications.

      Can’t find a suitaable rewriter. Google this: Article Spinning, Text Rewriting, Content Creation Tool

      Isn’t journalism easy?

    • Bryan

      here are some facts my optican brother told me recently
      25 years ago only 30% of 25 year olds had short sight, in 25 years that has changed to 70% of 25 years old now have short sight due to over use of IT too close to their eyes, and we wonder why we are having so many accidents on the roads which require good distance sight

  • Isherman

    Random thought for Monday morning. How about a poll to see if readers believe that on or before Friday, the Angry one will;
    A) Make a full retraction and apology to the Hagaman’s. (irrespective of being made fully public or not)
    B) Decide to defend a defamation action.

    • Cadwallader

      I expect him to fold with an insincere apology/retraction. The interesting tangent will be how he’ll manage to blame JK for his own error of judgment. I would hope Jacinda’s dad gives him a serve albeit under the radar.

      • Huia

        It will made with just enough sincerity to quash the legal side of the defamation action.
        Might teach him to stop using private rate paying citizens and companies as red herrings to further Labours cause

      • Usaywot

        “I’m sorry if what I said has caused offence” blah, blah, blah. If I was the Hagaman’s I would accept that sort of apology, which is, in fact, not an apology

    • OT Richter

      C) Make a limp-wristed apology followed up by a political statement that “he is looking forward to the outcome the AG’s report..”

      My money is on ‘A’ as the Hagamans have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. A way with words they certainly have.

      A, B or C will be timed for when there is another MSM/Labour/Greens/RNZ fabricated distraction so it quickly fades into the back pages.

    • axeman

      Mate it will be (A) he hasn’t the stuff required to go to court and his Caucus will be telling him to pull his head in.
      He’s a bully who has just picked on the wrong person and is about to be made a fool, this is a no win situation for Angry Andy

  • sheppy

    Just watched the LA mayor on Paul Henry and I’m left wondering what someone that appears to talk some sense is doing over here meeting PDB. That must have been quite an experience for him. Perhaps he fancied a holiday in NZ….

    • KiwiLliz

      Re your last sentence . . . well who could blame him ;-)

  • Brian Smaller

    Whatever Pete did on Sunday has improved the speed at which WO runs on firefox. Seems to be working a treat now.

    • Aucky

      Has been very slow for me this morning up until now on Chrome.

    • Old Kiwi

      Much improved for me FF on iPad. The cluster of adverts at bottom of each post is back to the 6 it was some time ago instead twice that number. I had seen recently another cluster at the bottom of the comments and it was becoming unusable. Not sure that’s (part of) reason but much better since Pete tinkered with it.

    • Wasn’t me as such.

      The issue is balance. We were testing that revenue stream out, and not only did it turn into something that was counter productive, they hard put any money in our account.

      Like you, I’m glad that trial is over.

  • Dan

    There is a very interesting article about Sadiq Khans doublespeak here.


    It points out some interesting points refuting Khan’s clam that ,“Donald Trump and those around him think that Western liberal values are incompatible with mainstream Islam,” by teferring to an April 2016 survey of British Muslims showed that:

    Only 74 percent completely condemn “suicide bombing to fight injustice”;
    Only 66 percent completely condemn stoning those who commit adultery;
    Only 53 percent completely condemn violence against those who mock Muhammad;
    Only 34 percent would contact police if they believed someone close to them was involved with jihadism;
    23 percent believe Sharia law should replace British law in areas with large Muslim populations;
    52 percent believe homosexuality should be illegal;
    31 percent believe polygamy should be legal;
    39 percent believe women should always obey their husbands;
    35 percent believe Jews have too much power in the UK.

    It added what many of us know already that “The Muslim “block vote” is such a formidable electoral force that for Islamists to dominate a city it does not need to have a Muslim majority”

    It’s a sober read.

  • rantykiwi

    The family of some bloke who wandered in front of a train in Aussie are all over the media bleating about the cost of bringing his body home. They’ve even set up a BludgeGive-a-little page to fund it.

    Now right on cue the Maori Party has stepped into the fray “Maori Party co-leader and Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell said the issue of bringing bodies back to New Zealand was serious and needed to be looked at.”

    Hey Flavs – I’ve got news for you. Stop whining and pandering to the fiscally irresponsible and tell your buddies that having life insurance makes this sort of thing totally irrelevant.


    • Aucky

      If we do have to bear the repatriation costs maybe the bodies can be couriered back in an urn rather then airfreighted back in a box. Am I being too insensitive?

      • Woody

        Not insensitive at all Aucky, what is insensitive is expecting you and me to pay for someone else’s life (or death) choices. Even starting a Bludge a little bit more page is insensitive.

        Different story if it was a Politician or Diplomat going about legitimate business for NZ when it could be viewed as the employers responsibility, I would not even object it that person was one I disliked (and there are a few of those) but if the same person was on a private trip, sorry Noddy, you’re on your own.

    • johnandali

      I’m a returned serviceman. I think you’ll find that the repatriation of bodies that the Maori Party is talking about is the repatriation of the bodies of servicemen and women who have been buried overseas. There is quite a lot of discussion going on about this at the moment.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Then she should have made that clear.

      • rantykiwi

        I think you’ll find otherwise. Full text below

        Maori Party co-leader and Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell said the issue of bringing bodies back to New Zealand was serious and needed to be looked at.

        The Maori Affairs Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into whanau access to and management of tupapaku.

        Mr Flavell said he had a similar circumstance with a family member who died in Australia just two weeks ago

        “I can understand that people would be anxious about deaths that happen in Australia.”

        He said it could be really hard on the family when they couldn’t get a body brought home, especially when costs were involved.

        • johnandali


          This is a news report from Maori TV late last year about an appeal made to reconsider the return of Maori soldiers who were buried in Malaysia.

          • rantykiwi

            Different discussion and one I have trouble with. A part of me sees repatriation of the bodies as reasonable, but war is anything but reasonable, and a huge number of soldiers from all sides are buried where they fell. Wanting just the Maori ones returned smells a lot like taniwha gravy train to me.

  • Seriously?

    US presidential election odds update…

    Clinton: 1.43 (on 4/5 was 1.39)
    Trump: 3.95 (on 4/5 was 3.75)

  • Seriously?

    It seems Borat (or at least the government of Kazakhstan) has taken legal action in NZ against Mega in order to get Mega to cough up information that may identify people that hacked their government’s data.

    The High decision linked below find in favor of Borat. I thought readers might be interested given the current climate.


  • kereru

    Who thought it was a good idea to appoint a Muslim as the Head of Religion & Ethics at the BBC?

    ‘The number of Muslims in Britain has doubled in a decade to three million. Ibrahim Mogra, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said the BBC could televise Friday prayers from a mosque and extend coverage of Eid.

    But he added: “We would not wish Christians to have any less exposure.”‘

    Well that’s kind of him, but he forgot to add a rider – “until we have secured maximum Islamic coverage”. Isn’t diversity wonderful?