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  • LabTested

    I’m not ashamed to admit it. But last night I ……..went to the Ballet

    Now the Ballet is basically wealthy well fed people sitting around watching starving young girls performing on stage. It was clear that not a single dancer had eaten in
    the last week.

    It was the Ukraine National Ballet company & they did a couple of one hour performances highlighting their artistic abilities i.e there was no story about a Barber who has Sleeping Swans – which you would normally get at this sort of event. It was just the jumping & twirling for the sake of it.

    So act one – 18 girls. Sixteen of whom are too anorexic to move for more than 2 minutes at a time. One bloke in long john underwear with socks stuffed down his crotch. 2 female dancers who have been feed enough to move while the other 16 what-to-be Prima-Ballerinas look on hoping that Ballerina 1 or 2 breaks an ankle so they can get their big chance.

    But its culture & you have to embrace it

    • FornaK

      haha and that’s why I won’t go to the ballet.
      Beautiful summary or report, that you’d never see in the papers!!
      Glad you saved me a trip and wasting money on something I was going to see, just to say I’d been there, even though I’d know it’d be crap.
      Cheers LT.
      That man deserve a DB, for manning up and taking the hit for the rest of us males!

  • sheppy

    This weeks media party anti government campaign seems to be all about people living in garages and apparently this will become the slums of the future. Clearly they have learnt nothing from the UK where their slums were high density blocks of flats, or to give them their PC name “apartments.” Many of the worse examples of these in the UK have been demolished, but in auckland the policy seems to be to build heaps of them anywhere possible.
    Decent sized properly built lower density apartments may work for some people, but those wanted by Auckland Council will be the slums of the future.

    • shykiwibloke

      So they went grandstanding in front of these poor people – without actually helping a single one? Would have made a better story if it was about Labour MP’s using their own cars to take people to welfare offices and assist them in filling our emergency accomodation paperwork.

      • Ruahine

        How big was the donation that the Labour Party and the Media Party gave to these people?. Was it enough to get a decent feed at KFC.

      • sheppy

        Sadly that won’t happen as it would mean actually caring about the problem rather than just being interested in feeding Labours Key Derangement Syndrome.

  • Uncle Bully

    Further suggestion that the tide has turned against Merkel and her social engineering experiment for Germany and Europe. I think sooner than later Germans will get over their collective guilt about 1933 – 1945, and return to their roots as a proud and arrogant people. They will wake up, rise up and rid themselves of the pestilence.


  • Curly1952

    I see the Labour tried to do another beat up on rental housing in Otara – overcrowding, living in tents etc. They advised their lap dogs, the media party, where they were going to be and the media dutifully turned up only to be told by the owner that the tent in the yard is for his possessions as he was doing renovations to his house. Labour quickly took the media back to their headquarters to regroup and no doubt find someone to blame.
    The thing I can’t understand in this is that the media party actually reported the fact that Labour & Little had got it wrong. Have they finally worked out what we have known for months?

    • Doc45

      Imagine if John Key had tried to pull a stunt like that and it had been a fizzer. The media would have been all over it for days ripping him to shreds. Definitely two standards – one for their mates on the left and one for everyone else.

      • Isherman

        Oddly enough perhaps, Barry Sopers piece in a newspaper this morning even has the term ‘stunt’ in the headline. Media not happy that Mr 7% has made them look silly perhaps?
        Yesterday morning I was looking forward to anything that could make me laugh harder than Helens comments about the UN’s role in conflict prevention….I think they delivered.

        • shykiwibloke

          My understanding is what Barry believes and what he says are frequently two different things. A sign of how compliant to socialism one has to be to keep a media job perhaps?

    • sheppy

      You have to feel for the poor guy now the media party have told the world where his possessions are being kept.

    • GoingRight

      I still think someone should follow up on this and see if in fact usually there are more numbers than should be living at this address and see if all those have permits to be living in NZ.

      • Sagacious Blonde

        There’s the rub – a lot of these people are not residents, but overstayers not entitled to claim benefits. Quite frankly, a garage and a tap with running water outside is a vast improvement on life in the Islands.
        Waitakere wo/man taxpayer is totally turned off by these faux tales of self inflicited hardship.

    • twittertit

      The Herald’s article today is deceptive. The words imply Angry messed up, but the video makes it look like he made a direct hit on the PM and that the PM didn’t care about overcrowding.

      Mixed messages!

    • Richard

      Another embarrassing gaffe for Little.
      In Labour’s haste to pile all in over the “Crowded Housing” issue they failed to do their homework….it wouldn’t surprise me if the next Crowded House pimping story doorstepped Neil Finn’s place.

  • InnerCityDweller

    Another story on Stuff (not related to Labour, but housing) about a couple living in a people mover on Auckland’s Tank Farm. He’s on an invalids benefit and she’s his full time carer.

    “They gave up on unaffordable Auckland in disgust and moved to Cambridge in the Waikato so Dee could help a troubled grandchild. Coming back to Auckland in June 2015, they couldn’t find a home and tried Housing New Zealand again but were fobbed-off yet again, Dee said”.

    The last time they tried dealing with agencies was in June last year – now they’re “celebrating” their 1st anniversary of living in their van…

    Homeless it seems and no luck (for whatever reason) with any of the agencies – so why on earth would they come back to Auckland, the most unaffordable city in NZ?

    “Behind just one week’s rent, Dee said the couple were evicted from their residence. Chris and I were quite frankly sick of being shipped around by these greedy landlords.”

    There’s no mention of family or any other reason (medical for example) for them to be in Auckland. So, what’s wrong with the provinces?

    • Sagacious Blonde

      “Behind in just one week’s rent”???
      Would that it was so easy to get rid of tenants.

      • MaryLou

        Yep. There’s no way, so it’d be interesting to hear what the real story was. Did they ask the landlord? Doubtful. After all, he’s clearly rich.

    • R&BAvenger

      A prime example of a self-inflicted problem/situation. Similar to the family living in a state house in Christchurch who moved up to Auckland and are living in their brand new Holden as a result.

    • Huia

      Coming back to Auckland they couldn’t find a house?
      Most responsible people would find a place to live before they made the move, its called “taking responsibility for yourself”.
      Nobody in NZ needs to go onto the streets or starve and I am getting sick to death of hearing about these sods, there are plenty of services around to aid those in strife.
      I suspect they cannot abide by the rules ie unpaid rent, so they get ousted and rightly so.
      The taxpayer is NOT there to hold your greedy hand permanently, they are there to help for a short while.
      I would have more sympathy if, NZ didn’t have to import workers for a variety of jobs because bludger’s wont work.

    • Ruahine

      Just another MSM half story to fill the pages of their tabloid rubbish.

      • Kiwiracer

        This story is so full of holes and obviously unresearched, in my opinion it is reckless to even publish it.
        They have left Auckland once, there income is portable, go and live somewhere cheaper. . . . .

    • JohnO

      I bet they have a stink history as tennants and no landlord wants to rent a house to them.

  • Raibert

    I know it’s not just an Auckland problem but am sick of drivers who text while at the wheel. My job means I have to drive in Auckland at various times of the day, no matter what time it is there are many people who are looking at their laps not the road. They wobble all over the road, forget to move when lights change or traffic moves on and are generally a danger to all other road users. Why oh why did we make this illegal if the Police are not willing and able to take action. Another media campaign is futile as none of the offenders believe what they are doing is dangerous. Rant over!

    • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

      Maybe the newly suggested “T” for tourist should be “T” for texting

    • OT Richter

      Drivers holding their phone in front of their face and talking into the end of it pisses me off also. They somehow think that this is not using your phone whilst driving.

    • Mighty1

      I am guilty I do it. Sorry Raibert. I find if I am texting the lights change faster.

      • kereru

        Wouldn’t it be safer if you just pulled over at the first opportunity?

      • Mark

        Must be an app for that hehe.

    • kereru

      I followed one of those yesterday. Shall we just say her vehicle seemed to have a steering problem as it snaked across the centre line on a busy suburban road two or three times. She eventually managed to control it – possibly by using both hands on the steering wheel, looking ahead and becoming more aware of her surroundings.

    • sheppy

      It’s one of those rules that needs a law change – my suggestion for using a hand held phone
      1st offence fine
      2nd offence bigger fine and warning
      3rd offence phone taken, wiped and passed onto charity if possible
      4th offence car taken for a month
      5th offence car taken for good
      Stiff penalties maybe, but so is death by distracted driver!

      Hands free kits are readily available, so why not make a hands free call f the message is that important, or god forbid actually stop the car and send the message.
      With a hands free kit, and the phone mounted on the dash you can send txt with Siri (no doubt there is an android version?), not that its that accurate, but good fun for the person on the other end to try and work out what was meant.
      Sadly whilst persecuting motorists for minor speed violations is more lucrative there won’t be any improvement

    • johcar

      As a motorcycle commuter, I sit high and have good visibility in traffic, and it shocks me every time I am on the bike how many people use their phones to text or make non-handsfree phone calls.

      One giveaway is, at a red light, the driver’s head goes from looking ahead (mostly) to head down. Yup, texting. And these idiots are the last to notice a light has turned green…

      I am going to invest in a GoPro and start sending footage to the Police (and maybe YouTube)….

      • Vutekno

        I recommend GoPro or any other Dashmounted camera. They encourage good behaviour when seen by others drivers, pedestrians, unwanted window wash scum, parking meter low life, cars on roundabouts, kids on bikes.

        However, best to take them down when parking in dodgy areas, easily pinched in second and you are left with the hassle of insurance claims for lost goods and a broken window. Sigh!?

    • johnandali

      Yesterday, when driving south from the Millwater on-ramp on the Northern motorway I overtook two vehicles that were doing around 80 kmh. The first was driven by a man who wasn’t even looking at the road. His eyes looked to be focused on his lap, and he was obviously texting. The car in front of him was being driven by a woman who was clutching her mobile phone to her ear. I think it’s time for some Police action on such people. When stopped for using their phones, their phones should be confiscated and returned only after the fine is paid. And the fine should be increased to emphasise that a fine is a deterrent as well as a punishment. Now that we hear that fines can be remitted as community service, it’s time for that policy to be cancelled, as I have heard that fines totalling thousands of dollars (including penalties) can be cancelled and replaced by a very few days of community service, and we all know that evasion of community service is commonplace. Who is the idiot who makes these stupid rules?

  • Macca

    Poor old Hosking doesn’t know whether he’s punch, bored or counter sunk at the moment. Firstly he opens his show defending Trump and that one of the main reasons he is doing so well is due to the continued criticism he is receiving from the liberal left American media.

    Then half an hour later he is putting the boot in to Trump regarding a tax issue and that his snivelling American correspondent will be all over it just before 7. Of course, Hosking has his own segment on Friday where he happily bags Trump with whatever dirt the US media has dug up during the week in an attempt to belittle him. Jeez Mike, at least TV1 dedicate a segment every night to ridiculing Trump and try to act surprised when Obama criticizes Trump.

    Never mind Mike, even Leighton was with you giving Trump no chance up until a few weeks ago. Then again, Leighton backed Romney in the last election and Carson in this one. Trump may not be the silver bullet and is by no means perfect but I’d certainly put my money on him rather than the alternative.

  • GoingRight

    I have long thought that one area the government should be working on when trying to help those families struggling is to try and change public opinion that children should be born to families who feel they can afford to give them the basics in life. How often do we hear these families grumbling that they can’t cope and are finding housing difficult and find they are already onto child number five. i would like a system where if needed some assistance given for the first, a little more for the second and a reduction for the third. After that no more financial help. It would soon send a big message and allow some of these families would find their lives change enormously for the better. Obviously this would have to be brought in in stages, but it is this entitlement attitude yet again that we have to stop.

  • Monty’smate

    It is sad that the Labour Party is pimping the Tongan community in order to try to make a hit on the government. But it is equally distressing that immigrants come to NZ and seem to expect that the NZ taxpayer will provide them with housing, jobs and food. This is an extraordinary sense of entitlement! The message should be getting through to people in the Islands that in NZ you have to work hard to provide for your family and that welfare is not a bottomless pit there for the taking!

    • KGB

      It is long past due to revise our quota for PI’s. It was developed when NZ had labour shortages. It is now almost a refugee quota.
      Would it not be a lot cheaper to simply double the aid?

      • Dan

        NZ and Aust governments used to pump a lot of money into the Pacific via NZAid and AusAid. And they still do to a certain degree. However, there is more benefit for all countries if they focus on the RSE and SWP schemes.

        The problem with doubling the aid is that it makes for a bottomless pit, making it hard to account for where the money goes. At least with a seasonal worker, the money goes direct to a family and creates disposable income which they use to build houses, start businesses etc. In that respect, pouring aid money in does not solve anything.

    • Keanne Lawrence

      It doesn’t stop at the border now though which might be an overt form of repatriation. They only need to come here and “work” for 10 years and can then return “home” on a full whack of NZ Super.

  • Huia

    Which, in my book makes them accessories to the theft therefore they should be charged accordingly.
    If I stole something or received stolen property my feet wouldn’t touch the ground because the Police would swoop in and I’d be gone, so why are these lowlifes getting away with it, and profiting from theft?

    • sheppy

      It’s probably covered by the lefts shield of sanctimony, as ever its only a crime when somebody else does it. Whatever happened for one law for all?
      Nicky Hagar – regular dealer in stolen goods, never prosecuted
      Heather DPA – gets firearm by deception, never prosecuted
      Andrew Little – false accusations, allowed to apologise before legal action
      That’s just the obvious ones in the last 6 months or so

  • Old Gunner

    For a great laugh go and watch Andrew Little’s disastrous live video chat this morning on Stuff”s facebook page, which has had to be abandoned because of sound problems. It’s even funnier than his abandoned housing “crisis” stunt yesterday. Gold!

    • Old Gunner

      Ahh it seems they managed to resurrect the chat, and I think they’ve just now cut the disastrous first attempt from being able to be seen. The comments on the chat it will give an idea of what was going on tho. Edit, the original abandoned live chat is a couple of posts down the facebook page.

      • sheppy

        He’s getting slammed in a lot of the comments, I’d expect Mr 7% is heading down in the next “Rogue Poll,” sure hope for this countries sake that they don’t replace him before the election!

        • yoyoyo

          he orders a hot chocolate….

          then he starts being sarcastic about the questions…. i.e the one about taxes and wages

          what a muppet

          • Woody

            That man seems to be uncomfortable in any setting where he is not on his high horse castigating someone.
            Can’t think on his feet.
            Clearly can’t remember what he has said previously.
            He is not fit for purpose (Leading the biggest loser party) never mind leading the country.

          • Isherman

            The Stuffed live chat presented a golden opportunity for sarcastic questions though. “What is your position on people living in tents while they renovate houses they own?”

  • kereru

    While debating the law concerning using hand-held mobiles while driving, should we also consider a ban on throwing chopping boards and onions at police while speeding away from them?

    ‘Senior Sergeant Andrew Mortimore said police were forced to dodge vegetables and a glass board thrown from the back of the car during a 25-kilometre pursuit along the new northern Waikato Expressway.’


    • Dan

      Isn’t it a sad state of affairs where the Police have to dodge vegetables. A glass board, yes…but vegetables?

      • kereru

        I’m waiting for the cartoon! :-D

  • XCIA

    What do you call the opposite of killer cows?

    • XCIA


      • Dave

        By the look on the dogs face, its all fun.

        “Off to see the girls for a facial massage”

  • Dave

    The Ta Moko story continues, and I have to ask the question, is this another silencing by Maori that we have seen in the Nia Glassie and Kahui twins case to protect their own, incompetence, or butt covering, or just a Maori Social worker forgetting- oops, nothing to see here move on.

    I quote from a Stuff article: “Te Whare Oranga Wairua Maori Women’s Refuge has reversed its position on a social worker’s comment that they questioned abuser Tania Shailer about claims she was violent toward Moko before his death, saying the worker was “confused” when interviewed” I suggest people read the Stuff article (link below) but the next part points to some form of changed mind or fabrication going on…….

    “Fairfax Waikato Editor in Chief Jonathan MacKenzie said the organisation stood by its reporting and coverage of the case. We deal in facts. We have a recorded interview in which Ms Te Tomo said, unprompted, that Women’s Refuge questioned Tania Shailer about possible abuse from her towards Moko. For them to now say that our story was wrong because they have changed their mind is concerning,” MacKenzie said. MacKenzie noted that a scheduled interview with Marama had subsequently been cancelled”.

    So much MORE to come out, so many holes in peoples stories.


    Once again, if this is read with the strong statement from CYFS, it can reasonably assumed, there is so much more to this story.


    • taxpayer

      A shout out to the Mayor of Taupo David Trewavas who has publicly stated he will be attending the March for Moko protest at the Taupo courthouse on June 27th, not in a Mayoral capacity but as a father and family man, good on him.
      The march will be at courthouses across the country, how many other Mayors will be attending.
      Give your local Mayor a poke with a stick and challenge him to stand up as Mayor Trewavas is.

  • Ginny

    Chris Hipkins was on RNZ with Guyon this morning. When asked how much overseas buyers have contributed to school funds, he said he didn’t know. This was quite a critical question, how about finding out some facts first before racing in to comment on something you know nothing about?

  • twittertit

    By the way, has Angry apologised to that hotel chain owner yet? Or is it going to defamation proceedings?

  • Keyser Soze

    This should probably be on Backchat to get better coverage… if it is widely shown across Britain it might win the Brexit argument..