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  • MaryLou

    Must be the day for a sleep-in! So whilst you have your morning coffees, here’s an update on the Egyptian flight – it appears the wreckage is not from a plane at all, and frigates sent to investigate have been recalled. So – the plane is still missing. Somehow that feels even worse for the families, than if it was found.


  • Brian Smaller

    I see the housing sob story of the day is a woman with four kids who wanted to build a house truck and be a hippy now can’t find a place in Blenheim. She should move somewhere with cheaper rents – Wanganui or Marton for example.

    I am not sure this latest MSM/Labour Party strategy will work either – with a new front page story every day (hell Stuff has two) people will get whinger fatigue.

    • Ross

      This MSM hitjob is out of control atm.

      So this chick goes to the media because she’s living in a hostel, but then wanted the taxpayer to give her a house so she can build a house truck? I am over this entitlement craze!

  • R&BAvenger

    Lead story on Red TV this morning ‘Auckland’s house crisis is spreading, with sob stories from Tauranga now.
    Some sensible commentary on why people are investing in property evermore, from the reliable, common sense Tony Alexander
    “As each month goes by and more people who have built up savings the past three decades realise that simple bank term deposits are not going to deliver the income they were anticipating in retirement, we see more and more turn toward investing in property to deliver some yield in an asset which has a history of either rising in price every year, or barely falling when a decent recession comes along. These people are
    not speculators. They are not interested in a quick buy and flick strategy. After all, that would still leave them with a lump sum earning little at the bank. They are long-term holders and their impact is probably still being under-estimated as a source of support for house prices around the country.”

    Labour and the fool Twyford should take note – people buying as an investment are not speculators or land bankers – they are people looking for a return on Investment.

    • Annoyed

      You mean like Hague who’s holding his rentals for retirement (as per Stuff)?

      • R&BAvenger

        Good own goal by the melons there.

  • KGB

    Bill English’s statement that the Government owns 69,000 State Houses in Auckland offers a simple solution to many a crisis.
    What percentage are rented to those able to afford ‘market rent?’ Let’s say 5%. Very likely to be a much, much, greater number but for now, 5% equates to 3,500 houses. (Imagine what that figure is nationally? Probably 180,000 houses? At 5%, 9,000 homes provided to those who are not in any real need.)
    There is a homelessness ‘crisis.’ Families are sleeping in cars, tents, garages, and caravans. Homeless are sleeping rough on the street.
    A sensible National Government would immediately serve notice on those paying market rent to free up housing stock for those with greater need. It is unreasonable to expect the taxpayer to further increase housing stock while proving those without need, a house.
    It would be ‘outrageous’ for the left to claim foul when a HNZ tenant is able to afford market rent. They need to chose those who are most worthy, those families in a garage, or those who earn significant incomes in a HNZ house for life. Those paying market rents can and will survive the private rental market.
    It is often overlooked that those ‘market rent’ houses still cost us considerable maintainence. And every market rent tenant cost us over $500k by way of replacing its need due to shortage.
    Of course we should be selling all poor condition and/or empty houses to the private sector. Private landlords are better equiped to manage these rentals. Let’s face it we subsidise 60% of private rentals anyway.
    The Government has focused on selling these redundant houses in bulk to those who will continue to supply social housing. It hasnt worked. Sell them on the open market as individual sales, in small groups. Not only will this increase return, but it will assist the housing market.
    Of course there will be outrage, there always is. Using the money generated by sales directly into new builds will not appease the outraged. But it will appease middle NZ.
    Middle NZ does not like seeing little girls on TV with oxygen masks, while ex-solo parent school teachers on $63k and a new husband (with added income) occupy a HNZ home.
    It’s called fairness. It’s like the Panama Papers, it’s all about “perception.”

  • Charlie

    Looks like the Herald are right on the ball this morning.

  • MaryLou

    Canon Awards tonight, really feel like WO should be making a comeback in both the Blog section and the Politics section. Noticed there’s also a trophy up for best cartoonist. Maybe next year we should go for a trifecta?

  • SteveWrathall

    It’s 20 May, #DrawMohammedDay. The day we show that jihadi assassins don’t have a veto on our free speech. So…
    (sorry, need to click on pic as doesn’t display well)

  • Crowgirl

    Looking forward to what I presume will be a grovelling apology from A. Little, or the announcement of defamation proceedings.

    WOers can’t lose today.

    • MaryLou

      Hah! Good memory. Seems anything to do with A Little is so forgettable it’s usually “gone by lunchtime”. Will be interested to see which way he jumps this time, though.

      • Crowgirl

        Someone has to remember because as you say, the media probably won’t.

        • Isherman

          Cant find any comment at all on it so far today, not Hoots, DPF, MSM, anybody really. At this stage I’m leaning 70/30 in favour of an announcement of proceedings…or is that hoping, because the potential damage and fallout from fighting as losing this is way worse for him than apologizing and retracting.

          • Crowgirl

            I’d love for him to go full retard on it as well and drag this through the courts to a sizeable (and costly) loss. It would be such a good look going into an election year…..not.

            What sort of lawyer gets into this pickle in the first place though.

          • Isherman

            An overpaid & under-achieving one?

          • Crowgirl

            That’s the one lol

    • Melissa

      I haven’t forgotten about it though it looks like the MSM have. Absolutely nothing to see anywhere!

      • Crowgirl

        It will be swept under the carpet – I just want to see what he does! Surely the Hagamans need to follow through as well?!

        • Melissa

          It was supposed to be by 4.00 p.m today wasn’t it? Perhaps A Litlle is holding out ’til the last moment, it being friday, so that it goes under the radar?

          • Crowgirl

            Not sure – I thought 5pm?

          • Isherman

            5.00pm is the deadline…refer my comment above, no details on the details response as yet. Apparently Little will make a statement after 5.00pm sometime.

  • johcar

    It’s coming, whether PDB likes it or not – the technology that will make his spending of our rates money on the CRL look like an even more wasteful activity than it does now.

    Pittsburgh trials of self driving Uber vehicles:


  • Isherman

    Fairfax reporting a response has been sent to the Hagamans, Little has not stated what the response was or contained.

    • Melissa

      Apparently he isn’t going to apologise, according to ZB

      • Isherman

        Yesss! He might not apologise now, but he might still end up very sorry:)

        • Jude

          I think this will end badly for Little. Mrs Hagaman , I admire her restraint. She admits Little is entitled to query the financial transaction , however go through due process!
          The Auditor general will make a ruling. That outcome is seperate from Little’s derogatory statements outside of Parliament.
          I hope the Hagamans do call Jacinda Adern’s Father as a key witness for them.
          Probably played out in election year.
          Who would donate to Labour now?

    • Crowgirl

      It would appear that he wants to wait until the Auditor General gives their decision before proceeding. I think he’s written to the Hagamans to tell them that in the hopes they will back off. Don’t think it will work out for him.