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  • Korau

    Rodney Hides thoughts on Winston Peter kingmaker extraordinaire on making Andrew Little PM (from his latest article in a newspaper).

    “Labour has no route to power without the support of Winston Peters. Peters can’t abide amateurs. He isn’t about to make one Prime Minister.”

    It must be so demoralising for Little to know he has reached the zenith of his mediocrity, and the best he can expect from here on in is to be a seat warmer.

    • Wasapilot

      Surely angrys “people” arrange these kind of stunts, and angry just has to turn up and prattle on about how evil John Key is. You have to wonder if little is being setup to show the idiot he truely is, by his own “people”.

      • Korau

        I don’t think he needs much help.

        He desperately needs both charisma and common sense transplants.

        • sonovaMin

          A brain would help.

  • Wheninrome

    The Olympics just about on. The latest in the Herald supplies for the teams. I see condoms are on the list along with insect repellant. Reasonable. Yes, except the Olympic Committee fund these products. That means that the taxpayer has input along with the various sporting bodies involved.
    At what point in time does a sports person’s safe sexual activity become the responsibility of someone else to pay for. Surely if they wish to involve themselves with someone else sexually they can pay for it themselves. What happens when they are at home – do they ask mummy and daddy to pay?

    • Nige.

      It’s just pampering isn’t it.

      Shoving a bunch of condoms in everyones faces is sending a message, surely.

      It’s like giving everyone a box of chocolates. Of course they are going to eat them at some point.

      • Wheninrome

        So if it is “just pampering” and I can buy into the box of chocolates analogy, how far does the pampering go and who pays. If NZ pays for the pampering then the medals won are NZ’s medals and should all be kept somewhere safe, or are the medals the individuals after all their hard work and personal effort, which is what I prefer, in which case they should pay for their “pampering”.
        I honour the fact that our medal winners are NZers and am proud that they are Kiwis, but they are their medals.

        • Nige.

          Yes. I should’ve left the word “just” out. I disagree completely with the handing out of condoms to professionals who can afford their own.

          Also I could’ve added the word “plain” before ‘just’ for correct context.

    • Cadwallader

      I recall Helen Clark spouting off at the end of the Olympics in Beijing about how we can all take pride in our medals. (Emphasis on the “we” and the “our.”) I’m sorry but the medals were earned by individuals through their own abilities and efforts. It is the socialist way to ascribe individual efforts to some sort of collective merit. This is the same thinking when nobody carries individual blame for a crime, except in reverse. I expect the present Labour leader to make similar claims to his predecessor should some Kiwi participants earn medals.

    • Dan

      Do they also get a toiletry bag with a toothbrush and paste, soap and deodorant too? Surely essential since they appear too busy training to tend to their own needs. :/

      What about other delegations proudly putting NZ in the world stage. Do our diplomats, ttade negotiators, soliders, sportspeople and teams who are not olympians, politicians and company execs get issued with piles of condoms, just in case?

  • WeaselKiss

    Yum, just polished off a nice comforting feed of bacon, eggs tomato and toast.
    I have decided the generic brand of (supermarket) bacon is superior to other more ‘namey’ brands.
    For one thing it is dry – i.e. has not been pumped full of water that floods out as you cook it.

    • MaryLou

      The flavour is in the fat, so I have a favourite streaky bacon that is honey cured. The only problem is the pieces are so small, you need a whole packet for one brekkie!

    • Disinfectant

      Danm, Ive only got porridge in the house this morning. I was half way through it and now its not quite the same.

      You are right about the water. If you buy a pork chop, place it in a pan with a little bit if oil, you will need to drain off the water as it cooks.

      Why are we not all complaining to the supermarkets?

      • WeaselKiss

        Because we’re burnt out with just keeping up with the himiny-piminy-ness of just living life and have given up.
        As an ex-sheep farmer, try complaining to some spotty supermarket person about the quality of their sheepmeats.
        It’s no fun!

    • Sailor Sam

      Our sunday brunch will be fresh home made bread, boiled egss and pure beef Pirongia sausages which are sold at farmers markets troughout the Waikato.
      We cook the sausages in our bench top convection oven to eliminate fat spatter, and boiled eggs leave virtually no mess either.

      • WeaselKiss

        ‘What’s your address for next sunday’ could be a suitable response for the above.
        Seriously, those pure beef Pirongia snags do indeed sound like the business.

        • Sailor Sam

          The Okoroire Pub for lunch next sunday.

    • Asian_driver

      Yup that water sells for about $20.00 per kg, really should make the bacon companies pay more for their water

  • Dave of the West Bank

    Posted this at http://joannenova.com.au/ this morning.

    Am hopeful that an answer will come out of the woodwork one way or another…

    I have some questions.

    Here in New Zealand we have an Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). It was put place during the current Government’s first term, as far as I know. They are now in their third term. At the time I understood that the tax consisted of 4 cents per litre of fuel and 5% of your electricity bill – no idea about other forms of energy. This tax was to be doubled in 2013.

    The money, allegedly, goes to owners of forests, such as farmers, Maori, overseas corporations, etc., and 10% goes to the UN, which allegedly distributes it to hard-done-by countries such as Zimbabwe to expiate our sins of possessing cheap (but getting more expensive) forms of energy generation.

    I have since been unable to find anything out about this tax, and therefore conclude that it is a tax by stealth. Most people I speak to are unaware that the tax exists, indeed a contractor installing a smart meter at my place for my electricity supplier said, “ETS? Never heard of it, mate.”

    My questions, therefore, are:

    1. How much am I, the ordinary Joe Blogs New Zealander, paying towards the ETS per litre for my petrol and diesel?

    2. How much am I paying per unit of electricity towards the ETS?

    3. Where does this money go?

    4. What is achieved by this tax?

    I’d really be grateful if some bright spark among you could provide the answers.

    • Disinfectant

      I have Australian customers who keep asking me why our fuel pump price is do high.

      I give this as one if my answers.

      After it sinks in, I then tell them that they can thank Tony Abbott for their own fuel being cheaper as he canned their own ETS scheme.

    • One thing you can be sure of is that “climate change” will soldier on irrespective of how much tax you pay.

  • Wheninrome

    How very sad for the Meads family and the attendant publicity to his grandson’s arrest. However the comment that the arrested person must have got into wrong company always amuses me. Maybe, just maybe, the others in the group got into wrong company and the “wrong un” is the arrested person.
    It is always the other person who is wrong, this is the problem with lack of personal responsibility, it is always someone else’s fault.

    • Dave of the West Bank

      Nevertheless, I really feel for Sir Colin and his family. The ones that leave the track and get on the wrong side of society and the law seem immune to the hurt they inflict on friends and family.

      • Wheninrome

        I feel sad that the connection is highlighted in the press. Where is it Sir Colin’s responsibility for his grandson who has “gone wrong”. It is his family’s private tragedy. I do not need to know that it is his grandson, it makes no difference to guilt or otherwise, and I do not pass judgment on the Mead’s family.

        • Huia

          I agree, its a terrible thing for the family so why is Colin Meads photo on the front page of the Ferald?
          He hasn’t done anything wrong, but his name is right there in the head lines.
          Shame on the Herald for exploiting the family connection to that extent.

    • Asian_driver

      So by quickly making this public by the media , removes any need for name suppression, which in itself could be an injustice, as I dont know the back story it may well be good, but just another example of MSM knows best

  • MaryLou

    Gosh, so many options for transport of the future – here’s what Sweden is trialling, driverless buses:


  • Nige.

    What is it with Russel Norman being all over the TV?

    He’s on q and a looking like Mr casual.

    His leaving the green party and joining green peace seems to have been a part of a celebrity strategy.

    • Duchess of Pork

      The lefty luvvlies must surely be outraged by Mr Casual’s manspreading.

    • Wayne Hodge

      What was appalling was his apparent embrace of appeasing Putin at all costs so war is avoided. Norman like so many has totally failed to learn the lessons of history. His attitude was give in give in, head in the sand claptrap.

      • Nige.

        And scaremongering by comparing global warming to nuclear war???

      • johnandali

        I didn’t see the program, but I’m sure he would have been very proud of people like Angela Merkel who has sold Germany down the river. Because she was brought up in East Germany which was a very strictly-run communist dictatorship, I sometimes wonder whether she is simply getting her own back on those capitalist blighters who kept the East Germans in poverty. If so, it’s a great pity that she wouldn’t have realised that those capitalist blighters who stripped all the wealth from the East Germans all lived in Moscow.

      • Wheninrome

        Yes, certainly not a very “green” attitude, living for the now and not caring two hoots about the future.

  • Curly1952

    How times have changed!!

    • Richard

      Great example of the now rampant oxymoronism “Free education, Tax the rich”

      In their eyes, is it only free if the receiver doesn’t have to pay for it?

      Oxymoronism? is that even a word? I wouldn’t know, I left school at 15 to earn my own way.

  • Dan

    Very likely. They will completely miss the great work boxing does for youth worldwide. Boxing is a discipline. Unsung heroes like Billy Graham (no not the evangelist) in Naenae Lower Hutt who has an academy takes loads of kids off the streets and away from crime is a story most will never hear unfortunately.

  • “If Hamilton Zoo’s baby chimp lives up to her new name, she’s going to be a chatterbox.

    The three-month-old baby chimpanzee has been named Chiku, a Swahili girl’s name that means “one who chatters”.”

    I want to thank the people who supported my bid to name it Peta. Clearly we didn’t win this time, but thanks all the same.


    • Huia

      I feel your pain at not naming the little chimp Peta, but Chiku is good too.
      When she grows up you could become good friends, could even go dancing together.
      “Doin the Orangutango” could be such fun.

    • Nige.

      At least the sentiment is still there ?

  • Skydog

    Dean Lonergan has criticised those who watched last nights fight via internet streaming. I was prepared to pay $20 for the fight last night, but as I don’t have sky tv, and I had to stay at home to mind the kids, I took the free option. Not everyone can go to a mates place and chip in a few dollars as suggested on talk sport. How about us who still want to watch by themselves due to other commitments. I’m not interested in the under card fights so $50 for me is far too much.

    Unless you make sport available on line don’t go crying a river. Get with the times sky tv and you promoters. If they wanted me to pay, I should have the option to go to a website, request the fight, pay by credit card and streaming starts.

    If there was an internet only pay per view service I would be interested to know the site. I tried but I couldn’t find one last night.

    • Carl

      Someone recorded it on there phone and streamed it on facebook.

    • EpochNZ

      To be honest i think Dean Lonergan just got a rude wakeup call that his business model is antiquated….the question is whether he has the nous or intelligence to embrace the “new media” or whether he’s doomed to stay where he is. I’ve got no sympathy to be honest, I think these “Sporting Promoters” having been ripping off the viewing public for years.

      And Yes, I could have watched the Boxing for free last night, but chose not to. I was watching AFL and Eng v SL at Headingly instead!

  • twittertit

    This could just be me, but I feel that the media have plumbed to new depths with this article:


    Instead of just letting the story go, they had to go and dig up a bit of dirt about this guy’s relationship with his wife, and tell the whole world about it.

    I don’t care that the guy admitted he made a mistake, I don’t care that the guy is now a cop. They published this story for no other reason that he’s a little famous because of a video.

    It’s just not ok.

    • OneTrack

      You expect more from the Woman’s Weekly Herald? Why?

      • kereru

        At least Woman’s Weekly is a more benign source of information for the Herald than this outfit:

        ‘The implications of this revelation from Mideast analyst Omni Ceren are huge. It is unlikely that this is the first time wealthy Leftist organizations have paid off “journalists.” Perhaps this is a clue as to why the mainstream media marches in unbroken lockstep in opposing resistance to jihad terror and smearing foes of terror as “bigots” and “Islamophobes.” I expect there is a payroll for that somewhere that has yet to be revealed.’


    • Gaynor

      That is just so wrong ! Even if he had fathered 10 kids to 10 women and then married it is none of our business.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        I venture to suggest that 90% of ‘news’ is ‘none of our business’!

  • johnandali

    When I worked in one of our major prisons some years ago, the parole board, comprising three or four quite elderly people (all pakeha), met in one of our rooms. I have no idea how the system worked, and whether they interviewed inmates, prison officers or victims.

    I also have no idea how the parole boards are comprised. Are they retired lawyers? Retired judges? What? What sector of the community do they come from? And who appoints them? Why the secrecy?

    But when I read the articles about so many people paroled and then going on to commit very serious crimes, I wonder whether these nice middle-class people comprising the parole board are simply out-of-touch with what’s really going on in our communities. We really need a more open system than the closed-door parole system we have.

    I’m hoping that a competent journalist will be reading these comments, and will do some snooping around to tell us how the system works and who does what, and who appoints them. Should be very interesting.

    • Quinton Hogg

      The Parole Board has it’s own website.
      Just google “parole Board”.
      The members comprised members of the Judiciary, High and District Court Judges and lay members who seem to have a significant amount of experience.
      The site is actually quite an eye opener.