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  • GoingRight

    Discus problem, can anyone advise who I ask for assistance? Each time I come into Whaleoil instead of my name I see Login and have to relogin, then I usually have the ‘best’ button as my default, but yesterday I put it to Newest and now each time it goes back to newest! Technology Aaagh!!!

    • Chris EM
    • Dan

      Are you signing on to many devices. Sometimes (not always) this logs out previous sessions. Also devices that turn off can lose whatever session is in play, requiring logging in again. Again, no always.

  • Cadwallader

    Little Angry is advocating “accelerated depreciation” amongst his nonsensical “economic policies.” He should know because that is exactly what happens once you’re appointed Labour’s leader.

  • Keyser Soze

    I see Angry Andy walked straight into JK’s tax cuts trap yesterday. He’s going to spend the run up to the election trying to convince NZ that he knows how to spend our money better than we do. You have to admire National’s tactics, you really do.

    • KGB

      They seem to have gone too far with their homeless and poverty pimping. Most of the people I know are fairly left thinking and appear to be pushing back.
      Middle NZ does not believe they should work harder to provide ‘everyone else’ with a house. They are working hard securing their own. They are now sceptical and critical of those who are paraded on TV. They now notice the number of children and pregnancies.
      Little’s suggestion that middle NZ’s tax cuts would be better spent on housing ‘everyone else’ may just be the line in the sand.

      • Kiwiracer

        I totally agree with you, in my work I interact with working people, some who are not on big incomes but they work and provide for their families, they are getting tired of the endless line being paraded looking for something for nothing. . . . . . . . .entitleitis.

      • Greg M

        I’m seeing exactly the same. The pimping the poor strategy could come back and bite them, and rather than being a line in the sand is more likely to be the straw that broke the camels back.

  • sarahmw

    With all the talk about illegal streaming maybe this is the time for those complaining to listen to what the public are saying. It reminds me of the radio pirate days with the Tiri. Look what happened we got radio stations that people wanted to listen to. I suggest Dean lonergan and the nearly extinct dinosaur sky start listening. Maybe if an online streaming option was available the 1000’s that watched for free may have taken that option. Of course some would not and you’ll always have that group. Another option ditch sky just like thousands are and stream it . Can’t believe you couldn’t pay and watch once it started. 21st century people get into it, just like the new savvy sick of being ripped off kiwi has. Welcome to the real world or probably not. Will gouge nzers for as long as it lasts.

    • Wayne Hodge

      Lonergan is trapped in a past business model, like Sky and many others. The time has passed in a technology sense for these restrictive rights models both domestically and globally. Yet many have yet to comprehend this. One of the reasons Netflix and Amazon for example are moving into original content is to enable them to bypass the tyranny of geographical rights etc. We will see more and more of this.

      • Aucky

        Netflix isn’t doing a great job of bypassing geographic boundaries right now.

    • Aucky

      That’s another argument entirely Sarah. Tell me what’s legally and morally correct about wanting a brand new Jaguar, not wanting to pay for it so you go out and steal an unlocked one.

    • jcpry

      Sky is not the issue. The simple fact is that a) Duco has a product to sell and b) people stole that product. This is no less than theft and I hope that those responsible get taken to the cleaners.
      If the sports people, artists and the creators of these events don’r get paid we will lose them.

    • The Fat Man

      Whats the bet it could be purchased cheaper off shore. What did the rest of the World pay, my guess is less than us.

      Want to stop Pirates.

      It is really simple, if you charge a million dollars 1 person will pay to view it, if you charge a dollar a million people will watch it.

      They set the price knowing that it will encourage “illegal” streaming but except it as they are maximizing the return on those who do pay. Then cry when they get the figures wrong.

      Sky charge to much and rip the NZ public off, the people who “illegally” streamed it did not charge for their services so where was the financial gain.

      • jcpry

        It is their product and have the right to charge what they want for it. I thinks Aucky below hits it in the head.
        I’ll be the first to put my hand up and admit to streaming overseas sports – some paid, some not based on availability. However this attitude “that it is too expensive so I’m going to steal it” is just another case of entitlelitis.
        I understand that Siones Wedding was one of the most pirated movies ever in NZ. NZ Actors, producers, crew and talent – ripped of by New Zealanders. Disgusting.
        Now Joseph Parker being ripped off as well. Local boy, local promoters, and local production all getting ripped off by local people. Shameful.
        I could care less about Sky and Duco but this idea that it okay to steal someone else’s creativity and talent is just not acceptable.

        • The Fat Man

          “Now Joseph Parker being ripped off as well” He wont have been the first Boxer, local or international, to have been ripped off.

          Remember the David Tua case who was one of the other parties to that.

          Was Siones wedding not an inside job for profit and they were held to account.

          How much money did the modern day Robin Hoods make from the streaming.

    • Wheninrome

      Where does what KDC is accused of fit into all this.

    • There are always people that won’t pay, and they will find a way to watch without paying.

      The challenge is to get people that will pay a very easy, reliable and affordable way to pay.

      $10 x 50,000 people is better than $0, even if another 100,000 people watched it free.

      • Mark

        This is something that IMO NZ businesses have never understood well at all! They would rather attempt to make $1000 once off two clients than $100 many times off 1000’s of clients.

      • MaryLou

        The problem is that $10 is still $10 more than “free”. Sure, you’ll get some who’ll pay the discounted rate, but I’d wager that whilst “free” is an option, 99.9% of people will pick that one.

        Edit: Example: Music at $1-ish per song. People still prefer illegal downloads…

        • old school

          I believe that people download stuff for free as a payback for all the years of being ripped off by the big companies. Even if the fees were low and reasonable there is still past feeling of being ripped off.

  • Go home Metservice, you’re drunk. (pic)

  • Greg M

    The latest news from Europe regards flight MS 804 is very disturbing. It now appears that one of the pilots was speaking briefly to Egyptian ATC about a fire on board. If this is true this will have massive worldwide implications. The entire A320 fleet will have to be grounded until they find what caused it and how to fix it. Could be interesting.

  • Disinfectant

    Trevor Mallard is getting stuck into Hutt City Council today over large rate increases.

    When Labour members start into councils you know that they are broken and untouchable organisations.

    Urgent legislation is required to limit councils spending. Included should be a stripping of the delegated powers allowing their Chief Executives to spend so much money without council resolution.

  • Aucky

    You have to admire the Herald’s manipulation of the ‘news’. Rodney Hide’s Opinion column yesterday was about Andy’s tent debacle last week which I thought would have attracted much comment from Herald readers. It appears not as the Herald has declared the debate closed overnight without a single reader’s opinion being published. Maybe the opinions didn’t suit the Herald’s agenda.

    • Doc45

      They also ran an ‘idiot’ contribution from that Marvelly woman and did not allow comments. I presumed they cannot afford someone to do the moderating?

      • NZME have about 500 staff I believe. It’s clearly something they don’t value enough to put a few people on.

        • Dave

          500 Staff. wow, I wonder how many will keep their jobs when merged with Fairfax. Perhaps the competent ones?

          • Oh Please

            What, both of them??

          • old school

            I didn’t realize there were so many.

    • old school

      The Herald doesn’t tolerate any other opinions whatsoever.

  • Bryan

    is it really surprising that a guy sees nothing wrong in broadcasting a fight illegally when the media sees nothing wrong in a guy writing a book from stolen emails

  • MaryLou

    That’s quite funny. She lost 4 out of 5, wasn’t it? And I love how they kept adding the brackets “(in part)”. A very, very small part, Penny.

  • Tom

    I just thought I would share this to wind all you Aucklanders up.
    Tasman DC Annual plan.
    *1% Rate income rise down from 2.96 forecast.
    *$32.5 capital expenditure on target for the $32.5 forecast.
    *$105.9 Operating expenditure Down from $106.3 forecast
    *$166.4 Net debt, down from 178.6 forcast
    * $111.6m Income down from 113.1 Forecast
    Now you know why I live down here and not in Auckland!
    Rates on 5 acres and 250 sq meter house Just under $2000 a year!