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  • Nige.

    Have we heard who Hillary Barrys replacement will be yet?

    • Brian Smaller

      Max Headroom.

    • sheppy

      Does it matter given that Hillary is just an auto queue reader? I guess the deriding look reserved for JK and other right of centre politicians could be termed a special skill…

      • Nige.

        I just worry she might be replaced by some one further left than her like John minto.

    • Aucky

      Will there be a replacement? It may well just be Mike on the mike.

  • Brian Smaller

    Biggest lightning storm in Wellington in years and I slept right through it.

  • Aucky

    The Herald click bait: ‘Which NZ city is in a world of shame?’

    The headline: ‘Sin index reveals Auckland as third most expensive city in the world for drinking and smoking.’

    So Auckland is third behind Melbourne and Singapore to buy cigarettes and booze?Does anyone really care and does that ‘stark’ statistic really match up to the click bait?

    • Sagacious Blonde

      I was amused at the ‘date night’ term. A half share of five beers and a packet of cigarettes – really?

      • Aucky

        The Herald article appeared to be based on an Australian summation of info gathered in Germany. It’s called investigative journalism in this country. Can’t wait for the media merger.

    • kayaker

      It’s all JK’s fault. That and P-imbibing losers who have to live in motels as the taxpayers’ guests, then blame JK and the gummint for that. We’re doomed!

  • Cadwallader

    So JK’s popularity has “plummeted?” He has slipped by 50% of the margin of error in one single poll. The NZ media applying its own version of reality yet again. I recall back in 2008 the Australian share-market fell by 6% in a day and the OZ media described it as a “dip.” On the very same day, NZ’s share-market fell by 3% but the NZ media described it as a “plunge.” The message here is that simply to be sensational the NZ media will say more or less anything, particularly if it feeds fear, resentment etc.. This lot aren’t reporters they are manufacturers who occasionally elevate themselves to being repeaters (albeit with a deliberate twist.)

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Bernard Orsman is getting warm, dodgy wiring and unsafe safety glass. He’ll be exposing concrete cancer soon.
    It’s not the rogue tradies, Bernard, it’s the multi-millionaire conspirators that are the real danger.

  • R&BAvenger

    When the news item came on about the woman living in a motel with 8 children, all paid for by WINZ, I said to my partner – there must be more to this story.

    Sure enough a fellow contributor revealed later the same evening in back chat that she had been kicked out of her HNZ rental due to P-lab contamination, a problem that had arisen in more than one rental with them so they decided they had had enough and given her the boot.

    Much of this living in cars and garages stuff is likely due to choices made by the people concerned, bad choices mainly. I do feel sorry for the children – what chance or hope do they have?

    My summary of the causes of the Auckland Housing issues, in no particular order :

    1. An inept council, wedded to intensification.
    2. Artificial land constraints.
    3. RSA reforms unable to be pushed through parliament (opposed by the opposition, yeah, the same people proclaiming a crisis!)
    4. Dumb people over-breeding, spending money on things they can’t afford.
    5. Bad tenants
    6. A lack of skilled Labour

    What else is there to add?

    • Raibert

      Immigration at unprecedented levels.
      Rampant property speculation using overseas funds (just like Ireland before 2008)
      Government unwilling to act.

      • R&BAvenger

        Rampant property speculation – according to recent info released that would seem not to be a significant factor – most properties in the Auckland market are bought by locals.

      • Abjv

        A big load of the immigration is kiwis coming home. Is the solution to cancel their passports while overseas to stop them coming home and contributing to immigration numbers? Why not all stop all Aussies from coming over as well? That will go down well in Canberra.

    • Wheninrome

      I can see why the Greens are on board with this one, the huge gas guzzling car needed to house mother and 8 children. This is so bad for the environment. Trouble is a bicycle won’t assist in this situation.

    • Huia

      We shouldn’t be paying for this, or supplying them with a Motel.
      They got themselves into this mess with P-lab contamination of their house, so that should be it.
      They were trying to make a fast, illegal buck without the obligations of morals, responsibility, respect for their home and children, plus the fact other people are working hard to support them by paying tax.
      Its time these people were made responsible for their own actions. It may make them a little more careful about their life’s choices, they are a choice.
      Nobody held a gun to their head making them manufacture P, nobody forced them to have so many dammed kids.
      The Kids should be removed from incompetent parents like this, benefits should be stopped as should the handouts, then they just might start to take better care of their personal situation.
      Its called tough love.

      • johnandali

        I wonder if the motel unit (or units) are cleaned on a daily basis by the motel staff, and how often the sheets and towels are replaced, and how many channels they get on the TV. And I wonder whether anybody is carrying out regular P checks on the motel rooms. I also wonder what these tenants do all day. They don’t have to clean the place. They probably live close to McDonalds so they don’t have to cook. What a great life. All on the taxpayers.

    • johnandali

      No register of destructive or drugged tenants. No register of bad landlords. No annual compulsory testing of any rental properties for P. Stupid rules that allow P users who have caused thousands of dollars of damage to state houses to have another state house after a year.

      • old school

        When I was young we lived in a large 4 bedroom villa in Mt Eden. There were 8 of us. In even earlier times the house would probably have had 12 or so occupants. Now the house has a couple and one child. It is fewer people living in the houses too that has contributed to the shortage.

  • Dumrse

    Our esteemed journalists at STUFF have done it again. Big headlines about the Egyptian Air A320 Airbus loss with an even bigger photo of a Boeing 777. It happens when you let the kids play with the media toys.

    • Beria

      Also a photo of Jetstar’s propellor plane in the story where they eere fined for bringing in a banned Chilean deportee- or was that a Mediahub story?

  • Nige.

    If we describe the time as ½ past and ¼ past etc then why don’t we call 20mins past the hour ⅓ past?

    • R&BAvenger

      It’s probably a convention.

      Some info here :

      “Until 1500s, clocks only kept time to the quarter hour.

      Further division of the hours was needed as clocks became more complex.

      1 hour was divided into 60 minutes.

      1 minute was divided into 60 seconds.

      Seconds didn’t become common until the 1670s after the invention of the pendulum escapement: 39-inch pendulum clocks have a 1 second period to their swing.”

    • pisces8284

      I always say 20 past or 20 to

    • Tom

      I could never get used to saying half before in germany!

    • Iva b ginn

      I have a young French guy working with me at the moment and the other day he asked me if he could knock off at 40 past 3, it took a minute or two to figure out what he meant. Ah you got to love the French???.

  • shykiwibloke

    Lately I’m getting the feeling that the Greens are gaining traction with the twenty somethings. That their policies have a certain appeal and they are not negative-bashing like Labour – which seems to be a big turnoff to my kids generation, (surprise).
    My current gut feel is that the Greens will accelerate if they leave some of the communistic leanings behind and plod quietly forward with policies like their public transport – basically filling the vacuum left by Labour.
    Not my cup of tea, but still interesting to watch over the coming months. I’ll be looking for a slow but steady trend under the noise that Winston creates every so often.

    • OT Richter

      Will we see Labour attack them out of desperation closer to the election? If Labour starts to lose list MPs to the Greens, it will be very hard to keep those marginal Labour MPs in line.

      • shykiwibloke

        Exactly – which will tend towards blowing apart any chance of the grand left coalition the MSM are fond of. Not hard to see a scenario where the Nats accomodate Winston and the Greens threaten Labour as major opposition party. Or the Greens come to some deal with the Nats and leave Winston out in the cold. Must order my popcorn soon as it’s going to be an unpredictable fest right out of the gate.

  • Usaywot

    When are politicians going to stop this inane question in Parliament “Does……..stand by his statements” it’s a puerile time waster.

    • Beria

      If Little ever became PM it would be an excellent question. It is just that National is too professional overall to get caught out.

    • pisces8284

      Absolutely. Shame the Govt can’t ask questions of the opposition

    • Cadwallader

      I think Little’s opening question to the PM ought always be:
      “Can the Prime Minister stand me?” or “How can the PM stand-up straight when laughing at Labour’s ineptitude?”

    • old school

      Isn’t the entire question time waste of time. The government never answers question in any reasonable way and the opposition never asks meaningful questions. Its all done to try and promote or denigrate the government of the day. AND we are paying for it.

  • spanishbride

    I identify as a 24 year old lawyer so I am going to charge $350 an hour for my time :)

    • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

      Is it “date night” and you are into role play???

  • Wayne Hodge

    Watching Paul Henry this morning I was astounded by the high number over 70% who apparently think the Government is not doing enough to control the housing market. This unfortunately is a term which was not defined. In one extreme this could mean the government dictating who you could sell to and when and at what price. Knock on effects could be major losses b banks, massive interest rate rises etc. A guaranteed vote winner not! This is the problem with such polls as nobody actually knows what people mean. The poll is therefore meaningless.

    • Builder

      Well I agree. There is plenty the government can do to make it easier to get houses built. They need to directly limit the councils planning powers.

      1. Immediately remove the residential zoning rules in Auckland limiting only 1 unit per site.
      2. Remove the zoning rules restricting site coverage, permeability and yards sizes.
      3. Make it easier and cheaper to subdivide sections into smaller lots without interference from councils, just survey the land and lodge new lot plan.

      Get council restrictions out of our life and let the market decide. Builders and developer will only produce what the buyers are willing to pay for.

      Here are the current density rules. There are tens of thousands of sections big enough to be subdivided or have two homes on one site.

      • R&BAvenger

        Good strategy. The government should co-opt those declaring a ‘housing crisis’ to come on board and support this, especially that waste of space Dunne and the Maori party, who I believe, voted against changes to the RMA.

  • Rob

    Does anyone know how RNZ listener numbers are faring since John Campbell has taken over the Checkpoint slot?

  • XCIA

    Could this be Mr Angry’s canine companion?

  • “The Herald has chosen not to name the students after school authorities warned students not to talk to media.”

    Oh dear. Expecting the NZ Herald to stick to that promise is a long shot. When will people learn? Those kids’ names will be public within 48 hours.

    • Carl

      I’ve just heard the principal of the school saying what the Herald is saying is just plan wrong and misleading.

      • Now why isn’t that surprising?

  • jimknowsall

    What did everyone think of the Bryan Bruce doco last night about the NZ education system? My view was that this was really just an opinion piece masquerading as fact. He only interviewed those who agreed with him. There were no opposing views. No comment from the Ministry. It was so one-sided that although it was an interesting, thought provoking piece, I felt that I didn’t want to form any firm views based on such an unbalanced programme.

    • Isherman

      Duncan Greive in the Herald has a piece on it today and he doesn’t pull any punches in his assessment. A short excerpt:

      “It was a rambling, incoherent mess of a product, at once disdainful of testing and reliant on it, dated in its construction, sloppily assembled and willfully misrepresentative of both the intent and reality of the teaching systems it assessed.”

      It’s pretty brutal.

      • jimknowsall

        Thanks. That review does highlight nicely some of the issues I felt with Bryan’s approach to the subject and the way he presented it.