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  • “Sam Hayes to replace Hilary Barry as co-host of TV3’s 6pm news show”

    Ladies and gentlemen… let me introduce the Step-mum of the nation.

    • Curly1952

      I have never heard of her. What is her claim to fame?

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Just googled her but none the wiser really!

      • Uncle Bully

        Here’s some background, courtesy of the newspaper that competes with the Woman’s Weekly


      • Iva b ginn

        Her mummy used to front a music TV program years back. She always seemed to be stoned. Looked like something out of absolutely fabulous.

        • Left Right Out

          Ahhh yes Karen Hayes….. I remember her…. she looked off her chops most nights

          • That was Karyn Hay, no relation. And she was off her chops, but then you’d need to be living with Andrew Fagan from The Mockers. Still is apparently.

          • Roland

            I thought the same about Andrew when I saw Kayrn interviewing him on Radio with Pictures, he was upside down on the sofa… Then I read his book about Swirly World and realized he had a pair http://www.nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle/news/article.cfm?c_id=6&objectid=383465

    • island time

      It also rained somewhere today….newsworthy? media live in a cocoon and think they are the news….

    • Brian Smaller

      Another talking head. I wish they would just replace these people with CGi animations. At least they would be more interesting.

      • localnews

        I don’t know why they don’t just use Siri on their phones would be much cheaper and do the same job

        • sheppy

          Siri probably couldn’t be programmed to be anti government enough. Maybe it would take too long to get him to say “it’s all John Key’s fault”

      • Davo42

        What is Max Headroom doing these days?

        • He’s just G-g-g-g-g-g-g-g-great!

      • Asian_driver

        they could just turn the picture off on the tv , it would kinda be like -radio

    • Nige.

      He has a girls hair cut

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        That’s what I thought but was scared to say in case I got sidelined. At the very least extremely androgynous.

        • Wheninrome

          Didn’t “they” come from down that way?

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            Sorry don’t get it?

          • Wheninrome

            There was a person who wished to be referred to as a “they” they were very confused as to their identity so felt that “they” fitted the bill.

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            Ah yes, I’d forgotten. Thanks for the clarification.

        • Odd Ball

          It’s a bit early in the morning over here for really big words, I had to google that one, but I’m none the wiser.

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            I’ve always taken it to mean could be either / or – can’t tell just by looks. Yes google makes if more complicated and I’m not so sure of my understanding of the word now?!

    • sonovaMin

      Personally I like her. She has a good speaking voice and is pleasant to look at – unlike Barry who was beetle browed and had a unpleasant inflection in her voice.

      • Nige.

        Yes I agree.

        And we get to watch her make her own direction or be torn down with those around her.

        It all adds to the show.

      • I’m told she’s a vegetarian as well as a ginger. no good will come of this.

        • How on earth is she going to cover the meaty issues in the news?

          • I’m sure she can use the Cloak of Sanctimony?

    • STAG

      I’ve always had a soft spot for Samantha.

  • George

    There has been one blessed relief of late and that is someone has installed a muffler to the wind pipe of Metitia Turei. Her high raving tongue appears to have been glued to the roof of her mouth throughout the budget debate. Has James Shaw had enough of her perpetual torrent of vile pomposity? I hope so. It’s not as if James has much to offer, but if the Greens have to exist at all, and if James wants some positive reinforcement from the right then the enforced mutness of Metitia gets the thumbs up.

    • GoingRight

      Getting ready to replace her with Julie Anne Genter? She would be a much better option I believe.

      • KGB

        Though I don’t like he politics, JAG is one of the least negative of the left. She smiles for starters.
        She is by far the most attractive member and the Women’s Weekly will love her photo shoots.

        • Nige.

          Yes. She’s just lovely

          • KGB

            I bet she was smiling when she wrote that :)

          • Left Right Out

            Hey… but it’s no big deal. Unlike every other foreign trust… they are all dirty and JK’s fault

      • Left Right Out

        I just can’t stand that accent telling me what I should think. Maybe I’m biggited in some way I don’t know….. but it just grates me when she talks

        • STAG

          No your not, I’ll be dammed before I let a yank tell me about the environment.

      • MrHippo

        I believe she is a favourite of Generation Zero. Specialist subjects density, trains and ten-speed bikes…

    • JEL51

      I have noticed too that my-favourite-radio-station newsroom doesn’t run off to her for commentary nearly every hour, like they once did.

    • Beria

      Have a look at her contribution to question time 6:50 minutes in on Little’s question last Tuesday. She demanded that Key stop all hotel construction while there were still homeless people. James Shaw looked on proudly, and Muldoon would have winked from his grave. On Wednesday she mangled the Maori language in her quedtion- it’s good to hear Maori in the house, but her rendition shows it no respect.

  • KGB

    I guess it was windy last night (pic)

    • JEL51

      You are supposed to fill those table legs with sand so that doesn’t happen. Do you want me to come down and teach you how?

      • Tom

        And maybe close the umbrella.

        • JEL51

          Trouble is with some people who have spent a life-time working damned hard, they have trouble later adapting to the pleasures in life ;)

      • KGB

        Please !!!!
        I’ll put the wine in the fridge!

        • JEL51

          Will wait till you put that paint brush away.

          • KGB

            You’ll miss all the fun ?

          • JEL51

            For Goodness Sake!! Put that brush down this moment. Don’t you know it’s Sunday. You’ll make it rain!! (Beautiful )

    • kayaker

      Catastrophic! That poor wee table bearing the weight of that monster umbrella.

      • KGB

        Lol. In fairness it had one of those heavy market umbrella bases on the bottom. It’s actually gone further that the brolly! ?

  • Seems like God is telling Europe something ;) (pic)

    • Left Right Out

      I would have thought all lightening strikes were “freak” as they can’t predict where they will strike

      • God knows exactly where He puts them. It’s only the limited capacity of humans that makes them think it is freakish.

    • Nige.

      Its Thor and Zeus

    • johcar

      Perhaps it wasn’t the lightning strikes that were freakish. Maybe the lightning was actually hitting freaks….

  • Left Right Out

    I might have it wrong….. but according to my FB on this day We saw the end of Cambell Live. Remember all the outpouring and howls … this was the greatest tragedy ever to for NZ…… and yet we have all managed to move on….

  • Huia

    This says it all really.
    Whoever said there was no such thing as magic beans has never had that first cup of morning coffee.

    • Left Right Out

      My wife makes me fire up the coffee van EVERY morning just so she can have her flat white. In fact, when we go camping she insists I take the van so she doesn’t miss out. Not a bad trade off though… I get up, turn the gas on and then go fly fishing for an hour or so…. only to return to a bacon and egg breakky…. and all I have to do is make her a coffee

      • Huia

        You have got it sussed really well, congratulations.

  • Wheninrome

    Good Old Winnie comes up with the catchall phrase “its about people’s lives” referring to foreign driver who killed up North. All foreign drivers should be tested by the rental companies etc., etc., he doesn’t buy the argument that foreign drivers are not the major contributors to deaths on NZ roads – its about peoples lives.
    Well I would think with that argument there should be no drivers on N Z roads if it is about people’s lives.
    So he wants to take the responsibility from the driver and put it on the rental company, if someone they rent a car to causes an accident which results in death, they shouldn’t have rented a car to them.
    Still the phrase will have people nodding their heads at “how wise Winston is, how he nails it on the head, they don’t have to think past the phrase”.
    But, as we know, if people really engaged their brain Winston would not be as popular as he is. If we were voting on a stand up comic then yes he would be more popular.
    You couldn’t get a more appropriately coiffed and dressed person to deliver these “wise” words. “its about people’s lives”.

  • Nige.

    Q and A;

    Good gracious Corrin. Calm down. Your going to pop a coronary artery.

    Your forehead veins are showing.

    • Brent

      Is that on TV.
      I wont watch any MSM at the risk of popping a forehead vein

      • Nige.

        He was visibly angry at Bill English.

        I wonder if that’s the new angle?


      • Nige.

        He was visibly angry at Bill English.

        I wonder if that’s the new angle? (Pic)

        • Usaywot

          It must be infuriating to realise that your whole life’s purpose has been for nought. Poor old Corin, it’s horrible to realise you are impotent.

          Edit added a word for clarity

          • Nige.

            Well maybe not whole life. certainly his carrier for the last couple of elections.

            Still hes still there on the screen. He must be what TVNZ want.

            He would do well to remember that the internet has a long memory,

    • Gaynor

      Just watching Q&A . The nasty scowl on Corrin’s face and his tone of voice is so horrible and biased it is very hard to watch.On the other hand Bill English is great swatting him away at every question.

  • Rick H

    No relation to Karen, as far as I can see. Her mum is South African, and Sam was born in SA.

  • STAG

    Long awaited, hard fought for, some claimed it was a myth! But, blessed silence has finally descended.

    Miniature HIND asleep at last.

  • Asian_driver

    remember when handsoap used to get your hands clean, now it kills 99.9 % of germs but doesnt clean your hands.

    • XCIA

      My Scottish GGM used it and as a “family” we have kept it up and use it to this day. The packaging and place of manufacture may be different, but the recipe hasn’t changed in all that time!

  • Usaywot

    Good on Te Puea marae for helping the homeless BUT now they have put out a plea for, blankets, warm clothes, towels, socks…heaps of socks, food, toothpaste etc, etc, etc. Apparently they are expecting a family of 12 to arrive. TWELVE!! How can it be possible that people are not only homeless but have no possessions at all AND have large families. Why aren’t questions asked about this in the media?