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  • idbkiwi

    For those that just can’t stand the thought of wading through Andrea Vance’s latest “revelations” from the sewers of the Panama Papers, as breathlessly tipped last night by Red Radio and Commie TV, I bring you the shorthand version:

    Fact 1: An allegedly corrupt Khazakstani bought a house in London thirteen years ago.
    Fact 2: A New Zealand lawyer has a nice house in Uruguay.
    Fact 3: The NZ lawyer was photographed at the house “reclining on the lawn, shirt unbuttoned”.
    Fact 4: The lawyers wife is American. Sub-Fact: She likes ball gowns.
    Fact 5: “New Zealand risks becoming known as a hub for this kind of activity”.
    Fact 6: “This investigation has been carried out by journalists from One News, RNZ News and investigative journalist Nicky Hager”.
    Fact 7: Fact 6 is a lie; these shocking facts, and the quotes used in the “revelations”, were actually exposed by NZ House and Garden nearly a year ago, see link:


    • Catriona

      Oh my, Vance is just brilliant isn’t she?

    • Usaywot

      And Radio NZ was breathlessly proclaiming their collaboration this morning. They are funded by the taxpayers. They are a disgrace.

    • Curly1952

      Great expose Kiwi. I hope she reads these pages and sees she has been busted

      • JustTinkering

        She’s so vain! I am sure she googles her name every day to see how many times she is referenced.

    • shykiwibloke

      I hope they checked the brand on the shirt – could implicate Italy or China in this scandal!

    • Joe Burns

      When the prime (only in NZ) media has to join with a grubby “investigative journalist” to get a non-story and make fools of themselves, they deserve to sink under the sea of digital age. Would YOU pay for them through a paywall?

  • LabTested

    I have just spent the last 4 days in HEL.

    HEL is a village that is at the end of a 35km long sand spit that juts out into the Baltic Sea. Its main attraction is the inclement Baltic weather.

    It does have a fishing port where you can buy fresh fish directly from the boat. However the bad eggs I had for breakfast resulted in a complete loss of appetite for the trip (& frequent toilet visits).

    Oh & it is sinking – it’s not a Global warming thing, it has been going on since the 15th Century.

    So why was I there? – some marketing genius (& no doubt AC/DC fan) worked out if you have a town named HEL and it is hard to get to, hold a motorbike rally called Highway to HEL(L) and every Harley rider for miles around will flock there for a giant party.

    It took us 9 hard hours to ride there. To get to HEL you have to go via the town of Puck, so the road is literally Puck-into-Hel

    Photo is of an actual waterfront hotel with a harbour view. Next year we are going to do it all again because – well, Highway to HEL (pic)

    • Usaywot

      It sounds like..ahem…hell.

      • LabTested

        It’s not all bad news. The cold weather seemed to have kept the mosquito population down. This photo was taken next to the entrance of the camp ground where we had our event (pic)

        • Usaywot

          Great adventure I would think. Bet nobody else you know has been there so I suppose that’s something.?

  • Bartman

    Gawd help us if this is the best this ‘investigative clique’ can muster up after how many hours of sniffing around. Vance & deluded travellers still think the average punter gives a toss – somehow I don’t see a wave of interest developing over some potentially dodgy ex-pm from some certainly dodgy ‘Stan country. About as far from home as you could possibly get – i hope their employers are putting performance milestones in place because value for money is woeful thus far.

  • zotaccore

    The NZH is upto its sneaky tricks again by posting on its main webpage 2 alleged crims and then JK. This is the kind of loonie left wing the NZH has become. What is it about JK they hate hate hate so much? Success, and achieving it. Something that these alleged professional journalists will likely never achieve to the same proportions that JK has. The NZH and its motley crew of journalists are held yet again in contempt in my court of opinion.

    • KGB

      Yep. They have JK’s photo in a line-up beside two criminals. The story isn’t about Key at all.
      Shameful display of bias and innuendo.

    • Melissa

      And absolutely no mention or picture in the headline about who and which party granted this person citizenship.

      • zotaccore

        Yup I’m guessing Angry will want to chase the bus on this even without realizing it could be an own-goal. Any bets he won’t?

      • Ruahine

        Yep. Labour.

  • Richard

    I hear plans are afoot to make the next Bond a woman.

    Why don’t we just cut straight to the inevitable politically correct outcome and give the role to Bruce Jenner, but only once he/she has had skin pigment darkening and converted to Islam.


      Jane Bond……wouldn’t mind ……

  • Usaywot

    So now The Puea marae is calling for volunteers to cook, clean and garden for the homeless they are housing. Um…excuse me for asking a silly question but what are the homeless doing?

    • Dave

      Exactly. Imagine they were in a shared flat. What’s wrong with each of these homeless people providing 2 hours graft a day in return.

      • InnerCityDweller

        2? Why not 8+, like the rest of us, to gain a roof over our heads, a clean home and food in the cupboards?

    • Catriona

      Nothing which means sitting around playing Playstation, XBox, smoking etc. etc. I’ve never seen such a bunch of useless, grabby, poor me pack of losers in my life.

    • Uncle Bully

      So is that call for volunteers not conclusive proof that these homeless are in fact bludgers who won’t lift a finger to help themselves?

      • peterwn

        But if the people housed had to garden, cook and do the chores to keep the place running and the only volunteer required was a retired Regimental Sergeant Major, then the place would become a ‘workhouse’. We cannot have this, can we.

      • Nermal

        “So is that call for volunteers not conclusive proof that these homeless hopeless are in fact bludgers who won’t lift a finger to help themselves?”


    • KGB

      It’s going to end in tears. The minute they announced opening the Marae to the homeless and hopeless the countdown begun.

      • R&BAvenger

        It’s a bit like a microcosm of the refugee crisis in Europe. They will be invaded by the ‘homeless’ one suspects.

        They should demand that all of them are required to participate in a roster of chores – cooking, cleaning, gardening in return for the food and lodging they are receiving”.

        Nek Minute the Marae will be demanding financial help from ‘the government’

  • zotaccore

    So it seems the very much overpaid and underwork Chief Justice Sian has ignored the warning given by the authorities to deal with her cows trenching thru waterways and lickety licking the water. Is it because he holds such a high position that she hasn’t been prosecuted? Is a Chief Justice above the law? I’m thinking Nixon.

  • spanishbride

    Problem sorted

  • shykiwibloke

    The Internet was awash with claims of evidence the US dollar would crash 28 May. I’ve just done a quick search, and all the prophets seem to be suspiciously quiet today…. Even though 100% of end-of-the-world doom-sayers have been wrong throughout history, every new one gets a following. (Including Angry I suppose!)

  • Blue

    Glad to see Paul Henry call out the latest housing crisis story in the news over weekend. The woman with 10 kids who moved into a 2 bedroom house to help look after one of her grandkids, now there are 20?living in a 2 bedroom and that is the governments fault. He says these kind of stories do a real disservice to genuine people that are in crisis.

    • Wheninrome

      So what is the benefit cheque for that household. There is no way a 2 bedroom house can sustain that number and not be trashed, 1 toilet, oh dear.

    • Mighty1

      It’s her state house and HNZ were getting bollocked because they warned her brother?? That he could not have 20 ppl in the house and would terminate his lease if they did not leave. In live last night they said she had lived in heaps of places including Ronald McDonald House etc etc.. I suspect she is trouble and this is another beat up. Is this the best example the press can find as I am wondering if the housing problem exists or is it the unhousable, p cooks, serial defaulters etc …if so its a different problem.

      • JustTinkering

        It is high time we set some standards for these investigative journalists.

        Investigative Journalist check list for pimping the poor

        Are you on a benefit?

        What is the total nett benefit you receive including all supplements?

        Is the father of your child (children) living with you?

        If not, is he/she paying regulated child support?

        Have you given birth to any child while on a benefit?

        Do you smoke and if yes how much do you spend a week?

        Do you have hire purchase, credit card or loan obligations?

        If they are homeless – what were the circumstances of your leaving your last home?

        Have you ever been evicted or a party to a HNZ or tribunal default?

        Do you have Sky TV?

        Do you provide school lunches for your child (children)?

        If you stopped smoking and cancelled non vital subscriptions (SKY) what savings would you have?

        How many people are your financial responsibility?

  • hookerphil

    Week 14

    A lower scoring week, haven’t checked but would think the Waratahs and the Kings stopped most people although Curly scored 45 points 8 clear of the field. Interestingly only 29% overall took the Hurricanes but the TAB had them a clear favourite.

    Stuckonarock goes into the break with a clear lead 562, to 557 for Isherman. Hurricane Jude and Gaharis stay 3rd & 4th 554 & 547 while Sally despite being away climbs back to 5th on 537.

    A break now , next round 1July, when possibly the winner of the final competition due to home advantage will be found when the Crusaders and the Chiefs play off in Fiji. It does look like though that all the lower pointed other Conference winners will be facing New Zealand teams.

  • R&BAvenger

    Stayed in Auckland for a relaxing weekend away. Enjoyed the fine (Mostly) sunny Saturday, exploring the Viaduct Basin, Britomart and Queens Street area. Great hospitality, meals and accommodation. Just dipping our toes in for now as an option for the future, which might enable us to end up with a presence in both islands post retirement.
    Whether a work transfer to the big smoke is on the cards in future is part of the options we are considering. We might as well make plans and do these things while we are young enough and healthy enough to enjoy it.

  • duve
  • Mighty1

    Rumour in OZ that Speirings is leaving Fonterra.

    • Bruno 32

      Gypsy day
      A good time to change jobs.
      My imagination is running riot on what his gypsy train would look like

    • Sagacious Blonde

      His successor appears to have been chosen. “Speculation has emerged in the past month on both sides of the Tasman that Mr Luxon has been earmarked as the next Fonterra boss,”

      • Mighty1

        And Chris’s potential (as he sees it) successor has been smoothing the path to his ascendency….

  • kayaker

    If you read nothing else today, Lindsay Mitchell’s findings on child poverty is a must read.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      Some nonentity at a newspaper attempts to negate a report that’s doesn’t suit their song sheet – “researcher and artist Lindsay Mitchell”

    • JEL51

      Leighton on zb is discussing same at the moment.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      “Broadly speaking, children in poor working homes tend to experience temporary poverty; children in beneficiary home experience chronic poverty. It’s the second experience that harms.”

      In a nutshell really.

    • Doc45

      That ridiculous St John women trying to criticise the Mitchell report. What a dopey outfit.

  • Dan

    Memorial day in Chicago seems more deadly than an average day in Baghdad.

    40 people killed or injured so far.from shootings.

    Among those killed was Garvin Whitmore, 27, who was shot in the head while sitting in a car with a woman … Someone walked up to the car as it sat parked … and fired, police said.

    This whas the second event of this nature. So the second (?) amendment right swing into action

    The woman in the car, Ashley Harrison, 26, picked up a gun and returned fire as the gunman ran away, police said. No was else was injured.

    Yay for her. I would have done the same and I guess a lot of us would. But then…

    Harrison was charged with aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and reckless discharge of a weapon, both felonies, after surveillance video showed her firing the gun several times and then throwing it to the ground, police said.

    What the! Aggrivated unlawful use of a weapon? So you have the right to bear arms but no right to pull the trigger after the guy next to you is shot in the head?

    Source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chicago-shootings-memorial-day-20160528-story.html

    Ed:amendment number

  • Big_Al

    Oh dear! It looks like “Heather the Loophole Locator” has just suffered another “Foot in the Mouth” moment.
    Another lesson in “How to win friends and influence people” from an accredited journalist and news reader. (Not)

    • Huia

      Stupid woman to offend the people from that area.
      Could have been a lucrative business area to onsell her illegal and ill gotten firearm stash.

      • Big_Al

        Yes, if she had bothered to turn into River Rd she could have visited the Turangawaewae Marae east of the river or the new housing subdivisions west side of the river. Most Ngaruawahia residents either work at the Horotui Freezing works or commute to Hamilton to work. About fifteen minutes. The picture she took of the rusting bridge columns is the Railways issue, not the towns. Ngaruawahia also has an awesome golf course. She obviously travelled through the town with her blinkers on and then opened her big mouth and planted her foot in it.

    • lyall

      i think her biggest blunder was claiming that the homeless from Auckland would have no hope of finding a job there, Hamilton is just down the road!
      Also all those advocating for the ‘homeless’ are blind to an inconvenient fact that these people choose to be homeless – they have been offered homes elsewhere but their sense of entitlement, emboldened by media has led a lot of them to ‘choose’ to turn this very generous offer down!!!

  • pisces8284

    Much like Simon Dallow’s raised eyebrow and sigh, I noticed the new newsreader on Paul Henry did a ‘humph’ or similar after one item. Here we go again, just read the darn news will you? Leave it to us to interpret the item as we wish

  • old school

    It is a pity that parents who neglect their children and let them crawl into zoo cages are not an endangered species.

  • Mighty1

    I just heard from a local that Northcote College has installed a Transgender toilet. Pretty reliable source, but really??

  • Isherman

    I guess this shouldn’t come as any surprise, but in a reaction to the continuation of the tax increases on tobacco, Assoc. Prof. Marewa Glover, who has thus far supported the tax hikes, has now decided that they are racist, yes, the increase on ciggy taxes are racist. This because the instance of smoking among Maori and women in particular hasn’t declined to any great extent, so all of a sudden that now makes it racist. She goes on to suggest that the smoking rates among Maori and women in particular are due to “the cilminative stress of the enviroment”.
    Between this and the article describing a “Climatarian” diet, I think I would like the conductor to please stop the world and let me off.

    • Tom

      My interpretation would be simply this: women and Maori must be a bit thick!

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Or just don’t care?