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  • oldmanNZ

    Gorilla Zoo and Mother Vs Facebook critics.

    NZH reports many people on FB criticize the Zoo and mother for their actions.
    They were not there.

    Who are these critics on FB? dont know, dont care.
    Why is their comment relevant? its not, people say many dumb thngs on FB.
    So why is the NZH reporting on there comment? Have no idea.

    the fact is, there are many people who will object to something on FB, Even stupidly like anti-vaccines. who have no idea what they talking about. Yet the NZH report these critic as something that people need to know, when they really just be left alone in FB to carry on their mumbo jumbo.

    Personally, I would prefer to read the whole Gorilla story with facts without the FB critic mumbo jumbo and make up my own mind.

    • Spiker

      If anyone wants to read facebook comments they would read them there. Cut out the middle man & sign up for facebook.

      • Dan

        That and Twitter. One thing that irka me is when they post a random twitter post of some random Joe Public as is that person speaks on behalf of the masses.

    • Doc45

      Good points oldie. I have just read a bunch of posted comments following a farming story. Some are clearly taking the pi… , some are objectionable trolls but the level of ignorance about farming, finance, rural living, subsidies etc is quite astounding and concerning. As for making this and the likes of FB comments a basis for a story just defies logic and commonsense

      • kereru

        ‘As for making this and the likes of FB comments a basis for a story just defies logic and commonsense.’

        Exactly. And that’s the point I think oldman was making. Lazy minds, lazy reporting. Won’t dignify it by using the term ‘journalism’.

    • EpochNZ

      Honestly, Jesus could return and walk across the Channel in front of 50 million witnesses, cure all cancer and make sure there was never a global wine shortage and the media would somehow find someone complaining about him on social media and make it the main story….

  • Blue

    So wasn’t bad enough having the Herald pimping the poor, now we have Graham McCready advocating for people getting evicted from HNZ houses in Hamilton. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11647724

    • KGB

      The article tries to imply that these people are being moved on to make way for PB’s $5k Auckland refugees. Absolute rubbish.
      The woman didn’t pay her rent! In the real world if you don’t pay your well ‘subsidised’ rent, you get evicted.
      Let’s look at her circumstances without excuses, or emotion.
      Three adult incomes into the home each week.
      Though she claims her adult children (21 & 23) have ‘special needs’ they do not require care, and will be receiving adult benefits, or are working.
      She should have paid her rent to protect their circumstances. Her duty of care, not the taxpayers.
      18 months of unemployment in an industry that imports immigrants due to shortages. Yeah right!
      “Animals to sort out?” Is the term ‘animals’ used because she has a dog in a SH in breach of her tenancy? Why do the ‘poor’ always own pets they cannot afford to feed or justify.
      HNZ states they have been trying to resolve this for some time. We all know they bend over backwards giving people many chances. This woman has called their bluff and lost.
      Attitudes like mine will be deemed heartless and nasty. However, I am pleased we are moving long term bludgers out of SH’s to make room for genuine need.

      • KGB

        Surprise, surprise, it’s a German Shepard.
        Surprise, surprise, 7 children.
        Can they not find 1 genuine family in need?

        • Mick Ie

          The ones in genuine need are too busy trying to sort their lives out.

  • pisces8284

    First Breakfast free morning. Watching Paul Henry and first up – raising the price of cigarettes is racist. His response – Would you rather we subsidised them? Help Maori kill themselves?

    • R&BAvenger

      Saw this on the news last night. Maori academic saying raising price of cigarettest was racist because Maori proportionately smoke more. Same argument as used when you point out that Maori proportionately kill more of their own children – that’s racist.

      With regards to the smoking issue, she should take it up with the Maori Party who pushed this through as part of a deal with the government. Oh, the irony…

      • Wheninrome

        The percentages would change in their favour if they desisted from both activities.

      • KGB

        However, it is racist to financially reward young Maori women to give up smoking.
        Young white lives don’t matter?
        Older lives don’t matter?
        Young male lives don’t matter?
        Somehow all justified because they are the largest group of breeders.

    • Tom

      Is it racist that there is a tax on Central Otago Pinot noire because more Europeans drink it than Maori?


      But that would be racist too, wouldn’t it?

    • Poppa

      The police must also be racist as they arrest more Maori.

    • Left Right Out

      I’ve noticed an increase in the use of race or racist in the media….. looks like they are folding back to their “sure thing” as all other hits have failed

  • Kiwiracer

    This morning another HNZ “hard luck” story, with the number of tenancies throughout NZ there will be one a day leading up to the election.
    With rent arrears it is not a quick process to be able to evict someone, this woman would have had ample opportunity to address the “market rent” issue.
    These people need to take responsibility for themselves and not just expect the government to provide, as has been said on here many times, we have a great welfare system that does provide, but it appears the more that is given the less the recipients expect to do to get it.
    I see that Graham McCready now has a new interest, advocating in the Tenenancy Tribunal.

    • Mick Ie

      They are so self-centred, they don’t take into consideration the financial strain on landlords if we get a corrupt tenant.
      By seeking support through all the proper channels and by the time we were able to terminate the agreement we were $3k down on rent, and also had to pay the mortgage shortfall.
      Even with the court judgement finding in our favour and getting Baycorp involved, we only ever received a further one weeks rent. This was well over a year ago and I won’t be holding my breath waiting for them to discover their honour and settle their outstanding debt.

  • kereru

    Radio NZ’s Biased Sources

    A pair of Radio New Zealand Morning Show segments included incorrect information about Israel and a proposal, now withdrawn, to expand the use of the death penalty against terrorists.

    During the first segment, they interviewed journalist Kate Shuttleworth (whose anti-Israel bias we have exposed before, most recently in this article) who claimed that Prime Minister Netanyahu supported an Israeli soldier who was filmed shooting a Palestinian attacker in the head while he was already disarmed and lying on the ground.

    Netanyahu actually said …


  • kiwisnab

    Listening to Andrew Little on Morning report this morning being interviewed about the Governments plan for Auckland housing he couldn’t get past talking slogans, wouldn’t discuss with the interviewer if Auckland council was part of the problem and the fact that house prices doubled under the previous Labour government.

    • Wayne Hodge

      more and more I think Andrew Little is a robotic doll pre-programmed with Matt McCarten’s slogans for the day and then let loose. this accounts for his inability to do anything other than fume, splutter and shout meaningless gibberish.

    • kayaker

      Do you notice that since the tent debacle, Angry and his hapless band of merry men only refer to people living in ‘garages and cars’?

  • pisces8284

    Anyone who can – check out Nadine Chalmers Twitter feed. She was apparently in tears on the couch at the weekend hearing about the homeless people and the Govt blaming Auckland. When I told her how disappointed I was as I thought she was better than that, she blocked me, Gutted. Not

  • Seriously?

    I feel sorry for ACC at the moment re their non-cover for the victims of sexual violence. It is a state insurance scheme for accidents and medical misadventures. It is not the cure for all that afflicts us. But this is the type of topic that they cannot speak to without being raked over the coals.

    Currently victims of sexual violence get a certain amount of counselling covered by ACC regardless of whether they suffer an ongoing injury (I think it is 14 one hour counselling sessions). I’m not sure if that is actually within ACC’s ambit, but it is plainly a good thing. But it seems to have created an unrealistic expectation. Longer term coverage only applies if there is a diagnosed mental injury, as it does with any other sort of trauma. So what, that is what the scheme is for.

    If we want to widen the ACC scheme to provide help in these situations then lets talk about that, but at the moment you cannot criticize ACC for properly administering the scheme as it stands.

    • Disinfectant

      A former employee committed suicide.

      His family applied for an ACC benefit, which resulted in me having to fill out forms confirming has wage payments.

      Suicide is not an accident. It is an illness.

      • Seriously?

        It is not an illness for the people left behind – although like sexual violence it may well lead to one.

      • Sagacious Blonde

        Neither is driving drunk, or fleeing from cops and crashing out, or any number of self-destructive, unwise decisions people make.

    • Sagacious Blonde

      ACC, (like the DBP), when first introduced, was admirable in its intent.
      Now it’s just a gravy train for specialists, service providers, ‘education providers’, the outright reckless, right down to straight out malingerers. Norman Kirk would be horrified at what his vision has become today.
      We’ve bred a nation of wimps under the aegis of ACC, off to the doctor with anything hurty.

      • Seriously?

        I still think ACC is fantastic. Something we ought to be proud of. Sure it has its drawback, plenty of them, but it is still head and shoulders above the alternatives.

        • hookerphil

          As a self employed contractor of the past I resented the amount of levies we were charged to fund the gravy train it has become.

        • Sagacious Blonde

          I agree in it’s original spirit.
          it’s just that ACC, (rather like the DBP), protects people from taking ownership of the consequences of their own decision making.
          Businesses are bogged down in compliance and costs, we can’t insure out of responsibility for an employees folly. The new legislation goes even further and down here on the farm, it’s technically too dangerous to let someone wander out to pick mushrooms, or, Lord forbid, shoot a few ducks on the pond, or stalk a pheasant.

      • dennis

        Acc was never going to work. It’s another socialist dream funded as usual by the workers.

  • R&BAvenger

    As an outsider looking into the Auckland housing situation I would say this.

    The Auckland Council have had a situation for 10 years where housing prices have been rising significantly. After 10 years of this somehow there seems to be a belief from them and other (ant-government) commentators that it isn’t ‘their’ fault?

    That doesn’t pass the sniff test, as well documented on WOBH for several years.

    Then Tywford and Little are trying to say the budget has failed to address housing issues, the government has done nothing and it’s all their fault.

    I thought Auckland Council was the legal authority for granting building consents for new housing and developments for Auckland? I thought they established the artificial urban/rural boundary and are responsible for providing core services – water, waste, stormwater to the new housing/sub-divisions?

    If not them, who?

    The government’s budget is for the next year for the whole country, not just Auckland. I don’t believe taxpayer dollars should be spent on some big building boom just to benefit Auckland, not when there are plenty of other options of where to live in NZ.

    The government has responsibility for state housing and provision of that, provision of welfare services and provision of legislation that enables folks to build and develop where they want to (within reason)

    The local housing market and forces of supply and demand in Auckland are significantly influenced by the actions of the local authority, hence after 10 years it sure as heck seems to be Auckland Council who are at fault.,

    The CCC had a commissioner brought in and lost its consents accreditation for a period from July 2013 until Dec 2014 when it had sorted things out to the government’s satisfaction. (link to relevant msm story)


    The government should step in and do the same thing in Auckland – yes ot no?

    Edit – to add story link.

    • Usaywot

      I was watching “Selling Houses Australia” on the living channel last night. Everything said about Auckland’s housing market was said about Perth. I.e. sky rocketing prices, the next generation being shut out, young people will be renters in the future etc, etc, etc. Welcome to the real world NZ. In European cities most people rent. It is considered normal.
      Edit fixed spelling

      • Huia

        Same in Canada, in a town my son lives in there has been a public meeting to address the issue of expensive rentals, housing out of the reach of local people.
        This from the town that has had an influx of nearly 400 “refugee’s” dumped onto them and of course into the mix.
        Same in Ozzie, we took note of that earlier this year when visiting.
        The left and media (is there a difference), keep pushing this as if NZ is the only country in the world with the problem, it is world wide.
        Still they never miss an opportunity to taint us with their negativity and bash our own lovely country.

      • Cadwallader

        The Perth housing market is at best stagnant and in some suburbs in retreat. I have a property here I’d love to sell if there were buyers other than fortune seekers. Perth prices are generally less than AKL, SYD and MEL.

    • KGB

      NZ taxpayers are well aware of the art objects, silk curtains, rainbow funding, rafting, festivals, etc that AC has squandered rates on.
      National need to emphasise they are not funding Aucklands core services after years of irresponsible waste!
      Asset sales are the consequence of years of mismanagement.
      Edit to add last sentence.

      • Aucky

        Well said KGB but financial mismanagement is not limited to Auckland. Should we do likewise to Hamilton because of its disastrous council support for street racing or Dunedin because of the Forsyte Barr Stadium? The list is endless.

        • hookerphil

          I would say the Stadium is at least set in concrete and is not petrol fumes or parades.

        • KGB

          Perhaps when drafting the new laws on Council’s zoning practises, they should include some fiscal management.
          Something like – 80% of Council spending MUST be used for core services.
          Councils are shockers. There is no shortage of examples of that.

  • Aucky

    Why do I periodically get a pop-up http://www.torcho.com on WOBH when scrolling down?

    • Korau

      Google it!
      “Torcho Web is a browser hijacker, which is promoted via
      other free downloads, and once installed it will change your browser
      homepage and default search engine to torcho.com.”

      “Torcho homepage got on your computer after you have installed a freeware
      software (video recording/streaming, download-managers or PDF creators)
      that had bundled into their installation this browser hijacker. This
      browser hijacker is also bundled within the custom installer on many
      download sites (examples: CNET, Brothersoft or Softonic), so if you have
      downloaded a software from these websites, chances are that Torcho Web
      was installed during the software setup process.

      Very often users have no idea where did it come from, so it’s not
      surprising at all that most of them assume that the Torcho Web is a

      Removal instructions here https://malwaretips.com/blogs/torcho-virus-removal/

  • Miguel

    Anyone know what calibre was used to shoot that Harambe gorilla? Just a somewhat morbid curiosity I suppose, but that’s a couple of hundred kg of pure muscle so would need something pretty hefty. 30-06 at least I would have thought, in order to be a somewhat assured first-shot kill.

    • Miss Phit

      Depends on shot placement. To get an instant kill you would go for the head / spine but not sure if a heart shot wouldnt be almost as quick. If it was my call, id go for the brain with a big calibre and drop the poor bugger quick and painless.

      I hope the parents are being pilloried over their kids behaviour and Id tresspass their asses from the zoo for ever. perhaps drop the bill for the zoos expences in their hands as well.

  • edenman

    A “newspaper” is obviously getting desperate for customers. Today I received an offer from them to subscribe and receive a daily paper for $7 a week along with a 1 year subscription to a food magazine. This is for cancelled subscribers only. Given the effort they are making to get these subscribers back indicates there have been a lot of cancellations.

    • Sailor Sam

      Same newspaper offered us a free frying pan, worth about $80.
      Only snag it was addressed to the previous owners.
      But interesting that they need to sweeten the deal to get you to re-subscribe.

  • twittertit

    I see now that there are incorrectly paid WINZ benefits dating back to 1993.

    No doubt the media will jump all over this claiming that these people were short-changed and that it’s unfair, etc etc, you get the idea.

    How about this? Too bad. That money is and was a gift from the state. You were lucky to receive any in the first place.

    Over my dead body will anyone receive a huge lump sum because “they were unfairly paid”.

    • stephen2d

      Only if they claw back all the money that was overpaid. Oh, I expect to hear how this is all John Key’s fault, too.

      • JustanObserver

        This revellation will be called Racist too as it will have meant 41,000 ’empoverished’ beneficiaries were ‘Ripped-Off’ by the ‘Gubinmint’, and most of them will be Maori & PI.

  • Left Right Out

    Oh the outrage of the lefties on social media…. NZ is ranked the 4th and is regarded as one of the happiest and safest countries in the world……

    Some people are outraged…… there is no way this is true!!!!! I’m betting they are the same people who think Labour are polling way above what is being reported…. or claim that the elections are rigged as they don’t know anyone who voted for National….

    The doom and gloom merchants at the reds and greens will no doubt be horrified… they have spent the last 8yrs telling us how bad we have it here in NZ….. In fact if you believed Angry’s budget speech (I know I sniggered too) we are almost a total lost cause unless we vote left


  • lyall

    So after all the Moko outrage and marching, this guy must be public enemy number one – or did the media decide its still JK’s fault?

  • Keyser Soze

    Every now and then a Judge gets it right. Pity it didn’t happen more often!

    Phone seized after Blenheim court scuffle

  • Nige.

    Fantastic fantastic news. Little proves how dumb he is by hugging the greens with a written memorandum of understanding.

    The guy has stopped short of declaring current government a crisis situation because it’s “time for a change”

    Will that be the new hashtag?

    • Seriously?

      MOU #momentofusurpation