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  • Crowgirl

    10/10 – that’s more like it!

  • Steve kay

    Boom! Owned. 10/10

  • Keyser Soze

    10/10 – clearly too easy this week. Or I’ve been more boring than usual.

  • GoingRight

    Was doing so well then got fundraising question wrong so 9/10. My best ever!

  • Wasapilot


    Just goes to show that I do not care where andrew little is or goes.

  • Jafarma

    Damn. Tripped up on the last so 9/10.

    • Spiker

      Same here, didn’t know Crone had actually committed to anything yet.

      • jcpry

        But then I thought surely no-one believes any of them so no candidate would get away with the same lie.

  • GT

    9/10 did not know where a little man went

  • I’m expecting 10/10 on that lot. It was a time pressured effort so I couldn’t put in the trip wires.

    • hookerphil

      Pleased to please you.

  • HR


  • Gaynor

    9/10 missed on the Auckland question.

  • Lux

    9/10 the Ak rates question got me ..

  • JEL51

    Putting it up here to demonstrate how easily it is to be side-tracked into thinking that the resignation of a ‘bloody newsreader’ was the most important happening of the week. 7/10 :(

  • Justme

    9/10. I’m happy.

  • Dave

    8 / 10 again, no improvement over 5 weeks, perhaps I needed to go to a charter school.

  • Intrigued

    9/10 – happy with that especially when I had no idea and couldn’t care less where Andrew Little went to after Iraq.

    • Dave

      Yeah, no problem with him going there, the major problem was he returned to NZ.

    • oldmanNZ

      9/10 too, well it was a secret? how was I suppose to konw

      • Intrigued


  • JohnO

    9/10 . I’m not a complete tragic.

  • Hakaru

    10/10 but am I correct in saying that Ken Whitney is no longer a registered lawyer so maybe Pete could give all those who only scored a 9 a perfect 10.

  • stephen2d

    9/10 I didn’t realise lyin Len promised such a thing!

  • Frank N Further

    9/10. But how can it be news without some muppet reading it from a teleprompter?

  • WeaselKiss

    10 from 10 first time ever.

  • David

    10/10 but last question was a guess because do not live in Auckland so not interested in it’s mayoralty issues.