Whaleoil reader tears Andrea Vance’s latest Panama Papers “research” to pieces

via TVNZ

via TVNZ

For those that just can’t stand the thought of wading through Andrea Vance’s latest “revelations” from the sewers of the Panama Papers, as breathlessly tipped last night by Red Radio and Commie TV, I bring you the shorthand version:

Fact 1: An allegedly corrupt Khazakstani bought a house in London thirteen years ago.

Fact 2: A New Zealand lawyer has a nice house in Uruguay.

Fact 3: The NZ lawyer was photographed at the house “reclining on the lawn, shirt unbuttoned”.

Fact 4: The lawyers wife is American. Sub-Fact: She likes ball gowns.

Fact 5: “New Zealand risks becoming known as a hub for this kind of activity”.

Fact 6: “This investigation has been carried out by journalists from One News, RNZ News and investigative journalist Nicky Hager”.

Fact 7: Fact 6 is a lie; these shocking facts, and the quotes used in the “revelations”, were actually exposed by NZ House and Garden nearly a year ago…


And of course Andrea Vance worked for Fairfax at the time.  Fairfax own the House and Garden franchise.

Here are the hapless victims of her need to try and regain credibility, such as it is.


The Cones – NZ House and Garden

Oh wow.  Look a Geoff “reclining on the lawn, shirt unbuttoned”.

What a grubby and amateurish attempt to smear an essentially random couple in the attempt to show TVNZ viewers that Andrea Vance is capable.

We already saw that last time when I clearly outlined that her research on Trusts was based on a infantile understanding driven by a check-list she had placed on the wall.


– idbkiwi


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  • Nige.

    That is an absolute slaying.

    Andrea Vance might have to take another look at who she’s taking advice from

    • sheppy

      Probably her old mates from the “News of the World,” or “News of the Screw” as it as known in the UK. A scandal sheet known for making mountains out of pimples, as well as hacking people’s mobile phone accounts

  • rangitoto

    What’s the term for jumping the shark a second time?

    • MaryLou

      Professional suicide?

    • Isherman

      AdVanced state of decay?

  • Crowgirl

    Hager must have them in the gun for something. There doesn’t seem to be any point in continuing this charade of “journalism” if he doesn’t. It’s almost like they’re contractually obliged to follow through on the “hits”, but the “hits” themselves are so embarrassing to the “journalists” that they now are relegated down the page where they can slink off the bottom, hopefully before anyone can notice them.

    This is in the process of happening on TVNZ’s website right now where this story is about 4 or 5 stories down under a pile of other rubbish. This is a far cry from the days where they were breaking “exclusives” and shouting it from the rooftops.

    • hookerphil

      Stuff do not appear to be running this story at all – just a video of “Panama Papers: Lax NZ tax laws helping convicted former Kazakh PM to live in luxurious exile ” with no comment.

      • Crowgirl

        Can’t see much on the Herald either.

        • Usaywot

          Sadly, though, Radio NZ is still bragging about collaborating on this.

          • sheppy

            Its about time that Red Radio’s continued taxpayer funding is examined to see if it is providing any benefit to the majority of taxpayers. Only in NZ would the government continually support people that constantly seek to undermine it

          • Cadwallader

            Not only in NZ just look at the leftie stupidity which the ABC spew in OZ, the BBC worldwide etc… Lefties’ garbage is by no means confined to this country’s media.

          • sheppy

            very true, but is National the only government that finances the opposition media so they can attack with innuendo and half truths?

    • Mick Ie

      Surely he must have a huge amount of dirt on them, otherwise why would anyone deliberately choose to destroy their own professional reputation, as so many journalists are? Their careers are already on life support, so why don’t they attempt some level of redemption and come clean to actually write a real story, telling the country what Hager is really all about and take him down with them?

      • Keeping Stock

        Of course he has Mick. After all, Hager had access to all the e-mails and FB chats Cam Slater exchanged with journalists. But he chose to publish only the ones which would reflect badly on one political party. So HE knows who was talking to Cam, and they know he knows, so they have to behave.

        You could almost call it Dirty Politics and write a book about it!

  • shykiwibloke

    Some research would probably show more links to the P papers from journalists than any other sector of society, so by Andrea’s logic – they are all guilty and this stinks to high heaven of a media tax haven.

  • Dave

    Andrea, oh dear, with this massive failure hanging over you, and the likely redundancies from the merger and excess supply of journalistic precious petals, I suggest a career change, and look at this. Flower arranging close to parliament,might up your alley, and who knows, your old mate Peter Dunne might call in occasionally for a bunch for his lady.


    • Wheninrome

      Maybe the social pages, what NZ’s successful are up to written by one of NZ’s failures.

  • rexabus

    Nice house. Why isn’t she getting stuck in on that and demanding that something is done about this tragedy that most people living in state houses aren’t living in ones like that

  • Quinton Hogg

    All I can say is so what.
    Things that happened 6 years ago?
    TVNZ really have lost the plot, as have the Horrible with the attempt to link the PM to citizen Yan and his mate.
    The average shy Nat doesn’t give a monkeys about that stuff. they are focused on earning a living and giving their kids the best start in life. as I am.

    • LesleyNZ

      Not just a Nat – the average Kiwi could not care. Only beltway journalists and some opposition politicians care.

  • Wow – now I’m really terrified that after the Fairfax / NZME merger that this kind of high quality investigative journalism may be hidden behind a paywall.

  • Tony

    She is ex News Of the World BUT I don’t think she was significant there!

    • Miss Phit

      Not significant here either. Sad try hard wanna be fabulist….

  • Boondecker

    TVNZ news used good old Peter Williams to advise viewers of another pending release of leaked scandalous Panama Papers data from the hackers, Hager & Co. and some German paper with a “…zing” at the end of their name (I’m sure the newsreaders at TVNZ just like to read that name out to see if they can without tripping over it!). The issue, if indeed it is an issue, with Peter’s news-reading these days is that he is thoroughly deadpan, straight and professional. You know, how newsreaders used to be in the good ol’ days, before personalities, personal views and infotainment became more important than the news. It was the most bored-sounding, flat and unexciting advance notice to ‘prepare for more scandal’ I’ve certainly ever heard. It was almost as if even Peter himself was over it and unbelieving himself.

    Now I’ve read the summary of Vance’s exposé above, I see Peter William’s tone of voice was spot on. Hitjob fail. Yawn. Next…

  • Bob Dazzler

    You may suspect the person is a moron, then they go and publish,and simply confirm it.

  • Rebecca

    A corrupt Khazakstani is accused of abuse of office and does seem to have significant unexplained assets that were hidden in complicated trust.

    This has nothing to do with tax haven and everything to do with concealing wealth. Nothing new here: some of NZ’s own wealthiest knights of the realm have been known to conceal their wealth in complicated structures, especially after some of them scooped millions from NZ on the brink of collapse. Perhaps the MSM might consider some proper research to remove this beam from NZ’s own eye before focusing relentlessly on specks from Khazakstan.

    The benefit to NZ from this Khazak trust, is a few thousand dollars in fees to wealthy lawyers. There’s no tax to help NZ pay its way and no juicy bankster fees. IOW NZ is not a South Pacific Switzerland creaming wealth for itself by secret banking arrangements that deny other nations their dues. The status quo makes a few NZ lawyers rich, and that’s all.

    The system is under review. The trick for NZers is to ensure it doesn’t morph into extra chores for IRD in exchange for nothing, which is the current reality when Australians are involved and the IRD has reporting obligations to the Aussie tax office. There’s no benefit for the taxpayer in this sort of arrangement and no reasonable expectation to prop up a system that makes some lawyers rich. If Vance could only find it in herself to take this sort of approach rather than trying to embarrass the PM by “proving” NZ is a tax haven, I’d agree with her.

  • LesleyNZ

    Fancy Andrea Vance teaming up with Nicky Hager like this! Fact no. 6 is a real concern. In the future when we only have one main media organisation in NZ these infantile so-called investigative journalists will really run amok and we will have to dig deep elsewhere if we want to know the real truth. Thank goodness for Whaleoil media. Have noticed that One News has really started to promote Andrea Vance big time as their political journalist. Is Katie still around? With the clean out over at Newshub let’s hope that some decent and we’ll trained journalists join them. Shall I hold my breath? After reading this excellent summary by a Whaleoiler (and thank you for doing this) I do see a niche appear very clearly now in the media market for a new media organisation to take shape – one that will tell us the truth and not present personal opinion as fact or indeed make up stories to suit the agenda.

  • Isherman

    This is what she wanted the country to get up early for? Well, she might be partially correct about on thing, our international reputation could take a hit…but only for the quality of what our so called ‘news’ organisations pass off as journalism. I’ll leave it at that because frankly, theres nothing more to say that would be worth the time.

  • Dan

    If you look carefully at the promo image of Andrea Vance the graphic artists made a small but significant mistake and as a result lost the message somewhat. Have a close look to the left of the ONE. So I have done them a favour and corrected that honest mistake. It now accurately portrays the truth of the matter.

  • Greg M

    The main stream media need to cut Hager loose. Any dirt he has on them must be less damaging than the ridiculous nature these so called revelations are causing to their reputations. It really has gone beyond a joke.

  • David Moore

    Damn, that’s a nice house.

  • Trev_A

    Colin Craig could lean how to be photographed reclining on the lawn from this article

  • Cadwallader

    The lawyer concerned is the former spouse of Deborah Hill Cone. He is neither particularly wealthy or active in his chosen area of practice. His former wife was a columnist at NZ Herald. Ms Vance has less than zero to toss at this pastiche of a non-story.

  • Caprice

    I don’t think the commenters here are taking this issue seriously enough. It is still a ‘Revelation’ according to lunchtime bulletins at RNZ National.

  • David

    Ms Vance most New Zealanders do not appreciate your style of shock-horror journalism. We do not appreciate a second-rate journalist, such as yourself, trying to undermine our democratically elected government with smears, lies and false insinuations. Ms Vance please buy a one-way ticket to Dublin, or wherever you come from, and get out of our country. We do not need you here. PS: Please take your “investigative journalist” mate Hager with you. Thank you.

  • Usaywot

    Let’s all club together and buy her a ticket to the movie Florence Foster Jenkins. She should enjoy it. It’s about a person, just like her, who thought they were good at something but was really making a fool of herself and everyone, bar her enablers, was laughing behind her back.

    • Vutekno

      Thanks for the movie tip. Watched the trailers and it looks like a great movie about a real women.

      Although from what I’ve seen I wouldn’t compare her to the Viperish Vance on any level. Hopefully VV will realise that she has no future here in NZ, she has burnt her boats and is well exposed for the rubbish journalist that she is, and go away to another place.

      • Usaywot

        Yes, Florence seemed a much nicer person. I thought even Andrea looked uncomfortable on the news tonight. Hope we can see the back of her very soon.

    • Chris Bell

      How about a ticket back to England – one way in the cargo hold

  • Left Right Out

    I read last night that there was to be some sort of shock horror release at 6am….. When I woke this morning I looked for a story… nothing… I listened to Hosking then the news nothing…. switched to Paul Henry and their news nothing….. Then Mark Sainsbury,…. still nothing….. decided there was no story and changed to the Sound

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Had to come here to find out what it was all about!!

      • Left Right Out

        Sure did, only to find out it was as we all though…. nothing.

        TVNZ went in boots and all and are trying to get something for the money they must have paid as everyone else is over it and have not touched them since the BIG reveal 2.0

  • Chris Bell

    I can’t stand her – she is just vile!! There is no decent news to watch – TV3 are awful with Lisa Owen and her excuse for investigative journalism, and as for Vance – I have to mute her as just hearing her voice (not to mention her utter crap) makes me dry retch!!!!

  • contractor

    Hah! The MSM are in step-lock with Labour in their decline in credibility and relevance to the public. “Little” wonder they are both going down the tubes and fighting for survival.