Whaleoil Weekend Sports Quiz

Did you manage to keep up with the sports as well?  Let’s check, shall we?


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  • Lux

    WhOOhOOO 2/10, and that was a fluke .. not a winner grinner by any means !

  • Wasapilot

    6/10, good quiz again Nige

  • Pluto

    Was on track but your trick question got me – sneaky !

  • Carl

    8 should have been 9 but pushed the wrong button. Had not heard about the baseball one.

  • Carl

    I want an enquiry. England only scored 2 goals not 3. So I did get 9/10

    • Pluto

      That was the trick question

      • Carl

        Whats the trick about putting up the wrong answer?

        • Pluto

          Think Angry Andy – own goal

          • Carl

            Fair enough I just knew the score was 2-1 so I apologise.

    • Wasapilot

      Own goal for you Carl ? I got that wrons too.

  • Jafarma

    6/10. Good quiz since it covered a wide range of sports. Bring on the next one.

  • Aucky

    8/10 but I got lucky on a couple of guesses. Great quiz Nige.

    Q.11. Especially for Nige. How do you spell Sir Gordon’s surname?

    • Nige.

      I nearly just put “Sir GT” but thought that was plain lazy. I thought I got it right in the end.

      • Nebman

        Close…. although just calling him “Titch” would have worked just as well.

        9/10 – tragic – I need a life!

  • Dave

    Lets just say, I don’t follow NZ sports, and the score reflects that, and that my guessing was way off!

  • XCIA

    You should have a virtual CF for the best excuse for not attaining 100%. There could be some budding F1 drivers out there ;-)

  • Crowgirl

    5/10 – I suck, but got the Stanley Cup one at least

    • stephen2d

      Same score thigh tricked me with the number of goals England scored! Is it already Stanley Cup Finals time and why aren’t Canuks in it??

      • Left Right Out

        We are rebuilding Stephen2d…… our youth looks great already made a great move signing a big D man…. a couple more good moves will have us right!!!!

      • Crowgirl

        Sadly the Canuck teams all sucked pretty hard this year. Heaps of Canucks playing for US teams though.

    • Left Right Out

      me too……. I feel like I should follow the Sharks…… but have never been a fan of them…. ahhhh what to do!

      • Crowgirl

        I’m backing the Sharks, husband is a fan of Sidney Crosbie, so he’s Penguins all the way.

        • Left Right Out

          I’ll probably be the same….. after all I did by all my hockey gear in San Jose… have just NEVER been a Jumbo fan

  • Sticktotheknitting

    4/10. Not surprised, total nerd when it comes to sport. Good quiz though.

  • JEL51

    I hope you all feel better….1/10. :)

  • Nige.

    My apologies at the horrible spelling of names of those in the quiz.

    Im going to hone the questions in terms of quality AND spelling for next week.

  • Left Right Out

    7/10…… should have been 8 I knew he was going to Tasman!!!!

    • hookerphil

      7 and I didn’t know.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Managed 5 but not sure how but will take it.

  • Woody

    1/10, better than i thought I would do.

  • jonno1

    3/10 but 2 of those were guesses (as were the other 7). Still, not bad for someone with a sports allergy.

  • Barnacles2

    7/10 a few lucky guesses/process of elimination

  • Plants

    4/10. All random guesses. 400 percent better than last week. Nice to beat the odds sometimes.