What is a “strong budget”?

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski

Photo: RNZ / Diego Opatowski – an earlier budget


Prime Minister John Key is signalling an ongoing enthusiasm for the job and is promising a strong government Budget this month.

He’s been leader of the National Party for ten years and Prime Minister of the country for eight.

“I am just as excited about the year ahead as I have ever been,” he said in a speech to National’s central North Island regional conference in Waikato.

The next step is setting out the Government’s future plans in the Budget on May 26.

“My friend Bill English has delivered eight good, responsible Budgets and this one will be no different,” Mr Key says.

“It will be a strong Budget that has at its heart a focus on the economy, with initiatives to help ensure New Zealand achieves a strong level of growth for the years ahead,” he said.

The Budget will “highlight that we are on track to achieve the Government’s goals of a balanced Budget and paying down debt”, he said.

Alongside a strong focus on the economy, the Budget will also ensure the Government is meeting the needs of families in key areas like health and education.

“That has always been our priority. And the economic and social sides of our agenda are closely linked.”

So a strong budget is a responsible budget.  No lolly scrambles, no bribes, nothing exciting.

The government’s programme of building and supporting a strong economy continues, and it believes firmly that social outcomes come from the country doing well and earning its daily income by working hard.

This is a work and spend budget, as compared with those from the left, which are inevitably tax and spend budgets.


– NZN, Newshub


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  • Isherman

    With all Labours promises of free this, free that and free everything else, I would like to see them publicly release a detailed, costed ‘alternative budget’. They want people to believe they can deliver…then prove it, show us the money, including how you will raise the money to pay for it all.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      Penalty taxes on the ‘missing million’.

  • Crowgirl

    If there’s been one criticism levelled at the government consistently by the Left, it’s the one about the record debt. Whilst I understand how the debt came about and why it was necessary, I’d love to see them get it down now. At the least the lefties would have to stop squealing about it.

    • OneTrack

      While I am disappointed it is so high, that really doesn’t help Labour or the Greens. Whenever they bring it up, it just reminds me how much worse it would be if they held the purse strings.

      They would be putting all their uncosted schemes on the plastic AND they would be doing their best to destroy the productive sector (especially farming), removing the ability to pay it back.

    • contractor

      I’d like to see it reduced too and definitely prefer that to tax cuts, equally I prefer that govt services be appropriately and adequately funded.
      However, NZ govt debt at appreciably under 30% of GDP is way below the OECD average of 80% although I may have heard that the OECD average has recently risen to 110%. Either way makes what Key and English are doing look like a masterclass performance.
      That Key is enjoying the job despite the rubbish thrown at him by the dirty politics brigade on the left and in the MSM must be really beguiling to them! Hah!
      Edit spelling

  • cows4me

    As long as the left hate it then it gets a pass.