While Little boasts about visiting Iraq, Key works on more trade with India

via zimbio.com

via zimbio.com


President Shri Pranab Mukherjee of India has arrived in New Zealand for a three-day visit […]

Mr Key has said the visit would be a good opportunity to continue to talk trade.

In 2011 Mr Key launched the NZ Inc India Strategy, a plan for India to become a core trade, economic and political partner for New Zealand.

Negotiations for a free trade agreement with India started in April 2010 and the last round finished in February 2015.

More than $1 billion in goods were traded between the two countries in 2014, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

More than 11,000 Indian students came to study in New Zealand in 2012, and another 29,000 Indian tourists visited that year.

There are also more than 160,000 people of Indian origin living in New Zealand.

Ahead of the visit, Indian media said several agreements were expected to be signed during the visit covering economic co-operation, education and connectivity.

This is the first time an Indian head of state has visited New Zealand, and Key is meeting with him this afternoon. ┬áNo rest for Mr “Working for New Zealand”.


– Newshub


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  • shykiwibloke

    Funny, the radio is leading with Cunliffe and a gas station purchase. No mention of a state visit. Broadcasters of old will be turning I their graves at what their profession has degenerated into.

    • Frank N Further

      I haven’y heard the news, but don’t Labour etc want the State to own everything. Isn’t Z, the buyer of Caltex, half owned by NZ Superannuation Fund. I would have thought that this nationalization by stealth was right up Labours alley.

  • Jude

    I do admire the fact that John Key quietly gets on with the job of promoting New Zealand.
    The MSM do their level best to discredit him and I find it odd that they have not realised every time they attempt, they shoot own goals!
    How bigger hit to their bottom line will it take for the MSM to go back to good old fashioned reporting?

  • cows4me

    How can poor Andy be talking business when he’s busy saving the middle east ? He’s not Jesus you know. I suspect the left will now be petitioning the Noble committee for a peace prize given Andy’s fine works.

    • Second time around

      Was it not Little who proposed opening up the chilled beef market with India? It might be better for trade if he takes a break before parliament resumes next week.

  • EpochNZ

    I do wonder if a lot of these visits from Heads of State has been a result of John Key’s standing in the international community? Its known he plays golf with Obama, he’s always seen as approachable and friendly……would people be so willing to come and talk trade if they had to “gird their loins” to talk to an insufferable idiot with an annoying personality? Id think not….

    • Roland

      He’s looking for the missing millions and so is Stuff, apparently they have 13 people following or is that following Andy…

  • Cadwallader

    Nobody in their right mind could expose world leaders to Little Angry. He just isn’t there!