Winebox Winston giddy with glee over John Key’s Tax Haven knowledge

New Zealand First Leader, Winston Peters, says the Government must know tax avoidance is occurring in Pacific nations through the use of offshore trusts.

It follows a statement from the anonymous leaker behind the Panama Papers this morning which singles out Prime Minister John Key for being “curiously quiet” about Cook Island tax affairs. It also says that in Niue, Mossack Fonseca has essentially run “a tax haven from start to finish”.

Mr Key is the only world leader to be named in the 1800 word manifesto by the whistle-blower, who goes under the pseudonym John Doe.

“Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand has been curiously quiet about his country’s role in enabling the financial fraud Mecca that is the Cook Islands,” says the leaker.

A database of information from the Panama Papers is due to be released in a searchable digital format on Tuesday at 6am titled: “The Revolution Will Be Digitized”.

Mr Peters told The Nation the statement shows John Key had to know that tax avoidance through foreign trusts was occurring in Pacific nations, and he expects more revelations to come.

“If you come from Merrill Lynch and pose as a financial wiz kid you would surely be expected to know more than most,” he says

Mr Peters also says the mention of the Prime Minister by the whistle-blower is an indication of where the scandal is set to unfold in this part of the world.

“[New Zealand’s] positioned here in the South Pacific, giving aid to countries who [are] at the same time running tax haven utilities or using all sorts of fancy phrases for cheating and fraud and money laundering.”

Brace yourselves.  This is only the start.


– Newshub


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  • Melissa

    Winston sounds so jealous of JK with his comment ‘he pose as a financial whiz kid’. If JK had to know, then surely Labour had to know also, as nothing much has changed in the time National has been in Government?

  • WBC

    Ummm. So what are you saying Mr Peters? That NZ should be sticking it’s beak into the Statehood of other nations?

    Is that really the path you want to go down Mr Peters?

    • Sailor Sam

      No, that is why he and a little party oppose the TPPA.

  • Not Clinically Insane

    Old Winnie is just septic still over the Winebox. And continues to slag the Public Servants that said it was fine…

    • JC

      His real problem was the Winebox problem was identified and fixed when the Nats took power in 1990/91. Winston was left flogging a dead horse in terms of the legislation and could really only point to the doings of the 80s under Labour.


      • MaryLou

        Gosh, in which case this sounds a bit like history repeating!

        • Sagacious Blonde

          There is nothing new under the sun. Just a rearrangement of players.

  • sheppy

    Yawn, moment of truth / damp squib V2?
    Regardless of next weeks “revelations” it won’t make the coalition of the left, led by the Angry Little man, and his back to the 60’s policies any more electable.

    • In any normally sane situation, this wouldn’t go anywhere. The problem is that the Media Party are backing it, so it has a long run ahead of it, no matter the nebulous nature of it.

      • XCIA

        If MSM thinks this will unearth the missing million subscribers it needs to stay afloat, then they should hire a professional to read their tea leaves.

  • MaryLou

    Clearly Mossack Fonseca is going with the idea of a hack rather than a whistle blower. Last article linked from their site:

    Not that media are likely to give a rat’s…

  • Effluent

    If JK is being “curiously quiet” about this, then surely Helen Clark is equally so, and at least as culpable.
    Arpart from the fact this this abominable situation was taking place under her premiership, in her new role as Secretary General of the UN, presumptive, she could at least stride in and wave her magic wand to sort it all out.

  • Nechtan

    Hang on a minute. The so called “John Doe”, the master hacker, has written what is essentially an editorial on the all the dodgy dealings and dealers associated with the Panama Papers and the ONLY world leader mentioned by name is John Key?

    • David Moore

      Well, given they started this all with Putin I imagine they got cold feet at the idea of what might end up in their tea.

      • Nechtan

        Hager’s and his cohorts smelly stench is all over this.
        Its just not plausible.

        • AL357

          Especially with the praises to Edward Snowden included………..

      • I would imagine the concern would be more about lead poisoning directly to the brain

        • David Moore

          Polonium 210

    • Left Right Out

      You have to wonder if this so called John Doe is in fact the hacker and is just part of a german weasel rat alliance who are mad keen on the downfall of JK,,,, some things are just not adding up.

      Or has the hacker figured out that the NZ MSM are just so gullible that they will lap every second of this and is just feeding this for max exposure

      Either way someone has it in for NZ and the govt…… is not a long list

      • XCIA

        Don,t forget the fat German criminal needs an early election.

        • Left Right Out

          I’ve never really considered myself a conspiracy theorist, but there are some things here that are just not making sense…. no news of the Sausage for a while…. weasel has his paws in it… Labour keep hinting like they think they know something and a compliant media…..hmmmm

          • You missed winston popping out his eternal “there’s more to come”

          • Left Right Out

            He could be right….. I expect more law changes to come… but the smoking gun they so desperately want and hope for just won’t exist… again

          • Gaynor

            Yes, haven’t we had this line up of twerps before…Now then, what happened last time?
            Oh right a fat German won the election and a weasel made millions for writing a book of stolen material .Haha didn’t work last time won’t work this time.

        • Catriona

          Dotcom in conjunction with Hagar could well be the hackers ?

    • No, it’s not the only leader mentioned. That’s how the left are spinning it, and you’ve been had. Read it yourself. It’s online.

      • Curly1952

        Haven’t read it myself but I suspect all along that there is some editing here by someone so that it looks like jk is the only leader in the world who is involved in this rubbish. What the left don’t realise is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going – Watch JK get tough!!

  • Sagacious Blonde

    Anyone who lived through the Roger Douglas era, is hardly going to be surprised at being told Pacific Islands, or any number of other Countries, are being used as Tax Havens.
    The rorts going on in those days, defied belief. Winston’s winebox was the least of it.

  • Tax avoidance is perfectly legal – something not mentioned anywhere in the media. This whole thing is simply rabid socialist outrage at not being able to spend other people’s money…….

    How our media can manufacture outrage over stolen information and what is essentially a blog post by a thief blaming John Key for the tax ls in the Cook Islands is beyond any reasonable explanation other than severe KDS

    I’m waiting for Andrew littles explanation as to how foreign billionaires money in NZ trusts is ripping off the NZ taxpayer and middle NZ

    • Yellow Admiral

      Earlier today there was an article in the Horrid quoting Robertson and Little having a go at Key. I can’t find it now???

      What was fascinating was Little’s proclaiming something to the effect that the rich foreign pr**ks hiding their money in these trusts were depriving NZ of tax revenue and that all the poor people at the bottom were having to make up the shortfall in the Government’s tax take.

      How bad is that – overseas trusts which are the subject of the present debate do not earn taxable income in NZ. So his argument is not only baseless – it is blatantly wrong. And the Left will swear he is on the money!

      Where is Hagar in this – Dirty Politics Mk II?

      • PhantomsDoc

        It also had Little quoted that all this has come about because of a National Law change to trusts in 2010. Does anybody know what that is about?

    • Rick H

      Because they should be donating it to the Labour Party, what else?

  • Usaywot

    I was really surprised at Corin Dann giving John Key a fair go about this latest “terrible revelation” on the news tonight. He almost sounded sensible.

  • Positan

    Winston is an A-Grade hypocrite. If he was really soul-deep concerned about the NZ taxpayer, wouldn’t he have paid back the $178,000-odd + interest that he’s been hanging on to for so long?

    • How about the millions of taxpayer dollars The Horrid is hanging onto – I haven’t seen them mention that

  • haysel

    How long has the Cook Islands been a tax shelter? How long has Key been NZs PM?
    It’s all John Keys fault…yeah nah.

  • Graeme

    So thats where peters put the $158,000 that he owes.

  • Rick H

    They say the “Panama Papers” leak – includes 11.5 million documents.
    This relates to only 240,000 Companies.
    That is an average of 48 documents for each of the companies. To me, that seems like a ridiculously high number of documents per company.
    However, they say the data is everything there from 1975 through till Dec 2015.

    Another point, of these 240,000 companies, only 11,000 are said to be set up in NZ – that is only 5% of all of this has any involvement with New Zealand.

    I predict this will turn out as “awe reaching” as KDC’s “Big Reveal”.