Winston explains why National voters are coming to NZ First

Winston Peters in front of his campaign bus

“There’s no doubt we’re gonna corrode the National party base because people have got a guts-full,” Peters said.

“We’ve spoken about things for a long time that have proven to be true, more and more New Zealanders are remembering who said that first.”

New Zealand’s levels of immigration were “disastrous economically and socially” – an issue NZ First had predicted years ago based on international research, he claims.

“When we were saying that, others were calling us xenophobic and racist. Look at the mess in Auckland now.

“Every infrastructural demand is at its very tipping point, whether it be roading, railways, hospitals, schools, it’s all at a critical tipping point.”

So it’s no surprise the party’s housing policy involves stopping speculation in land banking.

Peters is a fan of overseas speculators being hit with a “serious series of taxes”, as well as a housing and land register to keep track of who owns what.

The party would also buy land and build state housing.

However, Peters points out that the Government has an obsession with Auckland housing. All they need to do, is “give it a chance to breathe” (that is, with an immigration policy).

I claimed for a number of years that National’s support wasn’t all positive.  It is made up of a large number of voters that would like to vote for Labour, but while they can only see incompetence, they have nowhere else to go.

Winston is positioning to provide those voters with a viable choice.  Not Labour, and not National, but someone (sorry, I mean) a party that is more into giving things away for free, tries to keep dem Asians out just like the rednecks at Labour, and is in general a way for swing voters to find a new home.

The real danger is where Winston (sorry) NZ First carves out a large enough piece from the current swing voters supporting National so that a Labour/NZ First government without the Greens becomes possible.  At that point, he’ll be in the box seat.

2017 is shaping up to be an election where the electorate will still vote against a Green/Labour coalition, but the right vote is likely to be split, allowing NZ First to become a true king maker, and offering Winston the possibility of his last term in parliament being his best yet.


– Roseanna Prince, Stuff


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  • Sailor Sam

    Seeing as National is now centre left, I don’t think it will take much for the Greens to dump a little party and be prepared, under the circumstances mentiond above, to join a National led coalition.
    The only was a NZF/labour government would work if Winston becomes PM.
    I am sure then there will be a little ruction in labour.

  • papagaya

    It definitely feels like a “last hurrah” is in the wind for Winston. And yes, it could well be seismic and epic.

  • Tom

    I still think NZ first is more competition for the left of Labour than National. Just like Greens are competing on Labours left. I think its labour that needs to worry more than National. This will be especially true come nearer the election when we see the left attack each other for the “non-National” vote.

  • Seriously?

    It is a temporary home for the any National votes.

    Firstly, when it come to the election National voters will not want to risk Winston propping up a Labour Government. They know he might, and Winston will not promise that he won’t.

    Secondly, Winston is about to retire and his party will follow him soon after. He might see it through to the 2017 election, but his chance of making it to 2020 as about the same as my chances of dating Heidi Klum.

    • MaryLou

      How many years have we all been saying Winston is about to retire? Like my father in law, there are some people that’ll only quit when they’re 6 feet under. I reckon Winston is one of those. You’re right though, I don’t see it as safe to vote NZF even if I wanted to (which I don’t), because you never know which way he’ll jump. Better any dissatisfied voters look to ACT.

      • Seriously?

        I thought the Conservatives were going to be a safe haven for any “want National but don’t really want to vote for them” people… but Colin has seen to that.

        I thought he was going to retire after the last election, and what does he do? Stand in Northland and win! So you may be right. He may be 71 going on 85, but he still seems to desire the spotlight as much as any of them.

  • Chris EM

    Peters reckons there’s no doubt he’s gonna corrode the National party base.
    He’s dreamin’.
    Too many people think he’s an old nincompoop.

    • Warren

      Total agree Chris. He is a one man party. Once he is gone NZF is dead. Also where are his policies. He is all talk, just like Little, with no solutions.

    • OneTrack

      He doesn’t need to erode it much to make room for a Labour/Green/Mana nightmare of European proportions.

  • rua kenana

    Quite a lot of National’s current support probably comes from people who can’t stand Labour, but might go for a party that doesn’t have problems they perceive in National.
    Greens and Act are unelectable so Winston may currently seem to offer about the only alternative so long as he keeps appearing reasonable.
    His observing that the current massive net immigration levels have pushed Auckland’s house prices and availability out of sight is easily confirmed by a bit of economic analysis, or even by just looking at a graph of net immigration superimposed on Auckland house price changes. Yet even publicizing such an observation tends for some reason to be shouted down with cries of racism, xenophobia, neo-nazism or any of the similar slogans used by the European leftists and media against anyone expressing concerns with the immigration that’s happening in Europe right now.
    And looking at recent polls, coming to terms with Winston may be National’s best chance of getting back into power next year.

    • willtin

      If needs be for a coalition after next year’s election, I think Winnie would be wooing National first; yet I can see Labour allowing Winnie to be PM, whilst they vomit in their cups, at least they will be in (a supposed) Government.

  • contractor

    Economically Labour would be the worst choice. As last time they will ramp up tax, hand outs, and bureaucracy, without making any material improvement to the lot of their supporters because business and economic conditions would deteriorate over time once Labour unwind the wide ranging social and economic improvements National is making.

  • XCIA

    I would not trust Gorgeous George as far as my dog could throw him. He will keep the country in limbo for weeks and go where the baubles take him.

    • Jayar

      Yes, I clearly recall the drama, spread over several weeks, while he kept the spotlight on himself as he deliberated which side he’d pick. He loves attention and the pity of it is,the media goes along with it.

    • OneTrack

      There is only one bauble Winston hasn’t had yet, and only one group of ragtag political parties are offering that.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    As a right/centre right supporter you would have to have rocks in your head to vote for Peters. All you’re doing is opening up the possibility of a change in govt. If he gets to be kingmaker it’ll be one big headache for all concerned, and just look at the fools he’ll bring with him, Mark, Martin, O’Rouke and that weird Indian dude. Personally I’d rather National lose than go in with those idiots.

    • localnews

      I think it is strange to vote for someone without knowing what government you are going to get. There will be winston supporters wanting labour and ones wanting national. No matter what, half will be disappointed. Seems odd to be so ambivalent about the outcome you are voting for

    • OneTrack

      Nothing wrong with a political game of Russian Roulette. What could go wrong?

  • Backdoor

    And Labor want to increase the number of refugees NZ accepts each year. I wonder what Winston thinks about that.

  • Eiselmann

    I’ve voted National for the last few elections, however policy wise I’m a closer fit to New Zealand First and I would vote for them …except for the absolute abysmal lack of talent behind Winston, theres not a single NZF MP (other than Winston) that I have any faith in.

    Clear the decks Winston…

  • Iva b ginn

    Here is a guy that can’t keep his job, he’s been fired twice as far as I know, every time he is in the Government. So on that basis he is just a useless tool.

    • benniedawg

      Maybe he was the ‘big tool’ that was provided to Cunnilife to fix the economy. Remember all the talk of big tools?

  • niggly

    Heh – how about a National/Labour coalition?

    Seeing both are Centrist type parties (and will keep each other in check)?

    The bonus is, it’ll forever stuff the Greens and NZF and finally force them into irrelevancy under MMP – brilliant!

    Plus those retarded Labour MP’s would actually have to do some work for a change (instead of whinging) … or give up their portfolios if they don’t perform.

    Plus Labour would be forced to say kind things about John Key and National for a change! (And the Greens would be sniping from the sidelines again – showing their true colours to all)!

    This almost sounds all too good to be true!

    • OneTrack

      Except I wouldn’t call Labour 2016 “Centrist” in any way, shape or form.

  • Dog Breath

    Has anyone figured out exactly what the message was that was being sent from Northland. Plenty about sending the message nothing about what exactly is the message content being sent.

    • Bryan

      yep when Labour threw in the towel and backed Winston, you have a Govt hand tied to deal with the RMA,resulting in the Auckland Housing problem, so in effect Winston has created the problem for his own political ends

  • Warren

    I would like to know what his actual policy is on immigration. How many more refugees will he let in, or will he cut that to 0. Will he stop expats coming home as they make up alot of the numbers. He says immigration is the problem, but like Little he has no policy. Don,t trust the guy, he’s a one man party, why vote for that.

    • rua kenana

      Interested where you get the info from that expats coming home make up a lot of the numbers, since the official migration figures from NZ Statistics department don’t seem to agree with you. Rather they deduct from the numbers. because in recent years there’s been a net outflow of NZ citizens.

  • Akitio

    I notice from the photo the Winnie is playing “Te” race card

  • Keanne Lawrence

    His talent pool is shallower than Labour and he is just full of whisky and wind.

  • Big fella

    So you want to know what his policy is on immigration. Good luck to you, he can’t even answer simple questions or give a straight answer let alone announce a plausible policy. He’s a clown, should be in a circus.

  • TriGeekNZ

    Once again we see the Ao imitation that is MMP coming home to roost.

    A party with so little real support getting to choose who is in Government.

    Just an awful awful system.

  • Toby

    The trouble with Winston for me is that he doesn’t give two hoots about NZ, its all about Winston and positioning himself.
    it amazes me that people would risk voting for him, you never know what you will get, maybe it will be Labour maybe it will be National. its a risky game to play.