Winston: Key is dictatorial, bullying and arrogant. Takes one to know one I guess

Winston peters is having a grand old time railing against John Key.

Apparently John Key is a dictator, a bully and arrogant…hmmm….look in the mirror pal.

Prime Minister John Key has been accused of “dictatorial” behaviour over his threats to overrule the Auckland Council if it does not agree to free up more land for housing.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said Mr Key was “bullying” the council by discussing the prospect of commissioners for the city.

“That’s dictatorial. It’s arrogant,” Mr Peters said in a speech at the University of Auckland today.

Frankly Auckland Council needs bullying. They are looting the ratepayers and delivering less and less services.

The problem with housing lies fair and square with Auckland Council.

In his speech this afternoon, Mr Peters blamed “peak immigration” for the Auckland’s housing problems.

“Too many people. Not enough homes,” he said, noting that half of the annual arrivals of 70,000 were settling in Auckland.

The Government has previously said that high net migration was just one part of an rare “trifecta” which is putting pressure on housing – along with record low interest rates and high confidence in the economy.

It has ruled out restrictions on demand, saying stamp duties and bans on foreign buyers in other countries have not made houses more affordable.

Winston is being rather simplistic in just blaming immigration, for a start many of those living in Auckland are returning from overseas, and Australia in particular.

The homes could be built if Auckland Council wasn’t set in their ways and opposing new land releases. Their focus on an intensified city is causing massive price hikes in houses.

Winston Peters sometimes is a one trick pony and this time is no different.


– NZ Herald


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  • Backdoor

    I am pertinacious. My wife says I am “pig headed”. Therefore the definition is dependent on the observer. In Winston’s case may I suggest “projection” as Freud would say?

  • Macca

    The only real criticism I have of John Key over this issue is that he has sat on his hands for so long giving Brown and his henchmen the opportunity of sorting it – something they are either unwilling or incapable of doing – or both!

    • Crowgirl

      He’s sat on his hands on it so as not to appear “dictatorial”. Key is actually pretty keen on upholding democracy I think.

      However, I welcome this new, more assertive attitude to AC. It’s long overdue.

  • rua kenana

    Maybe Winston is arrogant and dictatorial but since he has little power it’s of no matter anyway.
    John Key is the most powerful person in NZ. If he’s arrogant and dictatorial it affects NZ hugely.
    Yesterday Key was reported as saying that if developers don’t like what a council is doing they can take the council, i.e. the ratepayers, to court and he’s introducing regulations to ensure “the developers will win”. Gives a great insight into his real views on democracy.

    • axeman

      Not quite, in saying that they can take the council to court does not mean that they will win. That is over to the judge to decide, and there will be appeals etc that happen along the way as well. To have the right to challenge is democracy isn’t it

      • rua kenana

        What right to challenge? What democracy? Are you kidding?
        Key told Larry Williams the courts look to national policy statements in their decisions.
        “So what will happen is if the councils don’t release enough land and breach the National Policy Statement, a developer will be able to take the councils to court and will win.”

        • axeman

          So what I take from that is that the National Policy Statement will have a requirement for the council to ensure that t here is enough land being made available to reach a number of sections available for new builds. Isn’t this a good thing? Also we actually don’t know what is in that National Policy Statement so it is difficult to say weather it is good or bad.
          What I think Key is saying is that they have identified that the release of land is the primary issue to the lack of housing in Auckland and the high prices which is a barrier to first home buyers and that the Council has been reluctant in wanting to open up zones. And what he is suggesting that the council should look to act on this or face possible court challenges.

      • Sagacious Blonde

        Going down the Court process road isn’t going to solve the housing crisis anytime this decade, or even the next.
        There are that many bureaucrats, ticket-clippers, consultants, lawyers, look-at-me I’ve blocked this bad developer, save a tree/snail/spider eco-nazis, nimbys and jump-on-any-bandwagon types that have a say in the process, that my Great-great-grandchildren will still be trying to free up currently available tracts of land for housing.
        By the time this process is worked through this process, section prices become the barrier to affordable housing.

        • axeman

          Agree it wont solve the crisis at all, and I also agree its not all the Govt fault rather than poor council planning. The fact that there is so many consultative processes to go through and required consents which is the main barrier to freeing up land all over the country
          But the ability to take a council to court and challenge them is democracy at work is it not? In normal circumstances the council just gives you the ruling and that is that

    • OneTrack

      I am with Key on this one. The Auckland Council needs sorting out. And it is the council ignoring the ratepayers at the moment.

      • Ruahine

        ‘Auckland Council’ is an entity that through ratepayers money is a congregation of people who are not answerable to anyone and they know it.
        It is cabal of like minded idealogues and agendarists whose jobs exist because of legislation that forces house owners to fund their employment which allows virtual unaccountability fiscally and ethically.

        I know mechanisms exist that allow challenges to this entity even as far the Court of Appeal but boy you better be very well heeled to pay the incurring legal fees because the said entity is using ratepayer money to pay their legal fees and we all know where that money is coming from.

        Talk about don’t care and no responsibility or accountability.

    • Bryan

      well rua he has seen what we did in Christchurch in response to the urgent need for thousands of new homes after the earthquake, and in 2 years the Christchurch Selwyn and Waimakariri councils moved and made land available mean while Auckland has know of this problem for 10 years,and they have not moved to enable 13000 homes a year to be built in Auckland, and instead of grand standing Winston could have stood with National and brought in changes to the RMA which would have considerably freed the approval of plans for people, and He would have gained a lot of thanks but No as usual its winston doing his own thing and shooting his mouth at anything to get a news headline

  • Seriously?

    I’m at a loss to see what the opposition say the Government should do, actual thing rather than just “solve the issue”.

    The closest they have gotten it the call for the government itself to build and then sell “affordable” homes in Auckland. How does that help? I buy one off them and then on-sell it at market rates.

    If the qualities are sufficient to drive down the price at the low end of the market that means those on low to mid incomes that already own homes (or have mortgages) will have an assets that is then worth less than it was. In the meantime I doubt it would have any impact at all on the mid to top level homes in the marketplace – and suspect it would have only a minor impact on the average house price we hear about so often.

    • D-Rad

      Its not really. A crap two bedroom flat in Mt Wellington is $500-600k… Thats a lot of money for a crappy damp flat.

  • sheppy

    Its about time Key discovered his inner mongrel when dealing with Auckland Council, Winston hasn’t seen nothing yet in terms of what will be required to bring this lot into line. Right now they will try and sit on their hands until Len No2 is elected. Then he will claim he has a mandate to resist everything that doesn’t fit with what Len No1 started.
    Auckland Council, the planning department and especially their offshoot AT – the ministry of deliberate traffic jams – is out of control.
    Key has let it get way too bad before he finally discovered his mojo, and he has a whole world of pain ahead in getting anything changed

  • kiwisnab

    All this shows is that Winston knows his way to a headline.

    I heard on the radio news this morning (10 am) that the owner of a trucking company in Northland is bringing in 10 Philippine truck drivers as the locals will not stop drinking.

    If Winston was a decent electorate MP he would be in Northland telling his constituents
    to get off their backsides, pull their socks up and take an active part in society and there is the way to improve their life.

    No headlines there though.

    • Uncle Bully

      I think they must be Kelvin’s constituents…

  • andrewo

    This is the same person who was previously bemoaning the loss of Kiwis overseas.
    Well, now they’re coming back…and he’s still unhappy.

    • rua kenana

      Kiwis are still leaving – more than are coming back, it’s non-Kiwis making up the numbers.
      At least that’s according to the official Statistics department figures. Is there better information available?

  • arnietm

    Surely we can get the percentage of immigrants are returning to this country after several years overseas??

  • Kevin

    It’s not the first time the Wellington has had to step in because of Len Brown’s incompetence. Anyone else remember the Rugby World Cup fiasco?

  • Boondecker

    Whenever I hear of Peters gobbing off like this, I am reminded of the pot that called the kettle black. I’m sure he must have stated this sort of thing about every senior government minister since he arrived in parliament himself… and when was that again… 1981 or 1978, something like that anyway. This is the sort of verbal rubbish that the man has developed his whole political reputation and for years the msm have always gobbled it up time and time again themselves.

    Peters is entertaining, no doubt. The same way my neighbours dog was for years when it barked at the postman every time he turned up at the gate with mail. Time has now seen fit that mail is delivered much less often these days, so the dog barks less and when it does no one cares. Not even the mail man.

  • Michelle

    WInnie had the perfect audience at the Uni no doubt with more lefties than you could poke a stick at
    He is in every farming paper with an ad to come and meet him at the field days
    l see one of his helpers from the by election is getting active on the TM message board in the political and farming areas
    He turned up at a local school during the holidays and had his photo taken outside but not seen him up this way since he opened his office in town

    He is planning on being a thorn in JK’s side from now until the election which is nothing new

  • Curly1952

    John Key, by being so popular with the public, is treading on Winstons patch as Peters believes he is the most popular individual in Parliament.
    The Greens, Labour & Winston are all attacking JK personally as they believe that it is his popularity that keeps National in Government.
    JK is always measured in his approach not like Peters, Angry and Shaw who all talk at us, not with us, and their tone is such that it sounds like we are being told off which to the majority of people is a big turn off.