Winston on Helen


Winston Peters says if Helen Clark wants to win the United Nations’ top job, she needs to be careful how she deploys her legendary ruthlessness.

Ms Clark’s campaign to be the first female Secretary-General has hit its first serious bump, with an article in Foreign Policy magazine claiming while heading the UN Development Programme, Ms Clark “left a trail of embittered peers and subordinates” and “ruthlessly ended the careers of underlings in her quest to advance her candidacy”.

Ms Clark herself has called the allegations “totally fabricated”.

Snort… snigger 

Mr Peters spent time as Foreign Minister in Ms Clark’s Labour-led Government. He says they had a good working relationship, but felt Ms Clark was often unduly harsh on her own MPs.

“Remember David Parker being stood down when he was utterly innocent? That was a disgraceful episode when he was pack-hunted by the media. Dover Samuels was again, totally innocent.”

Mr Samuels was stood down from his ministerial portfolios in 2000 after allegations of sexual misconduct. He was later cleared of any wrongdoing. Mr Parker was stood down after allegations were made about his business past, but was cleared after a Companies Office investigation.

“You’ve got to be ruthless to get some things done,” says Mr Peters, “but you’ve got to be careful just how ruthless you are or aren’t.”

Yep.  Like anyone’s going to believe you get to be the president of the world without crushing some skulls along the way.

Totally fabricated.   Hah!



– Newshub


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  • Keeping Stock

    Winston Peters is rewriting history. Helen Clark couldn’t distance herself from Peters quickly enough when news of the Owen Glenn donation broke, and stood him down as Foreign Minister while the Privileges Committee investigated him. Let’s not forget that a majority of Honourable Members agreed that he had knowingly filed a false Pecuniary Interests declaration, and that Parliament censured him for this.

    And what about the “underling” police officers who Miss Clark threw under a speeding motorcade, or former Police Commissioner Peter Doone? I have no problem believing
    the allegations being made against her because they are true to form.

    • Miguel

      Don’t forget how Christine Rankin was treated. The minister of education (distracted by her legs, we’re told) was the executioner, but Helen will have ordered the execution, I’m sure.

    • Time For Accountability

      But as I recall, Labour stood behind Winnie when the “No” matter surfaced. That was when Winnie was Associate Minister of MFAT during the time the alleged USA incident was supposed to have happened.

    • WBC

      I don’t think there is any doubt about the truth of the allegations against. What she did with the police lost here the trust of every single arm of service in New Zealand. She could not be trusted to support those who served her.

      A boss she may be but a leader she has never and will never be.

  • Miguel

    If my memory serves me, Dover Samuels was cleared of wrongdoing because it was legal – the girl was 16 years old. Still, he was 40-something at the time, and the girl was in his/their care, so morally or judgementally very suspect.

  • Pete Connel

    Mind you. Winston was pretty quick to throw Brendan Horan under a bus when it suited. Pots and kettles and all that

    • Keeping Stock

      Quite so Peter. The principles of fairness and natural justice went out the window quick-smart where Mr Horan was concerned.

      • WBC

        I have to disagree with you sorry. I don’t believe there was anything to through out the window. Peter’s might intensely dislike Helen but it is not because they have differing levels of principle, it’s just because he lost the competition.

  • shykiwibloke

    so Helen is criticised by that paragon of behaviour Saint Winston? Your headline alone was enough to give me nightmares!

  • Graeme

    Read the book “Absolute Power ” about the Clark years

  • Boondecker

    New Zealand is a far far better place without her around. The UN can suffer her as long as they like. They deserve each others miserable company.

  • Rick H

    She was an absolute bully all the years she was in power.
    She’s been gone for over 8 years, and even now, every Labour MP is still scared to raise its hand, or offer something promising or unique, for fear of getting the bash.

    Come on Labour people, she really is gone – you would be perfectly safe to start offering your own new ideas, and suggestions. Instead of all the rhetoric and back-stabbing (learned from Comrade Helen) that you all are still up to.

  • WBC

    Helen Clark is one of the most ruthless and least caring individuals there is, she has never been a leader. The irony is that the enduring power of veto will actually prove itself to be a good idea if she gets the position and I’ll have to eat my words regarding the ineffectiveness of the UN because of it.

    Maybe the risk of someone like Clark is precisely the reasoning behind the veto. Actually the more I think of it, the more this seems to be reasonable, this structure was put in place to ensure another Hitler couldn’t do the same thing again, and here we are 70 years later potentially about to be saved by that forward thinking decision to create a system which is deliberately hamstrung.

  • Andrew Gibson

    She’s probably history as far as this job goes, which is a shame. Even her domestic enemies, who may have grudgingly supported her, will come out of the woodwork now. And of course, if she was a male candidate her ruthless characteristics would have been a virtue.