Winston tells the UK to leave Europe and come home to the colonies

For an old fella he sure gets around. Winston Peters was in the UK giving them a lecture on abandoning the broken experiment called the EU:

Britain would be better of trading with the Commonwealth than with Europe, Winston Peters has told a meeting in London.

“Why trade on a continental scale when you could really trade on a global scale,” the NZ First leader said.

“To leave or stay in the EU is for the British people to decide, but they also have a chance to link up with the dynamic economic powerhouse of the Commonwealth.”

He suggested the creation of a Commonwealth free trade area.

“In 2014 the Commonwealth produced GDP of $10.45 trillion, a massive 17 per cent of gross world product,” he said.  

“Part of the choice the UK faces is of a Europe, divided and indebted, or trade in the developed and emerging economies of the Commonwealth.”

Mr Peters was invited to London by the UK Independence Party, known as UKIP.

Despite gaining the third largest share of the vote in last year’s elections, the right-wing party has only one MP and three representatives in the House of Lords.

The meeting took place at a venue in the House of Lords.

Britain votes in a referendum on June 23 to decide whether to stay in the EU or leave it.

UKIP strongly supports leaving the EU.

Europe is broken and waves of illegal immigrants are breaking it further. The UK would be better off abandoning it.

A Commonwealth Free Trade Agreement sounds feasible and appealing.


– NZ Newswire


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  • Gazza

    When you actually take a breath and think about it……maybe its not a bad idea…..just look at the countries in the Commonwealth…….

    • kereru

      NZ needs to be able to widen its markets rather than concentrating on the Islamic world whose demands are unreasonably stringent. Just think, we won’t need to import overseas slaughtermen to slit the throats of our animals, we won’t have to subject them to a slow death while being dedicated to Allah, and we can turn our killing chains away from Mecca and put them in any direction we like. Also the ‘like it or lump it’ attitude to the domestic market, which has had little or no choice in the matter, will be able to buy non halal certified products again. It’s time to put an end to the stranglehold of the halal rort. I support any move back to our traditional markets.

      • taurangaruru

        I don’t disagree with what you say and if dear old Winnie’s suggested Commonwealth trade agreement came to be I cannot see anything changing. Britain has a massive problem with Islamic infiltration, it is close to a lost cause.

        • kereru

          Getting past the UK which is a shambles, there are 52 other nations of the Commonwealth we could have ready access to, such as Canada. Quote from Wiki:

          ‘The Commonwealth comprises 53 countries, across all six inhabited continents. The members have a combined population of 2.1 billion people, almost a third of the world population, of which 1.26 billion live in India and 94% live in Asia and Africa combined.’

          • Miss Phit

            Maybe we could talk to the others then and skip the brits?

          • kereru

            That’s what I had in mind – probably won’t happen, but I’d welcome anything that would free us from the shackles of having to supply the Islamic world.

          • taurangaruru

            Yes good point, however how many Commonwealth countries do we already have trade agreements with? I ask not to argue but because I don’t know. Also the 94% in Asia & Africa, be interesting to see the split between the two as African countries worth trading with i.e. with enough wealth & minimal corruption will be as rare as hens teeth.

  • Keeping Stock

    Given that Winston First has voted against every Free Trade Agreement since at least the China one, Peters suggesting a Commonwealth FTA is outright hypocrisy.

    But why would we expect anything else from the Old Age Pensioner from St Mary’s Bay?

  • kayaker

    This is Winnie posturing and positioning himself for his 2017 career opportunity when (as he thinks) he will be kingmaker. A portfolio, a posting, a job – anything, as long as it involves the baubles of office and lots of overseas travel at the front end.

  • rantykiwi

    Even Winnie gets it right occasionally

    • shykiwibloke

      Even a broken clock is accurate twice every 24hrs

      • frankflintstone

        Not if its digital

        • shykiwibloke

          Yep 00:00 is a valid time once per day! Or many older digital clocks flash 12:00 so twice a day still holds.

          • frankflintstone

            Mine have always started going forward from 00:00, so a minute later its never correct unless it it did it at midnight

  • Curly1952

    Hang on, I thought Peters voted against the TPPA and other trade agreements – Hypocrite. He will be tackled about it by the true investigative journalist when he gets back and deny he said it.

  • DemocKot

    The UK did not worry about New Zealand 40 years ago when it went into the EU…
    It made New Zealand look elsewhere which was good in the long term.
    they have just tightened visa regulations againt New Zealanders
    Should we be nice to them now?

    • Aucky

      What’s to be nice about? So the Brits have tightened their residency requirements. This is a new trade agreement that we are talking about. As for the Brits ditching us for the EEC, that old chestnut is about as worn out as NZ helping the Brits out in WW1 and WW2. We seem to forget that our country lived high off the hog for years from the profits made from supplying the UK with wool and food in WW2. It’s time to move on not look back.

      • kereru

        And maybe, just maybe, we could take our killing chains back and stop supporting the halal racket.

        • Aucky

          If the business case stacks up then why not but I suspect that the commercial and financial links between Affco and their like and Tesco, Sainsbury’s and the big players at Smithfield would make that a rather disastrous route for our farmers.

          • kereru

            You’re right – easier said than done. I realise it’s probably not going to happen.

    • Frank N Further

      We have to be good to them otherwise they will treat us as foreigners. Where will that leave Mojo?

    • Effluent

      As is the case with many of the decisions made by UK governments on behalf of the people of the UK, there were aspects of the decision to enter the EEC (As it was then called) that were highly unpopular, including the preferential access to UK markets enjoyed by Commonwealth producers, and the subsidies paid by British taxpayers to inefficient French and German smallholder farmers. British governments have fought tooth and nail ever since to stop the electorate having a referendum on continuing membership, and are busily telling all sorts of lies right now in an attempt to frighten the voters from voting Brexit in the upcoming referendum.
      I have very little doubt the the majority of the British people would never have agreed to going in in the first place if they had been able to see how things would turn out.

  • Grizz30

    Apart from different countries and the Commonwealth being economically different, what is the difference between a Commonwealth trade bloc and the TPPA?

    Apart from xenophobia there can only be hypocrisy.

    • kereru

      Perhaps the absence of the USA?

  • JeffDaRef

    Dear Winnie
    Remember – trade deals are bad.
    Your baubles depend on it.
    Regards, (Angry) Andy

  • the spread of Islamism; broken economies such as Greece; disputes over refugee quotas ;Germany’s declining exports; exiting the EU must be very tempting for the Britons.
    NZ would certainly benefit from increased trade with Britain.

  • Melissa

    So, hang on. Wilson CANNOT support theTPPA but WILL support a Commonwealth trade agreement?
    efit: Uh-oh, just read Curly’s post. Sorry Curly and Keeping Stock!

  • Chris

    “Mr Peters was invited to London by the UK Independence Party, known as UKIP.”
    I hope they paid for his travel and accommodation, not us poor NZ taxpayers

  • Wayne Hodge

    This seems to suggest that Winston really is living in the past. His proposal seems to hark back to the concept of Commonwealth Trade Preference proposed in the 1932 Ottawa Conference which had it’s genesis in the earlier system of Imperial Preference articulated back in the early 1900s.

    In addition given today’s global trade structures I am not certain that such a deal would work.

    • Jono

      Just because an idea is from the past does not mean it is inherently undesirable.

  • Having lived in the UK for almost two years I have come to the conclusion that the UK would struggle outside EU. The recession has made them become a low wage economy and employers are only interested in employing workers for a specific job. Employers don’t want to pay for any peripheral skills. Many business in the UK are now process driven and that has reduced innovation and creativity to the point that they would not compete outside the EU.

    The UK is now making it harder for employees outside the EU, like New Zealand, to stay in the UK. Those that do not earn £45,000 pa after five years in the UK will be told to leave. The UK is swapping skilled non EU immigrants for EU immigrants with limited English and skills. The future does not look good for future generations.

  • taurangaruru

    Why would NZ want to be tied into any sort of a trade agreement with Britain? That place is a tired worn out festering sore of socialists, social engineers, trade union gangsters, islamic radicals, boys who dress, pout & preen like girls, girls who dress so all their bits are in full display & drink like sailors, a workforce that have forgotten the meaning of work & an entitled ruling class complete with meddling politicians. No way we are far better branching out, looking forwards towards the rising economies of Asia, “Great” Britain has fallen, now consigned to the pages of history books.

    • Jono

      Unfortunately you are very right. It is so sad what has happened to what was once a remarkable country.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    What the poms thought about being lectured to by a bellicose OAP remains to be seen.

  • BG

    At first glance not a bad idea. A FTA with the likes of India, Canada and the UK would certainly open up markets.

    Perhaps Winnie had one too many snakebites at the Redback the night before?

    NB he can’t have. They closed the Redback down a year or so ago

  • Miss Phit

    Does Winnie also support the loosening of the borders which would ultimately come with those agreements? What about all those immigrants wanting to escape and come here? England could be the gateway to an easy life in NZ (then Aussie). Would they then exert pressure on us via trade for more refugees?

    No thanks Winnie. They offer us nothing but some crumpled up pound nots and a pile of problems that they imported to their country and will happily flick down our way.

    I think Winnie says what will get him airtime and what will push his personal portfolio ahead. He says what he needs to say to get airtime or inches in print.

    He is becoming just like the left – against everything just because…

    • Jono

      As long as they’re ethnic British and not third world muslims who happen to hold a British passport.

      Unfortunately one problem remains: Poms are significantly more left-wing in general than New Zealanders and will likely vote themselves the same kind of mass-immigration and associated problems they ruined Old Blighty with.

  • Tony

    The colonial merchertile system actually worked well with the exchange of primary products with manufactured goods. The EU was always going to be a challenge b/c all of the (north) economies have the same products while the agrian south is made less competitive b/c they are forced to use an over valued currency

  • ross

    I’m not sure about NZ having trade deals with Commonwealth nations but if I were

    able to vote in the UK I’d be in favour on getting out of the EU.